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Why women prefer face creams to fast cars, by Clarins


London: Women will spend £25,776 in their lifetime pampering themselves, according to new research.

Each year the average woman will spend £379-a-year – or £32-a-month – on skincare, treatments and beauty products.

The beauty conscious spend the biggest chunk of that looking after their skin, with the average woman splashing out £11,424 on moisturisers and cleansers, in their lifetime, or £168-each-year.

Feel good treatments such as massages, facials and tanning take up another £8,066 during a woman’s lifetime while hair cuts, creams and cosmetics costs a total of £6,286.

A spokesman for skincare and make-up specialists Clarins, which carried out the research, said: ”It’s reassuring that women today have the confidence to know that ‘me-time’ spent in the beauty salon and at the beauty counter is money well spent.”

Women in London spend more than other women in the UK on looking after themselves, splashing out on £801.12-a-year – or £54,476 in their lifetime, more than twice the national average.

But at the other end of the scale Bristol girls aren’t quite as self-conscious, as they only spend £276 a year – or a total of £18,776 in their lifetime.

It’s not surprising women spend so much money trying to improve their appearance – the poll, of 2,000 women,l found that almost 60 per cent say looking their best is the most important thing to them.

A huge 93 per cent of women even think that the way they look has a massive affect on how they feel.

Lynda Tarpey (corr), owner of Pretty Woman, an award-winning beauty salon in Leeds, said: ”A facial or body treatment can work wonders in just one hour to help you de-stress and feel more confident.

”One of our most popular at present is a Radiance Ritual Facial from Clarins which revives tired looking skin that’s lost its sparkle.”

However, more than half aren’t happy with the way they look and eight out of 10 women reckon they are constantly judged on what they look like.

A desperate 43 per cent would even consider turning to cosmetic surgery, with teeth-straightening the most popular procedure followed by a tummy tuck and liposuction.

The poll also found that a lazy 32 per cent of women don’t bother to take their make-up off before they go to bed, with girls in Exeter the worst culprits.

In Cardiff only 20 per cent of women polled wake-up wearing make-up from the night before.

Raj Aggarwal (corr), who runs Cardiff’s Clarins salon, said: ”You can’t put a price on looking good.

”For most people, if they look great on the outside, they feel good on the inside and tend to be happier.”

The survey also found that a quarter of Wigan women reckon their partners would find them UGLY if they didn’t use moisturiser.

A third of Brits admit to wearing fake tan in order to look good with London women most likely to go under a sun bed.

However, one in 10 of those polled think people who spend so much time on themselves are vain and should get a life.


1. London 66.76

2. Southampton 63.5

3. Liverpool 46

4. Leeds 40.51

5. Birmingham 33.7

6. Derby 31.09

7. Wigan 30.79

8. Belfast 30.43

9. Coventry 29.34

10. Cardiff 28.82

11. Cambridge 27.86

12. Sheffield 27.84

13. Brighton 27.35

14. Newcastle 26.04

15. Bradford 25.74

16. Swansea 25.48

17. Norwich 25.35

18. Reading 24.17

19. Nottingham 24.02

20. Bristol 23.01


*1 Lotus Elise S

*306 tickets to watch the Spice Girls

*34 weeks at the Four Seasons Resort, Whistler Mountain, Canada

*29 return flights to Sydney, Australia

*314 tickets to Disneyland Paris

Raquel Welch becomes the face of MAC cosmetics


New York: M-A-C Cosmetics, the leading brand of professional cosmetics and makeup artist brand of choice, has named Raquel Welch, award-winning actress and screen siren, its fourth M-A-C Beauty Icon.

Ms. Welch, well-known for her own artistry skills, and M-A-C Cosmetics closely collaborated on a colour collection which will be available at M-A-C locations worldwide from February

To celebrate the launch of the Raquel Welch Beauty Icon Collection M-A-C Cosmetics hosted a dinner in her honour. The exclusive evening event, attended by many New York notables, at Gilt in The New York Palace Hotel celebrated the legendary, international sex symbol.

In October 2003, the innovative company launched the beauty Icon Series to pay tribute to the world’s most celebrated cultural icons. Ms. Welch — a natural choice for M-A-C, given her exquisite beauty and unique spirit — follows in the steps of Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross and Catherine Deneuve.

