Rejuvenate and relax at the Body Beautiful Show London – free tickets from Restylane


When was the last time that you did something just for you? When was the last time you were really pampered? Well, the time is now as The Body Beautiful Show is back on 2nd – 4th November 2007 and will give you the perfect opportunity for some you time. A luxurious, pampering day out, and a show, which demystifies the world of cosmetic treatments, Body Beautiful is a one stop authoritative, responsible guide to age defying and beautifying.

One exhibitor at this year’s Body Beautiful Show at the Business Design Centre Islington, London, is Restylane.

Restylane offers the complete solution for holding back the years and revitalising your looks naturally by smoothing away tell tale ageing lines. Restylane has the additional advantage of improving skin elasticity. Restylane treatment is quick, taking less than half an hour. The effects can be seen immediately and last from around six to nine months. Discover more about new Restylane Vital a new treatment development in skin rejuvenation, introducing the concept of moisturising from within to improve skin tone and elasticity to reverse the skin ageing process. It is great for treating veiny backs of hands, plumping the skin to reduce their appearance and smoothing the skin to make it appear less crêpey and sun damaged.

Restylane is giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets to this year’s Body Beautiful Show at London’s Business Design Centre.

To win, all you need to do is answer the following question:

How long does Restylane last?
a) 6 – 9 weeks
b) 6 – 9 months
c) 6 – 9 years

Email your answer to us at by 29 October 2007

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For more information on Restylane visit or call 0800 015 5548 to find a Restylane clinic in your area.

Win an olive tree and take the Med diet challenge with free recipes


London: As the autumn days get shorter and darker, the prospect of living in sunnier pastures becomes all the more enticing. Whilst the majority of Brits go on holiday more than their parents did in their day, this is not enough for nearly two thirds of the population who dream of settling abroad.

Increasing numbers of Brits are opting for sunnier pastures with the majority tempted by a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle, according to a new survey by Italian food specialist Bertolli.

In the non-stop world of the 21st century, we are bombarded with new ways to stay healthy but sometimes they just seem to make life more complicated. It is unsurprising then that the most popular destination for those wishing to relocate was Italy. Why worry, when you could just sit back, relax and be inspired by the common sense of the traditional Mediterranean diet – a huge 95% of those asked agree that it’s healthier than the British diet after all.

We may not all be culinary experts yet 62% of us try to incorporate ingredients from foreign holidays into our everyday diet. However, 81% also agree that they’re never quite able to replicate the food we’ve had on holiday! Italian dishes such as risotto and pasta were the most popular for those trying their hand at foreign cuisine.

As well as fruit, vegetables, grains, and fresh fish, olive oil is an essential component of Italian cuisine – the olive tree is so full of goodness, its oil has been part of the traditional Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. Even though us Brits might not be able to enjoy every aspect of the Mediterranean lifestyle, you can enjoy a touch of olive oil in your diet with ease.

To win a beautiful olive tree for your own home, (UK residents only) simply email your answer the following question to

Q What is Bertolli spread made from?
A. sunflower oil
B. olive oil
C. sesame seed oil

Rules: The prize: 1 beautiful olive tree (worth £50) – there is no cash equivalent available. The Editor’s decision is final. Competition closes 30 September 2007. The emails will be entered into a draw.

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Healthy Mediterranean Recipes by Diane Seed
­Scallops Adriatic style­ (Capesante alla Adriatica)

Along the Adriatic coast that are small, tasty scallops cooked very simply so that their good flavour is not masked by other ingredients.

18 scallops 3 T freshly chopped parsley

2 cloves garlic 3 T extra virgin olive oil

2 T bread crumbs salt & black pepper

1 lemon

Heat the oven to 180 C. Heat the oil and gently fry the finely chopped garlic. When it begins to turn colour remove from the heat and stir in the parsley. If the scallops are large cut in half, if not leave whole and allow 3 per serving. Arrange on a shell, season and spoon on a little garlic mixture, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of breadcrumbs. Put them in the hot oven until they are golden brown. Remove and serve immediately.

Ricotta fritters (Frittelle di ricotta)

A very delicious, easy sweet dish from Basilicata

500 g ricotta cheese

4 eggs 1 T grated lemon and orange rind

4 T sugar 2 T brandy or fruit liqueur

4 T flour olive oil for deep frying

sugar for dusting

Leave the ricotta to drain for at least an hour. Then stir in the eggs, sugar, and other ingredients. Beat well to make sure you have a smooth, creamy mixture. Heat the oil and drop in a few tablespoons of mixture to form fritters, flattening them with a slotted spoon as they start to rise. Fry in batches, putting to drain on kitchen paper when they are golden brown. Dust with sugar and serve at once.

Linguine with tuna, lemon and rocket (Linguine al tonno,limone e rughetta)

Over the years this has gradually become one of my favourite pasta dishes, and we eat it all through the year. In Rome we can buy small bunches of wild rocket that has a pungent flavour, much stronger than cultivated rocket. Although the “ventresca” is usually considered the “best” cut of tuna, I find it easier to stir in the smaller flakes to get a more even distribution through the pasta. Therfore I use a cheaper cut, but for the flavour it is important to use tuna preserved in olive oil.

