What do your facial features say about you? UK researchers investigate first impressions

It is possible to predict what people think about you from a first impression gleaned from facial features?

In a new study UK’s University of York researchers have created a scientific model that can predict first impressions based on facial features.

The research team, led by Dr. Tom Hartley and Prof. Andy Young of the Department of Psychology, say that although our first impression judgements are often flawed, they influence our subsequent behaviour in relation to that person.
facial-feature-modelImage credit: University of York

This means that we tend to make assumptions about a person’s personality – for example whether they are trustworthy or kind.

The researchers aimed to to discover what exactly makes us judge others by their facial features.

“Understanding how first impressions are formed to faces is a topic of major theoretical and practical interest that has been given added importance through the widespread use of images of faces in social media,” they explain.
A photo ‘could make or break others’ first impressions of you’

The study analysed the the physical features of 1,000 faces from various photographs available online. A panel of judges, then made judgements of that person’s character based on their faces.

The researchers then took 65 different measurements of each face, including eye height and eyebrow width, in order to create a model to predict first impressions.

The team found that their model was able to account for 58% of the variance in the judges’ impressions of the faces.

The researchers have used these measurements to create cartoon-like faces that show the facial features associated with initial perceptions of approachability, youthful-attractiveness and dominance.
The study, the researchers say, emphasizes the importance of faces in creating a first impression – something that Hartley says is surprising:

“In everyday life, I am not conscious of the way faces and pictures of faces are influencing the way I interact with people. Whether in ‘real life’ or online, it feels as if a person’s character is something I can just sense. These results show how heavily these impressions are influenced by visual features of the face – it’s quite an eye opener!”

The team says their findings may even provide insight into the “instinctive expertise” of individuals who create and manipulate photographs in their line of work, such as casting editors and animators.
“Showing that even supposedly arbitrary features in a face can influence people’s perceptions suggests that careful choice of a photo could make (or break) others’ first impressions of you,” says study author Richard Vernon, PhD.
Earlier this year, Medical News Today reported on a study by researchers from Ohio State University, revealing how they have taught computers to recognize 21 different human emotions from distinct facial expressions.

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London: Skincare expert, Dr Tuhin Dev has used his knowledge and most trusted age defence technology to develop this paraben-free skincare range.

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Positive people live longer


Boston: Children of parents who live to be 100 have been found to have distinct personality traits that seem to be inherited and contribute to healthy ageing and longevity.

Boston University School of Medicine researchers conducted a study of centenarians, finding that longevity runs in families. The children studied experienced delays in heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Personality traits associated with healthy aging included agreeableness, extroversion, and low levels of neuroticism.

Studies involving children of centenarians have shown that, compared to the norm, children whose parents live a long life have a 120 percent lower mortality. They live longer and experience healthy aging by avoiding typical age-related illnesses until much later in life.

The study authors say, “Interestingly, whereas men and women generally differ substantially in their personality characteristics, the male and female offspring (of centenarians) tended to be similar, which speaks to the importance of these traits, irrespective of gender, for health aging and longevity”.

Thomas Perls, MD, MPH, director of the New England Centenarian Study, and senior study author says the reason children of centenarians live longer may be in the way they handle stress, contributing to longevity and healthy aging. . “For example, people who are lower in neuroticism are able to manage or regulate stressful situations more effectively than those with higher neuroticism levels. Similarly, high extraversion levels have been associated with establishing friendships and looking after yourself.”

Dr. Perls says studies are underway that may tell us why some people live longer than others do. Maybe the secret to healthy ageing is in our genes – or perhaps living longer is as simple as maintaining an outgoing personality, not worrying, and remaining agreeable with whatever comes our way.

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Vitabiotics and Method Putkisto work together to reduce lines and wrinkles


London: Marja Putkisto developed the Method Putkisto technique over 20 years ago while working as a dance/movement teacher.

She is the founder of the Method Putkisto Face School Programme and the Method Putkisto Institute which offers a natural alternative for retaining or regaining the beauty, health and youthfulness of your face.

The Face School Programme is the most complete exercise programme for the face, it is designed to release the tight muscles, strengthen the weak ones and lift the face.

You can buy the DVD at www.methodputkisto.com and here is one of their exercises here:



Relaxing. Improves concentration. Balances. Smoothes wrinkles.


Place your fingertips on the centre of the forehead.


Begin with a very light touch. Later, alternate with a firmer touch.


On your forehead


* Begin to slide your fingertips along your forehead, towards the sides of your face
* Keep breathing
* Return the fingertips to the centre of your forehead and pause
* Now move your fingertrips against each other, crossing over each other between 5 and 10 times
* Repeat the first movement – sliding the fingers towards the sides of your face

Wrinkle implants may cause arthritis


Permanent cosmetic implants could cause allergic reactions such as arthritis, according to a report published in the Archives of Dermatology journal.

