How to avoid holiday weight gain

We all like to enjoy a holiday from time to time, especially in the summer holiday season. Whether it’s a trip overseas, a weekend away, or spending time with family and friends at home. Taking a break from our normal routine is essential for our mental wellbeing.

However, it can seem difficult to keep up healthy habits during the break and be challenging to get back into the swing of things when you return. Delicious cuisines to taste, beaches to lay on, and cocktails to sample make it difficult to stick to a weight loss plan.

This guide, from OurPath, the first online programme to be used by the NHS to support long-term weightloss, provides tips to avoid holiday weight gain and, more importantly, successfully return to a healthy routine once you get back from the break.

1. Start the day with a balanced breakfast
If you’re not preparing your own meals while you’re away and enjoying a hotel buffet, for example, it can be easy to overeat past the point of feeling full.

However, nourishing your body well in the morning with a balanced breakfast can mean you’re more likely to stay on track for the rest of the day.

Opt for higher protein options, to keep you fuller for longer. Some good examples include:

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a small spoon of baked beans
Natural yoghurt with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds and a small portion of fruit
Omelette with vegetables
Boiled eggs with some cured meats/cheeses

2. Stick to three main meals a day
To avoid overindulging at one meal or having sugary snacks, try to stick to 3 main meals a day. The goal should be to include a form of protein, plenty of non-starchy vegetables, and a small amount of fat in each meal.

If you have a carb-heavy meal, such as pasta, then consider choosing a protein and vegetable-heavy dish for your next meal, such as fish with spinach or broccoli.

Do not be afraid to ask for meals to be adapted to your preferences, like substituting potatoes for green vegetables or leaving the dressing off a salad and opting for olive oil instead.

If your accommodation facilitates it, picking local produce from a market and cooking for yourself can be a fun way to stick to your 3 meals a day. Plus this is a good opportunity to explore new foods and flavours, while eating something healthy, especially if you are away for longer periods. Fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables often taste better too!

3. Stay hydrated
Our brain often confuses feelings of thirst for hunger. By keeping hydrated, we can avoid snacking unnecessarily. Especially when travelling to a warmer destination, sweating and swimming increase the chances of dehydration.

Whether you are relaxing by the pool or exploring towns and cities, try to keep a bottle of water with you at all times, preferably in the shade! On top of this, aim to have a glass of water with each meal. Sparkling water with ice and fresh lime can be a refreshing alternative to plain water in warm weather.

4. Indulge in moderation
Holidays are a great opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself, but the key is to try and not overdo it too frequently on your trip. It’s not necessary to completely avoid alcohol and there is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with your evening meal. However, overindulging in alcohol affects weight gain both directly and indirectly.

If you are going out to a bar, for example, try alternating alcoholic drinks with sparkling water, or have a glass of water beside you to help stay hydrated too.

Choosing long drinks is a good way to reduce the alcohol concentration of your drink and make it last longer (e.g. white wine and soda water spritzer or a single vodka and soda in a tall glass). You’ll thank yourself for it the next day too!

5. Pre-prepare
If you have a long journey to your destination try not to rely on finding suitable snacks at train stations, petrol stations, or airports. Preparing healthy snacks in advance means you’ll have something to satisfy your hunger and not be stuck with unhealthy options in cafes or shops.

Nutritious snacks that travel well include unsalted nuts, vegetable sticks, plain popcorn, or fruit. Not only is this way much healthier but also much less expensive. Having satisfying and balanced main meals will also help to eliminate the need to snack excessively.

When you know you will be eating out at a restaurant, try to scope out the menu ahead of time online. This will give you an idea of what is on offer and give you the opportunity to think about the most nutritious options. This will also prevent any last-minute decisions under pressure or influence from other peoples’ choices.

6. Keep active
You may actually find that you have more time for physical activity whilst on holiday. Trying a new activity, like kayaking or swimming, can be a good way to have fun and stay active. Going for beach walks, hikes, or strolling around local towns is a great way to explore and keep moving.

On the other hand, if you’re travelling for work, you may find yourself short on time or limited in what is available. Remember that any activity is better than no activity. Try starting your day with a brisk walk or jog around the local area, a few laps in a pool (or sea!), or even a quick online yoga class in the comfort of your own accommodation.

How to get back on track after your holiday
It can be difficult to find the motivation to get back on track after a holiday. Following these steps will help you to slowly readjust to a healthy routine.

1) Revisit your goals
Sometimes we come home feeling refreshed and ready to restart our healthy habits straight away. Other times, we feel a bit flat and struggle to get going again. In these instances, it helps to think about our goals. For example, you might be focused on increasing your energy or feeling more confident in clothes.

