Skipping breakfast – the new rules on fat loss and staying younger!

Let’s get one thing straight….skipping breakfast is fine!!!In fact it is more than fine, it’s the starting point to actually getting you the body you have always dreamed of, according to the authors of a new book.

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Co-authors, Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor BSc, a top fitness trainer and male model, have analysed the latest research on fat, fitness and longevity and come up with a formula that has literally Ripped to Shreds all the diet myths.
The report includes a number of controversial key elements designed to help people achieve their goals.
These include:
• Forget about breakfast – The new law on fat loss
• The amazing benefits of fasting
• Why only fools spend longer than 3 hours a week in the gym
• How to put your fat burning on autopilot 24/7
“I know you have all been brainwashed by the food industry about how important breakfast is and how it ‘kick starts’ your metabolism for the day, this is not actually true,’ writes Shaun in an exclusive article for Elixir.
The latest research shows your metabolic rate is determined by your lean mass (how much muscle you have). Not by how many meals you consume throughout the day.
Eating first thing, especially the usual grains and dairy will certainly put your fat burning on hold for a few hours. This coupled with breakfast bars for your elevenses, before your typical lunch all causing rising and falling levels of insulin.
Instead give your body a break, allow it to process the food from the day before. 
Waiting say for example 14-16 hours after your last meal the night before will allow your body to become a master of controlling Insulin (the key to fat loss), reset the hormone Ghrelin (hunger hormone) and re-programme the hormone Leptin 
(the carbohydrate sensitive hormone). You will now become a fat burning machine when you do eat.
I’m sure you would all love some more time in the morning to yourselves too, an extra half hour in bed perhaps?
Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor BSc, fat loss experts and co-authors of the groundbreaking Ripped To Shreds report have used the latest scientific literature behind rapid body transformation. In their e-book they claim short fasts can actually accelerate fat loss and make you considerably healthier in the process.
Although intermittent fasting research is still only in its infancy and it may well be another 5 years before it reaches the masses and becomes a mainstream nutritional idea, its benefits have already reached almost legendary proportions within many nutritional and dieting circles around the world.
So what is it exactly? Well the term Fasting refers to going long periods without food followed by a period of eating. It is basically what we did as cavemen and women all those years ago. The invention of breakfast is only very recent in terms of human time on this planet, and our greed along with the greed of the food industry has driven this change.
Why do it? Here is a list of all the benefits of following the anabolic fasting approach
This is a typical criticism of most diets, the person feels hungry all the time. Due to the effect the approach has on the hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone), your body becomes a very stable environment. Plus you get to eat really large meals when you do actually eat, certainly something that was lacking in many other protocols.
Intermittent fasting has been shown to produce elevated levels of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone regulates metabolism, allows us to build muscle, burn fat and reduce the negative effects caused by stress.
During the fasting hours your body produces a great deal of fat burning hormones, by prolonging this time (to a certain extent) you are prolonging the body’s ability to use fat as fuel.
Now imagine training at this time when all these fat burning hormones are going wild and you can see why the results are so epic.
Both key in setting your body up to be a fat burning machine.
By maintaining low levels of insulin throughout the day, your body becomes very sensitive so when you do feed it with the dreaded carbs of other diets, your body is very sufficient at storing them in the muscle cells. Low levels of both of blood
glucose and insulin are also markers of improved health.
Gone will be the days of feeling deprived whilst dieting to get lean, you will look forward to your large meals and feel perfectly fine when not eating. This will lead to an easy integration into your normal daily life, you will feel that these 
methods are so easy and you won’t be thinking “I can’t wait to finish this diet.”
The health markers of fasting are also very profound, reduced risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. Additionally the increase in Growth Hormone production further stimulates cell development, cell reproduction and regeneration, which in turn assists with the anti-aging process.
Ok so you’re sold…what next?
Typically The R2S (Ripped To Shreds) report promotes an 8 hour feeding window and a 16 hour fast, bearing in mind you will likely be sleeping for around half of the fasting time, it basically equates to skipping breakfast. For most people this set up is quite controversial, however its works best in terms of compliance, fat loss and weight training.
For example feeding window is 12 midday – 8pm, and the fast from 8pm – 12 midday.
The eating period falls into either an 8 hour window (for men) or a 10 hour window (for women) with a 16 and 14 hour fasting period respectively.
For more information about fasting and rapid fat loss visit
The full ripped to shreds report is available for download for just ÂŁ9.99 
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Life begins at 69!