Doctors have reported that some patients developed problems over a year after the fillers or implants were placed.

The report said that the safety of polyalkylimide implant gels is questionable.

Dr Jaume Alljotas-Reig of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and Autonomous University of Barcelona said that both doctors and patients needed to be aware of delayed reactions.

The team examined 25 patients who had adverse reactions a year or more after having filler implants.

Aussie Beauty Ellie Chosen as New Face of Revlon


Elle Macpherson has signed up as a global brand spokesperson for cosmetics giant Revlon and will feature in print and TV advertising campaigns.

The 44-year-old supermodel’s role will also involve her promoting women’s counselling services and breast cancer research.

“Revlon is an iconic brand, bringing high quality products to women around the world and is complementary to my values. I am proud to join Revlon in its celebration of women and in its long-term commitment and support for education and research to advance women’s health and particularly to fight women’s cancers,” she said.

The Australian beauty – who is nicknamed ‘The Body’ – will join Halle Berry and Jessica Alba in endorsing Revlon.

Revlon’s president David Kennedy added: “Elle’s special qualities as a businesswoman, beautiful and talented model, actress and mother represent the essence of the Revlon brand.”

Elle has experimented with several career paths, including acting roles in ‘Sirens’ alongside Hugh Grant and hit US TV show ‘Friends’.

She has also launched a successful lingerie line, ‘Elle Macpherson Intimates’, designed a range of beauty products for British high street store Boots and was appointed to the board of surfwear company Hot Tuna(International) in 2006.


Get ready for summer with skin treats from Renew Medica


London: Renew Medica – the market leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Laser Hair Removal and Advanced Skin Treatment in London and the South East – is offering three special deals this Spring all aimed at pampering your face in time to greet the first summer rays.

The exclusive Spring offers at Renew Medica include a FREE Skin Analysis using the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, 3 zones for the price of 2 Botox Wrinkle Treatments, or 2 for 1 treatments for Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL) and Micro-Dermabrasion. All of the treatments at Renew Medica, which is Healthcare Commission-registered, are non-invasive and individually tailored to each clientÂ’s need. The impeccable expertise of Renew MedicaÂ’s practitioners ensures that these procedures are carried out with the highest level of service, information and care.

Know the state of your skin with a FREE VISIA Complexion Analysis System

LetÂ’s face it. Climate change and pollution are not just environmental hazards. These factors, along with intense tanning during the summer months, combine to adversely affect the health of your skin. Through the adoption of technological advancements, Renew Medica conducts state-of-the-art skin analyses with a UV scanner or the VISIA Complexion Analysis System. The results of the analysis will reveal common skin conditions, such sun damage, wrinkling, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation, and help you plan for a summer of healthy-looking skin.

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Now there is a way to look ten years younger without going under the knife. Renew MedicaÂ’s breakthrough Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology can correct a variety of skin conditions, such as facial imperfections, the signs of ageing and unsightly small veins. This treatment, also known as Photo-Rejuvenation, can drastically improve skin texture and other blemishes. Celebrate Spring by treating yourself to Renew MedicaÂ’s 2 for 1 offer on IPL or Micro-Dermabrasion, which resurfaces the skin to remove dead skin cells, eliminating those unsightly blackheads and unblocking congested skin.

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Never mind the Botox – try a face workout!


NEVER MIND THE BOTOX – try a face workout!
By Dean Hodgkin

‘Keep young and beautiful, if you want to be lovedÂ’, the old song goes, but thatÂ’s easier said than done when gravity and time take their toll. But you don’t have to resign yourself to the belief that thereÂ’s nothing that can be done about it.

Well, the good news is you can do something and the ideal time is right now. DonÂ’t kid yourself into thinking your porcelain features will last, youÂ’re simply in what the experts call the incubation period, whereby ultra-violet radiation, environmental pollutants and dietary toxins are beginning to silently take their toll but are yet to reveal the cumulative effects. However, before you rush off to buy expensive lotions, let your face become a pin-cushion or call Sharon Osbourne for a recommendation, sit tight, the answer is a lot closer to home. You could say itÂ’s right under your nose (although all around it is a better description).

ItÂ’s somewhat ironic to think that some of us spend time conditioning our tums and bums yet do nothing for the risorious (actions a smile), the zygomaticus (opens/closes the eyes) or the procerus (effects a frown) even though these are the ones on show all the time!?!

So get ready to iron out your frown lines, tone up your turtle neck and lift the jowls with our selection of cheek tricks.


– Sit in front of a mirror to check technique. Remember, these muscles are untrained so you will need to practice each technique.

– Shoulders and neck need to be relaxed so do a little mobility work and perhaps stretch these areas before your workout.

– Ease into each movement and hold for 6-8 seconds, then slowly release.

– Repeat each exercise 5 times.

– Take a deep breath in between each repetition.