Start by identifying your values, obstacles, and unwanted actions, then determine your goals from here. Don’t forget to write these down and put them somewhere you can see them every day, such as a post-it on your bathroom mirror. Setting goals is an important step to help you focus.

2) Rebuild habits by starting small
Now that you have reminded yourself of your goals, think about the practices you need to put in place to achieve these. It could be healthy habits you were doing before your break that you’d like to restart or new habits you think are important to set up.

Remember, when starting a new habit (or restarting an old one), it’s best to begin with small changes first, to help your brain learn and focus on this new process. For example, if you were previously going to the gym for an hour, 4 days a week before your holiday, think about a small action you can start to rebuild this routine. It might be going to the gym for 20 minutes, 4 days a week. It might be going to the gym for 10 minutes, five days a week. As you get back into this pattern and restore your fitness, you’ll find you can gradually increase your workout times back to usual.

You may have slipped out of the habit of cooking at home while you were away, and would like to get back into the process of meal planning and preparation. Instead of cooking a new recipe each night, you could choose meals that are simple and quick to make, such as a wholegrain wrap with ham and salad for lunch, or an omelette for dinner. Once you’re feeling confident with this, start to choose more advanced recipes and experiment with new ingredients.

At first, it may take a little more time and effort to reset your habits after a break. But once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll start to notice this healthy way of living becomes your ‘default’ mode, and it’s much easier to get back on track. The key is repetition, and knowing that big things come from small beginnings.

3) Moving forwards
Finally, try not to get too disheartened if you’ve gained weight, decreased your fitness, or reverted to old habits while you were away. Living a healthy life is all about balance. While we can endeavour to maintain our healthy choices when on holiday, it’s also a time to enjoy ourselves, relax, and indulge a little.

Yes, you may have gained some weight on the scales, but this will come back down once you’re eating balanced meals and exercising regularly. Instead of getting caught up in the numbers, try to turn the focus back to your intrinsic motivations for making changes. You can also take advantage of the mental energy and clarity that often comes from a holiday to set yourself new challenges.

Take home message
Aiming to stick to 3 balanced, satisfying meals a day reduces the chances of slipups and sugary snacks.
Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is incredibly important, especially in hot weather.
There is no need to completely avoid alcohol on holiday, but try to indulge in moderation, such as having a glass of wine with your meal.
Pe-prepare healthy snacks for when you are going to be out for a while and plan ahead when you are eating out by reading the menu ahead of time.
Use your holiday as a chance to try exercising in a new way, such as hiking or walking around a new town.
When you return from the break revisit your health goals, start small, and try not to harbour any guilt for enjoying yourself.
Once you start eating balanced meals and exercising regularly, your healthy routine will become automatic once again.

About OurPath

OurPath is an app-based 12-week programme which helps people to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. It was the first online programme to be used by the NHS to support long-term weight loss.

As part of the programme, you are provided with your own personal health coach (a registered dietician or nutritionist) who guides you through the educational materials and is there for daily support and guidance.

The main thing that makes the OnePath approach different is that there is not an emphasis on calorie counting or strict meal plans. Though this can work short-term, ultimately normal life gets in the way and the weight comes back on again. Instead the plan tries to look at building healthy habits that are easy to stick to, taking learnings from mindfulness and CBT to address some of the root causes of things such as binge or stress eating.

There are two different packages offered – the first is the NoTech package, which includes the 12-week programme with full support as well as a physical copy of the recipe book and handbook. The Tech package has the addition of smart scales and an activity tracker.

Would you eat clay in a detox diet?

The mineral clay, traditionally used to make pots and ornaments is becoming a new trend in detox diets.

The Clay Diet involves mixing edible clay, such as Bentonite, with water and drinking it along with your regular food.The clay is supposed to absorb and remove toxins, impurities and chemicals from the body.

Clay diet

The diet’s biggest fans, are as usual and allegedly celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz and Elle Macpherson

Although humans have, most probably accidentally been eating clay for hundreds of years, health experts do not necessarily think it is a good idea.

US gastroenterologist Dr Roshini Raj, a regular contributor on the Today Show said it was likely eaten because it was the only way to get certain minerals such as calcium or iron

The clay diet industry is now worth some £2billion and many women claim to have lost a dramatic amount of weight on the diet. But that is in sharp contrast to a health warning from the US’s Food Standard’s Agency which issued the following warning about consuming clay in 2012:

“Exposure to arsenic can be associated with an increased risk of lung, skin and bladder cancer. Exposure to lead presents a risk for infants and children in particular, as it can be detrimental to brain development and affect intellectual performance. For the same reason, pregnant women are also advised to avoid eating or drinking clay due to the potential risk to their unborn child.”

In the UK, the NHS and British Dietetic Association disagree with the whole concept of detoxing. They say there is no scientific evidence to show that our bodies need help to get rid of waste products – this is what our kidneys do And there is no scientific proof that detox diets work.

