Life begins at 69!


Las Vegas: A 69-year-old doctor has become a pin-up after following a diet and exercise regime that has given him the body of a 30-year-old.

Dr Jeffrey Life, the chief medical officer of the Cenegentics Medical Institute, went from flab to fab on his regime which also included injections of the controversial anti-ageing injection, Human Growth Hormone (Hgh), which helps produce lean muscle.

Hgh, like most of our hormones begins to decrease from about the age of 30. It has been shown in experiments to turn-back-the-clock but may also be associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Dr Life said: “Within the next ten years, maybe less, this is going to be thought of as mainstream medicine prevening disease, slowing the ageing process, preventing people from loosing their ability of take care of themselves when they get older, and ending up in nursing homes.”

Company fined $10.5m over fountain of youth drug

Boston: A company that distributed human growth hormone to “well known athletes and entertainers” has agreed to pay a $10.5 million penalty and cooperate with ongoing law enforcement investigations, federal prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Under the terms of the agreement, Specialty Distribution Services Inc., a subsidiary of Express Scripts Inc., will not face prosecution for three years if it fully complies with terms of the agreement.

Steve Littlejohn, a spokesman for St. Louis-based Express Scripts, said the company fully cooperated in the federal investigation and has already implemented procedures to prevent the illegal distribution of human growth hormone.

“Express Scripts does not condone the use of human growth hormone for anti-aging, cosmetic or performance enhancement purposes,” the company said in a news release.

Specialty Distribution Services “knowingly distributed human growth hormone to certain well known athletes and entertainers, including a well known athlete in Massachusetts, knowing that their intended use was athletic performance enhancement, cosmetic or anti-aging,” in violation of federal law, the U.S. attorney’s office said in a news release.

Prosecutors did not mention any names of those believed to have bought HGH from the firm.

The drug in question was approved by the Food and Drug Administration only for specific purposes, including treatment of children with growth failure due to inadequate growth hormones, prosecutors said.

“The public should also realize that human growth hormone has not been shown to be safe and effective for athletic, cosmetic or anti-aging uses, and it must not be promoted or distributed for such uses,” U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan said in a statement.

The company illegally shipped the drugs five times between October 2000 and December 2005, according to court documents prosecutors filed with the agreement.

Human growth hormone was sent to a “well known professional athlete in Massachusetts” in January 2002 and again in October 2003 following a doctor’s request, the documents said.

Drugs were sent to an entertainer in March 2002 at the request of a doctor who said he was filling the prescription at the patient’s request and that the drugs were “not medically necessary,” according to the documents. The doctor identified his practice as an “anti-aging clinic.”

The company shipped the drugs to a 6-foot-5, 276-pound “entertainer/athlete” in January 2003 after a doctor said it was “medically necessary,” even though the dosage was typically used for performance enhancement, the documents said.

Specialty Distribution Services had pharmacists and other employees who should have recognized the prescriptions as illegitimate, prosecutors said. Under the agreement, it will better train employees to recognize fake prescriptions.

Human growth hormone is produced naturally by the body throughout life, but can cause complications when taken in excessive amounts, said Dr. Linn Goldberg, professor of medicine at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

“When you are a fully grown adult who takes HGH in excess, it thickens your bones and skin, puts you at risk for diabetes and other conditions, and causes fluid retention, joint pain and nerve damage,” he said.

Goldberg said he is not surprised that entertainers and athletes are using it, because it can cost $100 per day. Prosecutors said HGH treatment can cost up to $20,000 per year.

“Athletes are looking for the fountain of youth, and the fountain of youth is not to be found in a bottle,” he said.

Youth hormone – miracle elixir or dangerous drug?

If you type the term “human growth hormone” into the search engine Google you will find more than 5 million entries including paid adverts from web sites around the world touting it as a miracle cure for all the ills of ageing.

This hormone is credited as an elixir of youth with the ability to turn fat into muscle, rejuvenate sagging skin, restoring libido and reversing memory loss.

The majority of these sites are promising eternal youth by selling bottles of water containing vitamins and amino acids and many are labelled “homeopathic” Hgh. But the truth is the real stuff is made synthetically by just a few pharmaceutical companies and the only way to take it is by injection and it is available only on prescription.