1. Beat the Double Chin

Keep back teeth together, extend chin forwards.
Lift bottom lip over top lip.
Press tip of your tongue against roof of your mouth.

2. Lose the Lip Lines

Thumbs under top lip, thumb nails resting against your gums.
Contract upper lip muscles in small movements to press thumbs.

3. Rock Your Jawline

Head up, chin forward, upper lip gripped between lower teeth.
Feel stretch in front of neck.
Slowly smile without losing grip of top lip.

4. The Eyes Have It

Place index fingers under eyebrows, thumbs on side of head.
Push eyebrows up and hold by pressing against eye socket bone.
Gently close the eyes.

5. For your Eyes Only

Place palms on forehead to fix eyebrows in place.
Gradually open eyes as wide as possible.
Release and look down, as low as you can.


– Regular exercise, such as brisk walking, will help to maintain good circulation, which can be seen in your face.

– Sun sensibly by ensuring you always wear block during the summer months.

– Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to keep your skin hydrated.

– Observe government guidelines for alcohol consumption and note that red wine contains antioxidants so should be preferred to other tipples

– According to market research company Zogby International only 6% of men would like a woman to use Botox rather than have natural wrinkles.

About Dean Hodgkin

A truly international fitness ambassador, having appeared at hundreds of events in 35 countries, Dean collected the Best International Fitness Presenter and Career Achievement awards at the glittering ‘One Body One WorldÂ’ ceremony, in Times Square, New York. He is renowned for offering an incredibly wide range of themed masterclasses and workshops, from mind-body through to dance through to many forms of conditioning……….and even juggling! As an established writer, his articles have been published in The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Express, FHM, MenÂ’s Health, GQ, Esquire, Zest, Health & Fitness, Slimming and WomenÂ’s Health. Dean has a number of broadcast credits to his name, including fitness expert on the Terry Wogan show, a regular slot on Saga Radio and presenting corporate dvds. He has acted as a consultant to Whitbread, Marks & Spencer, Reebok, RAC, David Lloyd Leisure, Norwich Union Healthcare and NIKE. Former 3-times world karate champion, he is now Senior Manager at leading spa, Ragdale Hall.

For information on weight loss visit DeanÂ’s unique website
to download fun workouts, delicious recipes and motivational tips designed to fit around your lifestyle.

UK demand for cosmetic surgery continues to grow


London: The number of people choosing cosmetic surgery continues to increase in the UK, with 32, 453 procedures carried out by members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in 2007.

This figure is an increase of 12.2% from 2006, when 28,921 were performed.

Facelifts had the largest increase among all procedures, rising by 36% (4,468 procedures carried out) from 2006, keeping its place as the 4th most popular procedure.

Women had 29,572 procedures in 2007, up from 26,469 the previous year. The majority of cosmetic surgery was carried out on women (91%), while male surgery increased by 17.5% with 2,881 surgical procedures carried out (2,452 procedures in 2006).

* The top procedure for women continues to be breast augmentation, with 6,497 carried out

* Rhinoplasty continued to be the top procedure for men, with 716 undertaken by BAAPS members, a 36% increase from last year – but by far the most impressive percentage rise was in the number of male abdominoplasty procedures (or ‘tummy tucks), which went up by 61%

* Liposuction for men increased by 18% and is now the 2nd most popular procedure for males, taking over the spot from eyelid surgery (now 3rd most popular)

* Male breast reduction has risen by 27% with 224procedures achieved in 2007 (177 procedures in 2006)

* The number of women having facelifts increased by 37%, making it now the 3rd most popular procedure for females (pushing Liposuction down to 4th most popular)

* Other Anti-ageing procedures (eyelid surgery and brow lifts) continued to show a steady rise in popularity for both men and women, increasing by 13% and 11% overall

Mr Douglas McGeorge, consultant plastic surgeon and President of the BAAPS said: “This year’s audit clearly reflects the UK’s continued acceptance of aesthetic surgery, particularly in the area of anti-aging. Wide media coverage has helped to educate the public about the latest advances and choices available, but it is crucial that people do their research carefully when choosing a provider. At the BAAPS we are committed to continue educating those considering cosmetic plastic surgery by providing independent advice that promotes sensible decision-making.”

The figures in full:

A total of 32,453 procedures were carried out in 2007 by BAAPS members in their private practices, compared to 28,921 in 2006. The 2007 results indicate that surgical numbers continue to grow, with a 12.2% rise over the previous year.

The top surgical procedures for men & women in 2007 were, in order of popularity:

Breastaugmentation: 6,497 – up 6% from last year
Blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery): 5,706 – up 13%
Liposuction: 4,572 – up 15%
Face/NeckLift: 4,468 – up 36%
Breast Reduction: 3,402 – up 6%
Rhinoplasty: 3,021 – up 13%
Abdominoplasty: 2,799 – up 2%
Otoplasty(ear correction): 1,024 – up 9%
Browlifts 964– up 11%

Women had 91% of all cosmetic procedures in 2007 (29,572, up from 26,469 in 2006). The top five surgical procedures for women in 2006 were: breast augmentation (6,487), blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery (5,148 – up 13% on last year), face/neck lift (4,238, an impressive rise of 37%), liposuction (3,990 – up 15%), and breast reduction (3,178).

