111SKIN by Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD

111SKIN is the culmination of cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alexandrides’ long standing  commitment to helping his patients defy the signs of ageing.

This new product uses what space scientists’ learned looking for ingredients that limit the effect of environmental damage on skin – whether in space, high altitude or urban conditions. 

The main active ingredients in 111SKIN were developed by Bulgarian space scientists for their astronauts. As the largest organ of the body and its main protector, skin already has a difficult task. If we add common environmental stresses – UV rays, wind, pollution and free radicals – that job becomes more challenging and the cumulative effect is ageing, lacklustre skin. 


111SKIN targets the problem on a cellular level, complementing your body’s defence system by using a patent pending formula, NAC Y2. This formula combines NAC , Vitamin C and Escin. NAC and Vitamin C are the essential building blocks that increase Glutathione, the most vital antioxidant in our cells that is responsible for protecting skin from environmental extremes. Escin, another potent antioxidant, increases blood circulation, promotes stronger collagen production and helps transport NAC Y2 and Vitamin C directly to cells. 

Together, these powerful ingredients detoxify, hydrate and regenerate skin cells, working from within to strengthen skin and fight damaging environmental elements. When used daily, skin becomes younger looking, more supple and more radiant. 

The key product in the range is the Y Theorem Nac Y2 Facial Repair Serum (£190 for 30m) which sinks deep into the skin.  It has a powerful combination of the NAC Y2 formula with Aminocaproic Acid, hydrolyzed Collagen and 20 key amino acids which specifically boost collagen production, helping to increase cell generation and skin elasticity. We also tried the Facelift Day Cream and loved that too (£130 for 50ml).  I

We tried both the skin and the eye serums.  Only a little needs to be used.  It glides on.  And the effect is almost  immediate.  In particular, the eye serum, has a lifting and tightening effect which you can see a few minutes later. A five star product.

These products are expensive but the quality of the ingredients is so good that you only need a little amount.  The ingredients are also kept fresh as they are in an airtight pump dispenser.Its exclusively on sale at Harrods currently and also through 111 Harley Street.  
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Women confused by anti-ageing claims, says new research by Olay


London: It’s fair to say that UK women now have more choice than ever when it comes facial anti-ageing solutions. From innovative cosmetic surgery procedures to topical so called ‘cosmeceuticals’ and sophisticated skin-care, there’s never been a wider range of beauty solutions available on the market.

However, the latest anti-ageing consumer research, commissioned by Olay Regenerist with YouGov, shows that only 4% of UK women are actually opting to undertake more drastic cosmetic procedures and increasing numbers are confused about which so-called ‘wonder ingredients’ are really worth it. So what are their main concerns and what’s the solution to this most modern of beauty dilemmas?

The Pressure To Look Good

A recent YouGov survey of 1,152 adults commissioned by Olay Regenerist, leading experts in anti-ageing skincare, revealed the signs of ageing that concerned UK women most were a loss of elasticity or sagging (44%), wrinkles (43%) and fine lines (28%). “I hear from women every day about their concerns and complaints about the visible signs of ageing. In my experience, American women tend to be more worried about wrinkles, whereas women in the UK are more inclined to accept some fine lines as a natural part of the ageing process,” says beauty industry expert Wendy Lewis, celebrity image enhancement coach and author of Plastic Makes Perfect.

Perhaps this more tolerant attitude to Mother Nature is the reason why, rather reassuringly, only 4% of British women admit to having had a cosmetic procedure. Even with a seemingly endless supply of makeover shows on our screens, a whopping 60% of women said they had not only never had any augmentation, but that they wouldn’t consider having any in the future (64% even said they only saw it as a ‘last resort’). So why are we so reluctant to head for the Cosmetic surgeon’s office?

The fear of looking ‘unnatural’ often puts people off having something done. Cost (44%), potential side-effects (43%) and unknown end results (37%) were the three most popular reasons women cited for why they wouldn’t have cosmetic procedures in the futureSo with UK women mostly unwilling to submit themselves to a procedure, they are more likely to opt for a topical cream to help them keep wrinkles at bay. But even this can be a source of frustration and confusion for consumers.

‘Cosmeceuticals’ and Confusion

It seems that even though we’re more aware than ever of the latest developments in skincare, we Brits are still confused as to what an effective anti-ageing regime should actually consist of. According to the survey, 56% of women maintain a simple cleansing, toning and moisturising routine as part of their anti-ageing tactics, with 44% adding diet and exercise as an important part of their regime too.

But in a beauty market flooded with anti-ageing ‘buzzwords’ such as retinols, co-enzymes and peptides, UK women can find it hard to navigate through the hype to find what works for their skin. According to the YouGov survey, almost half of women (43%) are confused by claims as to which ingredients really work.