The British Dietetic Association has said that “the idea of ‘detox’ is a load of nonsense. There are no pills or specific drinks, patches or lotions that can do a magic job.”

What is your view? Do let us have your opinion in the comment box below this article.

Obese knee burden as replacement ops hit all time high

Overweight people are not only a burden on the NHS but on their own knees.

overweight knees

There has been a surge of 150% in knee replacement surgery with more than 9,500 people, including teenagers having knee replacement surgery last year because their joints could not cope with their weight, according to new NHS figures. And the cost to the NHS of repairing crumbling knees over a 4-year period is estimated at around £50 million.

Obesity costs the NHS £5.1 billion each year with 40,000 people dying as a result of being overweight or obese.

Now one in 10 patients given new knees is obese, up from one in 20 just four years ago. In 2009-10, there were 3,787 operations carried out in England and Wales where obesity was listed as a main or secondary diagnosis.
But by 2012-13, the number had leapt to 9,438, figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) reveal.

Over the last four years there have been a total of 28,000 cases where obesity was regarded as a major trigger for knee replacements. It includes one boy aged between 10 and 14 who went under the knife in 2010-11. 
Also in the last four years, knee replacements have been carried out on two boys and two girls aged 15-19. 

The majority of knee operations are carried out on older people, aged 60+ but recently there has been a tripling of knee replacements among obese under-40s.

Each knee replacement operation costs around £5,500, and should last for around 15 to 20 years. But the obese may have to have more than one replacement because of the strain caused by weight.

A knee replacement is classed as ‘major surgery’ by the NHS and is only offered after other treatments, such as physiotherapy or steroid injections have failed to help. 

Soup can make you thin!

Soup Can Make You Thin.jpgFiona Kirk, nutritionist and author of two much-acclaimed fat loss books, So What the F*** Should I Eat? and 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane is on a mission to prove that soup CAN and WILL make you thin and help you rediscover your waistline in just 10 days with her exciting new eBook: Soup Can Make You Thin.


Highlighting WHY soup can make you thin, how it can fit into your day AND which soups to eat at which time of the day to make you and keep you thin, this easy to use guide and supporting champion not only the role soup plays in fast and lasting fat loss but also why we should have a daily bowl of ‘nutritional perfection’ for all-round good health: stronger bones, better skin, hormonal balance, improved cholesterol and blood pressure levels, better digestion and tip-top metabolism.


The book kicks off with a Flab-Fighting Plan enabling dieters to lose up to 10lbs in 10 days with super-skinny soup recipes and nutrition advice. The Soup-It-Up section adds a selection of skinny soup recipes for continued and steady fat loss plus lots of suggestions on how and when to fit soup into your daily diet and which soups to pick when you are eating out or buying off the shelf. Finally, there are the fat loss forever ‘maintenance’ soup recipes for long term waist and weight management.


Fiona explains, “Supping soup should be a deliciously-nutritious, satisfying experience and when it comes to getting our waistlines in order, is nothing short of a miracle in a bowl. Whilst my nutritional knowledge and extensive research allows me to promote the principles behind why a bowl of good nutritious soup delivers on so many levels, the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating in this case. Enter my great friend and soup supremo, Jean Barr who has devised a range of delicious fat-busting soup recipes. Fat loss has never been easier, quicker, tastier or lighter on the pocket.”


Seven Souperb Reasons To Soup-Up Your Life


  1. soup targets fat loss fast
  2. soup fills you up and controls hunger and cravings
  3. soup is quick, nutritious and easy on the pocket
  4. soup reduces water retention and boosts metabolism
  5. soup feeds the bones, brain, skin and hormones
  6. soup promotes good blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  7. soup controls inflammation and fights viruses



Soup Can Make You Thin is available in eBook format via  

priced £5.99.


Eat Live and Love Soup.jpg

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Get the Skinny on these Sprinkles – launch offer – save 15% and get a fitter body!

Shake our way to a slim line new you with our special offer of 15% off exclusively with Elixir throughout October. Skinny Sprinkles is a new product that contains a wealth of wellness ingredients to boost your metabolism and cut hunger pangs. 
The clever so and so’s at Skinny Sprinkles have concocted the perfect way to cut down, without the conundrum. 

