111SKIN by Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD

111SKIN is the culmination of cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alexandrides’ long standing  commitment to helping his patients defy the signs of ageing.

This new product uses what space scientists’ learned looking for ingredients that limit the effect of environmental damage on skin – whether in space, high altitude or urban conditions. 

The main active ingredients in 111SKIN were developed by Bulgarian space scientists for their astronauts. As the largest organ of the body and its main protector, skin already has a difficult task. If we add common environmental stresses – UV rays, wind, pollution and free radicals – that job becomes more challenging and the cumulative effect is ageing, lacklustre skin. 


111SKIN targets the problem on a cellular level, complementing your body’s defence system by using a patent pending formula, NAC Y2. This formula combines NAC , Vitamin C and Escin. NAC and Vitamin C are the essential building blocks that increase Glutathione, the most vital antioxidant in our cells that is responsible for protecting skin from environmental extremes. Escin, another potent antioxidant, increases blood circulation, promotes stronger collagen production and helps transport NAC Y2 and Vitamin C directly to cells. 

Together, these powerful ingredients detoxify, hydrate and regenerate skin cells, working from within to strengthen skin and fight damaging environmental elements. When used daily, skin becomes younger looking, more supple and more radiant. 

The key product in the range is the Y Theorem Nac Y2 Facial Repair Serum (£190 for 30m) which sinks deep into the skin.  It has a powerful combination of the NAC Y2 formula with Aminocaproic Acid, hydrolyzed Collagen and 20 key amino acids which specifically boost collagen production, helping to increase cell generation and skin elasticity. We also tried the Facelift Day Cream and loved that too (£130 for 50ml).  I

We tried both the skin and the eye serums.  Only a little needs to be used.  It glides on.  And the effect is almost  immediate.  In particular, the eye serum, has a lifting and tightening effect which you can see a few minutes later. A five star product.

These products are expensive but the quality of the ingredients is so good that you only need a little amount.  The ingredients are also kept fresh as they are in an airtight pump dispenser.Its exclusively on sale at Harrods currently and also through 111 Harley Street.  
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