This concern was highest amongst 35-44 year olds, the very group that tend to be most concerned with preserving their looks and achieving a more youthful complexion. In fact, this confusion can lead to a deep mistrust of what consumers see as marketing – only 12% of women surveyed indicated that scientific claims made on packaging had any influence when they were looking to buy an anti-ageing product.

The Solution

When it comes to buying an anti-ageing cream, the YouGov survey reveals women really do vote with their wallets, opting for well-established, trusted brands (57%) over others and noting price as an important part of their choice (52%). It seems that amidst all the hype and hyperbole over the latest ‘miracle’ ingredients, women seek reassurance from brands they trust to deliver the goods.

The Olay Regenerist range, one of the leading brands professionals and beauty experts recommend, is an ideal choice for those seeking effective and affordable anti-ageing skincare with proven efficacy. Its star ingredient, the peptide Pal KTTKS, has shown to be effective at improving visible skin texture and wrinkles, and acts as a signal to encourage the regeneration of skin’s appearance. Combining this important peptide in a unique Amino-Peptide Complex with Niacinamide (a hardworking B vitamin complex that has a key role in evening out skin tone and strengthening the skin’s barrier defences) Regenerist has been shown to have twice the regenerating effect of skin’s appearance versus untreated skin. It delivers dramatic anti-ageing results before considering more drastic anti-ageing measures.

And the results speak for themselves. One bottle of Regenerist is sold every two seconds worldwide(1). Regenerist delivers real results at a more affordable price than some ‘miracle’ creams. Which just goes to show that women really do know what they want -anti-ageing protection from a brand they trust to help them look younger.

Why women prefer face creams to fast cars, by Clarins


London: Women will spend £25,776 in their lifetime pampering themselves, according to new research.

Each year the average woman will spend £379-a-year – or £32-a-month – on skincare, treatments and beauty products.

The beauty conscious spend the biggest chunk of that looking after their skin, with the average woman splashing out £11,424 on moisturisers and cleansers, in their lifetime, or £168-each-year.

Feel good treatments such as massages, facials and tanning take up another £8,066 during a woman’s lifetime while hair cuts, creams and cosmetics costs a total of £6,286.

A spokesman for skincare and make-up specialists Clarins, which carried out the research, said: ”It’s reassuring that women today have the confidence to know that ‘me-time’ spent in the beauty salon and at the beauty counter is money well spent.”

Women in London spend more than other women in the UK on looking after themselves, splashing out on £801.12-a-year – or £54,476 in their lifetime, more than twice the national average.

But at the other end of the scale Bristol girls aren’t quite as self-conscious, as they only spend £276 a year – or a total of £18,776 in their lifetime.

It’s not surprising women spend so much money trying to improve their appearance – the poll, of 2,000 women,l found that almost 60 per cent say looking their best is the most important thing to them.

A huge 93 per cent of women even think that the way they look has a massive affect on how they feel.

Lynda Tarpey (corr), owner of Pretty Woman, an award-winning beauty salon in Leeds, said: ”A facial or body treatment can work wonders in just one hour to help you de-stress and feel more confident.

”One of our most popular at present is a Radiance Ritual Facial from Clarins which revives tired looking skin that’s lost its sparkle.”

However, more than half aren’t happy with the way they look and eight out of 10 women reckon they are constantly judged on what they look like.

A desperate 43 per cent would even consider turning to cosmetic surgery, with teeth-straightening the most popular procedure followed by a tummy tuck and liposuction.

The poll also found that a lazy 32 per cent of women don’t bother to take their make-up off before they go to bed, with girls in Exeter the worst culprits.

In Cardiff only 20 per cent of women polled wake-up wearing make-up from the night before.

Raj Aggarwal (corr), who runs Cardiff’s Clarins salon, said: ”You can’t put a price on looking good.

”For most people, if they look great on the outside, they feel good on the inside and tend to be happier.”

The survey also found that a quarter of Wigan women reckon their partners would find them UGLY if they didn’t use moisturiser.

A third of Brits admit to wearing fake tan in order to look good with London women most likely to go under a sun bed.

However, one in 10 of those polled think people who spend so much time on themselves are vain and should get a life.