The use of Hgh as a rejuvenation treatment is the subject of much controversy amongst the medical profession since it’s only manufactured for the treatment of growth deficiencies in children and severe adult deficiency – not for ageing. There have been no long-term studies of it as a rejuvenation treatment and the possible side effects which might include carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, bone loss and even cancer.

But this hasn’t stopped its popularity as a rejuvenation treatment in the expensive clinics of Beverly Hills and New York and London. Doctors prescribe the treatment which costs about $40,000 (£20,000, €30,000) each year to their rich and celebrity clients in the form of a convenient injector pen.

According to the US magazine, the National Enquirer, devotees of Hgh, include Hollywood celebrities such as Nick Nolte, Pam Anderson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Marla Maples, Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston.

The popularity of hgH followed an experiment in the US in 1990 in which a group of 12 men aged over 60 years saw dramatic changes in their bodies as signs of ageing melted away. In the Rudman Study, named after Dr Daniel Rudman, fat turned to lean muscle, bone density increased, skin became thicker and the men looked generally dramatically younger. Their sex drive also increased. They were monitored for adverse effects but there were none.

Produced by the pituitary gland, Hgh is responsible for growth in childhood and helps the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat. It peaks in adolescence but by the time a person hits 60 years the bodyÂ’s production will have fallen by 50% or more. It is produced naturally at night and also stimulated by exercise.

In medical rejuvenation programmes the doctor will usually prescribe it alongside other anti-ageing hormones to restore levels to that of a younger person. These hormones include melatonin, testosterone, oestrogen and the so-called “performancing enhancing” steroid used by athletes, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).

The Belgian endocrinologist Dr Thierry Hertoghe who promotes the benefits of Hgh at anti-ageing conferences and takes it himself says that without the hormone’s benefit, “we would all be tiny little dwarfs that are shy, anti-social, weak and tired,”

Hertoghe who is the author of “The Hormone Solution – Stay younger longer with natural hormone and nutrition therapies” believes that current hormone replacement therapy which consists of replacing only one or two hormones is outmoded and that the bodyÂ’s 100 hormones must function in complex harmony.

Problems occur as we age because hormones inevitably diminish, disrupting the balance, which may trigger weight gain, fatigue, wrinkles, and hair loss. Fortunately, a regimen of natural hormones can protect us, according to Hertoghe, and his book offers anecdotal evidence of dramatic transformations. Although he includes self-scoring checklists so you can determine your own hormone profile, he wisely urges you to implement your own “hormone solution” by working closely with your doctor. .

“In less than six months, a woman of 60 can have legs of a 35- to 40-year-old,” he says.

Hertoghe has treated hundreds of elderly patients whom he has given human growth hormone injections. By restoring Hgh levels typical of a twenty-or thirty-year-old, Hertoghe claims to have thickened their thinning hair, erased their deep wrinkles, lifted their sagging eyelids, smoothed their puffy eyes, toned their sagging muscles, and tightened the loose skin on their cheeks and under their chins. “It’s like magic,” he says.

In the UK the debate was reignited recently when one doctor admitted that he and his wife had both rejuvenated themselves with Hgh, But in London’s Harley Street you will find very few doctors who will admit to prescribing this drug even though they are allowed to go what is called “off-label” if they feel it is justified in the interests of a patient.

One doctor who has used the treatment on herself is Dr Cecilia Tregear. She says that when she reached the age of 50, she was overweight with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 29 to 30 and looked older than her years and tired. So she embarked on multiple hormone replacement therapy after testing her own blood for deficiencies.

After two years of treatment she says she was transformed by her treatment which included a course of bio-identical hormones.

‘My BMI was down to 23 and I was full of energy,’ she says. ‘The wrinkles had vanished from my skin. My brain worked much better and there was no sign of osteoporosis,Â’ says Dr Tregear

But the Hgh debate rumbles on. A review of 31 studies involving 200 patients, led by researchers at Stanford University in the US, recently concluded that the benefits of human growth hormone therapy are insignificant compared to the increased risk of many conditions including joint swelling and pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes and prediabetes.