Skinny Sprinkles.jpg

The scrumptious, hassle-free & cost effective Skinny Sprinkles stop you starving and get you feeling great in two easy steps… Sprinkle and Shake!
Containing real strawberry extracts, Skinny Sprinkles taste delicious when added to either water OR milk AND reduce the urge to snack on those forbidden fancies or hefty meals. 
Each stick is less than 21 cals and is recommended three times a day- or when hunger strikes.
They’re not just aiding weight loss of course…
 · This ‘magic dust’ boosts energy levels with Guarana & Green Tea with the natural caffeine boost helping to improve alertness and attention. A kick without the coffee!
 · The super duper ingredients support in reducing blood cholesterol levels needed for a healthy heart.
 · Thanks to the caffeine contained in Skinny Sprinkles, a gulp before you hit the treadmill supports a work out plan by increasing endurance capacity and performance, reducing the level of exertion/effort during exercise. 
 · Skinny Sprinkles controls the growth of bad bacteria in the colon that can lead to those horrid upset tums and bloating.
The At-Home Tub is best popped at the front of the naughty cupboard keeping calorific hot chocolate out of temptation, but STILL satisfying your ‘sweet fix!’ 
How to get your discount
Skinny Sprinkles Tub £39.97 for 42 servings, which amounts to 95p per serving – with the 15% discount you pay £33.98 – giving you a saving of £5.99
Buy online here and enter the code Elixir15 at checkout. This offer lasts throughout October.
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TV personality Helen Lederer resolves a weighty issue

Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer

One third of overweight women say they feel they have been treated differently as a result of their weight, according to new survey.
Nearly half (47%) of British women say they find themselves faced with endless teasing, 43% believe that others deem them to be lazy while 28% say they have actually been excluded from a social occasion – all because of their size.
The research by XLS-Medical Fat Binder, a new naturally derived, clinically proven weight loss aid, also found that 1 in 10 say not having a ‘healthy figure’ has meant they have missed out on job roles and a fifth said people consider them to be unintelligent.
Top reasons where people say they are treated differently when overweight include:
•Not complimented on their appearance (51%)
•Teased about their weight (47%)
•Thought of as lazy (43%)
•Excluded from social occasions (28%)
•Considered to be unintelligent (20%)
Helen Lederer, one of Britain’s best known comedy character actresses and comedy writers, who turns 58 this month, can identify with this and is concerned that her profession will not accept her being old and fat!
HELEN small.jpg
The fat ceiling
Helen is more than aware that her weight has impacted on whether she is considered for high profile acting roles as well as her other work in the public eye. Three months ago she embarked on losing weight with support from new XLS-Medical Fat Binder. She comments: “I have always been curvy and conscious of my weight. In the acting industry you have to get used to rejections but as my weight crept up I became more aware that I was being asked to fewer auditions and was most definitely being overlooked for mainstream jobs. Being rejected affected my confidence and my self-esteem took a real knock. I am thrilled to report that I have lost two stones in the last three months by following a healthy balanced diet, exercising and taking XLS-Medical Fat Binder which has helped me lose more weight than I would have lost on my own.”
Age is not just a number
The research also found that nearly three quarters (74%) of people find it more difficult to lose weight as they get older, something that Helen can also attest to: “When I was younger my weight used to fluctuate a lot more and it was easier to shed a few pounds in time for my next audition or social occasion. But as I’ve got older I’ve really noticed how much more effort I need to put in. Finding the motivation to get started on my weight loss journey was the real difficulty as the pounds don’t drop off as easily as they once did.”
Leading UK Dietitian Helen Bond and Consultant Dietitian to the XLS-Medical free online weight management programme, ‘123 hello me’, comments on why older women find it more difficult to lose weight: “Your body changes as you get older and your metabolism gets slower. Many people find they are less active than they were in their 20s and if you haven’t altered your diet to reflect this then you are likely to find yourself putting on weight. Helen Lederer has demonstrated that you don’t need to make drastic changes; just a few small steps can make a real difference.”
Eliise Lindsay, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness Advisor to the XLS-Medical weight management programme comments: “This research has shown that there are some real prejudices against people who don’t have the stereotypical perfect figure. We are all different shapes and sizes and there’s no one perfect size. What is important is for people to feel happy and comfortable with their bodies. By following a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise people will find themselves getting in shape without any unnecessary pressure,” adds Eliise.
“Light to moderate exercise at least twice a week will help people to feel fitter and healthier. And a weight loss aid like XLS-Medical can help dieters lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone – a useful support to help people on the way to reaching their weight loss goals.”
To support dieters on their weight loss journey, the 12 week XLS-Medical weight management programme, 123 Hellome, provides a wealth of advice and exercise tips as well as tools such as diet and exercise trackers.
More about Helen
Helen Lederer is one of Britain’s one of Britain’s best known comedy character actresses and comedy writers, most recognised for her role as the dippy Catriona in Absolutely Fabulous. She is also an author and broadcaster.
About XLS-Medical Fat Binder2
•XLS-Medical Fat Binder is the first naturally derived clinically proven, over the counter weight loss aid. XLS-Medical Fat Binder is made with the clinically proven fat binder, Litramine®, and essential fat-soluble vitamins
•XLS-Medical Fat Binder has been proven to bind up to 27.4% of fats from food before it replenishes the body with fat-soluble vitamins
•This makes XLS-Medical Fat Binder an ideal weight management tool. XLS-Medical Fat Binder has a well-established safety profile and good tolerability. It has no added artificial colourings, flavourings, salt or preservatives
• The recommendation for weight loss is to adopt a reduced calorie, lower fat diet in addition to regular exercise and to take 2 tablets 3 times a day after meals – with up to 6 tablets taken per day
•XLS-Medical Fat Binder is available nationwide: 30 tablets RRP £14.99*, 60 tablets RRP £24.99*, 120 tablets £47.99* and 180 tablets £64.99*
•Visit for more information
1.XLS-Medical Fat Binder weight loss survey. March 2012
2.Grube B., P.W. Chong, K.Z. Lau & H.D. Orzechowski. A natural fibre complex reduces body weight in the overweight and obese: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study. Obesity accepted article preview, 25 June, 2012; doi:10.1038/oby.2012.165
*Retail and promotional price is at the sole discretion of the retailer
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Skipping breakfast – the new rules on fat loss and staying younger!