Men had 2,881 cosmetic procedures in 2007. The top five surgical procedures for men in 2007 were: rhinoplasty (716), liposuction (582), eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty (558), ear correction or otoplasty (418), and face/neck lift (230 – rise of 21%).

Rajiv Grover, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS Secretary responsible for the UK national audit of cosmetic surgery says: “This year we have recorded a dramatic rise in facial plastic surgery. 10 years ago, there may not have been much choice between a face cream and a facelift, but more recently non-surgical procedures such as botox and fillers have introduced a large number of patients to gradual facial rejuvenation, and the effects of these less invasive treatments can sometimes be limited once jowling or loose skin has developed, so this could explain why more patients now feel ready for the surgical option.”

Nigel Mercer, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President-Elect adds: “When considering aesthetic surgery it is essential to be selective in choosing the right surgeon as the results of good surgery may be long lasting, but no procedure is without some risk. When performed under the right circumstances, aesthetic surgery can have a very positive psychological impact and improve quality of life.”

The BAAPS based at the Royal College of Surgeons, is a not-for-profit organisation, established for the advancement of education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit. Members undergo thorough background screening before they can join. Information about specific procedures and surgeonsÂ’ contact details can be found on the web site, or by contacting their advice line at 020 7405 2234.

Cosmedics- Knightsbridge, Putney, Harley Street, Canary Wharf, Esher and Wimbledon

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Cosmedics Medical Director is Dr Ross Perry. Cosmedics is one of the leading specialists in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It specialises in anti-wrinkle and collagen injections and the latest skincare treatments.All the treatments are performed by specialist UK doctors.

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The leading names in aesthetic beauty and anti-ageing rejuvenation treatments are offering one reader a makeover using the latest treatments on the market. This wonderful package is worth up to $3,984 (£2,000, €2,931).

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1) There is no cash equivalent offered

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4) Only one entrant per household address

5) The winning entrant must be able to take the prize before July 2007.

6) The editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

7) The winner must be willing to take part in before and after photos

8) The EditorÂ’s decision is final

Intercytex to bring potent facial rejuvenator to market this year


London: The British biotech company Intercytex (ICX.L) with a market capitalisation of $98m (ÂŁ50m, €76m) which floated on the UK’s Alternative Investment Market earlier this year, has an attractive pipeline of products within the anti-ageing and rejuvenation sector – all based on cell culture.

Last year it secured a UK government investment of $3.72m (£1.9m, €2.87m) to develop a baldness cure by growing hair follicles for transplant. But it will be a while before this product comes to market, particularly since it needs the approval of the government’s Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). It is also growing human skin for the treatment of burns and other serious medical conditions such as ulcers.

But the most interesting product which the company is already talking to cosmetic surgeons about is the world’s first anti-ageing skin rejuvenation injection made from human baby foreskins. These are the most potent skin cells it is so far possible to “harvest” – promising that the treatment will be far more effective than any other to date. And don’t be deceived into believing that the “yuk” factor will put women (and even men) off trying it. A skin cream containing cells from a similar source has become a best seller in the US.

What is different about this treatment is that the cells are “immune silent” which means they can be injected into anyone without allergic or immune reactions. They do not need the expensive individual storage conditions required for own cells.

This makes the cost of bringing the treatment to market cheaper and it will cost only a few hundred pounds compared to the only similar product Isolagen, which used a personÂ’s own cells and was charging ÂŁ4,500 in the UK because of expensive storage and was forced to close its operation last year.

In addition the raw material is free from the US where hospitals are forbidden to sell body parts and the process requires only one foreskin each year – grow millions of cells to treat many thousands of patients

After positive results from efficacy tests on arms, the company now undertaking facial trials before treating its first consumers.

The global market for anti-ageing products and services is estimated at US $56 billion worldwide (£29.7bn, €43bn) so the potential for this product is enormous.

At the moment IntercytexÂ’ share price its languishing below its float price at around ÂŁ1.08 p so it would seem sensible to get in early like the institutions Framlington (5%) Foreign & Colonial (3%) Avlar (25%). BUY

Harley Street Medical Group launches bespoke non-surgical treatments

London: Ongoing scientific innovations, advancements and developments in the multi million pound non surgical treatments and procedures market means that women and men are offered an ever expanding range of ways to improve their appearance – without the need for cosmetic surgery.

Research conducted by The Harley Medical Group, responsible for introducing a significant number of FDA-approved procedures and treatments into the UK market since 1983, has shown that patients are increasingly confused about what the latest treatments do, which treatments combine well together to provide the best overall results and what results they can expect to see following treatment.

