Colladeen Visage anti-ageing skin supplements competition – now closed!

Anti-ageing begins on the inside, with the nutrients that we eat. Eating the right foods can change our risk for many of the serious diseases of ageing. It can also help us keep our skin in the best condition possible.

Colladeen¬ģ Visage is a supplement that provides both anthocyanidins and lutein at levels that match previous research into their role in skin health.

Thousands of women already take Colladeen¬ģ Visage and many reported benefits to their skin. This led us to undertake a 20 week study to investigate the effect of these plant compounds on skin.‚Ä®‚Ä®Using rigorous laboratory controlled methods the researchers measured an enhanced natural defence against sun damage of an average minimum SPF of 10 after just 12 weeks of product use. There were other positive results around elasticity and wrinkles.

We have a month’s supply of this anti-ageing supplement – worth ¬£20 – to give away in our competition. All you need to do is answer a really simple question at the end of this article.

The results of this new clinical study has now shown that these natural plant compounds also play a protective role against the damaging effects of sunlight on skin.Colladeen visage
Colladeen¬ģ Visage contains the same strength anthocyanidins as in our Colladeen¬ģ Original plus two further ‚Äėskin loving‚Äô nutrients, lutein and green tea extracts. These nutrients have been included because research indicates that lutein, a well known carotenoid, may play a protective role against the damaging effects of sunlight on skin. We‚Äôve included a significant level of pure natural lutein in the formula to reflect the level used in a recent study. There‚Äôs also a relevant level of green tea extract since there‚Äôs been so much focus recently on green tea‚Äôs antioxidant properties, as antioxidants are known to neutralise the damaging effect of free radicals generated by sun damage to skin.

Vitamin C in Colladeen¬ģ Visage
Vitamin C is known to contribute to normal collagen formation and the normal function of bones, teeth, cartilage, skin and blood vessels together with two important B vitamins, biotin and niacin, both of which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membrane.


Free skin health test and nutrition analysis from Gold Collagen clinic

Skin nutrition experts, Gold Collagen, are offering a FREE skin health analysis at selected pharmacies in London during January.

Pure Gold Collagen

The analysis will include a test to determine your skin’s structure, age and any damage and how you can act with lifestyle and nutrition to correct any problems.
This is a personal 20-minute session using a Dermalab machine analysis to undercover the extent of any skin ageing. You will be able to see photographic images of what is going on beneath your skin surface. Gold Collagen is a collagen skin booster drink which stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms.
To book your appointment click here.
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Pure Gold Collagen – for peachy skin

Traditional skincare treatments rely on the application of collagen on the surface of the skin. But the phrase that you are what you eat, could not be more true in the case of beautiful skin. 
Pure Gold is a liquid food supplement containing collagen and a whole host of active ingredients including vitamins to act on your skin from the inside.  
Collagen is a key nutrient for the over 40s when the body’s own production of this substance starts to decline, causing the start of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is also essential for strong nails and healthy hair.
Gold bottle.jpeg
Pure GOLD COLLAGEN has  unique blend of the highest quality of hydrolysed collagen, borage oil, N-Acetilglucosamine, hyaluronic acid and vitamins (C, E and B6) formulated for maximum absorption and bioavailability. And because its a liquid it is delivered into the body faster where it is used to manufacturer collagen.  And we thought it tasted fantastic which is unusual for a health drink – of peaches which is an added bonus.
It is recommended to drink one bottle a day for four weeks to see the optimum results. We tried it for four weeks and noticed nails and hair looking much healthier and skin softer and plumper.  It comes in 10 bottle packs costing ¬£35.99. Buy at Boots 
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Avon launches first wrinkle buster that works on 100% of women!

London: Avon is launching a new anti-wrinkle formula that not only prevents collagen breakdown – the main reason for wrinkle formation –  but also reverses skin damage including fine lines and wrinkles, in 100% of women who tested it.