Let’s get one thing straight….skipping breakfast is fine!!!In fact it is more than fine, it’s the starting point to actually getting you the body you have always dreamed of, according to the authors of a new book.

Ripped to Shreds cover small.jpg

Co-authors, Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor BSc, a top fitness trainer and male model, have analysed the latest research on fat, fitness and longevity and come up with a formula that has literally Ripped to Shreds all the diet myths.
The report includes a number of controversial key elements designed to help people achieve their goals.
These include:
Forget about breakfast – The new law on fat loss
The amazing benefits of fasting
Why only fools spend longer than 3 hours a week in the gym
How to put your fat burning on autopilot 24/7
“I know you have all been brainwashed by the food industry about how important breakfast is and how it ‘kick starts’ your metabolism for the day, this is not actually true,’ writes Shaun in an exclusive article for Elixir.
The latest research shows your metabolic rate is determined by your lean mass (how much muscle you have). Not by how many meals you consume throughout the day.
Eating first thing, especially the usual grains and dairy will certainly put your fat burning on hold for a few hours. This coupled with breakfast bars for your elevenses, before your typical lunch all causing rising and falling levels of insulin.
Instead give your body a break, allow it to process the food from the day before. 
Waiting say for example 14-16 hours after your last meal the night before will allow your body to become a master of controlling Insulin (the key to fat loss), reset the hormone Ghrelin (hunger hormone) and re-programme the hormone Leptin 
(the carbohydrate sensitive hormone). You will now become a fat burning machine when you do eat.
I’m sure you would all love some more time in the morning to yourselves too, an extra half hour in bed perhaps?
Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor BSc, fat loss experts and co-authors of the groundbreaking Ripped To Shreds report have used the latest scientific literature behind rapid body transformation. In their e-book they claim short fasts can actually accelerate fat loss and make you considerably healthier in the process.
Although intermittent fasting research is still only in its infancy and it may well be another 5 years before it reaches the masses and becomes a mainstream nutritional idea, its benefits have already reached almost legendary proportions within many nutritional and dieting circles around the world.
So what is it exactly? Well the term Fasting refers to going long periods without food followed by a period of eating. It is basically what we did as cavemen and women all those years ago. The invention of breakfast is only very recent in terms of human time on this planet, and our greed along with the greed of the food industry has driven this change.
Why do it? Here is a list of all the benefits of following the anabolic fasting approach
This is a typical criticism of most diets, the person feels hungry all the time. Due to the effect the approach has on the hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone), your body becomes a very stable environment. Plus you get to eat really large meals when you do actually eat, certainly something that was lacking in many other protocols.
Intermittent fasting has been shown to produce elevated levels of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone regulates metabolism, allows us to build muscle, burn fat and reduce the negative effects caused by stress.
During the fasting hours your body produces a great deal of fat burning hormones, by prolonging this time (to a certain extent) you are prolonging the body’s ability to use fat as fuel.
Now imagine training at this time when all these fat burning hormones are going wild and you can see why the results are so epic.
Both key in setting your body up to be a fat burning machine.
By maintaining low levels of insulin throughout the day, your body becomes very sensitive so when you do feed it with the dreaded carbs of other diets, your body is very sufficient at storing them in the muscle cells. Low levels of both of blood
glucose and insulin are also markers of improved health.
Gone will be the days of feeling deprived whilst dieting to get lean, you will look forward to your large meals and feel perfectly fine when not eating. This will lead to an easy integration into your normal daily life, you will feel that these 
methods are so easy and you won’t be thinking “I can’t wait to finish this diet.”
The health markers of fasting are also very profound, reduced risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. Additionally the increase in Growth Hormone production further stimulates cell development, cell reproduction and regeneration, which in turn assists with the anti-aging process.
Ok so you’re sold…what next?
Typically The R2S (Ripped To Shreds) report promotes an 8 hour feeding window and a 16 hour fast, bearing in mind you will likely be sleeping for around half of the fasting time, it basically equates to skipping breakfast. For most people this set up is quite controversial, however its works best in terms of compliance, fat loss and weight training.
For example feeding window is 12 midday – 8pm, and the fast from 8pm – 12 midday.
The eating period falls into either an 8 hour window (for men) or a 10 hour window (for women) with a 16 and 14 hour fasting period respectively.
For more information about fasting and rapid fat loss visit
The full ripped to shreds report is available for download for just £9.99 
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The 10 Best – Weightloss Kickstarts