400 g linguine

200 g can tuna in olive oil

1 cup fresh rocket leaves, roughly chopped

juice of 2 lemons

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 dry red chilli, crushed

3 T extra virgin olive oil


Heat the oil and gently cook the garlic and chilli pepper. As the garlic begins to change colour add the drained, flaked tuna and stir around the pan. Keep warm. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water, drain when still slightly hard and stir into the tuna mixture. Squeeze over the lemon juice and stir in the rocket. Using a wooden spoon lift up the pasta and really keep turning it over so that the rocket wilts and the tuna is evenly distributed and not left at the bottom of the pan. Serve at once.

Scientists verify Vitamin A as wrinkle-buster

New York: A new scientific study has shown it may be possible to reverse skin wrinkling.

The research, published in the Archives of Dermatology, suggests that topical application of retinol, a form of vitamin A, could make older people less prone to skin ulcerations and poor healing of wounds.

Three dozen white people — average age, 87 — had a skin moisturizer laced with retinol applied to one of their inner arms a couple of times a week for six months; a placebo was applied to the other arm. Neither the researcher who rubbed on the lotions nor the participants knew what was being applied.

By the end of the testing period, fine wrinkling — which was assessed on a scale from zero, for none, to 9, for severe — declined considerably on the retinol-treated skin, from an average of 7.25 to 5.61.

The researchers speculated that the retinol increased the production of collagen, which helps make skin elastic, and of glycosaminoglycan, which retains water.

Most of the 36 participants experienced some redness or itchiness where the retinol had been applied, though only three found these reactions severe enough to withdraw from the study.

Retinoic acid, a different form of vitamin A, is used to treat acne and sunlight-damaged skin. Sold under Retin-A and other brands, it is unsuitable for geriatric patients, the researchers noted, because of the irritation it often causes.

Eleven of the seniors who received follow-up exams found the benefits of the drug to be transitory: Six months after the study, the researchers found no significant differences between the retinol-treated skin and the placebo-treated skin.

Four of the authors of the study,are working on patents for treating ageing skin. The National Institutes of Health partially funded the research.

Wrinkles see the light – and disappear – new light rejuvenation from Ellipse


London:Wrinkles see the light and disappear with Ellipse’s new rejuvenation treatment

A new wrinkle busting treatment using light rejuvenation to increase collagen making skin look young and supple has been launched by the experts at Ellipse.

This new intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment has been shown to improve lines and wrinkles in less than a month. It is a non-invasive two step procedure that consists of applying a spray which contains an advanced liposome, which converts the active ingredient into a pigment called (protoporphyrin IX 2) helping to absorb the light and aiding deeper penetration. This triggers a chemical reaction that is in effect a miniature explosion that damages the skin cell, triggering a cellular repair response. This process improves the skins elasticity resulting in a noticeable 300% collagen production.

Michael Dodd, Managing Director at Ellipse explains: “What is exciting about this new extension of the product in to anti-aging is that it will add another exciting chapter to Ellipse’s comprehensive menu of treatments with the likes of ‘Skin texture’ and Photo Rejuvnenation already under its belt. With Wrinkle Reduction we can now provide customers with a one-stop-shop, non-invasive solution to better skin management.”

With the Ellipse IPL Wrinkle Reduction application, people will see lasting results for up to 12 months depending on the individual. In clinical studies it has been found that collagen production peaks at three months. A course of three treatments with three week intervals is recommended by the scientists behind the Ellipse technology but visible results can be seen after just one treatment.

Wrinkle Reduction gradually takes place from one up to twelve months when collagen stimulation is triggered offering the building blocks to smoother, youthful skin. Clinically proven by leading dermatologists Ellipse’s Wrinkle Reduction treatment will offer people either a non-invasive preventative measure or a solution to anti-ageing. Dubbed as the new “lunchtime beauty-fix” it shows significant improvement in wrinkles minus the pain or visible redness associated with comparable alternatives. Find our more at

British women say no to extreme diets, says Laughing Cow survey

London: According to a study conducted by The Laughing Cow®*, despite the past year being hailed as the year of the size 00 celebrity figure, over a third (34%) of sensible British women polled now cite Charlotte Church, rather than skinny Victoria Beckham, as having the perfect figure, with size 12 being the aspirational size of the majority of women.

However 40% of men considered the sporting physique of Victoria’s husband, David Beckham, as being their ideal goal, according to The Laughing Cow® Extra Light Diet Survey, an in-depth analysis of the British attitude, aspirations and approach to dieting.