Las Vegas: A 69-year-old doctor has become a pin-up after following a diet and exercise regime that has given him the body of a 30-year-old.

Dr Jeffrey Life, the chief medical officer of the Cenegentics Medical Institute, went from flab to fab on his regime which also included injections of the controversial anti-ageing injection, Human Growth Hormone (Hgh), which helps produce lean muscle.

Hgh, like most of our hormones begins to decrease from about the age of 30. It has been shown in experiments to turn-back-the-clock but may also be associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Dr Life said: “Within the next ten years, maybe less, this is going to be thought of as mainstream medicine prevening disease, slowing the ageing process, preventing people from loosing their ability of take care of themselves when they get older, and ending up in nursing homes.”

Sylvester Stallone arrest promotes interest in growth hormone

Sydney: Cosmetic interest in the controversial anti-ageing growth hormone has swelled by 20 per cent since Rocky star Sylvester Stallone was allegedly caught with the chemical at Sydney airport.

The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia says its members have fielded an unprecedented number of inquiries about human growth hormone, particularly from men in their 50s and 60s, in the past month.

The specialists say demand was fuelled by publicity arising from Stallone’s February visit to promote his latest film, Rocky Balboa, when he was charged with trying to import 48 vials of the hormone – a so-called “anti-ageing” elixir – into Australia.

The hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland to promote healthy growth, but many claim it enhances movement, sight, hair and general wellbeing when taken in its synthetic form.

It is also claimed to turn fat into muscle and is most well-known for its popularity among body-builders and Chinese swimmers, but scientific studies have yet to firmly establish any of these benefits.

Australian cosmetic surgeons who gathered in Melbourne for their national conference this week say there has been a 15 to 20 per cent increase in inquiries about hormone products in the past month.

Society president Glenn Murray said more people had been taking up the products, primarily to “boost up” levels of the hormone that had dropped off with age.

Both men and women, typically aged in their 50s and 60s, were signing up for the hormone despite there being few long-term studies showing benefits or side-effects, Dr Murray said.

“They’re feeling tired and like they’re looking their age and just want to slow things down,” he said.

“When they’re older and wanting to get a great last 20 years then they’re willing to try it and take some risks for the chance of a better quality of life.”

Dr Michael Zacharia, president of the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, said a regular, low dose could “extend youthfulness”.

“It’s not that you’re going to live longer as such but you can prevent a lot of diseases, like cardiovascular disease, from coming along,” Dr Zacharia said.

“An 80-year-old who’s on an anti-ageing regime will look better, feel better and be just as active as he was when he was 60.”

But this is disputed by most in the academic scientific field who say there is a lack of hard science to prove the $500-a-month treatment actually works.

Australian laws prohibit the import of natural and manufactured growth hormones without a permit.

Stallone is required to enter a plea on his case’s next scheduled court date, April 24, but he is excused from attending court if legally represented.

La Clinique de Paris offers anti-ageing therapies to City fatcats


London: La Clinique de Paris which offers the ultimate in rejuvenation therapies has opened its first clinic in London. It currently has clinics in Paris, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Geneva.

Based on the principle of preventative medicine and well established scientific cellular science, this luxurious and aspirational London clinic has opened at the City Medical Centre in the heart of the City of London at St HelenÂ’s Place, Bishopgate.

It will provide clients with a total anti-ageing and repairing programme individually catered through a series of tests and exemplary medical analysis.