1. London 66.76

2. Southampton 63.5

3. Liverpool 46

4. Leeds 40.51

5. Birmingham 33.7

6. Derby 31.09

7. Wigan 30.79

8. Belfast 30.43

9. Coventry 29.34

10. Cardiff 28.82

11. Cambridge 27.86

12. Sheffield 27.84

13. Brighton 27.35

14. Newcastle 26.04

15. Bradford 25.74

16. Swansea 25.48

17. Norwich 25.35

18. Reading 24.17

19. Nottingham 24.02

20. Bristol 23.01


*1 Lotus Elise S

*306 tickets to watch the Spice Girls

*34 weeks at the Four Seasons Resort, Whistler Mountain, Canada

*29 return flights to Sydney, Australia

*314 tickets to Disneyland Paris

Nanoceuticals – the latest science attacks wrinkles, cellulite and ageing hair

Nanoceuticals are the latest and most potent new anti-ageing treatments for skin, body and hair. They use nanoparticles – particles that are 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair – to deliver highly concentrated ingredients beneath the skin with greater affect.

The small size of these particles changes their qualities making them super-absorbable. So even though many of the ingredients are not necessarily new and already found in dietary supplements and creams such as Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Co Enzyme Q10, DMAE (dimethyaminoethanol) and Idebendone, a man-made substance which claims to be the most powerful anti-oxidant in existence – there effect on the skin is far more potent.

Their increased effectiveness means that many women are avoiding cosmetic surgery in their 40s and 40s and opting for preventative and restorative treatments. The success of these new creams is their ability to work at a cellular level, making them more efficient at preventing and repairing the damage caused by free radicals, the unstable molecules, that ravage cells and cause age-related damage through pollution, smoking, sunbathing, poor diet, alcohol and stress.

The secret of keeping your skin at its best whatever your age is two take a two-pronged approach by using these topical creams and lotions to prevent damage and combining this with a diet containing a high-level of antioxidents both from food and supplements.

Both L’Oreal and Estee Lauder have already launched high end mass market products that incorporate this technology. One of the most exciting products recently launched on the UK market is a new product for hair called Tanagra, which was developed in Brazil and reverses damage caused by age and misuse. It uses nanotechnology to impregnate the hair shaft with nanoparticles of keratin, which is lost from damaged or ageing hair. The keratin is “locked” into the hair shaft by a heat process. The end result is an amazing head of shiny hair, even for blondes, which lasts for several months.

These are some of the latest treatments to arrive on the UK market:


This range of products contains a patented ingredient called Nano-Silica which lifts wrinkles by a non-chemical, purely physical process. After application there is both a short-term and long-term effect on lines. The nano-particles form on and below the skin, supporting the collagen and encouraging new collagen growth. The particles also scavenge the damaging free radicals in the skin and prevent new wrinkles from developing. There are a number of products in this range but the most potent is Leorex Hypallergenic Wrinkles Nano-Relief.which costs £75. The full starter kit costs £140. Available by mail order and selected salons 08700 117563

Dr Denese Instant Wrinkle Press

Another top notch product from Dr Denese of New York which tightens wrinkles within minutes of application with a freezing affect. It also helps minimize dark undereye circles with “nanopeptides” and is applied under all other creams and over them throughout the day if necessary. It contains Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 as well as Gamma Amino Butyric Acid which is the ‘exclusive inhibitor peptide factor’ Instant Wrinkle Press costs £44.95 for 15ml and is available from Dr Denese on 0870 1900 003 or online at www.drdenese.co.uk

Tanagra – for shiny, glossy hair repair

This one-hour treatment uses nanomolecular keratin particles so small that you could fit millions onto a pinhead.The keratin is misted into the hair shaft then the nanomolecules are locked into the hair with another mist. The result is beautiful, soft and silky hair with an incredible shine. Up to three treatments may be needed each one increasing the amount of keratin in the hair and top up treatments every few months are recommended. It works on all kinds of hair but the most dramatic results are seen in extremely damaged or porous hair.An added bonus is that colour treated hair stays more vibrant and takes colour better. Costs from £50 per treatment and available from Essensuals, 17 Fleet Street, London, EC4 T:020 7353 7453 www.tanagra4hair.com


The Dermaglow Pro-Peptide Instant Wrinkle Eraser is another product that freezes wrinkles instantly and last up to 24 hours. Within minutes a reassuring tightening sensation is accompanied by a 50-90% visible reduction in lines and wrinkles. Created by Canadian Pharmacist Calvin Davies this formulation contains Palmitoyl Oligopeptide which works to regenerate the skins upper layers by stimulating collagen. GABA prevents the nerve endings in the skin from causing lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. Hyaluronic Acid, the ingredient used in many anti aging injectables, fixes moisture on the skins surface, preserving suppleness, elasticity and tone without the needle. The active ingredients are delivered using nanospheres. Costs £75 0800 328 7612 www.dermaglow.co.uk

Valmont Anti Wrinkle Factor

Made in Switzerland this cream has a lovely smell and texture that the skin loves and becomes immediately radiant and soft on the first application. It is created by Valmont together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and uses ingredients and delivery systems to plump wrinkles from the inside out. It is made in three “strengths” to combat wrinkles of different ages. Factor1 is preventative and for women in their 30s and costs £119 ; Factor 2 targets the start of sagging for women in their 40s and costs £133 and Factor 3 is aimed at the countering the effects of the menopause in the 50s and costs £147. Key ingredients include Triple DNA, RNA and rice and soy peptides. Available from the Valmont counter in Selfridges, Oxford Street, London, W1.

