Charles Eugster: the world’s fittest 91-year-old on spreading the Viagra-effect of exercise

When we meet, Dr Charles Eugster, a former dentist, is wearing a stylish grey cashmere suit, with a white cotton shirt, complimented by a pink silk tie and matching pocket handkerchief. The suit doesn’t hang as it would on most men his age but fits perfectly on his trim and moderately defined muscular physique. He may be 91-years-old but unlike the majority of his contemporaries he has no superflous hair peeking from his nostrils or ears and has a decent haircut.
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Scientists create human sperm

Newcastle: British scientists created human sperm from stem cells for the first time in a bid to better understand the causes of male infertility. The researchers, led by Karim Nayernia from Newcastle University, developed a technique to turn stem cells … Continue reading

Watermelon – the new viagra?

Houston: Watermelon produces an effect similar to that of Viagra, researchers say. A slice of the juicy red fruit contains citrulline, a substance that triggers a chemical reaction which relaxes the body’s blood vessels. Exactly the same reaction when a … Continue reading