La Clinique de Paris’ clients benefit from looking better and younger; feeling healthier and fitter; with more energy and a significant reduction in stress levels – all with the assurance that they are being treated by the most qualified doctors and endocrinologists in the world with exclusivity, privacy and security.

Many of the changes and weaknesses experienced through ageing are simply due bad nutrition, a multi-deficiency of antioxidants, vitamins, hormones and minerals and poor intestinal permeability and immune system activity.

The clinic’s medical director Dr Claude Chauchard explains: “Man, as indicated in the genetic code found in the cell’s nucleus, is capable of living healthily and robustly for up to more than 120 years. Ageing is a multiple-deficiency disease and is caused in general by hormonal imbalance.”

Dr Chauchard has dedicated his professional life promoting the concept of ‘total ageing management’.

His original concept has proven to radically slow down the main effects of ageing which include tiredness, weakening of the metabolism, loss of skin elasticity; a decrease in heart strength; a demise in memory; weight gain; irregular menstruation; weakening of hair and nail re-growth, bone density and muscle mass.

Through a combination of physical check up and specific blood testing, La Clinique de ParisÂ’ program includes the replacement theory of all hormones; the rebalance of free radical activity; the stimulation of the immune system; a decrease in cardiovascular risk factors; the rebalance of food intake; a complete detoxification of the body and organs;
maintenance and protection of healthy conditions as well as providing a recommended stress control, controlled exercise and optimum diet programmes. This approach ensures that inflammation markers are down and monitored

Clients have the flexibility of a three month, six month or one year programmes depending upon their needs and schedule. The protocols are aimed at promoting:

• Immediate improvement after 1 – 3 months involves the client feeling healthier and energized; a greater ability to cope with stress; sleeping improved; a noticeable reshaping of the body and a correction in primary biochemistry disorders.
• Immediate improvement after 3-6 months involves the client seeing a fully reshaped body; stronger bones; an increase in energy; the rebalance of major body functions such as the urinary tract, hormone level and blood pressure level and biochemistry fully under control.
• Permanent results after 6 months to a year include looking noticeably younger; the re-growth of hair; artery and blood vessels are softer; a stronger immune system and a vitally healthier body. In addition, due to the nature of the treatment, which requires regular appointments to monitor progress and the often changeable
travel schedule of their VIP clients, La Clinique de Paris offers a convenient worldwide network of clinics across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

About Dr Chauchard

Dr Claude Chauchard obtained his doctorate in Endocrinology, Biology and Sports Medicine from the University of Montpelier, France – the oldest medical faculty in the world. He is the founder of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing Medicine and was an Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier and Assistant Professor atthe University of Seoul.
He is also one of the worldÂ’s top specialists in preventative medicine for ageing, and the first to introduce the concept to Asia and the Middle East. He conducts lectures and seminars in Paris, Milan, Brussels, Monte Carlo and other major cities around the world. Dr Chauchard is also an acclaimed author having written 12 books, with one million copies sold worldwide. His client list also boasts a number of celebrities and eminent names.
Contact: Email: info@lcdpi

Human growth hormone debate continues – Elixir opinion

Hormone rejuvenation therapy has hit the headlines again. This time a London doctor claimed that both he and his wife had rejuvenated themselves by using the controversial human growth hormone (Hgh).

The use of this hormone, which is replicated by several pharmaceutical companies, is licenced in most countries only for the treatment of children with what is commonly known as dwarfism, adults with abnormally low levels – this does not include the low levels associated with ageing, and for certain symptoms of AIDs. Hgh which is produced by the pituitary gland, helps maintain weight control, sex drive, energy and mental clarity and begins to decline from the age of 30.

The use of this hormone, to counter the effects of ageing, is not a new practice and doctors may prescribe it “off-licence/off-label” if the patient signs a disclaimer. But even then the doctor is not off the hook. Should the patient develop side effects in future – and cancer may be one – a doctor may have a future claim against him – but his professional liability insurance may refuse to pay up.

