Perricone MD Formula 15 – the next generation in face firming

Dr Nicholas Perricone is an anti-ageing cosmeceutical genius. There is proven science behind his products which contain powerful topical anti-ageing ingredients such as Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and Dimethylaminoethanol  (DMAE) – which fight wrinkles and sag.

Now he has come up with a new hero product, Formula 15 – the next generation in face firming, which as well as targeting wrinkles also gets to the bottom of puffiness, uneven skin tone, and imperfections such as large pores. This new formulation contains all the anti-ageing goodies and science learned by Perricone since he launched his first product in 1997.
 And can be used all over the face, including under eye lines and wrinkles. It also contains NTP Complex, a powerful delivery system that ensures all the goodness sinks into the skin.


Formula 15 has also performed consistently in consumer trials with:
  • 81% demonstrated a measured improvement in their wrinkle length
  • 68% demonstrated a measured improvement in their wrinkle width
  • 75% demonstrated a measured improvement in their wrinkle depth
As is the norm with Perricone products you can see and feel the difference in the skin texture from the first application. Although it can be used all over the face, Dr Perricone recommends using it around the jaw line and on crow’s feet around the eyes.
It is expensive at £99 for 59ml but if used sensibly as recommended above this lovely light emulsion will last for up to 6 months. Buy at leading department stores or online at
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Body Fat Metabolising suppplements

The following supplements – taken as a formula – help the body lose body fat.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
ALA (alpha lipoic acid)
CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10)
acetyl L-carnitine
GLA (Gamma linoleic acid)
Omega 3
chromium polynicotinate.

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