Each icon has been shot by photographer, Michael Thompson, in his New York Studios under the direction of James Gager, Senior Vice President/Creative Director, M-A-C Cosmetics.

“Raquel Welch, M-A-C’s fourth Beauty Icon, is the original, ultimate pin- up bombshell,” says Mr. Gager. “Raquel represents the va-va-voom that M-A-C has always been famous for. She’s a real tigress at heart, an international film star as well as a beauty who represents the diversity of ethnicity in terms of her heritage. She truly embodies the essence of M-A-C.”

Ms Welch said: “When M-A-C approached me to their Beauty Icon face for 2007, I was delighted! I’ve been a devotee of M-A-C products for over 20 years. Because of my profession, the art of makeup is a real passion of mine, both on and off screen, so it’s exciting to be designing a signature collection for M-A-C.

“When I started making movies, I was exposed to an entire arsenal of makeup techniques and discovered that in a world of beauty, cosmetics are an important fashion statement as well as a key element of personal style. What is ‘real’ style? I believe in the theory that a real style is being yourself, on purpose.”

Bright colours represent this iconic sex symbol and legendary screen siren. Specially created for women of all races and ages, the Raquel Welch Beauty Icon Collection conveys classic sex appeal and arresting beauty. The collection is packaged in a tiger-print pattern and “was created and designed around Raquel’s love for shading and her ability as a makeup artist,” says Jennifer Balbier, Senior Vice President, Product Development, M-A-C Cosmetics.

“M-A-C admires and respects everything about Raquel Welch,” says Peter Lichtenthal, Global General Manager, M-A-C Cosmetics. “Raquel is an iconic Hollywood sex symbol and cult siren and was a joy to collaborate with. As we worked with her on this collection, we were constantly impressed by her extensive beauty knowledge.

“M-A-C’s Beauty Icon for 2007, Raquel Welch, debuts her collection that celebrates her iconic image: strong and wild, yet sultry and exotic. Available February 2007 at all M-A-C locations, 1.800.387.6707 and www.maccosmetics.com

M-A-C (Make-up Art Cosmetics), the leading professional cosmetics brand, was created in Toronto, Canada in 1984 and is now sold in over 60 countries worldwide. M-A-C Cosmetics supports the special needs of professional makeup artists that meet the demanding lighting and studio conditions under which the pros work. The company’s popularity has grown through a tradition of word-of- mouth endorsement from makeup artists, models, photographers and journalists around the world. M-A-C is for All Races, All Sexes, All Ages, attitudinally hip, artfully irreverent, and dedicated fully to the art of self-decoration and the realization of the individual. The M-A-C attitude is best expressed by our artists, seen and felt in out stores.

British actor Clive Owen is the male face of Lancôme


Paris: Cosmetics house Lancôme has signed Clive Owen as its newest spokesperson. At 42, this extremely talented and seductive British man is one of Hollywood’s most courted actors.

Clive Owen has been passionate about acting since age 12. A graduate of the highly prestigious London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he has long divided his time between theatre and television. His role in Robert Altman’s Gosford Park was the starting point of his now acclaimed movie career. He then went from success to success with leading roles in major films such as The Bourne Identity, King Arthur, Closer and Children of Men. His subtle acting which is both precise and profound ensures that each character he plays is unforgettable.

“Mysteriously hypnotic and resolutely masculine, Clive Owen was the perfect choice to embody Lancôme’s new fragrance for men, Hypnôse Homme, and the new anti-ageing skin care range, Lancôme Men,” says Lancôme.

“Clive Owen is an incredibly talented, intelligent and appealing man,” added Odile Roujol, General Manager of Lancôme International.

“The way he has built his career so far, privileging the quality of the director rather than the high profile nature of a role, makes us feel very confident in the fact that if he chose to accept this collaboration with Lancôme, then it truly means our partnership was meant to be.”

A man of few words, this A-list celebrity knows how to grasp life with both hands. Mysterious and powerful, Lancôme has found in Clive Owen the ideal incarnation of its male face.

The new range of Lancôme Men skincare will be available on counter in May and Hypnôse Homme will be available in June.