The Report’s results show that the average diet lasts just five and half weeks. With 48% of people starting their summer holiday diets in March, in preparation for showing off their figures in June, July or August, mid April is the danger period for a weakening of resolve – perhaps due to the temptation of all those Easter eggs, as 50% give lack of will power as the main reason for failing to stick with a diet! The results are available for all to view on, which also offers tips, advice and recipes to help would be slimmers stay on track to achieve realistic weight loss goals via a healthily balanced diet.

We’re a Nation of Bridget Jones’s – Always on a Diet
The revealing results also show that 1 in 10 (or 6,658,630) Brits are currently on a weight loss diet – amazingly, if gathered together, this number equates the total population of Scotland and Northern Ireland combined. What’s more, like popular fictional character Bridget Jones, 21% of dieters consider themselves as always on a diet, with the average dieter spending around £150 per diet on special diet foods.

Sisters Are Dieting for Themselves
On motivation, three quarters (75%) of all dieters claim that they want to slim for themselves, with less than a fifth (18%) wishing to lose weight to please their partners. 70% of dieters also cited health as a reason for wanting to slim, although half of all women dieters are driven to diet in a quest to look good in fashionable clothes (58%) or simply boost their confidence (59%).

Dieting to Extremes?
Many are now taking a sensible approach to dieting, with 85% considering eating smaller portions to shift weight, 64% considering consuming only low fat foods and 44% pondering joining the gym. However some contemplate going to extreme lengths to shed excess weight, with 22% thinking about taking weight loss pills, 12% considering a liquid diet and nearly 1 in 10 (9%) pondering surgery.

Cheese and Chocolate Cravings
Craving comfort food, a fifth (20%) of those polled cited cheese as the food they most craved when dieting, beaten only by the ubiquitous chocolate (23%). Nearly half (48%) of dieters wished that cheese was less fattening, although over half (52%) considered cheese as a healthy food.

The survey was commissioned by the dieter’s friend, The Laughing Cow® Extra Light, the first truly low-fat cheese portions, packed with all the Laughing Cow cheese taste and goodness but with only 3% fat and just 20 k-calories per individual triangle.

To support wavering and would-be slimmers, The Laughing Cow® Extra Light has launched an exciting microsite – and have teamed up with respected nutritionists and registered dieticians, Sian Porter and Azmina Govindji, to bring you a site packed with dieting tips, tasty recipes, tips from real life dieters, plus the opportunity to download a free podcast offering an inspirational practical guide to successful dieting.

Jo Wozniak, Group Brand Manager, The Laughing Cow® commented: “The Laughing Cow® Extra Light Diet Survey reveals many insights into the different attitudes, approaches and aspirations of slimmers and identified five distinct dieting types that each take a different approach to weight loss. As April is the month when the majority look likely to fall off the pre summer holiday diet bandwagon, we believe that the motivational tips, information and advice offered on our microsite will go some way towards helping slimmers lighten up and stay on track. Understanding different slimmers’ needs, motivations and difficulties is important as it enables us at The Laughing Cow® to devise ways to help slimmers achieve their dieting goals with a healthily balanced approach.”

Face Antiageing System – micro-injection rejuvenation

London: The skin says it all. As we age our oestrogen levels drop and our skin starts to droop! Simildiet FACE ANTIAGING System is a technique of micro injections that has been used in France for over 30 years resulting in a firming, rejuvenating lift and it is now available in the UK.

As we age our skin suffers from decreased nutrition and hydration causing our collagen making fibroblasts to get lazy. Simildiet FACE ANTIAGING System delivers vitamins, minerals and hydrating agents through the skin with a series of pricks that polka dot rather than break the skin. This micro-trauma wakes up the fibroblasts, stimulates collagen and releases a cascade of healing factors to the skin reversing the signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

For even better results a treatment begins with a gentle Glycolic Peel mask to exfoliate the skin, clear away surface debris and improve receptiveness of the skin. This exfoliation allows the tiny droplets of FACE ANTIAGING solution to penetrate the skin more effectively. The treatment is boosted at home by the application of FACE ANTIAGING Cream that continues to feed, nourish and protect the skin.

FACE ANTIAGING is the essential twenty minute skin prick me up! The treatment is painless and relaxing and leaves no tell tale marks or bruises. Used on the face, hands or décolleté it will rejuvenate and restore the skin to its optimum condition.

For beautiful, luminous skin, 8-10 treatments per year are recommended.
Prices from $157(£80,€120) per treatment.

For stockists: Contact Medical Aesthetic Supplies on 02380 676733 or go

Shambhala Spa at Parrot Cay

PO Box 164, Providencials, Turks & Caicos Island, British West Indies

T: +1 649 946 7788;

On a hill on a private island which is reached by boat – 20 minutes from the main island. It has 58 rooms and villas with a view of a white sand private beach. The Shambhala Spa has six open-air treatment pavilions where you can sample Ayuredic therapies, reflexology, yoga, massages, body masks and facials. Clients include celebrities and the wealthy including Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Donatella Versace, and Julia Roberts. Costs: Very expensive. A vast range of therapies. Cuisine is a healthy blend of Mediterranean and Asian.

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