The company claims that no other test on any other wrinkle cream currently on the market has produced such positive results. And that the new formula has proven in tests on real woman it works better than any other now on sale in the market – including those containing all the currently scientifically proven collagen boosters such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, retinol (Vitamin A), vitamin C and skin growth factors.
Avon Anew A-F33 small.png
Now thousands of women  – 30,000 in the UK alone –  are going online to sign up for the chance to be offered a 28-day free trial of the cream which goes on sale in the UK in September.
The new ingredient is a lab-made amino acid derivative, known as A-F33 which effectively boosts production of a skin enzyme – PLOD2 – which in turn leads to increased collagen production in the skin. The company says that 100% of woman using the cream had improvements in wrinkle depth – including deep wrinkles caused by smoking and sun damage.
Avon has added A-F33 to create the new product – an addition to the ANEW cutting-edge anti-ageing range to create Pro Line Creating Treatment which will sell at ¬£30 for 30ml when it goes on sale through its Avon ‘ladies’ network.
The new product has been brought to market through an alliance with NeoStrata Company, a global leader in topical anti-aging technologies, whose products are sold through private dermatologists and medical practices.
According to the Avon press release: ” ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment leverages the power of A-F33 Aminofill, an innovative molecule that has been found in testing on skin cells to work in a way that other well-known anti-aging ingredients like glycolic acid, retinol, and CoQ10 don’t by deactivating critical collagen blocking in skin cells to help unleash untapped collagen. A-F33 is formulated to help stimulate skin cells to produce skin matrix components.  ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment helps begin to reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles in just seven days.” 
Scientists tested the product against a rival product – the company insists it won’t name this product but we can exclusively reveal it was Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector serum (¬£¬£39.50 for 30ml).  The results on real women aged between 35 and 59 years showed that it was 40% more effective at reducing wrinkle depth.  Avon also claims that in many cases the results were even better but they have picked the average change – many of the woman had a 94% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles over the 3 months of the lab trial.
Screen shot 2012-07-12 at 12.35.06.png
Avon’s senior research & development scientist Anthony Gonzalez unveiling the product in London yesterday said they were considering its use in other formulations, including body products.  It has also been successful in evening out skin tone and other discolourations caused by ageing and sun damage.
“It’s unknown for a product to have a reduction in fine wrinkles in100% of women,” he said.
deepwrinkle success small.png
If you would like the chance to try out this serum please contact us at
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Scientific breakthrough in skin ageing from Vichy

London:A new scientific discovery, the fruit of 10 years research into understanding skin ageing, has resulted in the creation of a new generation cream.

Vichy LiftActiv Derm Source the skin cream that has been dubbed by the press as a ‘wrinkle cream first’ targeting the skin’s ageing process went on sale in Britain last week, following a wave of media and consumer interest in the product ever since scientific research on its breakthrough formulation was revealed at the beginning of the year.

femme_liftactiv.jpgThe breakthrough, backed by rigorous scientific testing and independent analysis, with the findings published in various medical journals such as PLoS ONE*, has seen scientists identify the key role of papillary fibroblasts in the Derm Source (also known as the papillary dermis), in the production of collagen fibres which keep the skin plump and elastic.

Taking its lead from the expert and scientific methodologies used in the pharmaceutical industry, researcher’s trialled 50 different compounds to identify the most effective ingredient to specifically target the Derm Source and actively stimulate the production of collagen fibres and through this testing, identified Rhamnose, a derivative of the Silver Birch Tree and Cat’s Claw (Uncaria) as the clear winner.

The product containing this active ingredient is called LiftActiv Derm Source by Vichy. It has been tested on 800 women, 40% of which have sensitive skin and there have been 6 clinical tests carried out plus 2 in vivo studies.

Dermatologists found a measurable decrease in the five leading types of wrinkles in the areas tested (face and neck).

Watch our video below to see how the product works and how the experts predict it will revolutionise the skin care industry.


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Pellev√© ‘party-ready’ skin tightening treatment launched in UK

A new non-invasive treatment claims to give you smoother and tighter skin without injections and anaesthetic.

Pelleve_Before_and_Immediately_After_Treatment [320x200].jpgPellev√©TM  is being promoted as a way to make yourself look younger and refreshed instantly.

How does it work?

