Banish wrinkles with radio waves – see the video


London: The world’s first salon-grade radio-frequency anti-ageing skin device is now on sale in the UK.

This is yet another amazing anti-ageing gadget from those technical innovators in Israel. Priced at just £470 (Euro 490) it is a mini version of the in-salon ReGen treatment – to combat wrinkles and cellulite.

It works by using two kinds of radio (Tripollar Radio Frequency) frequencies to heat up the collagen under the skin. This has an immediate and visable tightening effect. Over the next few weeks it works on the fibroblasts in the epidermis which create new collagen and younger skin.

This new gadget, is plugged into your electricity powerpoint, has a safety feature which cuts out the power when the skin has reached the optimum temperature – and turns on again when it has cooled down. The radio-frequency energy penetrates a mere 1-3mm and feels like a warm massage.

STOP has four metal “poles” which you hold against the skin. It is recommended mainly for facial, neck and decollete use – for lifting sagging jowels and chin, neck lines, facial wrinkles and marionette (nose to mouth) lines. And should be used 2-3 times a week until the desired effect has been achieved.

It seems easy to use and only takes a few minutes for each session. See the video…

Certainly the before and after photos at the London launch this device looked fantastic. The gadget is fairly affordable and would probably achieve optimum results after a few of the more powerful salon treatments.

Click on this link for more information/or to buy STOP


Pollen extract cuts menoapause symptoms – new study


Pollen extract could be used to help ease menopausal symptoms for women during the time of the menopause, new research has revealed*.

The 10 month trial, published in a recent issue of Genesis: The Journal of Genetics and Development, studied 417 menopausal women taking two tablets a day of Femal – a specialised formulation of nutritional flower pollen extracts – at Bordeaux University in France.

The results indicated:

A significant reduction in the frequency of hot flushes by 65%
A reduction in the frequency of night sweats by 64%
The intensity of hot flushes was reduced amongst participants by 64%
The discomfort of night sweats was also reduced by 67%
A clear improvement in irritability and fatigue was noted and quality of sleep improved by 47%
93.5% of the participants felt the supplementation was effective in improving discomfort of symptoms associated with the menopause

Christian Lebreton from Hirapharm which manufactures Femal, commented: “Adding to an already impressive body of evidence supporting the benefits of pollen extract for women experiencing PMS or the menopause, this study confirms the extremely positive indications of supplementation for the 75% of Western women who suffer with menopausal sysmptoms”.

Femal contains two special extracts of standardised pollen combined with vitamin E, formulated to support women’s health throughout the life stages from the start of womanhood to maturity. Femal is available from Boots and independent pharmacies priced around £16.00. For further information about Femal, contact UK telephone number + 44 (0)1372 379828.


* Assessment of the tolerance and effectiveness of a food supplement Serelys (Femal) for menopausal women. Elia, D., and Mares, P., 2008. Genesis, 135, November 2008


Femal, Scandinavia’s number one selling formula, is the result of 10 years of research and development that began with the biochemical analysis of more than 400 plants. Clinical research and development has consistently established the health benefits of seven specific nutritional flower extracts and their role in supporting women’s health.

Flowers are glorious manifestations of nature’s healing and balancing power, offering us health and vitality. Pollen is nutrient-dense and guarantees the proliferation of the plant world and our healthy existence. Femal gives you the essence of pollen in 100% bioavailable form.

Vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes phytosterols and prostaglandins all form a part of pollen, making it the perfect building material for our cells. Femal helps safeguard the intake of these nutrients on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will pollen cause an allergic reaction?

The pollen extracts in Femal have been specially treated to ensure minimal risk of allergic reaction. Most allergic reactions to pollen are caused through airborne particles that then cause irritation of the airways. Since food supplements are digested, this reaction would be unlikely.

How many do I take?

It is recommended that two tablets per day would be the best intake, particularly when taking Femal for the first time. This intake can be adjusted to one tablet per day to suit individual requirements. This may be most comfortable with a glass of water or fruit juice in the morning.

