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Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
98 Harley Street
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About the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
The Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, offers the best advice and treatments to protect, repair and cosmetically enhance the appearance and texture of your skin, all from our conveniently located clinic, in the heart of London. Dr Aamer Khan is one of the most experienced medical professionals in the UK in the field of injectables and beauty aesthetics, including fillers and body sculpting such as SmartLipo.

SkinGenesis clients front new ad campaign


SkinGenesis, a leading UK non-surgical cosmetic clinic has created a new advertising campaign by using real clients to promote their treatment range.

In order to fit in with their ethos of natural, effective treatments programmes, SkinGenesis did not want to use models to promote their skin and body treatments, but instead chose to select from within the huge number of their satisfied clients!

And there were no shortage of happy clients willing to wear the treatment they had on the chest in order to promote the clinic that had, in many cases, changed their lives. With treatments ranging from the purely cosmetic, such as teeth-whitening, to more therapeutic programmes to treat acne or thread veins, SkinGenesis boasts a client base as diverse their treatment menu.

For SkinGenesis, using real life success stories was a natural way to help promote their services as they pride themselves on the long term relationships built up with clients over a number of years. This consultative approach to treatment means that all visitors to the SkinGenesis clinic receive the best advice available, enabling them to make an informed choice about the treatments they need.

William Haseldine, Director of SkinGenesis said “In the industry we work in, our clients really are our best advertisement. When they walk out of the clinic after finishing their treatment programme they become a great example of what SkinGenesis can do. Their readiness to talk openly about their treatments is a great testament to the impressive results we’ve gained for them.”

SkinGenesis is a non-surgical cosmetic clinic established in 2003 with branches in city centre locations in Leeds and Manchester, and a new branch at the 10 BRIDGE Health and Wellbeing Clinic just outside Chester. SkinGenesis was set up by Peter Beard, Emma Parrish and William Haseldine with 200 clients undergoing treatment at each clinic at any one time.

Clinics are staffed by trained nurses and practitioners and are registered with the Healthcare Commission.

SkinGenesis offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Microdermabrasion (Mda), Mesotherapy, Ultrasound Skin Toning, Laser Teeth Whitening, and the latest range of medical and resurfacing peels and de-pigmentation technologies which are safe, proven and non-surgical.

SkinGenesis offers a unique Satisfaction Guarantee on most of its treatments

SkinGenesis is an accredited Investor in People

William Haseldine and Peter Beard have appeared on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Manchester and Channel M television.

For more information visit www.skingenesis

Europe’s first breast cancer clinic opens

Manchester: Europe’s first breast-cancer centre opens in Manchester later this month.

The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre has been built with ÂŁ12 million from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)and ÂŁ2 million from the Genesis Appeal, and will provide diagnostic and outpatients services for around 500 women every week.

The Genesis Appeal is the UKÂ’s only charity entirely dedicated to preventing breast cancer. The Genesis Research team believes that research into prevention, screening and early diagnosis is the way forward to help the next generation to live free from the fear of breast cancer. Research at the new Centre will be headed by three world renowned, Manchester-based professors: Tony Howell, Gareth Evans and Nigel Bundred. The Centre will provide a base for one of the most ambitious breast cancer research programmes in Europe.

For more information about Genesis and The Genesis Prevention Centre see: www.genesisuk.org or call 08700 62 3000

Each year 50,000 women are invited for screening and the Nightingale Centre will diagnose around 650 cancers per year. The Nightingale Centre is one of six national mammography training centres and houses the largest family history clinic in the UK. Staff are delighted to move to the state-of-the art centre where patients will receive the highest quality care in a purpose built environment.

La Clinique de Paris offers anti-ageing therapies to City fatcats


London: La Clinique de Paris which offers the ultimate in rejuvenation therapies has opened its first clinic in London. It currently has clinics in Paris, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Geneva.

Based on the principle of preventative medicine and well established scientific cellular science, this luxurious and aspirational London clinic has opened at the City Medical Centre in the heart of the City of London at St HelenÂ’s Place, Bishopgate.

It will provide clients with a total anti-ageing and repairing programme individually catered through a series of tests and exemplary medical analysis.

La Clinique de Paris’ clients benefit from looking better and younger; feeling healthier and fitter; with more energy and a significant reduction in stress levels – all with the assurance that they are being treated by the most qualified doctors and endocrinologists in the world with exclusivity, privacy and security.

Many of the changes and weaknesses experienced through ageing are simply due bad nutrition, a multi-deficiency of antioxidants, vitamins, hormones and minerals and poor intestinal permeability and immune system activity.

The clinic’s medical director Dr Claude Chauchard explains: “Man, as indicated in the genetic code found in the cell’s nucleus, is capable of living healthily and robustly for up to more than 120 years. Ageing is a multiple-deficiency disease and is caused in general by hormonal imbalance.”