After 12 months of consultation amongst its medical and specialist non surgical solutions team of dermatologists, doctors and nurses, The Harley Medical Group is launching computerized photo-imaging skin analysis and personal treatment plans with treatments carried out by trained medical staff.

Using the most up to date computerised photo imaging skin analysis technology, the surface and subsurface of the skin is analysed as the face is photographed and then microscopically examined – a photographic report is then printed out with a reading of the skinÂ’s characteristics such as pore size, age spotting, pigmentation, skin unevenness and lines & wrinkles. Taking into account the patientÂ’s age and lifestyle, it gives a score for each of the key factors relating to the skinÂ’s condition using a grading relative to the 3,500 women and 1,500 men whose details are stored in the system.

The Non Surgical Solutions Nurse Therapist will then conduct a careful assessment, where necessary in consultation with The Harley Medical GroupÂ’s team of dermatologists, to determine which of the extensive range of treatments will best suit the patientÂ’s needs, providing a Personal Treatment Prescription Plan with a prescription of treatment recommendations. This will take into account the patientÂ’s medical history, what they want to achieve and their preferences for treatment.

The Personal Treatment Prescription Plan may include, amongst other things:

◊ Wrinkle relaxing injections and or dermal fillers
◊ Medical microdermabrasion
◊ Glycolic and/or other Peels
◊ Aesthera PPx Laser (see news release enclosed)
◊ Laser Hair Removal
◊ Thread Vein Removal
◊ Hyperhydrosis
◊ Acne treatment

The Harley Medical Group’s Non Surgical Solutions Nurse Therapist will thoroughly explain each stage of the procedure to the patient from the preparation for the treatment through to what to expect at the treatment itself and detailed post-treatment care – she may also put the patient in touch with other patients who have undergone the same treatment procedure.

Prior to treatment, photographs will be taken so that they can be used as a future reference point and when planning future treatment programmes – patients often want copies of these for show and tell and share sessions with girlfriends over lunch!

Once the Personal Treatment Prescription Plan has been completed, the patient may want to book for a Non Surgical Solutions Skin Maintenance Programme, to provide an ongoing prescriptive treatment plan that’s both rejuvenating and preventive in the ageing process – keeping their skin looking the way they want it to.

All of The Harley Medical GroupÂ’s Non Surgical Solutions nurses, doctors and dermatologists are specially selected and trained experts in skin maintenance and improvement in the field of non surgical treatment application and have been specially trained to administer Non Surgical Treatments.

To book an appointment for Non Surgical Solutions – Computerised Photo-Imaging Skin Analysis or Personal Prescription Treatment Plan at any of The Harley Medical GroupÂ’s 12 clinics in the UK & Ireland, call 0800 0859 085. All clinics are centres of clinical excellence and each clinic being registered with the Healthcare Commission.

The Harley Medical Groupwhich has been established for 23 years and has 12 clinics across the country, is one of the most highly-regarded cosmetic surgery groups operating in the UK. Last year, The Harley Medical Group became one of the only commercial providers to work with the government to help oversee the regulation of the entire cosmetic surgery sector and Chairman Mel Braham was appointed to the Department of HealthÂ’s Steering Committee.

The Harley Medical Group is renowned for introducing pioneering new techniques to the UK market, such as Laser Hair Removal, Cool Touch Laser, Silk Touch Laser, Collagen for lines and wrinkles, Laser for snoring, Tumescent Liposuction, LPG for cellulite treatment.

To book an appointment, for a brochure or free consultation, please call The Harley Medical Group on 0800 085 9085 Posted in Facial Elixirs, News | Tagged , , ,

Botox maker launches new generation wrinkle eraser

IRVINE, Calif: Allergan, Inc. (NYSE:AGN), the maker of BOTOX(R) Cosmetic (Botulinum Toxin Type A), today announced the launch of a ‘next-generation’ hyaluronic acid dermal filler family of products, called JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS.

“We are pleased to now provide JUVEDERM(TM) dermal fillers to physicians and their patients across the country,” said Robert Grant, President of Allergan Medical, a division of Allergan, Inc. “We believe that the unique scientific benefits and technologically advanced, smooth formulation of JUVEDERM(TM) will establish the brand as a leader alongside BOTOX(R) Cosmetic in Allergan’s TOTAL FACIAL REJUVENATION(TM) offering.”

The JUVEDERM(TM) dermal filler family of products provides physicians with the flexibility to tailor each treatment to a patient’s particular needs. JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA is a highly cross-linked formulation for more versatility in contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds; and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS is a more highly cross-linked, robust formulation for volumizing and correction of deeper folds and wrinkles.