They found that the only benefit associated with its use is slightly increased lean body mass. The therapy increased 2 kilograms of muscle mass and reduced 2kg of fat in the study subjects.

But says Dr Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) said “Thousand sof published studies on hundreds of thousands of patients have demonstrated the clear benefits of adult growth hormone replacement therapy, when utilized under proper clinical guidelines and at proper physiological dosages.

“To deny the benefit of HGH and other essential hormonal regulators of metabolism in deficient patients based on age may be considered a heinous act of malpractice which will prove to be erroneous and shortsighted in the years to come.”

ELIXIR’s own fitness expert, Jon Trevor, say: “Most people would be better off exercising more often and taking vitamin supplements. Injecting with Hgh is not only expensive but there appears to be no credible results to back it up. In the same way that the supplement creatine was all the range for body builders, the introduction of yet another stimulant should be treated with caution.

“Hollywood for the here and now is so image driven that I feel that the long term health effects are cast aside, no doubt the doctors that are prescribing Hgh have their clients sign some form of a disclaimer and so the era of the quick fix is upon us. But this may not turn out to be a quick fix years down the line.”

Sylvester Stallone arrest promotes interest in growth hormone

Sydney: Cosmetic interest in the controversial anti-ageing growth hormone has swelled by 20 per cent since Rocky star Sylvester Stallone was allegedly caught with the chemical at Sydney airport.

The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia says its members have fielded an unprecedented number of inquiries about human growth hormone, particularly from men in their 50s and 60s, in the past month.

The specialists say demand was fuelled by publicity arising from Stallone’s February visit to promote his latest film, Rocky Balboa, when he was charged with trying to import 48 vials of the hormone – a so-called “anti-ageing” elixir – into Australia.

The hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland to promote healthy growth, but many claim it enhances movement, sight, hair and general wellbeing when taken in its synthetic form.

It is also claimed to turn fat into muscle and is most well-known for its popularity among body-builders and Chinese swimmers, but scientific studies have yet to firmly establish any of these benefits.

Australian cosmetic surgeons who gathered in Melbourne for their national conference this week say there has been a 15 to 20 per cent increase in inquiries about hormone products in the past month.

Society president Glenn Murray said more people had been taking up the products, primarily to “boost up” levels of the hormone that had dropped off with age.

Both men and women, typically aged in their 50s and 60s, were signing up for the hormone despite there being few long-term studies showing benefits or side-effects, Dr Murray said.

“They’re feeling tired and like they’re looking their age and just want to slow things down,” he said.

“When they’re older and wanting to get a great last 20 years then they’re willing to try it and take some risks for the chance of a better quality of life.”

Dr Michael Zacharia, president of the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, said a regular, low dose could “extend youthfulness”.

“It’s not that you’re going to live longer as such but you can prevent a lot of diseases, like cardiovascular disease, from coming along,” Dr Zacharia said.

“An 80-year-old who’s on an anti-ageing regime will look better, feel better and be just as active as he was when he was 60.”

But this is disputed by most in the academic scientific field who say there is a lack of hard science to prove the $500-a-month treatment actually works.

Australian laws prohibit the import of natural and manufactured growth hormones without a permit.

Stallone is required to enter a plea on his case’s next scheduled court date, April 24, but he is excused from attending court if legally represented.

Human growth hormone debate continues – Elixir opinion

Hormone rejuvenation therapy has hit the headlines again. This time a London doctor claimed that both he and his wife had rejuvenated themselves by using the controversial human growth hormone (Hgh).

The use of this hormone, which is replicated by several pharmaceutical companies, is licenced in most countries only for the treatment of children with what is commonly known as dwarfism, adults with abnormally low levels – this does not include the low levels associated with ageing, and for certain symptoms of AIDs. Hgh which is produced by the pituitary gland, helps maintain weight control, sex drive, energy and mental clarity and begins to decline from the age of 30.

The use of this hormone, to counter the effects of ageing, is not a new practice and doctors may prescribe it “off-licence/off-label” if the patient signs a disclaimer. But even then the doctor is not off the hook. Should the patient develop side effects in future – and cancer may be one – a doctor may have a future claim against him – but his professional liability insurance may refuse to pay up.