In recent months the practice of prescribing Hgh to counter the effects of ageing has caused a huge debacle in the US where the practice is far more widespread, particularly in the anti-ageing practices of Beverly Hills and New York. On one side is the growing anti-ageing medical movement versus peers who view the practice of prescribing it for rejuvenation as illegal.

Fearing prosecution by the country’s drug watchdog, the Food & Drug Administration, very few are now openly admitting to prescribing Hgh to patients. Anti-ageing doctors in London have become embroiled in this debate and the few who do have now gone “underground” for fear of being hauled before the General Medical Council, the legal body to whom UK doctors answer.

The popularity of Hgh as a rejuvenation treatment followed an experiment in the US in 1990 when a group of 12 men aged over 60 years saw dramatic changes in their bodies as signs of ageing melted away. In the Rudman Study, named after Dr Daniel Rudman, fat turned to lean muscle, bone density increased, skin became thicker and the men looked generally dramatically younger. Their sex drive also increased. They were monitored for adverse effects but there were none.

The serious issue with these new claims is that many gullible people will no doubt contact this publicity-seeking doctor for a treatment that will cost thousands of pounds and may do themselves more harm than good. His bid for cheap publicity also compromises those healthy ageing doctors who have been responsible in treating patients with Hgh. It may also mean as has happened in the US, when goverment health watchdogs interfere the right of an individual to opt for these treatments is taken away.

The prescribing of Hgh, like any form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is highly individual as each personÂ’s body reacts differently. For example, oestrogen and testosterone, can both promote cancer in certain individuals and a good doctor will take regular tests to find the right balance during a HRT course for any abnormalities. Unfortunately, as far as we are aware this precise monitoring is not available from Britain’s state health service, the NHS.

One of the problems with Hgh is that there have been no long term studies on its effects ie the monitoring of individuals who have taken this hormone as any side effects may not manifest themselves for years afterwards. Having said that the doctors who prescribe claim that moderate doses for short periods are not harmful.

What most of the publicity neglected to tell readers is that the human bodyÂ’s production of Hgh is stimulated by exercise. So we do to some extent have it in our power to self-rejuvenate no matter what our age and without the need for experiment.

Scientists experiment with human growth hormone stimulant

Washington: Scientists at the Univesity of Washington are working on an anti-ageing drug using a compound said to stimulate human growth hormone (Hgh) to give people more energy and cut their body fat.

Scientists at the University of Washington said the experimental growth hormone secretagogue forced the body to secrete growth hormone as it did in youth.

Almost 400 men and women aged 65-84 have taken part in a study in which they were given different amounts of the hormone. Their body lean muscle mass and strength were then measured. Lean body mass of about 1.5kg increased and physical function improved over the year.

Head researcher and professor of medicine George Merriam said the hormone was vital in childhood and its production peaked during puberty but declined with age. Hgh is only prescribable for children with a deficiency and adults with an abnormal defiency.

A secretagogue, such as that being reserached by the scientists, stimulates the body
into producing its own Hgh.

Melatonin No 1 anti-ageing ‘drug’

Fort Lauderdale: Melatonin has been named the top anti-ageing drug in a list of 10 recommended by the US’s Life Extension Foundation, leading experts on anti-ageing therapies.

The availability of these hormones and supplements varies from country to country and some are only available through prescription from a qualified physician.

Anyone embarking on a life extension programme using hormones and supplements is advised to seek a blood test from an anti-ageing physician to check their biomarkers so that the correct levels of supplementation are taken.


Injections of synthetic human growth hormone have been used by geriatric physicians to rejuvenate aging men by increasing their muscle mass, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Growth hormone deficiency is a major cause of the decline in immune function and protein synthesis with advancing age in both muscle and neurologic tissues. Recent findings suggest that growth hormone may be an effective treatment for early-stage Alzheimer’s disease as well as early senile dementia caused by a decline in brain cell energy metabolism. We will soon be reporting on clinical benefits reported with growth hormone therapy in both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients.