PellevéTM heats the top layers of your skin using advanced radiowave technology without damaging the epidermis. The heat causes the collagen in your skin to contract and tighten, giving an immediate improvement to your skin: it also promotes the production of new collagen. This means you will notice the improvement in your skin quality and firmness over a number of weeks, or even months. The pictures above show the before and after of an eye and mouth treatment.Eyes

PellevéTM can be used on a number of areas, including:

– Skin under the chin
– Wrinkles around the mouth
– Lines on the forehead, including those in and around the eyebrows
– Crows feet
– Excess skin on upper eyelid

The best thing about Pellev√©TM is the immediate improvement to your skin, without the usual pain and irritations. We watched a treatment being done and then had an opportunity to experience it ourselves – on one hand! Your skin is heated to around 40¬įC and then cooled, which is repeated several times for maximum effect.  It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling at all!

The cost of the treatment starts from about £600.

We will be featuring a full review of this new treatment soon, so be sure to check back to learn more.

In the meantime, why not have a look at

Banish wrinkles with radio waves – see the video


London: The world’s first salon-grade radio-frequency anti-ageing skin device is now on sale in the UK.

This is yet another amazing anti-ageing gadget from those technical innovators in Israel. Priced at just £470 (Euro 490) it is a mini version of the in-salon ReGen treatment Рto combat wrinkles and cellulite.

It works by using two kinds of radio (Tripollar Radio Frequency) frequencies to heat up the collagen under the skin. This has an immediate and visable tightening effect. Over the next few weeks it works on the fibroblasts in the epidermis which create new collagen and younger skin.

This new gadget, is plugged into your electricity powerpoint, has a safety feature which cuts out the power when the skin has reached the optimum temperature – and turns on again when it has cooled down. The radio-frequency energy penetrates a mere 1-3mm and feels like a warm massage.

STOP has four metal “poles” which you hold against the skin. It is recommended mainly for facial, neck and decollete use – for lifting sagging jowels and chin, neck lines, facial wrinkles and marionette (nose to mouth) lines. And should be used 2-3 times a week until the desired effect has been achieved.

It seems easy to use and only takes a few minutes for each session. See the video…

Certainly the before and after photos at the London launch this device looked fantastic. The gadget is fairly affordable and would probably achieve optimum results after a few of the more powerful salon treatments.

Click on this link for more information/or to buy STOP


Collagen anti-ageing turns back your skin clock


London: Imagine a pill that would tackle signs of ageing as well as kill joint pain, increase your agility, improve your stamina and help your overall fitness¬Ö

Pure-Col is a 100% pure collagen formula in tablet form that does exactly this, providing the ideal solution for those seeking physiological protection, maintenance and repair from exercise and a skin boost that reduces the appearance of lines on the face. With extensive documented research and clinical trials by doctors and specialists across the world to prove the efficacy of collagen and its combined grooming and fitness benefits, Pure-Col is the ideal skin and performance boost!

So how does it work?

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein found in cartilage, muscle, tendons, ligaments and bones. It has, however, been scientifically shown that collagen diminishes at a rate of approximately 1.5% per annum from the age of 25 years onwards – which is why it is essential to supplement this reduction to ensure long-lasting smooth, firm and supple skin as well as optimum maintenance.

Following extensive documented research and clinical trials to prove its efficacy, Pure-Col is an ideal supplement for those suffering from sustained injury or experience joint pain due to its ability to protect cartilage and synovial fluid against deterioration. It is the raw material used for cartilage synthesis and repair and can also reduce oxidative damage to joints, thus stimulating significant reductions in joint pain, tenderness and swelling.
The benefits of Pure-Col include:
¬ē Smoothed lines and wrinkles
¬ē Smoother, tighter skin, thicker hair and strengthened nails
¬ē Increased stamina, agility, speed and performance
¬ē Reduces aches and pains
¬ē Overall physiological protection, maintenance and repair
¬ē Radiant complexion
¬ē Improves body’s joint mobility
¬ē 100% natural with no known side-effects
So what is the difference between Pure-Col and other collagen supplements?

With over 20 years of research and development, Pure-Col goes through a special and complicated production process to ensure maximum absorption. Unlike other collagen supplements, which the body finds difficult to absorb effectively, this patented formula ensures that the objectives of optimum bioactivity and as close to 100% absorption by the body are achieved.

Pure-Col is priced £29.95 for one months’ supply. For stockist details or to order, please contact 100% Collagen Ltd on 0191 291 3385 or visit

Nestlé launches anti-ageing drink


New York: Nestl√©, the world’s largest food and beverage company has launched an anti-ageing beauty drink.

