Athlete Kriss Akabusi motivates coach potatoes

Many of us often worry whether we are as healthy as we should be, but how many of us actually do anything to find out whether we are, or in fact, even know how to go about checking?

coachpotato.jpgFrom cholesterol tests, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes checks and even just following a healthy diet and exercise plan, trying to get and stay healthy can seem overwhelming, not to mention time consuming, especially for those of us who lead busy lifestyles and find it hard to fit in the day to day pressures as it is.

In reality, finding out what you need to be monitoring and improving when it comes to your health doesn’t need to be hard; it’s all a matter of getting the right advice and making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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Athlete Kriss Akabusi pictured above

One man who knows all about the benefits of health and fitness is Kriss Akabusi, and he’s encouraging everyone, from those of us who might classify ourselves as couch potatoes, to even those who already engage in a healthy lifestyle to make sure they’re fully informed about the state of their health.Kriss is backing health progamme, All About Health, that provides detailed information and advice on what you should be monitoring and how you can receive further support from your local pharmacy.

Log on to our live Web TV show which takes place tomorrow (6 October at 14.30 GMT)  by clicking on the link below . Ask questions and  Kriss will give you tips on how to stay fit and healthy with minimum fuss, while All About Health pharmacist, Ajit Malhi, will outline how your local pharmacy can help you assess your health

Kriss Akabusi and All About Health pharmacist, Ajit Malhi join us live online at   on Thursday 6th October at 2.30pm

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