Skinny Sprinkles.jpgFULFILL PLUSFulfilDIGESTIVE MIXDigestive Mix 


GREEN TEA DIET BLENDGreen Tea Blend Diet.jpgFIBRETRIMFibretrim.jpgSANAFILSanafilcropped.jpegZUCCARINZuccarin

Klamath Green AlgaeSUPER OMEGA-3Super Omega-3

Canyon Ranch – Arizona

8600 East Rockcliff Road, Tucson, Arizona 85750
Tel: +1 520 749 9655;



Canyon Ranch.jpgA comprehensive range of treatments are available here. The spa has six gyms, as well as squash and basketball courts, steam, plunge and whirlpool. Massage, hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic and seaweed therapies. A popular package is for weight management particularly for those with overeating or yo-yo dieting problems.

Scientists discover new weightloss properties in African nut


Scientists have discovered that an African seed can help weightloss in older adults even if they don’t diet.

Irvingia gabonensis has demonstrated an average weight loss of 28 pounds in 10 weeks in human clinical trials. It also lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol and levels of blood fats.

The herb works on four causes of weightgain by reducing carbohydrate absorption, shrinks fat cells, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and increases levels of the hormone leptin which helps the brain shut off appetite.

The herb has been made into a vegetarian supplement which encourages weightloss by taking just two tablets a day.

It works by:

1. Inhibiting amylase, the digestive enzyme that coverts starch to sugar in the body – thereby reducing the amount of carbohydrate absorbed.

2. It increases secretion of adiponection, which shrinks fat cells

3. It suppresses the fat-converting enzyme, glylcerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase – this converts sugar to fat in the body.

4. It lowers levels of a substance called C-reactive protein (CRP) in fat cells which encourages levels of the appeite suppressant hormone Leptin.

Find out more about this breakthrough product at


Drinking water doesn’t help weightloss


Tokyo: Advice to drink lots of water to loose weight is a waste of time, according to new research.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have found that drinking the elixir of life does not keep one trim — instead, one could be better off eating foods rich in water like fruit, vegetables, rice, soups and casseroles.

According to them, it is unclear why water in food but not in drinks affects weight — it could be due to water-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables and rice also high in fibre.

In fact, the researchers have based their findings on an analysis of 1,000 young women in Tokyo. They compared the weight and waist size of the participants with the amount of water they consumed each day, both from drinks and food.

The study, published in the latest edition of the Nutrition Journal, found no link between water in drinks, including water itself, tea, coffee, soft drinks and fruit juices, and body shape, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

But the researchers found a link between water taken in from food, with women who ate the highest quantities of water-rich foods tending to have slightly smaller waists. And, those subjects also had a lower body mass index, meaning they were a better weight for their height.

The link held firm even when other factors such as the amount of exercise done and whether the woman was dieting were taken into consideration.

Watchdog slams “Skinny Water” claims

London: UK health watchdogs have criticised the claims for a bottle of water which claims to help weightloss.

Skinny Water, a flavoured spring water, sold in Tesco, WH Smith and Superdrug, contains a cocktail of nutrients which the manufacturer claims to suppress hunger and fight fat.

Makers Bio Synergy admit their claims are not based on clinical studies and the name is on a par with jeans called “skinny jeans” and coffee called “skinny latte.”

UK Food Standards Agency say that the claims for the drink are groundless and that steps are being the results of proven medical trials.

iSkinny Water, which costs 99p, contains hunger-suppressing nutrients such as L-Carnitine and Chromium, which the labelling says reduces sugar cravings and improves the body’s ability to burn fat. The eye-catching label says the drink is a “slimming aid”, words printed suggestively under a measuring tape.

It states Skinny Water “has been enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help you lose weight… suppress appetite, block carbohydrates from converting into fat and increase fat burning”.