Glowelle, which comes in two flavours, Raspberry jasmine and pomegranate lychee, has gone on sale at branches of department stores, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

The drink which costs $7 (¬£3.50) contains a blend of nutrients which claim to “nourish and hydrate the skin from within and help fight free radicals, known contributors to the signs of aging.”

This drink is just the latest in a bevy of supplements, known as “foodceuticals” that have hit the market.

Radio frequency treatment

A method of stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production. Radio waves penetrate beneath the dermis causing damage to the collagen which responds by growing new, younger and firmer layers.



The protein in the skin that makes it look youthful and radiant.

Get ready for summer with skin treats from Renew Medica


London: Renew Medica ¬Ė the market leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Laser Hair Removal and Advanced Skin Treatment in London and the South East ¬Ė is offering three special deals this Spring all aimed at pampering your face in time to greet the first summer rays.

The exclusive Spring offers at Renew Medica include a FREE Skin Analysis using the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, 3 zones for the price of 2 Botox Wrinkle Treatments, or 2 for 1 treatments for Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL) and Micro-Dermabrasion. All of the treatments at Renew Medica, which is Healthcare Commission-registered, are non-invasive and individually tailored to each client’s need. The impeccable expertise of Renew Medica’s practitioners ensures that these procedures are carried out with the highest level of service, information and care.

Know the state of your skin with a FREE VISIA Complexion Analysis System

Let’s face it. Climate change and pollution are not just environmental hazards. These factors, along with intense tanning during the summer months, combine to adversely affect the health of your skin. Through the adoption of technological advancements, Renew Medica conducts state-of-the-art skin analyses with a UV scanner or the VISIA Complexion Analysis System. The results of the analysis will reveal common skin conditions, such sun damage, wrinkling, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation, and help you plan for a summer of healthy-looking skin.

Ban those wrinkles with 3 zones of Botox treatment for the price of 2!

Good news! Renew Medica’s approach to Botox is unique in that it strives to create a natural look by tailoring its Wrinkle Treatment to each client’s facial anatomy. Nobody wants to trade fine lines for a frozen face so commonly seen in American Botox practices. Renew Medica’s unique treatment is effective for reducing facial lines and also serves as a remedy for inducing and augmenting eyebrows, eliminating tension headaches and excessive sweating.

Rejuvenate, correct and heal the skin with 2 signature treatments for the price of 1!

Now there is a way to look ten years younger without going under the knife. Renew Medica’s breakthrough Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology can correct a variety of skin conditions, such as facial imperfections, the signs of ageing and unsightly small veins. This treatment, also known as Photo-Rejuvenation, can drastically improve skin texture and other blemishes. Celebrate Spring by treating yourself to Renew Medica’s 2 for 1 offer on IPL or Micro-Dermabrasion, which resurfaces the skin to remove dead skin cells, eliminating those unsightly blackheads and unblocking congested skin.

Employing a team of 115 industry experts, Renew Medica encompasses 14 prime locations in London and is entering a stage of further expansion. The institute recently launched its flagship spa in Urban Retreat, Harrods, featuring new arrivals in its unparalleled portfolio, including the Soprano XL System, a revolutionary, painless laser hair removal system and Alma Accent, an advanced laser system for the treatment of cellulite, skin tightening and body contouring. Additional treatments available across all Renew Medica clinics include Hyperhidrosis Control, Dermal Fillers, Remedial Electrolysis, Micro-Pigmentation and Sclerotherapy. Renew Medica also carries Cosmedix, the cosmeceutical range of plant botanicals-based skin care products, which contain retinol, the Holy Grail in Anti-aging.

For further information on Renew Medica and for full list of clinics please visit Posted in Facial Elixirs, News | Tagged , , , , ,

Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, Harley Street, London


20% discount on all treatments
Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
98 Harley Street
T: + 44 (0)20 7935 0986

About the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
The Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, offers the best advice and treatments to protect, repair and cosmetically enhance the appearance and texture of your skin, all from our conveniently located clinic, in the heart of London. Dr Aamer Khan is one of the most experienced medical professionals in the UK in the field of injectables and beauty aesthetics, including fillers and body sculpting such as SmartLipo.