“In the clinical trials, I found JUVEDERM(TM) injectable gel to be a smooth-flowing product to inject, providing patients with a natural and smooth correction of facial wrinkles and folds,” said Dr. Mark Pinsky, clinical investigator in the JUVEDERM(TM) dermal filler study. “I have seen similar results with the patients I have currently enrolled in the JUVEDERM(TM) Experience Trial, and I look forward to providing both JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS dermal fillers to many more of my patients now that the product is widely available. The ease of the injection and its long-lasting smooth and natural results make JUVEDERM(TM) an important facial rejuvenation tool in my practice.”

JUVEDERM(TM) is the only hyaluronic acid dermal filler developed using the proprietary HYLACROSS(TM) technology, an advanced manufacturing process resulting in a malleable gel that flows easily into the skin and creates a smooth, natural look and feel. All other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers currently on the market, including Restylane(R) are granular consistency gels. An example of the granular consistency of Restylane(R) (under 2.4X magnification, 0.05 mL) can be seen in the accompanying photo and can be compared to JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS (under 2.4X magnification, 0.05 mL). The clinical significance of the differences has not been established.

Physicians and consumers are encouraged to visit www.Juvederm.com to receive additional information about JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA and JUVEDERM(TM) ULTRA PLUS dermal fillers. The Web site also offers a physician locator to help consumers find a trained and qualified health care provider in their area.

Like BOTOX(R) Cosmetic treatment, JUVEDERM(TM) dermal fillers should only be administered by a trained and qualified health care provider. Further product and prescribing information is available by visiting www.Juvederm.com and www.BotoxCosmetic.com.

Important JUVEDERM(TM) Dermal Filler Safety Information

In clinical studies, adverse events were usually mild to moderate in nature, did not require intervention and lasted seven days or less. The most common side effects included temporary injection site reactions including redness, pain/tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps and bumps and bruising. For complete patient safety information, please visit www.juvederm.com

Important BOTOX(R) Cosmetic Safety Information

BOTOX(R) Cosmetic is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people 18 to 65 years of age. BOTOX(R) Cosmetic is the only product of its type approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. BOTOX(R) Cosmetic should only be administered by a trained and qualified health care provider.

Serious heart problems and serious allergic reactions have been reported rarely. If you think you are having an allergic reaction or other unusual symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing, speaking or breathing, call your doctor immediately. The most common side effects following injection are temporary eyelid droop and nausea. Localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, redness and/or bleeding/bruising may be associated with the injection. Patients with certain neuromuscular disorders such as ALS, myasthenia gravis or Lambert-Eaton syndrome may be at increased risk of serious side effects.

About Allergan Medical

Allergan Medical, a division of Allergan, Inc., offers the most comprehensive, science-based, aesthetic product offerings under its TOTAL FACIAL REJUVENATION(TM) portfolio, including BOTOX(R) Cosmetic; hyaluronic acid and collagen-based dermal fillers; and physician-dispensed skin care products. Allergan Medical also offers the industry’s widest range of silicone gel-filled and saline-filled breast implant options for reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery, and leading minimally invasive devices for obesity intervention treatment.

About Allergan, Inc.

With more than 55 years of experience providing high-quality, science-based products, Allergan, Inc., with headquarters in Irvine, California, discovers, develops and commercializes products in the ophthalmology, neurosciences, medical dermatology, medical aesthetics, obesity intervention and other specialty markets that deliver value to its customers, satisfy unmet medical needs, and improve patients’ lives.

Cosmetic surgery lottery condemned by doctors

London: The UK body, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today condemned a new ‘monthly cosmetic super draw’ in which contestants can win aesthetic surgery procedures which will take place in Prague.

Briton John Babbage, of the company, Europa International, said it was arrogant to assume that doctors in other countries were less competent than those in the UK. He also said there was no difference between somebody winning a competition for surgery and paying for it.

People are encouraged to enter the company’s draw through a section on their website entitled “win your surgery for just ÂŁ1.50”. The monthly draw gives people in the UK the chance of winning ÂŁ6,000 towards cosmetic surgery.

They are encouraged to call a number or send a text, costing ÂŁ1.50 a time, with the words “Change your life for only ÂŁ1.50.”

The website also has a header saying Europa International has been “Cosmetic surgery abroad specialists since 1996.”

Douglas McGeorge, consultant plastic surgeon and President of the BAAPS said:

“I am appalled at this new scheme but unfortunately not surprised. Companies are plumbing new depths to take advantage of a growing interest in plastic surgery by launching unscrupulous marketing gimmicks which violate not only an established code of ethics where financial and date-linked incentives are prohibited, but also common sense.”

The Association has also expressed deep concern at the hype-filled process involved in winning such a prize: the public is meant to phone in or text for the opportunity to win, with no medical history taken or suitability evaluated. Once the winner is announced, the prospective patient meets with ‘directors’ (not the surgeon) with only ‘photos sent to the experts in Prague’ before being flown there for the operation.