Dr Chauchard has dedicated his professional life promoting the concept of ‘total ageing management’.

His original concept has proven to radically slow down the main effects of ageing which include tiredness, weakening of the metabolism, loss of skin elasticity; a decrease in heart strength; a demise in memory; weight gain; irregular menstruation; weakening of hair and nail re-growth, bone density and muscle mass.

Through a combination of physical check up and specific blood testing, La Clinique de ParisÂ’ program includes the replacement theory of all hormones; the rebalance of free radical activity; the stimulation of the immune system; a decrease in cardiovascular risk factors; the rebalance of food intake; a complete detoxification of the body and organs;
maintenance and protection of healthy conditions as well as providing a recommended stress control, controlled exercise and optimum diet programmes. This approach ensures that inflammation markers are down and monitored

Clients have the flexibility of a three month, six month or one year programmes depending upon their needs and schedule. The protocols are aimed at promoting:

• Immediate improvement after 1 – 3 months involves the client feeling healthier and energized; a greater ability to cope with stress; sleeping improved; a noticeable reshaping of the body and a correction in primary biochemistry disorders.
• Immediate improvement after 3-6 months involves the client seeing a fully reshaped body; stronger bones; an increase in energy; the rebalance of major body functions such as the urinary tract, hormone level and blood pressure level and biochemistry fully under control.
• Permanent results after 6 months to a year include looking noticeably younger; the re-growth of hair; artery and blood vessels are softer; a stronger immune system and a vitally healthier body. In addition, due to the nature of the treatment, which requires regular appointments to monitor progress and the often changeable
travel schedule of their VIP clients, La Clinique de Paris offers a convenient worldwide network of clinics across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

About Dr Chauchard

Dr Claude Chauchard obtained his doctorate in Endocrinology, Biology and Sports Medicine from the University of Montpelier, France – the oldest medical faculty in the world. He is the founder of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing Medicine and was an Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier and Assistant Professor atthe University of Seoul.
He is also one of the worldÂ’s top specialists in preventative medicine for ageing, and the first to introduce the concept to Asia and the Middle East. He conducts lectures and seminars in Paris, Milan, Brussels, Monte Carlo and other major cities around the world. Dr Chauchard is also an acclaimed author having written 12 books, with one million copies sold worldwide. His client list also boasts a number of celebrities and eminent names.
Contact: www.lcdpi.net Email: info@lcdpi



Anita Baxas, M.D.
Sam Baxas, M.D.
Baxamed Switzerland
Hauptstrasse 4
CH-4102 Binningen
T: 4161-422-1295
T: 4161-422-1292
F: 4161-421-5665
F: 4161-422-1289
305-361-9249 US


Reza Tavassoli, MD, PhD
Biotonus Clinique Bon Port
21, rue Bon-Port
1820 Montreux
T: 41-21-966-57-57
F: 41-21-966-57-58 fax
email: inof@biotonus.ch or sales@biotonus.ch
website: www.biotonus.ch

LaClinic (anti-ageing and cosmetics)
Avenue de Collonge 43
1820 Montreaux-Territet
T: 41 21 966 70 00
F: 41 21 966 70 10
email: info@laclinic.ch
website: www.laclinic.ch


Walter Blumer, MD
8754 Netstal
Glarus Bei Zurich
Netstal Glarus
T: 41 58-61-28-46

Klinik Professor Sailer (aesthetic surgery)
Toblerstresse 51
CH-8044 Zurich
T: 41 44 2519152
F: 41 44 2519153
email: sailer@sailerclinic.com

Baxamed Medical Center, Switzerland

Baxamed Medical Center
Anita Baxas, M.D.
Sam Baxas, M.D.
Baxamed Switzerland
Hauptstrasse 4
CH-4102 Binningen, Switzerland
(011) 4161 422 1295
(011) 4161 422 1292
(011) 4161 422-1289
(305) 361-9249

Drs Anita and Sam Baxas offer recombinant human growth hormone therapy, live cell therapy, thymus and RNA injections, plaquex and chelation infusions to avoid bypass and amputation surgery, and other European antiaging therapies.

The Baxamed Medical Center has a “Youth Restoration Programme” in which a blood analysis determines the level of hormones such as HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, all of which decline with age. The clinic’s therapy replaces the missing hormones in the correct dosage. The clinic also offers fetal cell therapy injected intramuscularly. The patient then continues the treatment at home.

The philosophy of the Baxamed Medical Center:

“The goal of conventional medicine is to keep patients alive. Just “being alive” though doesn’t mean there is any quality to life. Frequently “being alive” means being incarcerated in an ageing body, dependent on the help of others for even the simplest activities. It means loss of strength and vigor, loss of mental capacity and loss of many body functions. It means loss of independence and dignity.

Alternative medicine and specifically the Youth Restoration Program not only keeps the patient alive, it makes the patient strong with full physical and mental capacity to live a rich and independent life. The patient doesn’t become a burden on society, he remains a contributing member of it.