In recent months the practice of prescribing Hgh to counter the effects of ageing has caused a huge debacle in the US where the practice is far more widespread, particularly in the anti-ageing practices of Beverly Hills and New York. On one side is the growing anti-ageing medical movement versus peers who view the practice of prescribing it for rejuvenation as illegal.

Fearing prosecution by the country’s drug watchdog, the Food & Drug Administration, very few are now openly admitting to prescribing Hgh to patients. Anti-ageing doctors in London have become embroiled in this debate and the few who do have now gone “underground” for fear of being hauled before the General Medical Council, the legal body to whom UK doctors answer.

The popularity of Hgh as a rejuvenation treatment followed an experiment in the US in 1990 when a group of 12 men aged over 60 years saw dramatic changes in their bodies as signs of ageing melted away. In the Rudman Study, named after Dr Daniel Rudman, fat turned to lean muscle, bone density increased, skin became thicker and the men looked generally dramatically younger. Their sex drive also increased. They were monitored for adverse effects but there were none.

The serious issue with these new claims is that many gullible people will no doubt contact this publicity-seeking doctor for a treatment that will cost thousands of pounds and may do themselves more harm than good. His bid for cheap publicity also compromises those healthy ageing doctors who have been responsible in treating patients with Hgh. It may also mean as has happened in the US, when goverment health watchdogs interfere the right of an individual to opt for these treatments is taken away.

The prescribing of Hgh, like any form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is highly individual as each personÂ’s body reacts differently. For example, oestrogen and testosterone, can both promote cancer in certain individuals and a good doctor will take regular tests to find the right balance during a HRT course for any abnormalities. Unfortunately, as far as we are aware this precise monitoring is not available from Britain’s state health service, the NHS.

One of the problems with Hgh is that there have been no long term studies on its effects ie the monitoring of individuals who have taken this hormone as any side effects may not manifest themselves for years afterwards. Having said that the doctors who prescribe claim that moderate doses for short periods are not harmful.

What most of the publicity neglected to tell readers is that the human bodyÂ’s production of Hgh is stimulated by exercise. So we do to some extent have it in our power to self-rejuvenate no matter what our age and without the need for experiment.

Scientists experiment with human growth hormone stimulant

Washington: Scientists at the Univesity of Washington are working on an anti-ageing drug using a compound said to stimulate human growth hormone (Hgh) to give people more energy and cut their body fat.

Scientists at the University of Washington said the experimental growth hormone secretagogue forced the body to secrete growth hormone as it did in youth.

Almost 400 men and women aged 65-84 have taken part in a study in which they were given different amounts of the hormone. Their body lean muscle mass and strength were then measured. Lean body mass of about 1.5kg increased and physical function improved over the year.

Head researcher and professor of medicine George Merriam said the hormone was vital in childhood and its production peaked during puberty but declined with age. Hgh is only prescribable for children with a deficiency and adults with an abnormal defiency.

A secretagogue, such as that being reserached by the scientists, stimulates the body
into producing its own Hgh.

Dr Andre Berger, Rejuvalife Institute, Beverly Hills


Health that shows  – Age that doesn’t!

Andre Berger, MD
A visionary in the emerging field of holistic and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Andre Berger, is the driving force behind Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, a medical, cosmetic and therapeutic practice located in Beverly Hills, CA. With the strong belief that a balance of complementary therapy, traditional medicine and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the key to our emotional, physical and mental well-being, Dr. Berger is at the forefront of this emerging and innovative specialty.

Focusing on prevention rather than the just the cure, Dr. Berger’s philosophy incorporates a holistic approach to anti-aging therapies, with a special emphasis on customized patient care, education and lifestyle changes. The best of both eastern and western medicines, hormone replacement therapies and weight management programs combined with non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures such as Botox, Restylane, IPL, Mesotherapy, Thread Lift, are the foundation of Dr Berger’s comprehensive medical practice.