If growth hormone were not artificially overpriced because of the FDA restriction of its sale in the United States, we might have placed it higher on our list. It doesn’t cost any more to synthesize growth hormone than it does to synthesize insulin. Without FDA interference, most aging Americans could easily afford injections of growth hormone in an attempt to slow aging. The need to inject growth hormone also limits the availability of this highly potent life extension drug.

The current cost of synthetic human growth hormone ranges from $12,000-225,000 annually.


The most frequently used offshore drug to boost short-term memory and overall cognitive function is piracetam.

There are more than 800 published studies documenting the ability of piracetam to promote youthful neurologic function, including enhanced cellular protein synthesis and interhemispheric and intercellular communication.

Stroke victims might avoid paralysis and death if given drugs like piracetam after entering the hospital. Even in patients who suffered stroke-induced brain cell injury years ago, there is evidence that piracetam may help to improve the functioning of these damaged cells. Piracetam can be ordered in Europe.

Because of some recently published studies in elderly humans, the news media have been touting the multi-faceted anti-aging benefits of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).

DHEA is now fulfilling much of the promise indicated in the animal studies that Saul Kent and The Life Extension Foundation have been informing our members about since 1975.

For those suffering from adult-onset diabetes, atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, or any form of autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis or lupus, DHEA replacement therapy is highly recommended.

DHEA can be expensive for people who need high doses, but for most people it is reasonably priced. We recommend blood tests to measure the effect that DHEA supplementation has on your DHEA serum level. While these tests currently cost $55-$110, they can save you money by enabling you to lower your daily dose of DHEA. Men should also have more regular PSA (prostate specific antigen) tests to make sure they do not have prostate cancer.

It is regrettable that we have had to advise men with prostate cancer to avoid DHEA because it could increase testosterone (and subsequently dihydrotestosterone levels), which could accelerate the proliferation of prostate cancer cells. For all men taking DHEA, we suggest supplementation with SERENX (saw palmetto extract) to block the conversion of testosterone into the more dangerous dihydrotestosterone.

SERENX (also called PERMIXON) has not been listed in the top ten because it is not an appropriate therapy for most women. However, for men over 40, we strongly recommend the daily intake of 1 -2 capsules of low cost SERENX to prevent benign prostatic hypertrophy and possibly prostate cancer.

If DHEA was completely free of side effects, and did not require blood testing, LEF says it would be listed higher. It is a well substantiated life extension therapy that can help to protect us against many of the degenerative diseases associated with aging, and may have an effect on aging itself.

These two drugs provide a wide range of anti-aging effects in brain and other cells that you cannot easily obtain with any other therapy.
Vinpocetine and/or Hydergine have been shown to:
* improve blood supply to the brain
* increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain
* increase oxygen use by the brain
* enhance metabolism in brain cells
* protect the brain from damage during periods of decreased and/or insufficient oxygen supply
* slow the deposit of age pigment (lipofuscin) in the brain
* prevent free radical damage in brain cells
* increase intelligence, memory, learning, and recall
* enhance the use of glucose by brain cells
* increase ATP levels in the brain
* stop blood from becoming sticky
* raise brain levels of serotonin

Vinpocetine is rather expensive (at 20-40 mg a day), which is one reason we don’t list it any higher. Vinpocetine has been on the world market since the early 1980s, but as far as we know, has yet to be entered in the FDA’s new drug approval quagmire. The cost of this periwinkle herbal extract would be very little if the FDA didn’t interfere with the shipment of drugs from overseas companies. We are currently seeking a standardized periwinkle extract that we could sell as a low cost nutrient just as we do with acetyl-l-carnitine and melatonin.

Hydergine is more affordable at effective dose ranges of 4 to 12 mg a day. Most generic brands of ergoloid mesylate are comparable to the Sandoz “Hydergine” brand.


GH3 and K.H.3 are popular products whose active agent is procaine, an anti-aging compound discovered in the 1950s by Romanian physician Ana Asian. Both GH3 and K.H.3 suppress monoamine oxidase (MAO) levels. Elevated MAO destroys the essential neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. GH3 or KH3 also suppress elevated serum cortisol levels, which has been linked to several of the degenerative diseases of aging. There are better cortisol suppressing therapies such as low dose RU486, but at this time, RU-486 is not available to Americans.