Why a healthy colon is key to good health


Many of us can’t even bring ourselves to say the word ‘colon’ in public, yet a healthy digestive tract could be the key to long life and, far from being a dirty word, if you are going to look after just one bit of your body, make sure its your colon, because that takes care of everything else.

Dao Earl, from the UK colonic and fasting retreat Sura Detox, explains: “The colon was designed to generate nutrients from food, and propel the wastes out of the body, but our modern lifestyle stresses, combined with increased toxins in food, are putting too much strain on our digestive system. As a result, the tract becomes clogged, which both inhibits digestion and results in these poisons being reabsorbed into your bloodstream. So, whether you are looking to get more wastes out (weight loss, allergies, cholesterol), or get more nutrition in (osteoporosis, deficiencies) clearing your bowel is the best place to start.”

“Why is it that despite the high intentions to eat more healthily, and find the perfect, stress-free work/life balance, more and more of us are struggling with the pressures of everyday life, under which we reach for food to relax us, alcohol to enjoy ourselves, and caffeine to wake us up? We are working hard and fast against our wants and needs. For many the time has come to step off the merry-go-round for a moment, get some perspective, and start asking some pretty loft questions about all this.”

Sura Detox offers week long retreats once a month at its beautiful retreat in the heart of rural Devon. Each retreat takes the form of a juice or water diet and twice daily colonics.

Fasting gives your body the chance to naturally purge itself of its toxins, as it redirects the energy normally required for digestion, and focuses upon purifying itself. The general program and frequent colonics ensure the thorough elimination of waste, so that yo! ur body has the utmost opportunity for restoration.

All Sura Detox programmes are supported by powerful nutritional talks to encourage visitors to adopt healthier eating patterns, as well as complementary therapies such as yoga, massage and homeopathy.

Results from Sura Detox speak for themselves. Many visitors find that lifetime ailments such as arthritis and asthma are substantially improved, and the effects of the retreat itself, actually result in a feeling of mental cleansing too.

Sura Detox retreats are held once a month in Devon. For more information on the retreats, visit or call 08456 343 895.

Get the Hip Hop Body – win the DVD


Currently one of the world’s leading fitness presenters, Troy’s expertise spans 14 years in the industry. He regularly performs master-classes to over 2000 people at conventions all over the world. Endorsed by leading brand names, Troy is one of the most sought after trainers in celebrity circles and is about to revolutionise fitness through Hip Hop Body.

He has a body to die for, and if you want to look good too, he’s your man.You will find out how to have fun exercising, burn calories, get the max definition in Troys new DVD, Hip Hop Body which has just gone on sale in UK shops.

There are five DVDs, each worth £17.99 for you to win. If you would like one of these DVDs please email us with your name and address and HIP HOP in the header to by 7 April. The winners will be selected in a draw. No cash equivalent is beint offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

What is the Hip Hop Body workout – Troy answers your questions:

Hi – I’m Amy.
I’m 16 and there’s a really fit boy I wanna impress. My body’s not all that at the moment, and I wanna look buff. It’s not about school sports, the dance floor’s bangin.

Hi – I’m Lucy. I’m 22 and I work at Top Shop. I’m never in on the weekends – there’s always someone’s guest list to be on and somewhere to be seen. I wanna stay trim but spandex makes me wanna die!

Lucy: My mate says you’re The Man. Is it really true that you’ve trained stars like Colleen McLoughlin?

Troy: Yeah, and loads of others. But for me, it’s not about celebrity, it’s about

having the attitude. The girls you see working out with me in the DVD aren’t professional dancers but girls just like you.

Lucy: So what’s Hip Hop Body then?

Troy: HipHop Body is THE new way to get the body you want. Forget the press ups and star jumps. Hip Hop Body will change the way you think about hip hop and fitness.

Amy: But fitness DVDs are just for your mum, aren’t they?

Troy: That’s where you’re wrong. Hip Hop Body is all about expression, attitude, moves and the way you look.

Lucy: Sounds like hard work to me.

Troy: That’s where Hip Hop Body is different. You’ll get the body you want and have fun at the same time – dance is a fantastic way to burn calories and you can do it with your mates.

Amy: I’ve got a flabby tummy. How’s HipHop gonna help that?

Troy: Hip Hop Body is a complete body workout – there’s a special range of moves to tone your stomach and strengthen your core.

Lucy: I love dancing, but I’m not an expert…

Troy: Hip Hop Body is for everyone, from beginners to advanced.

Amy: But I’m really into dance – this isn’t gonna be boring, is it?

Troy: The DVD has a routine for more advanced dancers. It concentrates on performance and is great for anyone who’s really into dance. For the beginner, the work outs will give asense of direction and achievement.

Amy: Sounds cool. So where can we get this DVD then?