Drawing on over 26 years of experience in clinical and medical management, pharmacology, neutraceuticals and emergency medicine, Dr. Berger is leading the way with effective evidence-based holistic and anti-aging therapies.

Dr. Berger’s on-going quest to further promote a greater understanding of the rejuvenating and life-enhancing benefits of holistic and anti-aging therapies, make him a sought after speaker at national and international conferences. Popular speaking topics include, among others, “Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Practice of the 21st Century” “The Secrets of Youthful Aging”, and “What You Need to Know About Hormones and Anti-Aging”. He is also an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American College of Nutrition, and the American Academy of Endocrinologists.

Dr. Berger received his Medical Degree from University of Ottawa and completed his residency at McGill University in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Berger is also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Holistic Medicine is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The American College of Nutrition, and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, The American Society of Aesthetic Mesotherapy and the American Academy of Bio-energetic Medicine.

A prolific researcher and writer, Dr. Berger is the author of several publications including, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation from the Inside Out. His knowledge and experience in the anti-aging field have led to his appointment as contributing editor and medical advisor to Cosmedical Magazine and leading advisor at the Magazine and leading advisor at the Cosmetic Enhancement Expo. Dr. BegerÂ’s work has been written about in several papers such as the Beverly Hills Courier, and the Westside Weekly. He is also president and CEO of Absolute Health Sciences, and a founding member of Productive Living LLC.

An avid reader, tennis player and world traveler, Dr. Berger lives and works in Beverly Hills with Tracy, his wife of 15 years, and their three children, Adam, Joshua and Gabrielle and their dog Bingo.

Dr Andre Berger, Medical Director, Rejuvalife Vitality Insititute, 9400 Brighton Way, Suite 405, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Dr. Andre Berger brings a unique approach to wellness and anti-aging medicine by using an East meets West approach. Dr. Berger uses the most cutting edge technologies that Western Medicine has to offer to scientifically assess the needs of your body. He concentrates on the finding the root of any potential problems by gauging cellular functions and energy levels, and then uses a holistic approach to manage health and/or cosmetic concerns by addressing hormonal, nutritional, metabolic and psychological factors.

Understanding that health, beauty and wellness are inextricably connected, Dr. Berger created Rejuvalife Vitality Institute to bridge the gap between traditional medical practices and medi-spas. Dr. Berger specializes in new, exciting non-surgical procedures including the Thread Lift and Mesotherapy.

The “Face Up” Thread lift is a non-invasive alternative to a face lift that uses suture threads inserted into the subcutaneous fat layers to “lift up” sagging jowls, eyes and neck. One of the premier specialists of this procedure, Dr. Berger holds quarterly training sessions to educate other physicians on how to bring this exciting procedure to their own practices.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, using a series of tiny injections on various sections of the body to breakdown and remove fat deposits or cellulite.

In addition to the cosmetic enhancement services offered, Dr. Berger also employs a variety of holistic practices to return the body to optimal health and vitality. These services include: weight loss and fitness, hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, chelation therapy and heavy metal detoxification, homeopathy, stress management and disease specific therapies.

Baxamed Medical Center, Switzerland

Baxamed Medical Center
Anita Baxas, M.D.
Sam Baxas, M.D.
Baxamed Switzerland
Hauptstrasse 4
CH-4102 Binningen, Switzerland
(011) 4161 422 1295
(011) 4161 422 1292
(011) 4161 422-1289
(305) 361-9249

Drs Anita and Sam Baxas offer recombinant human growth hormone therapy, live cell therapy, thymus and RNA injections, plaquex and chelation infusions to avoid bypass and amputation surgery, and other European antiaging therapies.

The Baxamed Medical Center has a “Youth Restoration Programme” in which a blood analysis determines the level of hormones such as HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, all of which decline with age. The clinic’s therapy replaces the missing hormones in the correct dosage. The clinic also offers fetal cell therapy injected intramuscularly. The patient then continues the treatment at home.

The philosophy of the Baxamed Medical Center:

“The goal of conventional medicine is to keep patients alive. Just “being alive” though doesn’t mean there is any quality to life. Frequently “being alive” means being incarcerated in an ageing body, dependent on the help of others for even the simplest activities. It means loss of strength and vigor, loss of mental capacity and loss of many body functions. It means loss of independence and dignity.