Avon growth falls – 1 August 2006

Avon Products has announced a significant drop in its profits as restructuring charges hit the bottom line and the company’s performance in most markets, including the US, came in below expectations.

The company said that during its second quarter, net income dropped 54 per cent to reach $150.9m on the back $2.1bn in sales, up 5 per cent on the same period last year.

The company said that it incurred a $49m charge, as part of its massive restructuring programme, introduced in the last quarter of 2005. These costs included organisational realignments and a reduction in the workforce, particularly in its middle management.

Avon CEO Andrea Jung said that the company has now eliminated more than 25 per cent of its management positions and lowered the number of management tiers from 15 to eight. This means that to date the company has eliminated 10 per cent of its 43,000 workforce worldwide.

Analysts had expected the drop in profits, but the performance was not as good as average forecasts had expected.

Morgan Stanley said that there could be a limited amount of negative reaction on the stock markets in response to weak top line growth in all markets except China.

The North American market remains flat, although that reverses the steady decline in sales experienced last year. The company said that sales volume were down by 5 per cent, in conjunction with a 7 per cent decline in sales representatives that the company said was exacerbated by rising fuel costs.

Although sales were up by 2 per cent in Europe as a whole, many of the established markets have proved to be tough in the face of stiff competition. The exception has been Turkey, which had proved to be a strong performer on the back of good retail conditions.

In the Central and Eastern European region sales were up 4 per cent, representing a decrease in volumes. The company said that this was due to a fall in colour cosmetic sales throughout the Central European market.

This performance was boosted by stronger results in Russia, which helped to offset a poorer performance in Poland.

Outside of Europe, Asia was particularly disappointing, with sales down 10 per cent, mainly caused by a down-turn in the Japanese market.

In Asia the one shining light proved to be the China market, where sales grew by 8 per cent, in line with expectations. The company said that this figure came about from the resumption of direct sales at the beginning of this year.

In Latin America sales were up 17 per cent, boosted by last year’s acquisition in the Colombia market and the continued growth of the Brazilian market. However, the company said that the Mexico market had proved to be ‘soft’ contributing to lower underlying growth.

Avon’s restructuring scheme aims to save the company around $100m a year, but will have to be fed by top line growth that, judging by the last quarter’s result, is not happening.

In the longer-term results will almost certainly be cushioned by significant savings, but top line growth will have to resume if the company is to sustain the estimated $500m total restructuring costs.

Johnson & Johnson about to buy into China – 3 August 2006

Johnson & Johnson is rumoured to be in advanced talks to buy up Beijing-based Dabao Cosmetics – a move that could give the company a valuable footing in what is currently a huge growth market.

According to reports in the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post, an industry insider said that the companies have made an agreement with regards the sale that is now undergoing regulatory approval.

Niether company has confirmed or denied the press reports, but with state regulatory approval of buy-outs involving foreign companies often proving to be a long and arduous process, it may be some time before the deal is officially acknowledged.

The newspaper report also said a senior executive at Dabao could not categorically deny the news report, although Johnson & Johnson officials have refused to make any comment.

Dabao a leading player on the China skin care market, with a number of brands that compete along with the largest players on the market. Currently Dabao is estimated to be the third largest skin care provider in China, behind Unilever and Proctor & Gamble respectively.

Dabao’s skin care products are marketed at the mid- to low-end market range in China, thus appealing to the growing number of women, and a hand full of men, who are beginning to invest increasing amounts of time and money on their skin care routines.

Its biggest selling ranges are its night creams, skin lightening products, anti-aging creams and under-eye creams.

For Johnson & Johnson, the move to buy up Dabao could represent rich pickings in a market segment that is already showing huge growth rates on the back of the growing consumer spending power.

It also follows a trend, whereby large multinational companies are moving in to buy up producers of mid- to low-range cosmetic and toiletries products in an attempt to expand their footing on a rapidly evolving segment of the market.

According to the Kline Group, growth of skin care products in China during the period 1999 to 2003 was modest at 9.8 per cent.

A lot of this market growth came from the premium end of the market, which was the first to really develop in China. However, as wealth is now starting to filter down to greater numbers of China’s estimated 1.3 billion population, it seems that even richer pickings could be in sight at the lower end of the market.