Troy: You can buy Hip Hop Body in all the shops now you can also see me in action

Loose weight without diets


Simple Secrets to Easy Weight Loss is the new book by UK author and therapist Steve McNulty Steve makes a confident and sincere offer that if you do as he asks (and that what he asks costs nothing, is easy to do and doesn’t hurt) and if you do not lose weight, he will refund your money.

At 53, Steve decided that he needed to lose some serious weight if he was going to lead a long and healthy life. However, as he had a reputation for ‘eating for England’, he knew that he needed a plan that involved no diets or deprivation, no supplements or surgery, no pain and certainly no ongoing associated cost. He tried all the modern courses and plans and although he managed to lose some weight it quickly went back on.

Fed up of yo-yo dieting, he then set out to put together the perfect plan. Being a therapist and having trained in the most modern ‘mind sciences’, he knew roughly where to go to find everything ‘out there’ about losing weight. Having identified all the necessary ingredients he tried them out, keeping the ones that worked to and binning the rest.

The main ingredient Steve uses is Thought Field Therapy which enables him to collapse or eliminate any anxiety or food cravings, so allowing him to relax and eat heartily at the right time. Over the first eighteen months he lost two and a half stone (sixteen kilos) and has continued to lose another stone (six kilos) over the last year, making a total loss of three and a half stone.

“I haven’t been hungry once in the last 3 years”, says Steve “and my friends cannot believe how I still eat for England without increasing my weight”. Steve has identified that the real secret to managing our weight is to understand why we eat when we are not hungry. Once we understand this we can easily shift our eating patterns, eat plenty when we are hungry and manage our weight to a healthy level.

“There are three good reason to eat”, says Steve. Firstly, you must eat if you are hungry – that is the way we are built and we should never ever starve our bodies of food when we are hungry. Secondly, we should eat for our pure enjoyment. This means that eating a special meal, a really good dish or a rare treat is OK. Thirdly, eating to be sociable is OK as Steve says “I would never say no to a piece of the cake my Mum has just made especially for us when we pop round for afternoon tea.

However, he believes that all the other reasons for eating when we are not hungry are based in Anxiety. Reasons such as boredom, frustration, distraction, stress, anxiety, or habit should never force us to eat unnecessarily, and once the anxiety, or comfort element is eliminated the urge or compulsion to eat disappears. If you are not hungry and you have no compulsion you don’t need to eat. Eat when you are hungry and hey-presto the weight just drops off.

Steve uses his book as the text book for the weight management courses he regularly runs in Watford and London. The book includes everything which he has found to work for himself and his clients.

Steve believes that effective weight management requires a personalised plan and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Adopting the right plan will for each user become an unnoticeable part of everyday life. Steve’s courses last one day and the participants get all the tools they need to achieve their planned weight loss without ever having to return for more classes or having to spend more money. Steve says “2 weeks practice is all that is required to develop the right eating patterns and drop bad habits.”

Steve also offers one to one coaching and training in weight loss from his clinics in Harley Street, London and Watford. He also runs online support groups and forums to ensure everyone is supported while reaching their goals.

His book can be bought from his or on-line.

Hoodia diet food trials

London: A UK company is testing the use of hoodia, a cactus extract that stems hunger pangs, in diet foods.

The trial is being carried out by Phytopharm who will market the products, such as margarine and drinks, with Unilever.

Extracts made from the Hoodia gordonii plant are already a popular dietary supplement and was originally used by Kalahari bushmen of Africa to stave off hunger while on hunting trips.

Cambridge-based Phytopharm plans year-long clinical trials to see if volunteers given the extract in foods find their hunger pangs disappear.

Tests on rats have already found that they loose their appetite when given the active ingredient. ‘We are very excited so far at the success of the project and will take it from here,’ he said.

Hormone explains why some dieters fail

New York: Doctors at Columbia University Medical Centre believe they have discovered why some dieters find it difficult to maintain weightloss and pile the pounds back on. A hormone called leptin, which regulates the metabolism may be responsible.

Leptin levels fall when people diet making it increasingly harder to burn off calories, said the findings published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Dr Michael Rosenbaum, who led the research believes the findings could lead to a new diet drug containing leptin.

He said that leptin helps the body believe it is happy with a lower weight and help dieters keep off the pounds.

The research examined the reactions of 10 healthy men and women. As they lost weight their leptin levels fell. They were given leptin and maintained their weightloss.

In previous studies it has been found that leptin acts as an appetite suppressant. Levels also fall if we do not get enough sleep making us want to eat more.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Based on ancient Chinese medicine over 5,000 years old and uses herbs to treat a variety of illnesses. The herbs which are either pungent, sour, sweet, bitter or salty, are boiled in water and drunk several times a day and often used alongside acupuncture. Reputed to be useful for skin diseases, addictions, weight loss,
fertility and breathing problems.

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