Alternative medicine and specifically the Youth Restoration Program not only keeps the patient alive, it makes the patient strong with full physical and mental capacity to live a rich and independent life. The patient doesn’t become a burden on society, he remains a contributing member of it.

It is our belief that ageing is a disease, primarily caused by the waning secretion of hormones and by the degradation of cells in every organ. Many scientific papers have been written about how the production of hormones, such as HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, decline massively with age. It is also well documented that the decline in hormones typically causes many changes in body function and structure for the ageing patient.

It is thus logical that if we replace the missing hormones and cellular building blocks to repair damaged cells of organs, we can come close to bringing back a normal, youthful structure and physiology.”

Baxamed’s Youth Restoration Program consists of a full laboratory and physical analysis of the status quo. Then all necessary hormones are replaced in the correct dosage to reach the levels of 25 to 30 year old healthy people. The organs are revitalized by 29 different fetal cell preparations that are injected intramuscularly. In addition, we recommend a hair mineral analysis to determine the nutritional status of the cells and the load of heavy metal toxins.

The treatment is initiated at the medical center and continued by the patient in the comfort of his home.


Located near the banks of the Rhine river in Basel, Switzerland, the clinic is reputed to be the first in the world to implement the use of Human Growth Hormone. Baxamed Medical Center specialises in anti-ageing medicine applying various treatments such as cell-therapy, thymus shots, ozone treatments and chelation infusions. As the role of hormones in the ageing process became a matter of intensive study, hormone replacement therapy with DHEA, Melatonin, Testosterone, Estrogen has been added to the already successful treatments.

The first study on the youthful effected of HGH were published in 1990 by Dr. Rudmann and subsequently the doctors at Baxamed Medical Center studied the literature on this hormone intensively and started treating healthy older patients with this newly discovered hormone.

The results were and still are incredible. Patients report feeling energetic, loosing fat and gaining muscle strength. Some have improved hearing and disposed of their hearing aids. Others report less gray hair. HGH was able to dramatically push anti-ageing medicine into a new era of study and application. Most clinics using HGH now days apply the principle of blood result evaluation and HGH dosaging developed by the physicians at Baxamed. For more than 10 years these physicians were able to gather ample experience in the replacement of HGH and other hormones.

To start anti-ageing treatment, the patient travels to Basel, and stays in accommodation in one of the city’s hotels. At the clinic the patientsÂ’ personal health history and problems are discussed and a comprehensive blood test is performed to determine the hormone status and dosage requirements. Prior to the patientsÂ’ visit he or she will receive a kit to have a hair mineral analysis done. The results will determine if certain minerals should be taken and if there is a presence of heavy metals and should be removed. Not only the hormone replacement, but also the optimal combination of cell therapy preparations depends on a thorough examination of the patient. Once all the results are available, a personalized treatment plan is made including cell-therapy, thymus therapy and hormone replacement.

The cell combination depends on the age of the patient, the general condition and particular health considerations, and which organs require treatment to improve their function.

For patients with time constraints it is more efficient to bring all necessary laboratory results from their home town as required by Baxamed. In this case prior to the visit to the clinic lab results are taken and the questionnaire answered and faxed to Baxamed. Then the treatment can then be pre-planned and arranged before the patient visits the clinic. The discussion of the treatment and all instructions can be taken care of in one day. The patient then receives all materials, medications and instructions to take home. However, a resting phase of a few days after the cell therapy is suggested to give the body the time and freedom of stress to absorb and utilize the injected cells. We try to make this stay as “unclinical” as possible which is why we advise our patients to stay in hotels nearby.

To heighthen the success of the anti-ageing treatment, diet and exercise as well as nutritional supplementation are discussed.

Patients with vascular disease (heart attack, angina, peripheral clogging of the blood vessels) are successfully treated with Chelation and Plaquex Infusions. This treatment takes several weeks and the infusions are applied 3-4 times weekly. Chelation infusions remove heavy metals and free radicals and Plaquex infusions remove the fat from soft plaque. Both also have extensive anti-aging properties. Baxamed has just added new treatment rooms to its office offering a relaxing and comfortable surrounding during the 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours the infusions take.
Clilnic staff are fluent in German, English and French as well as speaking some Spanish and Italian.