GH3 and K.H.3 can be taken every day including the days you take deprenyl, which is a selective MAO inhibitor. An appropriate dose of these drugs is one to two GH3 or KH3 tablets daily. Some doctors believe you should take a five day break from these drugs once a month to avoid too much monoamine oxidase suppression, but our review of the scientific literature does not support the need for taking such a break.


Lifespan studies have documented specific anti-aging properties for the combination of DMAE and p-chlorophenoxyacetate, the two active ingredients that make up centrophenoxine, a potent life extension drug sold under several names, including Lucidril.

Centrophenoxine has extended the lifespan of laboratory mice and has been shown to reduce a type of cellular debris called lipofuscin (aging pigment) in the neurons that populate our brain and central nervous system. The excessive accumulation of lipofuscin with advancing age has been linked to age-related neurologic diseases.

Centrophenoxine speeds up information processing in the brain and enhances brain cell uptake of glucose. Brain cells use glucose to produce the energy they need to perform their neurological functions and to maintain cell viability.

Some People cannot tolerate even one tablet a day of centrophenoxine, while others can take 1-4 tablets a day and experience dramatic cognitive and energy enhancing effects.

Centrophenoxine can be ordered from European sources at affordable prices.


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is sold as a drug in Europe at outrageously high prices. The standardized PS extract now available as a dietary supplement is less expensive than the European “drug”, but is still a pricey item.

We have written extensively about the anti-aging benefits of PS later in this September edition of Life Extension Update and want to reiterate that PS may produce a cumulative effect that could enable people to reduce their dosage of the drug after attaining the desired cognitive enhancing benefits.

Standardized PS extract is contained in the new COGNITEX and is available in bottles of 100 mg soft-gel caps.

DEPRENYL(Also known as Eldepryl)

This was a hard one to call. A good argument could be made for deprenyl being Life Extension Drug Number 2, but we based this decision strictly on the published evidence we have today. A new study tomorrow could cause us to move deprenyl to number 2.

Deprenyl has produced dramatic life extension effects in animals, but we are fairly certain that deprenyl alone will not do as well in humans. The reason for this is that in rats, the elevation of monoamine oxidase (MAO) plays a greater role in the aging process than in humans. Deprenyl is a potent, selective inhibitor of MAO-B, the type of MAO that damages brain cells during “normal” aging.

Life Extensionists take deprenyl to help prevent Parkinson’s disease and the symptoms of aging that are very similar to those suffered by Parkinson’s patients. There is solid evidence that deprenyl protects many types of brain cells from premature aging and death. There is also evidence that deprenyl boosts cellular production of SOD and catalase, the natural antioxidant enzymes that are depleted in aging.

Our current protocol calls for 2-5 deprenyl tablets (5 mg) a week for those in their 40s. The older you are, the more deprenyl you should take, but it is advisable not to take more than one 5-mg tablet (or capsule) of deprenyl a day unless you have the early symptoms of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. In this case, you should take 10 mg of deprenyl a day under the supervision of a physician.

There are too many new studies appearing in the scientific literature about acetyl-l-carnitine for life extensionists not to take this enhanced amino acid compound that enters the blood stream and penetrates cell membranes more effectively than regular I-carnitine.

Acetyl-l-carnitine is beneficial to heart muscle cells, immune function and probably enhances energy production in every cell of the body. The multi-faceted benefits of acetyl-l-carnitine in brain cells makes it the single most important supplement we can take to maintain and improve overall neurological function.

Acetyl-l-carnitine has been shown to improve neurological function even after we stop taking it, suggesting that acetyl-l-carnitine may re-program neuronal and neurotransmitter functions to enable the brain to function in a more youthful, energetic state.

We suggest that healthy members go on at least two 50-day cycles (2 capsules each day) of acetyl-l-carnitine supplementation every year. If you can afford to take acetyl-l-carnitine more often, this should produce greater benefits.