Douglas McGeorge says: “I find it atrocious that patients are filtered through sales advisors and marketers who obviously have a vested interest . I would question whether the public are really giving informed consent if they haven’t even met the practitioner in person.”

Adam Searle, former President of the BAAPS adds:

“The offer of a cosmetic surgery procedure as a prize is an awful manifestation of the trivialisation of medical care in general, and aesthetic surgery in particular. Any patient making irreversible decisions in circumstances of hype, excitement and emotion, are putting themselves at very great risk. Any normal patient – doctor relationship is completely abandoned in any such framework of medical care. This is a practice I unreservedly and utterly condemn.”

The BAAPS www.baaps.org.uk based at the Royal College of Surgeons, is a not-for-profit organisation, established for the advancement of education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit. Members undergo thorough background screening before they can join. Information about specific procedures and surgeonsÂ’ contact details can be found on the web site, or by contacting their advice line at 020 7405 2234. Further materials can be posted to members of the public seeking specialised information.

Face Antiageing System – micro-injection rejuvenation

London: The skin says it all. As we age our oestrogen levels drop and our skin starts to droop! Simildiet FACE ANTIAGING System is a technique of micro injections that has been used in France for over 30 years resulting in a firming, rejuvenating lift and it is now available in the UK.

As we age our skin suffers from decreased nutrition and hydration causing our collagen making fibroblasts to get lazy. Simildiet FACE ANTIAGING System delivers vitamins, minerals and hydrating agents through the skin with a series of pricks that polka dot rather than break the skin. This micro-trauma wakes up the fibroblasts, stimulates collagen and releases a cascade of healing factors to the skin reversing the signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

For even better results a treatment begins with a gentle Glycolic Peel mask to exfoliate the skin, clear away surface debris and improve receptiveness of the skin. This exfoliation allows the tiny droplets of FACE ANTIAGING solution to penetrate the skin more effectively. The treatment is boosted at home by the application of FACE ANTIAGING Cream that continues to feed, nourish and protect the skin.

FACE ANTIAGING is the essential twenty minute skin prick me up! The treatment is painless and relaxing and leaves no tell tale marks or bruises. Used on the face, hands or décolleté it will rejuvenate and restore the skin to its optimum condition.

For beautiful, luminous skin, 8-10 treatments per year are recommended.
Prices from $157(£80,€120) per treatment.

For stockists: Contact Medical Aesthetic Supplies on 02380 676733 or go www.mas.uk.net

Botox without bruises with new wrinkle freezer


Smiling, frowning and concentrating over the years can lead to changes that typify an older appearance. Express yourself without the worry of deepening frown lines and crows feet with Pro-Medic siax hepta $85 (£45.00 €67 ), a new muscle relaxant from the US that leads to a reduction in superficial lines and wrinkles caused by years of facial movements. With its active Heptapeptide ingredient expression lines are reduced for a fresher and smoother look.

With 12% Heptapeptides acting directly on the epidermis and the dermis of the skin, siax decreases muscular contractions. This activity ultimately leads to a reduction in expression lines. In fact clinical trials have shown a reduction in static wrinkle depth by 27% after 30-45 days of use, with a proven increase in fibroplast stimulation.

Without promising the full Botox™ effect, siax hepta offers a more gentle yet effective solution to reduce the appearance of expression lines and crows feet in a natural way. Express yourself with siax hepta and leave wrinkles expressionless!
Pro-Medic Health and Beauty is a line of dermal pharmaceutical products for the care and maintenance of supple, glowing skin suitable for home use.
For stockists: www.beautyisskindeep.com, or Medical Aesthetic Supplies on UK phone no 02380 676733

UK surgeon gets go-ahead for first face transplant

London: Prof Peter Butler, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, has been given the go-ahead to carry out four face transplants with injuries that conventional surgery has no more to offer.

A new charity, The Face Trust, was also launches yesterday to raise the ÂŁ25,000 for each operation and the anti-rejection drugs.

Permission was granted by the ethics committee of London’s Royal Free Hospital, London, and will now select four patients for the first, ground-breaking operations.

Prof Butler said he would now begin “the more important task, the selection of the right patients”. It will be a year before the first operation takes place.

The first partial face transplant was conducted in France last year when Isabelle Dinoire, 38, who had been savaged by a dog, received the lips, nose and chin of a donor. Her surgery was successful and she began to regain sensation within weeks.

Prof Butler’s team has already been approached by potential patients and sought the help of the French team.

Prof Butler said he was looking at patients who had already lost all their facial tissue and for whom further plastic surgery had nothing to offer.

“In other words, surgeons cannot work on them any more. They may have problems with eyelid and mouth opening and closure, they may not have any hair, their ears may have gone, been destroyed or damaged.

“Most of them just want to be able to walk down the street without being stared at. The French say their patient says she can walk down the street and no one looks at her. It is actually what she wanted to do. You can’t say more than that,” he said.

