Britain’s got bad posture

Bad back Many of us have a ‘posture age’ much older than our actual age.

An online posture evaluation tool has been launched by the footwear company MBT to tell us what posture sins we commit regularly ( The results from 4,000 people using the site over the summer and autumn were analysed to highlight our worst posture habits.

It was found that only a small proportion of people (14%) had a posture age which matched their real age. Most people had a posture age of at least 8 years older than their real age. A significant number of respondents (15%) had experienced some form of back problem.

The habits which age our backs the most are carrying heavy bags on one shoulder only, sitting slouched at a computer or using a laptop in front of the TV and walking with our heads down.

According to Joshua Wies of the MBT Academy, “Our changing, and increasingly sedentary, lifestyles are bad news for our backs.   Hours spent slouched in front of a computer, dragging a laptop bag to and from work, and a general lack of exercise, are giving us posture ages far older than they should be.  

“There are a number of easy steps that over time will help you take years off your posture age. These include sitting on chairs that support your back rather than being slouched over a sofa with a laptop, getting up to walk at regular intervals if you have a desk job, and taking care not to cross your legs when sitting down – instead sit evenly.”

Bad posture can significantly add to the age of your body over time. To keep a young and healthy body, we should always be aware of our weight distribution while walking, standing still and sitting. Some simple corrections and a little exercise will go a long way to keeping our backs healthy and pain free.

About back pain:

Back pain is a very common condition and can affect adults of all ages.

One in five of us visit our GP every year because of back pain.

In England, chronic back pain is the second most common cause of long-term disability (after arthritis). A recent study found that one in every 10 people reported having some degree of chronic back pain.

About MBT:

MBT produced the original, innovative physiological shoe in the mid 1990s.
MBT was the first company to develop the rounded, unstable sole construction, which today has been copied or interpreted by many brands many times over.

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