It is this impetus that has helped push cosmetics market growth well into double figures in the last couple of years and is likely to sustain growth at this kind of levels should current economic conditions continue to prevail.

China Investment Consulting says that currently market growth within the cosmetics segment is running at 13 per cent and is estimated to be valued at CNY68bn (€6.6bn).

Johnson & Johnson has already established itself in the medical, health care and general personal care market, but the purchase of Dabao would be its first big move into the mid- to low-end cosmetic market.

Currently it has eight registered businesses in China, including Johnson & Johnson China and Johnson & Johnson Medical.

Glo Minerals


The latests advance in colour cosmetics utilises natural minerals to protect and enchance skin.

Glo Minerals is a make-up system that combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with natural high-pigment minerals and anti-oxidants. Offering broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection, glo Minerals also helps combat free radical damage.

This product has been tried and tested by ElixirNews and rates a 9/10 for its anti-ageing properties. Flattering colours, subtle and modern – takes off years. The creams and powders contain a range of anti-oxidants including green tea. For more information on the range go to www.glominerals.com

Dermacia Inc

Dermacia Inc. Successfully Raises $10 Million to Date in First Round of Private Funding; Gemini Partners Engaged to Explore Additional Financing Opportunities for Cosmeceutical/Skin Care Company

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif, May 19, 2005–Dermacia Inc. today announced that it has raised $10 million since commencing its first round of private funding and that Gemini Partners, Inc., a Los Angeles-based investment banking group, has been engaged to explore additional opportunities to finance Dermacia’s rapid growth and new product initiatives.

The Company recently announced the introduction of a new line of specialized cosmeceutical products designed for a mass worldwide market, augmenting its proprietary Lycogel(TM) line of camouflage makeup designed for post-surgery, post-treatment and dermatological conditions. The term “cosmeceutical” denotes the rapidly growing market for cosmetics and skin care products formulated to provide therapeutic benefits and active ingredients to the user in addition to color and coverage.

Matt Nicosia, Dermacia’s chief executive officer and co-founder, said, “Dermacia’s success in this initial round of private funding is a validation of our business model by accredited investors. We are taking the next step with Gemini to evaluate and meet our capital needs in view of our rapid sales growth and aggressive marketing and product initiatives, including research and development of nanotechnology and genetic science applications in cosmetics and skin care.”

Gemini Partners’ Principal Nathan Johnson added, “Gemini Partners is very excited to work with Dermacia. We believe the Company has a significant opportunity to expand its business and are committed to helping them attain the proper capitalization necessary to realize this potential.”

Dermacia has recently started marketing products over the Internet and is currently in production on an infomercial scheduled to begin airing in September. The Company’s new product line is scheduled for presentation on QVC this summer and fall.

The new exclusive line of foundation, facial concealer, moisturizers and powders addresses the estimated 50 million people who cannot use traditional cosmetics due to sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. These products augment Dermacia’s existing Lycogel(TM) and Dermesse(TM) “medical” product lines, sold today through more than 1,000 physicians’ offices as well as surgical and dermatology centers and pharmacies across the U.S. and Mexico. The new line will be sold to consumers via the Internet and TV direct marketing, and in selected high-end retail locations.

The Company identified a major market void for cosmetics and skin care products combining color and coverage superior to that of traditional makeup brands with revolutionary breathable formulations and therapeutic properties and ingredients. The result was Dermacia’s successful Lycogel(TM) product line. Unlike ordinary cosmetics that suffocate the skin, Lycogel — and all of Dermacia’s product lines — have a patent-pending tissue respiratory factor that increases the amount of oxygen reaching the skin — in effect, allowing up to 300% more air to reach the skin than with leading makeup brands and, most notably, 10% more than wearing no makeup at all.