Free sample of Pure-Col skin supplement for 10 readers


Imagine if you were able to take a magical pill every day that would boost your looks, reverse the signs of ageing and reduce cellulite¬Ö. Pure-Col, a 100% pure collagen formula in tablet form, does exactly this, from reducing lines and wrinkles to boosting the complexion, achieving lustrous hair, strengthening nails and firming cellulite-prone skin.

With extensive documented research and clinical trials by doctors and specialists across the world to prove the efficacy of collagen and its beauty benefits, Pure-Col is the ideal supplement to take to achieve top-to-toe perfection!

So how does it work?

Collagen is the body’s natural protein and, as the essential structural component of all connective tissue, is regularly described as the building blocks of skin. It therefore has a key role to play in creating and maintaining healthy skin all over the body. It has, however, been scientifically shown that it diminishes at a rate of approximately 1.5% per annum from the age of 25 years onwards. This is why it is essential to supplement this reduction to ensure long-lasting smooth, firm and supple skin.

The benefits of Pure-Col include:

¬ē Plumps up skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
¬ē Replaces lost elasticity and suppleness
¬ē Radiant complexion
¬ē Firmer, more even toned skin on the face and body
¬ē Strengthens nails
¬ē Improves condition of the hair
¬ē Reduces cellulite and encourages inch loss
¬ē Improves body’s joint mobility
¬ē 100% natural with no known side-effects
So what is the difference between Pure-Col and other collagen supplements?

With over 20 years of research and development, Pure-Col goes through a special and complicated production process to ensure maximum absorption. Unlike other collagen supplements which the body finds difficult to absorb effectively, this patented formula ensures that the objectives of optimum bioactivity and as close to 100% absorption by the body are achieved.

Pure-Col is priced $60, £29.95, €44 ) for one months’ supply. For stockist details or to order T: 44(0)191 291 3385 or visit

To win one months¬í supply please send an email to stating ¬ďPure-Col offer¬Ē with your contact details by 31 October 2007. Your name will be put into a draw. Please note that the Editor¬ís decision is final and no cash equivalent is being offered.

Sculptra – restoring facial volume with the new deep tissue filler


One of the main indicators of facial ageing is the loss of youthful volume. This is why people carrying a little extra weight often have a younger looking face.

Until recently there was nothing to be done to restore youthful volume. Now cosmetic surgeons are able to volumise using a person¬ís own fat ¬Ė extracted from the stomach or thighs. But this is a quick fix as the fat breaks down fast and is reabsorbed into the body.

A new treatment originally developed to restore facial volume in HIV patients is now available for cosmetic treatments: Sculptra is a non-invasive injectable treatment which smoothes deeper wrinkles and lines, restores facial volume and contours the face. It works gradually over time by stimulating the build up of the body’s own collagen to get rid of lines and wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance with natural looking results. The patient pictured right after Sculptra treatment.

Sculptra’s main ingredient is a natural substance called poly-L-lactic acid, a biodegradable polymer, which is injected deep into the skin and works from within the skin’s layers, stimulating the body’s own production of collagen to sculpt a smoother more youthful look. After injection the area needs to be massaged regularly to ensure even distribution under the skin. A series of injections is usually needed to achieve a gradual change.

Once collagen production has been stimulated, Sculptra’s natural looking results should become noticeable after approximately six weeks and can last as long as two years. This subtle enhancement allows you to gradually restore youthful skin as there is no dramatic, instant change, but rather a gradual enhancement as the skin’s appearance is volumised gradually from within, continuing a fresher and younger look.

Poly-L-lactic acid has been used in medical devices for over twenty years and is suitable for most skin types. It has been shown to have a good safety profile and be effective without the possible reactions associated with animal derived products. Depending on the area to be treated, Sculptra takes around 30 minute treatment time and two or three treatments are usually required. There is minimal discomfort with the procedure and Sculptra carries no risk of muscle paralysis which can lead to an unnatural looking facial expression or even drooping features.

As with all filler treatments u you can expect some minor bleeding and bruising and swelling. If you take a natural remedy such as arnica beforehand this can help minimize any bruising.

Questions and Answers on Sculptra

Who performs treatment with Sculptra?

