Get the Skinny on these Sprinkles – launch offer – save 15% and get a fitter body!

Shake our way to a slim line new you with our special offer of 15% off exclusively with Elixir throughout October. Skinny Sprinkles is a new product that contains a wealth of wellness ingredients to boost your metabolism and cut hunger pangs. 
The clever so and so’s at Skinny Sprinkles have concocted the perfect way to cut down, without the conundrum. 

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The scrumptious, hassle-free & cost effective Skinny Sprinkles stop you starving and get you feeling great in two easy steps… Sprinkle and Shake!
Containing real strawberry extracts, Skinny Sprinkles taste delicious when added to either water OR milk AND reduce the urge to snack on those forbidden fancies or hefty meals. 
Each stick is less than 21 cals and is recommended three times a day- or when hunger strikes.
They’re not just aiding weight loss of course…
 · This ‘magic dust’ boosts energy levels with Guarana & Green Tea with the natural caffeine boost helping to improve alertness and attention. A kick without the coffee!
 · The super duper ingredients support in reducing blood cholesterol levels needed for a healthy heart.
 · Thanks to the caffeine contained in Skinny Sprinkles, a gulp before you hit the treadmill supports a work out plan by increasing endurance capacity and performance, reducing the level of exertion/effort during exercise. 
 · Skinny Sprinkles controls the growth of bad bacteria in the colon that can lead to those horrid upset tums and bloating.
The At-Home Tub is best popped at the front of the naughty cupboard keeping calorific hot chocolate out of temptation, but STILL satisfying your ‘sweet fix!’ 
How to get your discount
Skinny Sprinkles Tub £39.97 for 42 servings, which amounts to 95p per serving – with the 15% discount you pay £33.98 – giving you a saving of £5.99
Buy online here and enter the code Elixir15 at checkout. This offer lasts throughout October.
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