Lycogel, developed four years ago and exhaustively tested prior to its 2003 market introduction, is available in the U.S. exclusively through physicians. Lycogel is used in numerous top medical clinics, hospitals, universities and burn centers to speed recovery and minimize scarring of burn victims and patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Gemini Partners is a Los Angeles-based boutique investment banking firm focusing on small- and mid-cap companies. Since 2002, Gemini Partners has sourced and raised capital in the form of private equity, venture capital and micro-cap public offerings for a number of companies in four focus sectors — healthcare, technology, financial services and media & entertainment. To date, Gemini Partners has been involved in more than 10 micro-cap public offerings, acting in a capital sourcing as well as consulting role. For further information, visit Gemini Partners at www.geminipartners.net

Dermacia Inc., established in 2000, combines biotechnology, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, nanotechnology and leading edge genetic science as the technology hub for skin care products marketed under the Lycogel(TM) name and a growing portfolio of other brands. Lycogel products, sold exclusively through medical professionals, are designed for post-plastic surgery cover and special camouflage applications, facilitating rapid healing of wounds and minimization of scarring while providing effective, flawless cover.

The Company’s proprietary Lycogel Complex(TM), with tissue respiratory factors and a breathable triple-silica gel base, delivers additional oxygen to wound areas to promote rapid healing and minimization of scarring. The line includes a camouflage foundation, concealer and a moisturizing recovery serum spray. Extending Lycogel technology to the broader public, Dermacia has recently introduced its first consumer lines, offering similar therapeutic benefits, color correctness and Dermacia’s legendary sheer cover. The Company, based in Newport Beach, California, sells its products in the U.S. and internationally. More information is available at www.dermacia.com

Alternatives to cosmetic surgery


Non Surgical Procedures – the alternative to surgery for the face and body

Warning: As with cosmetic surgery you should only have treatment by a professionally qualified doctor or an operative who has undergone training, has recognised professional qualifications and a successful track record in the area of expertise you require. The descriptions of services detailed here are aimed at informing you of options and choices and should not necessarily be considered as an endorsement or recommendation of individuals, organisations and treatments unless specified.

In the UK laser and intense pulse light hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments can only be carried out by practitioners/clinics regulated by the Health Commission – always ask to see their certificate.

However Botox treatments need only be carried out under the “supervision” of a qualified doctor – in practical terms this means that the doctor may have written the prescription but the actual treatment might be carried out by a nurse or beautician.

The best advice is to seek out practitioners who have been recommended and who have an excellent track record on results.

The UK’s Department of Health has some useful online information, including questions you should ask your surgeon and a guide to procedures for anyone considering surgery. Here are links to their guides:
Considering Cosmetic Surgery?
Considering Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?
A-Z of Cosmetic Procedures
Qualifications and What They Mean

There is also more useful information about procedures on the Which? magazine web site:

For the Face

The top five nonsurgical procedures are Botox, chemical peels, facial fillers such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and polymers; microdermabrasion and laser rejuvenation.

About Elixir


Avril O’Connor is the Editor of Elixir News and Elixir magazine. It has been developed from a passion which began in 2002 when there was a proliferation of web sites selling anti-ageing products and services….but few with an independent voice.

In April 2005 Elixir News was born. It is editorially independent enabling consumers to better make informed choices about their health and anti-ageing products and services.

We do not accept payment to write endorsements of products and services or for the inclusion of experts and services in our directories. This enables Elixir News to be a credible and independent news source, as well as including all the services and professional experts that we consider relevant to our readership. Nevertheless inclusion is not an endorsement by us and should it come to our attention that any business mentioned on our site is being conducted in an illegal or unethical manner we will remove it from our directories.

Visitors to our site should also bear in mind that many claims are made for anti-ageing products and services that are not necessarily substantiated by scientific evidence and should always take the expert advice of a qualified medical doctor.

It is the intention of Elixir News to fairly report and investigate the facts. If we consider that any claims for products/services are bogus or unsubstantiated we will say so. If you have had negative experiences with businesses in this sector please let us know and we will take up the challenge. We also report on our positive experiences with products and services. Advertising or sponsorship is clearly labelled as such.

We hope that you will find our web site useful in arming you with knowledge that can help you live a longer and happier life. But once again we do advise anyone with persistent health problems to consult a qualified medical practitioner/doctor. Anyone embarking on a intensive anti-ageing programme should, in particular, seek the advice of a qualified specialist about the supplements they plan to take and in what quantities, as they may conflict with drug therapy and certain medical conditions. The doctor may advise certain blood and other tests to determine your individual needs.

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