Each operation will take 12 hours and involve six surgeons working with the donor and the recipient.

If an operation fails, their research has shown that the patient would be no worse off, Prof Butler said. The patient could be offered another transplant, treatment with artificial skin or more standard plastic surgery.

The team will wait for six months after the first operation before attempting a second. He said there had been no cases of acute rejection in 24 hand transplants.

Prof Butler said donors would be people on the national donor register. Recipients and donors would be matched for tissue type, as with organ transplants, but also for skin colour and tone and gender.

French surgeons have reported bereaved families offering faces to transplant co-ordinators since Ms Dinoire’s surgery.

London hospital about to carry out world’s first full face transplant

London: A British hospital is about to carry out he world’s first full-face transplant.

The hospital’s ethical committee is expected to announce this week that it will approve the first operations.

Royal Free Hospital plastic surgeon Peter Butler has been contacted by 29 disfigured volunteers willing to undergo the procedure.

“My aim is not to be first, but to do it on the right patient,” Dr Butler said.

“It would be very dangerous to look at it as a race because it could harm the patient and (the reputation of) the procedure,” Dr Butler told the Sunday Times. He said one potential candidate was a 22-year-old badly burned as a child.

Last year, surgeons in France carried out the world’s first partial face transplant. Mother of two Isabelle Dinoire, 38, had her nose, lips and chin replaced after being savaged by her dog in May 2005.

In April, a hospital in China conducted what is believed to be the second partial face transplant on Li Guoxing, 30.

Dr Butler’s 30-strong team has spent 10 years studying face transplants.

“We don’t know how people will react. Does the Government want us to go ahead with this? We just don’t know. But a huge amount of work has been done with the group of patients who might benefit.

“Many of them have very disfiguring injuries and spend their lives indoors so for them this is not just life-enhancing surgery, it is life-saving because it gives them back the chance to join society.

“You can do more and more research but at some point the leap has to be made, and people have to say, `OK, we’ve done our preparation, let’s get behind this’.”

Surgeons carry out first face transplant

Paris: French surgeons have carried out the world’s first face transplant in a controversial medical breakthough.

It was carried out in France on a 36-year-old woman who lost her nose, lips and chin when she was savaged by a dog.

Doctors replaced the central triangle of her face with tissue taken from a donor’s face.

The woman has survived the critical first 48 hours without rejecting the transplant but is still in intensive care. Some experts put the risk of rejection of facial tissue as high as 50 per cent within five to 10 years.

The operation will intensify the ethical and moral debate which has surrounded research into face transplants.

Four teams around the world have been working towards this point but efforts in the UK effectively stalled in 2003 when the Royal College of Surgeons called for more research, saying the psychological impact of failure would be ‘immense’.

The ultimate goal of the pioneers is to replace an entire face.

The operation, believed to have taken around ten hours, was carried out on Sunday and Monday in the northern town of Amiens.

The team was headed by Jean-Michel Dubernard, who carried out the first hand transplant in 1998.

The surgeons worked through the night to remove the facial skin, fat and some blood vessels from a donor in Lille who had been declared brain dead. Permission had been granted by relatives.

The team then placed the graft over the recipient’s face before using microsurgical techniques to connect the tissues. Donated material is superior to skin grafts taken from the patient because facial skin is so different from tissue elsewhere in the body, such as the thigh, as it is finer with a slimmer layer of underlying fat.

The woman, from the northern town of Valenciennes, was disfigured by a dog bite in May and it is believed she had undergone counselling to prepare her for a possible transplant.

The donor will have been matched for facial colouring and skin texture, but the recipient will not take on her appearance because underlying bone structure forms such an important part of an individual’s appearance.

The medical team will be monitoring the patient for signs of rejection. If there are serious complications the tissue will have to be removed.

Even if the operation is a success she will have to take drugs for life to suppress her immune system. These drugs heighten the risk of cancer.

A source at the hospital said ‘The team were very excited after the operation. It is a world first which has massive implications for many badly disfigured people around the world.’

First face transplant to go-ahead

Cleveland: US doctors are to transplant the face of a dead donor onto a patient with disfigurements.

Docotrs at the Cleveland Clinic believe that the treatment has a 50% chance of success and the recipient would have to take anti-rejection drugs for life.

The procedure would involve taking skin and underlying tissues from a dead donor and placing them on the living recipient. Though doctors are not entirely sure how the face will look, computer modelling has revealed that it would not look like the donor of the patient’s original face.

Surgeon Maria Siemionow and her team will interview five men and seven women as potential candidates for the 8-10 hour operation.

Dr Siemionow told Associated Press: “You want to choose patients who are really disfigured, not someone who has a little scar.”

Yet they will have to have enough healthy skin for traditional grafts in case the transplant fails.

They will be told that their face would be removed and replaced with one from a cadaver, matched for tissue type, age, sex and skin colour.