Melatonin is the most documented anti-aging therapy in the world.

It not only protects us against neurological aging, but possibly protects us against every age-related disease known to mankind. It is a highly potent antioxidant, has been shown to protect against various forms of cancer, and has extended lifespan in laboratory animals. Melatonin has also been used by physicians at high doses as an effective treatment for a wide variety of diseases. We will soon be carrying an exclusive story about one of these physicians who has been using melatonin for over 15 years in his research. There has been no evidence of toxicity in any of the published studies of melatonin that we have seen.

Melatonin costs very little. The Life Extension Buyers Club uses only ultra pure pharmaceutical-grade melatonin that costs us 40% more than lower grade melatonin. This ultra pure melatonin goes through additional purification processes that makes it almost 100% pure (99.8% to 99.9% certified purity), yet the cost for this premium melatonin is still less than $5.00 a month for most people.

There are still dedicated life extensionists who do not take melatonin because they think it is only useful for the treatment of insomnia. Melatonin is effective in about 80% of people suffering from insomnia, and is highly effective in preventing the symptoms of jet lag. However, we strongly suggest that people who do not suffer from insomnia take at least a 1 mg of melatonin every night. The cost of melatonin is too low for anyone seriously following a life extension program not to use it. A two-month supply of 1 mg melatonin capsules costs just $4.50

There are some people who should not take melatonin. Here are the conditions where melatonin might be contraindicated :
* children (unless recommended by a doctor)
* pregnant women
* people under the age of 30
* people with seasonal affective disorders (SAD)
* people with acute schizophrenia
* manic patients
* possibly those with ovarian or immune system cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma

All others should consider taking melatonin on a regular basis. You can order melatonin in bottles containing 1, 3 or 10 mg capsules from The Life Extension Foundation

Preventing Heart Attacks And Strokes
This is an extra added bonus to our top ten coverage of life extension drugs. Seventy-five percent of Americans die from heart attacks and strokes. There’s no point in taking all or any of the life extension drugs listed in this magazine if you’re going to drop dead of a heart attack or stroke caused by a blood clot that blocks your blood circulation before the anti-aging benefits of these drugs take effect.

Even if you don’t die immediately from a stroke, you stand an excellent chance of becoming partially or completely brain dead. If you don’t suffer from a stroke, transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) can cause chronic loss of neurological function as a result of decreased circulation to the brain.

One of the best ways of preventing heart attacks and thrombotic strokes is the daily intake of low-dose aspirin–1/4 to 1/2 an aspirin a day. Aspirin works by a mechanism that is different than anti-thrombotic nutrients, such as green tea extract, ginkgo, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, etc. The nutrient that most resembles aspirin’s anti-clotting action is EPA/DHA fish oil supplements. We highly recommend fish oil supplements for a wide range of health benefits, but most People do not like the “repeating” that occurs after ingesting fish oil capsules and fish oil capsules are fairly expensive.

Alternative medicine practitioners are often biased against aspirin because of the side effects that chronic over-dosing of aspirin can produce. Two regular aspirin tablets contain 650 mg of salicylic acid and people in chronic pain have been known to consume 4-to-12 regular aspirin tablets a day and consequently suffer serious side effects. A baby aspirin tablet has only 81 mg of aspirin, which is all you need to protect you against heart attacks and strokes, and if you take it with a heavy meal, there is little risk of gastric irritation.

Aspirin is just too inexpensive and readily available for life extensionists not to take. Aspirin reduces overall cardiovascular disease risk, may lower colon cancer risk, and Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw have uncovered evidence of a unique mechanism by which aspirin may slow the decline in protein synthesis during aging.

The Life Extension Foundation sells a fund-raising aspirin product called Healthprin. Each tiny heart-shaped tablet contains just 81 mg of aspirin, equal to just one-quarter of a regular aspirin tablet. Healthprin heart-shaped aspirin tablets are easy to break in half if you only want to consume only 40 mg of aspirin a day.

