Watchdog slams “Skinny Water” claims

London: UK health watchdogs have criticised the claims for a bottle of water which claims to help weightloss.

Skinny Water, a flavoured spring water, sold in Tesco, WH Smith and Superdrug, contains a cocktail of nutrients which the manufacturer claims to suppress hunger and fight fat.

Makers Bio Synergy admit their claims are not based on clinical studies and the name is on a par with jeans called “skinny jeans” and coffee called “skinny latte.”

UK Food Standards Agency say that the claims for the drink are groundless and that steps are being the results of proven medical trials.

iSkinny Water, which costs 99p, contains hunger-suppressing nutrients such as L-Carnitine and Chromium, which the labelling says reduces sugar cravings and improves the body’s ability to burn fat. The eye-catching label says the drink is a “slimming aid”, words printed suggestively under a measuring tape.

It states Skinny Water “has been enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help you lose weight… suppress appetite, block carbohydrates from converting into fat and increase fat burning”.