A cosmetic doctor who has been trained to use the correct procedure for Sculptra performs the treatment in his practice.

Does the treatment hurt?

As with all injections you will feel some discomfort. It may be that you notice a brief burning sensation at the injection site. An ice pack applied after the treatment will help to calm your skin. If necessary, your healthcare professional can also give you a local anaesthetic.

What must I keep in mind after the treatment?

Your cosmetic doctor will give you special aftercare instructions. These include massaging the treated areas of your face in the first few days after the treatment. All you need is a few minutes twice a day. Inform your practitioner if any side effects occur, such as inflammation or small bumps in the treated area.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effects with the use of Sculptra include injection-related side effects at the site of injection such as bleeding, tenderness or pain, redness, bruising, or swelling. These effects generally resolve in 2-6 days. It should not be injected if there is a skin infection or inflammation. It is also not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.

Are the results from Sculptra immediate?

No. At your first treatment visit, it may appear that Sculptra worked immediately because of the swelling from the injections and the water used to dilute Sculptra. In a few days, when the swelling goes down and the water is absorbed by your body you may look as you did before your treatment. Sculptra takes time to work; results should be noticeable after approximately 6 weeks. Your practitioner will see you again in a few weeks to decide if you need more Sculptra injections.
Sculptra cost is based on the number of phials needed. Cost per phial is

For more information and practitioners visit and or T(within UK): 0800 0852 046. Angelica Kavouni MD, FRCS of T: + 44 (0)20 7486 9040 129 Harley Street, London W1.

Listen to the ELIXIR interview with Harley Street London cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni on Sculptra or download onto your iPod to listen Angelica Kavouni

Botox without bruises with new wrinkle freezer


Smiling, frowning and concentrating over the years can lead to changes that typify an older appearance. Express yourself without the worry of deepening frown lines and crows feet with Pro-Medic siax hepta $85 (£45.00 €67 ), a new muscle relaxant from the US that leads to a reduction in superficial lines and wrinkles caused by years of facial movements. With its active Heptapeptide ingredient expression lines are reduced for a fresher and smoother look.

With 12% Heptapeptides acting directly on the epidermis and the dermis of the skin, siax decreases muscular contractions. This activity ultimately leads to a reduction in expression lines. In fact clinical trials have shown a reduction in static wrinkle depth by 27% after 30-45 days of use, with a proven increase in fibroplast stimulation.

Without promising the full Botox¬ô effect, siax hepta offers a more gentle yet effective solution to reduce the appearance of expression lines and crows feet in a natural way. Express yourself with siax hepta and leave wrinkles expressionless!
Pro-Medic Health and Beauty is a line of dermal pharmaceutical products for the care and maintenance of supple, glowing skin suitable for home use.
For stockists:, or Medical Aesthetic Supplies on UK phone no 02380 676733

Cindy Crawford confesses to being human

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has confessed that she keeps her looks in pristine condition with the help of aesthetic treatments such as Botox and collagen.

In a magazine interview the 40-year-old mother of two said she has getting cosmetic help for the past 11 years.

“I’m not going to lie to myself: past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen,'”she tells this week’s Gala magazine.

“I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles. I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and exercise. ‘But I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon.”

Miss Crawford who has her own skincare range called Meaningful Beauty. Products includes facial mask, skin softening cleaners, moisturisers and neck rejuvenating creams.

She says of her products: ‘I believe Meaningful Beauty is the best skin care available, and soon you will be able to discover the difference yourself. ‘Improve the tone and texture of your skin. Reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Reveal skin that is smoother, softer and more radiant. They’re products that treat your skin in a meaningful way now for more beautiful, younger-looking skin tomorrow.’

UK government cracks down on cowboy cosmetic clinics

London: The UK government’s watchdog, The Health Commission is to target unregulated cosmetic surgery clinics.

Unregistered clinics may face prosecution or closure because of the danger they pose to the public. The commission receives around 50 complaints each year from patients whose treatments have gone wrong. These include bothed treatments using lasers to remove hair, blemishes and tatooes.

The clinics are to be targeted by undercover inspectors, posing as clients. All clinics and operators offering aesthetics must be registered by the Health Commission and patients are advised to ask to see their registration certificate before embarking or paying for treatment.