Can I reduce the intake?

Everyone is different and therefore will have different requirements. However, some women find that they can reduce their long term usage down to one tablet a day once they have been taking Femal for a time. If at some point you feel that your requirements have changed and you feel reverting to a higher dose would be appropriate than it is perfectly acceptable to take two tablets for a three month period. It is not advised to exceed the recommended intake.

How long can I take Femal for?

As with many food supplements Femal is intended for use regularly over time and on a daily basis. Most women find that after three months the two tablets per day dose can be adjusted to one tablet per day. Femal is designed to be taken throughout a woman’s adult life and may therefore be used during the monthly cycle and during and after menopause. As a food supplement, it should be taken in addition to a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle and should not be a substitute for either of these important aspects of healthy living.

Can I take Femal alongside medications?

It should be OK to take Femal alongside any medicines. However, should you have any concerns do consult your doctor.

Can I use Femal whilst pregnant and or when breastfeeding?

It is recommended that pregnant women and those breastfeeding should stop taking the product during this time. Whilst this is precautionary, if in doubt you should consult your doctor.

What other measures can I take?

You have already taken some steps in reading this. Supplementing your diet may provide your body with additional nutrients during its natural changes.

This may also be the time to look at your lifestyle and how this may affect your dietary needs, such as eating at least five fruit and vegetable servings per day and maybe reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption. Exercise is another important aspect in helping to keep your body in optimum health and you may want to consider how this may be incorporated in your daily routines. Keeping a diary may help to monitor your success.

Scientists grow windpipe to renew a woman’s life


London: Scientists have used stem cells to grow part of a windpipe which was later implanted into a woman whose own trachea had been destroyed by tuberculosis.

The breakthrough procedure, which happened in Barcelona, Spain, is described in online in the British medical journal, The Lancet.

Claudia Castillo, 30, a mother of two living in Barcelona had been suffering from tuberculosis for years. The disease destroyed part of her trachea, the windpipe connected to the lungs. In March, her left lung collapsed and Castillo needed regular hospital visits to clear her airways which left her unable to take care of her children.

Doctors had planned to remove her entire left lung but instead, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, head of thoracic surgery at Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic, proposed a windpipe transplant instead. He was the one performing the surgery on Castillo.

With the help of a new technique developed at the University of Padua, Italy, scientists removed all the cells from the trachea of a 51-year old donor by essentially scrubbing it clean with a high-tech detergent solution.

Meanwhile, doctors at the University of Bristol, in England took a sample of Castillo’s bone marrow from her hip. They used the bone marrow’s stem cells to create millions of cartilage and tissue cells to cover and line the windpipe. Then doctors at the University of Milan used a device to put the new cartilage and tissue onto the windpipe, which was transplanted into Castillo in June.

The surgery was a real success, the authors reported.

“Within four days after transplantation, the graft was almost indistinguishable from adjacent normal bronchi,” Dr. Macchiarini said. After a month, a biopsy of the site proved that the transplant had developed its own blood supply. Also there was no sign of rejection after four months.

“The possibility of avoiding the removal of my entire lung and, instead, replacing only my diseased bronchus with this tissue engineering process represented a unique chance for me to return to a normal life that I am now enjoying with my children and family,” Castillo said in a news release.

Now the doctors believe that “this first experience represents a milestone in medicine and hope that it will unlock the door for a safe and recipient-tailored transplantation of the airway in adults and children.”

However, Castillo needs to be closely monitored, as it can take up to three years to know if the windpipe’s cartilage structure s solid and won’t fall apart. She takes no drugs to suppress her immune system, a standard approach to prevent rejection when foreign donor organs are used in a transplant. She is able to walk 500 meters without stopping, climb stairs and take care of her children, Johan, 15, and Isabella, four.