Gatineau with nanosphares and collaspheres

This new range is aimed at combination skin where some patches are dry, some oily or a bit of both. The cleanser cleans without stripping and moisturises without greasing, thanks to sebum regulating agents and self-adjusting moisturisers. But the big breakthrough, which is the very latest in enzyme technology, is Gatineau’s Self Regulating Complex of nanospheres and collaspheres. These are tiny molecules containing rebalancing and nourishing ingredients respectively, so ingredients like green tea extract to help reduce shine, while hyaluronic acid moisturises, and vitamins provide healing and have antioxidant powers. The Primrose Gel Make-Up Removercontains hyaluronic acid to recondition and moisturise dry areas. Costs £17 for 250m. The Nasturtium Toner is £17 for 250ml. The Day Emulsion – is an ‘intelligent’ day cream that adjusts itself according to the skin’s needs, is £36.25 for 50ml. The Night Cream has nourishing collaspheres, plus revitalising vitamins A, E and F, for longer-term hydration and is £42.50 for 50m. The Tonimasque Cream Mask is softening and moisturising. Blackheads and impurities are gently drawn out, the complexion is clarified and skin texture evened and toned and £22 for 75ml. Available at selected beauty salons nationwide, QVC The Shopping Channel, on-line at www.thebeautyroom.com and by mail order. For nearest stockist and mail order details, readers should call 0800 731 5805.


From Fake Bake the brand famed for their professional self-tanning products are two new anti-ageing products, a tinted and non-tinted moisturiser which work with peptides. SACHY which means ‘happy skin’ in Japanese, and uses a dual action formula works on the surface of the skin treating wrinkles, helps refine scars, improve stretch marks and treat sun damage. SACHY product can be used under make-up whilst the product with tint (which suits all skin tones) will offer coverage and deliver a smooth and velvety finish to the skin. SACHY can also be used on the arms and legs for a beautiful, vibrant finish. Sachy contains three natural botanical butters Shea, Cocoa and Mango which moisturise whilst it’s natural organic oils, almond and sesame oils nourish and tone. Sweet Almond protein helps firm skin. The blend also uses six powerful anti-oxidants which help kill free radicals that are damaging to the skin: Vitamins A, C, and E plus Phyllanthus Embilica Extract, daisy flower and the most powerful on the market, green tea. SACHY is available from Harvey Nichols £35 for the concentrated wrinkle cream and £75 for the larger tinted version. Call 0870 054 4455 or go to www.fakebake.co.uk

SkinGenuity Body Perfecting Formula

A nano solution for cellulite uses Ethosome particles to deliver the fat busters to target cellulite. In clinical trials this cream visibly reduced the appearance of cellulite by up to 80% within 56 days. The active ingredients includes: Bupleurum chinensis extract to stimulate fat metabolism and remove cellular waste and toxins; Caffeine to stimulate fat metabolism and help reduce skin puffiness; Coenzyme A to activate the breakdown of fatty acids; Grapefruit extract an antioxidant rich in AHAs to promote rapid cell turnover and smoothe the skin; Gingko Biloba extract to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which improves the removal of impuritiesThe non-greasy, cooling gel sinks into the skin immediately without having to massage it in and allows you to get dressed straight away. Costs £89.50 (200ml) is available from by mail order online at www.physonics.com or on 0870 067 3396.

About Elixir


Avril O’Connor is the Editor of Elixir News and Elixir magazine. It has been developed from a passion which began in 2002 when there was a proliferation of web sites selling anti-ageing products and services….but few with an independent voice.

In April 2005 Elixir News was born. It is editorially independent enabling consumers to better make informed choices about their health and anti-ageing products and services.

We do not accept payment to write endorsements of products and services or for the inclusion of experts and services in our directories. This enables Elixir News to be a credible and independent news source, as well as including all the services and professional experts that we consider relevant to our readership. Nevertheless inclusion is not an endorsement by us and should it come to our attention that any business mentioned on our site is being conducted in an illegal or unethical manner we will remove it from our directories.

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It is the intention of Elixir News to fairly report and investigate the facts. If we consider that any claims for products/services are bogus or unsubstantiated we will say so. If you have had negative experiences with businesses in this sector please let us know and we will take up the challenge. We also report on our positive experiences with products and services. Advertising or sponsorship is clearly labelled as such.

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