Dr Andre Berger, Rejuvalife Institute, Beverly Hills


Health that shows  – Age that doesn’t!

Andre Berger, MD
A visionary in the emerging field of holistic and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Andre Berger, is the driving force behind Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, a medical, cosmetic and therapeutic practice located in Beverly Hills, CA. With the strong belief that a balance of complementary therapy, traditional medicine and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the key to our emotional, physical and mental well-being, Dr. Berger is at the forefront of this emerging and innovative specialty.

Focusing on prevention rather than the just the cure, Dr. Berger’s philosophy incorporates a holistic approach to anti-aging therapies, with a special emphasis on customized patient care, education and lifestyle changes. The best of both eastern and western medicines, hormone replacement therapies and weight management programs combined with non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures such as Botox, Restylane, IPL, Mesotherapy, Thread Lift, are the foundation of Dr Berger’s comprehensive medical practice.

Drawing on over 26 years of experience in clinical and medical management, pharmacology, neutraceuticals and emergency medicine, Dr. Berger is leading the way with effective evidence-based holistic and anti-aging therapies.

Dr. Berger’s on-going quest to further promote a greater understanding of the rejuvenating and life-enhancing benefits of holistic and anti-aging therapies, make him a sought after speaker at national and international conferences. Popular speaking topics include, among others, “Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Practice of the 21st Century” “The Secrets of Youthful Aging”, and “What You Need to Know About Hormones and Anti-Aging”. He is also an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American College of Nutrition, and the American Academy of Endocrinologists.

Dr. Berger received his Medical Degree from University of Ottawa and completed his residency at McGill University in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Berger is also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Holistic Medicine is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The American College of Nutrition, and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, The American Society of Aesthetic Mesotherapy and the American Academy of Bio-energetic Medicine.

A prolific researcher and writer, Dr. Berger is the author of several publications including, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation from the Inside Out. His knowledge and experience in the anti-aging field have led to his appointment as contributing editor and medical advisor to Cosmedical Magazine and leading advisor at the Magazine and leading advisor at the Cosmetic Enhancement Expo. Dr. BegerÂ’s work has been written about in several papers such as the Beverly Hills Courier, and the Westside Weekly. He is also president and CEO of Absolute Health Sciences, and a founding member of Productive Living LLC.

An avid reader, tennis player and world traveler, Dr. Berger lives and works in Beverly Hills with Tracy, his wife of 15 years, and their three children, Adam, Joshua and Gabrielle and their dog Bingo.

Dr Andre Berger, Medical Director, Rejuvalife Vitality Insititute, 9400 Brighton Way, Suite 405, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Dr. Andre Berger brings a unique approach to wellness and anti-aging medicine by using an East meets West approach. Dr. Berger uses the most cutting edge technologies that Western Medicine has to offer to scientifically assess the needs of your body. He concentrates on the finding the root of any potential problems by gauging cellular functions and energy levels, and then uses a holistic approach to manage health and/or cosmetic concerns by addressing hormonal, nutritional, metabolic and psychological factors.

Understanding that health, beauty and wellness are inextricably connected, Dr. Berger created Rejuvalife Vitality Institute to bridge the gap between traditional medical practices and medi-spas. Dr. Berger specializes in new, exciting non-surgical procedures including the Thread Lift and Mesotherapy.

The “Face Up” Thread lift is a non-invasive alternative to a face lift that uses suture threads inserted into the subcutaneous fat layers to “lift up” sagging jowls, eyes and neck. One of the premier specialists of this procedure, Dr. Berger holds quarterly training sessions to educate other physicians on how to bring this exciting procedure to their own practices.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, using a series of tiny injections on various sections of the body to breakdown and remove fat deposits or cellulite.

In addition to the cosmetic enhancement services offered, Dr. Berger also employs a variety of holistic practices to return the body to optimal health and vitality. These services include: weight loss and fitness, hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, chelation therapy and heavy metal detoxification, homeopathy, stress management and disease specific therapies.



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