Get the Hip Hop Body – win the DVD


Currently one of the world’s leading fitness presenters, Troy’s expertise spans 14 years in the industry. He regularly performs master-classes to over 2000 people at conventions all over the world. Endorsed by leading brand names, Troy is one of the most sought after trainers in celebrity circles and is about to revolutionise fitness through Hip Hop Body.

He has a body to die for, and if you want to look good too, he’s your man.You will find out how to have fun exercising, burn calories, get the max definition in Troys new DVD, Hip Hop Body which has just gone on sale in UK shops.

There are five DVDs, each worth £17.99 for you to win. If you would like one of these DVDs please email us with your name and address and HIP HOP in the header to by 7 April. The winners will be selected in a draw. No cash equivalent is beint offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

What is the Hip Hop Body workout – Troy answers your questions:

Hi – I’m Amy.
I’m 16 and there’s a really fit boy I wanna impress. My body’s not all that at the moment, and I wanna look buff. It’s not about school sports, the dance floor’s bangin.

Hi – I’m Lucy. I’m 22 and I work at Top Shop. I’m never in on the weekends – there’s always someone’s guest list to be on and somewhere to be seen. I wanna stay trim but spandex makes me wanna die!

Lucy: My mate says you’re The Man. Is it really true that you’ve trained stars like Colleen McLoughlin?

Troy: Yeah, and loads of others. But for me, it’s not about celebrity, it’s about

having the attitude. The girls you see working out with me in the DVD aren’t professional dancers but girls just like you.

Lucy: So what’s Hip Hop Body then?

Troy: HipHop Body is THE new way to get the body you want. Forget the press ups and star jumps. Hip Hop Body will change the way you think about hip hop and fitness.

Amy: But fitness DVDs are just for your mum, aren’t they?

Troy: That’s where you’re wrong. Hip Hop Body is all about expression, attitude, moves and the way you look.

Lucy: Sounds like hard work to me.

Troy: That’s where Hip Hop Body is different. You’ll get the body you want and have fun at the same time – dance is a fantastic way to burn calories and you can do it with your mates.

Amy: I’ve got a flabby tummy. How’s HipHop gonna help that?

Troy: Hip Hop Body is a complete body workout – there’s a special range of moves to tone your stomach and strengthen your core.

Lucy: I love dancing, but I’m not an expert…

Troy: Hip Hop Body is for everyone, from beginners to advanced.

Amy: But I’m really into dance – this isn’t gonna be boring, is it?

Troy: The DVD has a routine for more advanced dancers. It concentrates on performance and is great for anyone who’s really into dance. For the beginner, the work outs will give asense of direction and achievement.

Amy: Sounds cool. So where can we get this DVD then?

Troy: You can buy Hip Hop Body in all the shops now you can also see me in action

Eat your way to health with green cuisine


London In the beautiful, tranquil surroundings of Penrhos Court, a Herefordshire manor farm on the Welsh borders, award-winning author, chef and nutritionist, Daphne Lambert, has run Greencuisine organic food, vitality and health courses for over 15 years.

Greencuisine offers a range of practical nutrition-based cookery courses using locally grown organic foods. Run in small groups and led by qualified practitioners- all who have many years of experience of helping people to achieve optimum health – Greencuisine courses provide hands-on tuition in the kitchen and individual nutritional advice, as well as daily Yoga classes, massage and gentle walks in the local countryside.

Greencuisine cookery courses are designed to revive and rejuvenate while enabling participants to see the joy of food and ways in which our diet directly affects health. Owner and Leading Nutritionist, Daphne Lambert, believes that we are what we eat and that the foods we choose have a significant effect on our health and wellbeing.

Daphne Lambert says: “With over 25% of British adults now obese and cases of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer on the increase¹, there is an immediate need to re-evaluate our diets and re-educate ourselves about the ways in which the food we eat affects our health.