Between the treatments there is plenty of free time to explore the city of Basel and its surroundings. Basel, situated on a sweeping curve of the Rhine, is not only the golden gateway to Switzerland but is also one of the oldest University cities in Europe. Today it is still world-famous for its highly developed medical and pharmaceutical technology and the watch and jewellry fair each spring. Basel lies where the three countries, Switzerland, France and Germany, meet – on the border of romantic Alsace and only a stoneÂ’s throw from the legendary wine country of South Baden- and this has contributed to its growth into an international metropolis.

There are a number of interesting excursions and walks in the surrounding countryside as well as cultural activities and art which Basel has to offer: the nearby hills with their ancient ruins and castles, the theaters and concert halls with their international programs, the museums and the galleries, with their ever-changing shows and exhibitions.

About Elixir


Avril O’Connor is the Editor of Elixir News and Elixir magazine. It has been developed from a passion which began in 2002 when there was a proliferation of web sites selling anti-ageing products and services….but few with an independent voice.

In April 2005 Elixir News was born. It is editorially independent enabling consumers to better make informed choices about their health and anti-ageing products and services.

We do not accept payment to write endorsements of products and services or for the inclusion of experts and services in our directories. This enables Elixir News to be a credible and independent news source, as well as including all the services and professional experts that we consider relevant to our readership. Nevertheless inclusion is not an endorsement by us and should it come to our attention that any business mentioned on our site is being conducted in an illegal or unethical manner we will remove it from our directories.

Visitors to our site should also bear in mind that many claims are made for anti-ageing products and services that are not necessarily substantiated by scientific evidence and should always take the expert advice of a qualified medical doctor.

It is the intention of Elixir News to fairly report and investigate the facts. If we consider that any claims for products/services are bogus or unsubstantiated we will say so. If you have had negative experiences with businesses in this sector please let us know and we will take up the challenge. We also report on our positive experiences with products and services. Advertising or sponsorship is clearly labelled as such.

We hope that you will find our web site useful in arming you with knowledge that can help you live a longer and happier life. But once again we do advise anyone with persistent health problems to consult a qualified medical practitioner/doctor. Anyone embarking on a intensive anti-ageing programme should, in particular, seek the advice of a qualified specialist about the supplements they plan to take and in what quantities, as they may conflict with drug therapy and certain medical conditions. The doctor may advise certain blood and other tests to determine your individual needs.

Please do let us know about your experiences and feedback on the information within this site. Email us at

Dr Karlis Ullis MD – Santa Monica


Dr Karlis Ullis MD
The Sports Medicine & Anti-Aging Medical Group
1807 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica
California 90403
T: 310 829 1990
F: 310 829 5134
Dr Karlis Ullis MD is an internally recognised authority on anti-ageing medicine and sports medicine. He is the author of “Age Right” (Simon & Schuster, 1999), a ground-breaking book on practical, easy to use anti-ageing inventions for the consumer. He first began developing his theories on anti-ageing medicine while at UCLA where he worked with some of the world’s greatest athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalist Gail Deevers, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Mike Powell and “Flo Jo” Joyner and NBA star Reggie Miller. When he began applying these anti-ageing techniques to patients in his private practice the results were startling: middle-aged men and women who had accepted decline in their health as a fact of life were revitalised.

Dr Ullis is also the author of “Super T” (Fireside/Simon&Schuster 1999) which explains how testosterone is the fuel for energy and sex and “The Hormone Revolution Diet” (Avery Press, 2003).

His clinic, The Sports and Anti-Aging Medical Group utilises the latest in scientific evaluation tools. Customised programmes are developed for each patient. Tests include blood and urine oxidative DNA damage ageing tests, early cancer detection panels, vitamins, antioxidents and trace minerals are measured. Total body scans to detect early atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and early cancer detection.

Dr Ullis also acts as a consultant to Sly Stallone’s nutrient company –