It is our belief that ageing is a disease, primarily caused by the waning secretion of hormones and by the degradation of cells in every organ. Many scientific papers have been written about how the production of hormones, such as HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, decline massively with age. It is also well documented that the decline in hormones typically causes many changes in body function and structure for the ageing patient.

It is thus logical that if we replace the missing hormones and cellular building blocks to repair damaged cells of organs, we can come close to bringing back a normal, youthful structure and physiology.”

Baxamed’s Youth Restoration Program consists of a full laboratory and physical analysis of the status quo. Then all necessary hormones are replaced in the correct dosage to reach the levels of 25 to 30 year old healthy people. The organs are revitalized by 29 different fetal cell preparations that are injected intramuscularly. In addition, we recommend a hair mineral analysis to determine the nutritional status of the cells and the load of heavy metal toxins.

The treatment is initiated at the medical center and continued by the patient in the comfort of his home.


Located near the banks of the Rhine river in Basel, Switzerland, the clinic is reputed to be the first in the world to implement the use of Human Growth Hormone. Baxamed Medical Center specialises in anti-ageing medicine applying various treatments such as cell-therapy, thymus shots, ozone treatments and chelation infusions. As the role of hormones in the ageing process became a matter of intensive study, hormone replacement therapy with DHEA, Melatonin, Testosterone, Estrogen has been added to the already successful treatments.

The first study on the youthful effected of HGH were published in 1990 by Dr. Rudmann and subsequently the doctors at Baxamed Medical Center studied the literature on this hormone intensively and started treating healthy older patients with this newly discovered hormone.

The results were and still are incredible. Patients report feeling energetic, loosing fat and gaining muscle strength. Some have improved hearing and disposed of their hearing aids. Others report less gray hair. HGH was able to dramatically push anti-ageing medicine into a new era of study and application. Most clinics using HGH now days apply the principle of blood result evaluation and HGH dosaging developed by the physicians at Baxamed. For more than 10 years these physicians were able to gather ample experience in the replacement of HGH and other hormones.

To start anti-ageing treatment, the patient travels to Basel, and stays in accommodation in one of the city’s hotels. At the clinic the patientsÂ’ personal health history and problems are discussed and a comprehensive blood test is performed to determine the hormone status and dosage requirements. Prior to the patientsÂ’ visit he or she will receive a kit to have a hair mineral analysis done. The results will determine if certain minerals should be taken and if there is a presence of heavy metals and should be removed. Not only the hormone replacement, but also the optimal combination of cell therapy preparations depends on a thorough examination of the patient. Once all the results are available, a personalized treatment plan is made including cell-therapy, thymus therapy and hormone replacement.

The cell combination depends on the age of the patient, the general condition and particular health considerations, and which organs require treatment to improve their function.

For patients with time constraints it is more efficient to bring all necessary laboratory results from their home town as required by Baxamed. In this case prior to the visit to the clinic lab results are taken and the questionnaire answered and faxed to Baxamed. Then the treatment can then be pre-planned and arranged before the patient visits the clinic. The discussion of the treatment and all instructions can be taken care of in one day. The patient then receives all materials, medications and instructions to take home. However, a resting phase of a few days after the cell therapy is suggested to give the body the time and freedom of stress to absorb and utilize the injected cells. We try to make this stay as “unclinical” as possible which is why we advise our patients to stay in hotels nearby.

To heighthen the success of the anti-ageing treatment, diet and exercise as well as nutritional supplementation are discussed.

Patients with vascular disease (heart attack, angina, peripheral clogging of the blood vessels) are successfully treated with Chelation and Plaquex Infusions. This treatment takes several weeks and the infusions are applied 3-4 times weekly. Chelation infusions remove heavy metals and free radicals and Plaquex infusions remove the fat from soft plaque. Both also have extensive anti-aging properties. Baxamed has just added new treatment rooms to its office offering a relaxing and comfortable surrounding during the 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours the infusions take.
Clilnic staff are fluent in German, English and French as well as speaking some Spanish and Italian.

Between the treatments there is plenty of free time to explore the city of Basel and its surroundings. Basel, situated on a sweeping curve of the Rhine, is not only the golden gateway to Switzerland but is also one of the oldest University cities in Europe. Today it is still world-famous for its highly developed medical and pharmaceutical technology and the watch and jewellry fair each spring. Basel lies where the three countries, Switzerland, France and Germany, meet – on the border of romantic Alsace and only a stoneÂ’s throw from the legendary wine country of South Baden- and this has contributed to its growth into an international metropolis.

There are a number of interesting excursions and walks in the surrounding countryside as well as cultural activities and art which Basel has to offer: the nearby hills with their ancient ruins and castles, the theaters and concert halls with their international programs, the museums and the galleries, with their ever-changing shows and exhibitions.

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