“In Britain today, one in three adults dies of heart disease² and a quarter of us die from cancer related deaths caused by unhealthy diet³. As a nation we have lost a significant level of understanding and knowledge about how we think about and prepare food. Our courses are designed to provide practical health advice from qualified practitioners as well as hands-on sessions in the kitchen learning to prepare nutritious organic food that can be easily made at home.”

All Greencuisine cookery courses are residential, fully catered and all diets catered for and foods included. Take-home cookery and health food course notes are provided to enable attendees to integrate what they have learnt into their everyday lifestyle.

Greencuisine Cookery Courses:

Food and Health – £605 five day course

An essential course for everybody who wants to understand more about the food they eat and the impact it has on our health and on the body. Learn how to prepare a wide selection of organic, fresh, seasonal food with expert advice from Daphne Lambert on maximising nutritional value. Discover the importance of whole foods, the benefits of juicing, understand the digestive system and take part in daily Yoga classes. This course is booking now for corporate team building days.

Women’s Health – £350 two day course

A long-established, two day course developed exclusively for women and centred on foods that promote vitality and health. Includes daily yoga classes and time spent in the kitchen learning to create a range of delicious and nutritious dishes such as sushi, almond, date and banana torte, cranberry and banana smoothie and hemp cheese.

Women’s Health – £699 five day course

The 5 day version of the WHC offers a more in depth combination of hands on cooking, diet awareness, nutrition, yoga and massage with Daphne Lambert, Sue Pembrey and Belinda Jobst. Plenty of time is spent in the kitchen creating dishes to help give health and vitality.

Living Nutrition – £1,400 four weekends one in each season

Now in its fifth year, Living Nutrition is an annual course run by Daphne Lambert and Dragana Vilinac exploring the relationship between the food we eat and our health and vitality. Learn practical skills for optimising health through cooking, understand how to make informed decisions about the food you buy and the environmental impact food production can have, develop an insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine and gain an understanding of how your body works and your own individual nutritional needs.

A Feast for the Soul – £550 weekend course

A Feast for the Soul is a journey of self discovery through the preparation and sharing of food. This enlightening and popular course is run by Daphne Lambert and Jonathan Snell both whom use their vast experience to demonstrate how food choices in our diet should not be based purely only on the physical but should embrace philosophical, emotional and spiritual perspectives. Jonathan is an expert in the phsychology of belief and behaviour and the physiology of movement and psycho-physical integration. The course involves lots of time spent in the kitchen and is built around discussions about our beliefs and understandings of food including reference to food stories, tales and legends.

Greencuisine also offers gift tokens that can be used to purchase any Greencuisine course. For further information or to book a place on a course visit or call 01544 230720.

Superfood blueberry may protect against bowel cancer, says new research


New Jersey: Blueberries may prevent colon cancer, a new US study has discovered.

The fruit which has already been labelled a “superfood” because it contains the anti-ageing compound pterostilbene, which could prevent cancer in humans.

Scientists at Rutger University in New Jersey and the US Department of Agriculture said that a pilot study on rats showed that those fed the anti-ageing compound had 57% fewer pre-cancer lesions in their colons. They carried out the experiment on two groups of rats all of which were fed a cancer causing compound called azoxymethan – the group given pterostilbene had least cancer.

Dr Bandaru Reddy, a professor of chemical biology at Rutgers said the blueberry compound was not a cure for cancer but might offer protection against the disease in humans.

It also appeared to reduce the rate at which cancer cells proliferate and inhibited certain genes involved in inflammation.

As well as having anti-ageing properties blueberries are also thought to help with memory loss.

Get checked out with the experts

Each year more than a million people die from old age. Experts in the field of anti-ageing medicine, are at the fore-front of what is actually preventative medicine. Most ageing diseases are caused by lifestyle – things that we do to ourselves either by a poor diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol or smoking. The world’s leading anti-ageing experts are here.

Starting with a simple blood test medical specialists can determine what diet and supplements you need to look better from the inside out and help you live a better quality of life for longer. Other experts can assist with motivation and feelings, cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation.