A signature facial from QMS Medicosmetics that is one of the very best

At Elixir we get bombarded with offers of free skincare and treatments.  The majority of the time we are too busy to take up these kind offers but to be brutally frank many of these treatments do not have a uniqueness in terms of what they can do to help skin look better.

So it was a delight to get an invite from a new medi-skincare range – new that is to Liberty’s in London – QMS Medicosmetics – to try out the signature facial.

The science behind the range has been developed by the experience of trauma and cosmetic surgeon, Erich Schultz, who saw the future of skincare as being interlinked with the development of modern technologies used to transport the ingredients deep into the epidermal layer. His mantra is powerful, intelligent skincare formulations based on scientific logic not “alleged” miracles.

So I visit QMS Medicosmetics new treatment room at Liberty London where I meet the lovely Rowan Hall-Farrise, the Head Facialist at QMS  and  receive a thorough consultation.

The comprehensive offering features four signature facials unique to Liberty, or the opportunity to choose a completely bespoke treatment. For those looking to breathe new life into tired complexions, the O2 Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment, lasting 80 minutes, combines customized Oxygen Energy Application using 95% pure oxygen to channel the brand’s signature collagens into the skin for the ultimate skin boost.

The improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates the regenerative process for firmer, smoother and more radiant skin. Alternatively, bespoke treatments are available for those wanting a completely customised facial designed around their individual needs.

Following my skin assessment and my own particular concerns, Rowan recommends an 80 minute treatment to revitalise and rebalance my skin – the Collagen Rejuvenation Facial which costs £150.

I know, I know…its expensive…but all I can say is that when I left without a shred of makeup on my skin – to walk around the West End – I looked radiant! My skin had somehow blossomed and volumed. I also felt alive and radiant and not sleepy.

The products themselves are mainly serum based and are not scented but rely on the quality of the ingredients for their aroma.

QMS Medicosmetics 02 Collagen Rejuvenation Facial (£150 / 80 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics Urban Repair Facial (£110 / 50 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics 02 Boost and Recharge Facial (£80 / 45 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics Educational Facial (£60 / 30 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics Bespoke Facial (£120 / 50 minutes, £160 / 80 minutes)

QMS Medicosmetics facial treatments start at £60 for 30 minutes, with packages also available to optimise skin progress and value for money. Bookings can be made by emailing bookings@qmsmedicosmetics.com or calling 020 7734 1234 ext. 2796.

Following the assessment of my skin Rowan recommended the following products:

1. Active Exfoliant 7% Sensitive £73 for 30ml

2.Day Collagen Sensitive £73 for 30ml

3.Density Structure Night Serum £173 for 30ml

4. Night Collagen Sensitive £73 for 30ml

5.50+ Cellular Shield £69 for 30ml


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£350 of exclusive Luxtural anti-ageing skin products to be won – comp now closed!

Luxtural is a luxury skincare line that encapsulates the latest cosmetic science and combines natural ingredients. It is only available in-store in the UK in the Knightsbridge store Harvey Nichols.

We are offering the whole range of products to one lucky reader – the three products are worth around £350. All you have to do to win is answer a simple question and fill in your details in the form below.

More about Luxtural

The range which is designed to counter the physical effects of ageing on the skin using deep hydration. And its the concept of New Yorker Pnina Vilinsky who gained her cosmetic knowledge working for some of the high end beauty ranges such as Estee Lauder.

Luxury Range-thumb-557x369-868

These products are beautifully packaged and the common ingredient is pure Pacific ocean rainwater which has been certified as ‘pure’ by the US health watchdog, the FDA.
There are three products which can be used on any skin type:

Mystique Fountain Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist which is used as a primer or enhancer for the other products. So you can put it on before or after the others. It feels like a gentle spray of Ocean mist and tones, calms and cools the skin.It is a unique product. We thought it was it was very refreshing and brightened skin tone. Costs £54 for 100 ml.

Silk Premonition Deep Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion which hydrates, nourishes and enhances the natural skin barrier. This lotion is rich is natural ingredients, including essential oils and its smart delivery system ensures that it penetrates into the skin. Costs £128 for 40 ml

Sophisticated Veil Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizing Serum is usually put as a protective ‘veil’ on top of the moisturizer. It contains several of the most advanced anti-ageing ingredients known to science including peptides, vitamins E and C. These all work together to plump up the skin. It also contains natural oils with the optimum amounts of essential fatty acids – rose hip, borage and evening primrose. It also contains pure Pacific Ocean rainwater. Costs approx £170, 35 ml.

Elixir has reviewed this brand previously:  we loved its intense hydration and admit its expensive but it does last for months and months.

More about this luxury brand at www.luxtural.com


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Grace Cole Boutique for pure bath time luxury

Vanilla Blush & Peony Bath Soak – £6 for 500ml

Grace Cole Vanilla Blush and Peony Relaxing Bath Soak

This is a budget buy with a great feel of luxury – its beautifully packaged and is full of top notch ingredients that soak into the skin and help you relax.  It leaves skin soft, scented an moisturised.

Vanilla Blush & Peony Body Buttter – £5 for 225g

Grace Cole Vanilla Blush and Peony Body Butter

Shea butter is perfect for intense skin hydration – and this Grace Cole product works exceptionally well.  Skin is delicately scented, soft and supple.  Ideal for sun-parched and out-of-condition skin.

Buy at Boots and also online at www.gracecole.co.uk



Win the latest anti-ageing creams from Dr Tuhin Dev


London: Skincare expert, Dr Tuhin Dev has used his knowledge and most trusted age defence technology to develop this paraben-free skincare range.

Dr Dev has joined Elixir to offer a set of special skincare goodies, consisting of the Dr. Tuhin Dev core Protect Day Cream, the Dr. Tuhin Dev Core Rejuve Night Cream (both containing Syn-ake – synthetic snake venom, great for wrinkles and fine lines) and the Dr. Tuhin Dev Summer Mist Facial Toner with slow-releasing menthol), worth £174!!

Five lucky runners up will win a Dr. Tuhin Dev Summer Mist Facial Toner (with slow-releasing menthol) worth £19.95!

If you would like the opportunity to receive one of these prizes please email us at readeroffer@elixirnews.com with Dr Dev in the email header and your name and address. Your details will be put into a draw for the prizes. Please note that no financial equivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decision is final. This promotion closes on 31 July 2009.
For more information or to buy online, visit www.drtuhindevskincare.co.uk


Mature women with great skin are happier & heathier, reveals new Astral survey


Report on mature skincare from the makers of Astral

Foreword by Elixir Editor, Avril O Connor

The UK is an ageing society. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) says that although the population grew by 8 per cent in the last thirty-five years, the population aged over 65 grew by 31 per cent. Official ONS figures from 2006 estimated more than seven and a half million women aged 45 to 64 living in the UK.

Looking after our skin is vital for all women, whatever age, but it is especially important for older women because, after the menopause, levels of oestrogen decline and low oestrogen can result in weakening of the collagen and elastin fibres within the skin. The skin becomes thinner and more fragile, with an increase in facial hair, spots and reduced water content in the cells. Using an effective moisturiser becomes vital to looking good and dealing with ageing skin.

All women should regularly cleanse and moisturise their skin, but for women in their late 40s, 50s or 60s, this becomes even more important. This report looks at skincare for more mature women and details new research from the makers of Astral on women’s attitudes and user trial results of how they fared when using Astral.

The importance of skin care

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It not only signals touch, it subtly changes in our environment, such as temperature, and communicates that to the brain. Harvard University researchers have dubbed this connection the nuero-immuno-cutaneous-endocrine network, or N.I.C.E. What this means is that everything that affects the skin, affects the body, and vice versa. The skin is connected to our brain, our nervous system, our hormones and our immune system. In broader terms, it’s a mind-skin link that reflects health as well as disease.

Many women who are in their 50s, may notice differences in their skin, such as increased roughness, wrinkling, irregular pigmentation (coloration) or reduced elasticity. These are all normal changes in our skin as we age, but they may not be pleasant and can be minimised.
We all need different skin care as we age. As we grow older, our skin doesn’t produce new cells at the same pace. Environmental and biological factors take their toll. Often we develop enlarged pores and the effects of the sun become evident in sunspots and wrinkles.

Here are five tips to help women enhance their natural skin care, as they grow older:

1. Make sure you moisturise your face and body regularly. The face, neck and hands are the biggest give-away of ageing, so you should pay special attention to these areas and moisturise them morning and night every day.

2. Continue to use sunscreen when outdoors. Professor Chris Griffiths from Manchester University says that anyone who is worried about the visible effects of ageing should slap on the sun cream. You should try to use a protection cream of at least SPF 15 and UVA 4* every day, not just when the sun is shining brightly or the temperature is hot. When it is very sunny or if you are out in the sun for a long period, you should bump this up to SPF 30 and UVA 4*.

3. If you smoke, you really need to try and stop. Smoking has been shown to accelerate ageing of skin, so quitting now is important for good skin health.

4. Eating a well-balanced diet with or without a multivitamin can help the skin get the nutrition it needs to help repair ongoing damage from the sun and other environmental elements.

5. Drink at least two litres of fluid a day to hydrate your skin from the inside out. All non-alcoholic drinks count, so if you struggle to drink two litres of water, vary your drinks to include other drinks, such as tea, coffee and fruit juice.

A woman’s view – survey reveals snapshot of a generation

There’s no doubt that skincare is especially important to women in the years shortly before, during and after menopause and it is hard to overestimate just how important it is to women in these groups to feel good about their skin.
Astral conducted a survey of 1,031 women aged 45 to 60 from across the UK and questioned them about their attitudes and experience of skincare, their family’s behaviour, ageing and romance. The results paint a picture of a generation at ease with ageing but more than willing to do whatever they can to retain their looks and enjoy life to the fullest into the bargain.

Attitudes to skincare

Aware of the effects of ageing, more than half (54 per cent) of respondents thought it was more important to have a regular skincare regime in their 50s than it was in their 20s. Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of those quizzed thought there was a perception that women in their 50s are expected to look good. Most of the women (70 per cent) were realistic in their skincare goals, aiming to look good for their actual age rather than to defy ageing and look young per se.

More than two thirds (67 per cent) said their skincare regime had altered, as they got older – reflecting women’s changing needs to combat the signs of ageing. The most common complaints were tired-looking skin (29 per cent), dry skin (26 per cent), under-nourished skin (22 per cent), oily skin (12 per cent) and patchy skin (10.3 per cent).

Women were more likely to have oily or tired-looking skin in the 45 to 50 age bracket; more likely to have dry or patchy skin in the 50 to 55 age bracket; and more likely to have skin in need of nourishment in the 56 to 60 age bracket. Nearly a third (29 per cent) said that the menopause had made their skin drier, and the same number said their skin had become more sensitive.

When it comes to skincare, nearly three quarters (72 per cent) said they preferred simple but effective products. Furthermore, 70 per cent thought traditional skincare products could be just as effective as far more expensive ‘high tech’ brands.

When choosing skincare products, women rated the following, in order, as most important:

1) Value for money
2) Information on a product label
3) Recommendations by friends
4) Articles in magazines
5) Recommendations by mum
6) Packaging
7) Claims of being the latest ‘miracle cream’

Dating, sex and skincare

Getting older also brings with it different lifestyle priorities and changes in libido. Two-thirds of the women said they have less sex now than in their 20s and 30s – although this still left an impressive one third who felt they had more sex now than ever.

The respondents on average had sex 4.5 times a month – the equivalent of just over once a week – which was nearly half of the 10.4 times a month they had sex in their 20s and 30s. However, quality can be just as important as quantity, and just over half – 56 per cent – reckoned they enjoyed sex more now than they did in their 20s and 30s. When asked at what age in their lives the women had felt most sexy, the average was about 34.

Despite growing older, the respondents appeared confident of their attractiveness and looks, with nearly four out of 10 (39 per cent) admitting to having had a toy boy and dating a man much younger than them. The average age of a younger partner was 10.7 years, although nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of the women who had dated younger men had been out with a partner more than 15 years younger.

About one in 20 women (4.5 per cent) had dated men more than 25 years younger than them.

Partners of younger men said they preferred youth because of the following factors, in order of popularity:

1) More fun (34 per cent)
2) Make me feel good (29 per cent)
3) Greater stamina (29 per cent)
4) Fewer hang-ups than older men (23 per cent)
5) Better sex (23 per cent)
6) Better physiques (22 per cent)
7) Make me look good (7 per cent)

Skin and the sex facto

Confidence about skin quality played a significant part in how the women felt about sex – just over half (53 per cent) said they had good skin which made them feel more sexy and just under half (47 per cent) thought they had poor skin which made them feel less sexy.
Nearly two thirds (61 per cent) of respondents said skin quality was a factor in the enjoyment of sex.

Astral – on trial


In-home trials were undertaken by 20 women aged 50-59 who were each given a large tub of Astral to use for three weeks. A pre-trial interview investigated attitudes towards skincare in general, skincare concerns, products currently used, and perceived differences between the older and younger generations regarding skin habits. After three weeks respondents were re-interviewed to find out how they had used Astral and whether they had found it to be effective.

The survey was carried out in five locations in England: London/South; South/West (Worcestershire); Nottingham; Manchester; West Yorkshire, during August 2008.

The views of a 50+ women

So what do women say?…

Attitudes to skincare

Appearance of the face and hair were considered to be the most important when creating a good first impression

The visual condition of the skin was most worrying to those who took part in the research, with lines and wrinkles and lack of elasticity cited as the biggest concerns. These issues were considered to be more important than thread veins, uneven pigmentation, spots or blemishes, open pores or greasy skin.

All respondents said that they want ‘simple yet effective’ skincare products, with 90 per cent saying this is very important to them. Eight out of 10 women believe that traditional skincare products can be as effective as more expensive, high-tech brands.

All respondents want to look good for their age, with 80 per cent agreeing strongly with the statement. Most also believe that women in their 50s are expected to look good, implying that pressure from external sources, such as media and peers is a factor. For most women it is more important to look good for their age than to look young.

Skincare habits

Three quarters of the women in the study say that they have changed their skincare regime over the years to keep them looking good.

Nearly all the women in the study (95 per cent) say that they use make-up or colour cosmetics and daytime moisturiser. More use daytime moisturiser, cream cleanser, body moisturiser facial washes, night cream or eye cream now than in their 20s.

The above increase in the use of beauty products reflects both a wider availability of products and a choice by the women to change their skincare regime in order to reflect the altered needs of their mature skin. Nearly half of the women (45 per cent) say that their skin needs more nourishment now and nearly one in three of the women (30 per cent) say that the menopause made their skin drier.

Choosing a moisturiser

Thirty five per cent of the women stick with a moisturiser for at least five years, once they find one that they like. The most common reasons for trying a new moisturiser are recommendations from friends and relatives, editorial endorsements and value for money.

Wise words from mums

The women were all asked what skincare advice they could remember from their own mothers. Good cleansing was the key point that came through but, quite interestingly, adequate moisturising was not a skincare tip that had been handed down to them.

From one generation to another

When asked whether they thought that young women today take greater care of their skin than they did when they were young, a considerable majority agreed it was the case (85 per cent). Some forty per cent think that this is due to women knowing more about what they should do and why it is important for good skin care. More than one third (35 per cent) think it is due to increased media pressure and some thirty per cent think it can be attributed to a wider choice of products being available today than they had decades ago

When asked what advice they would like to pass to young women about skincare, caring for the skin from the inside as well as the outside came through. One quarter (25 per cent) advised on a simple but daily skincare regime and more than half (55 per cent) say that eating healthily is important.

Managing ageing skin

For long-term benefit to the skin, several factors were cited by the women. All the women think that a simple daily skincare regime including moisturising is of benefit – 90 per cent of women said that it is of considerable benefit. All the women also think that eating healthily is important; 70 per cent think cutting stress or getting more sleep is a key and water is vital. Just 20 per cent thought that professional skincare, such as facials, is important.

Most of the women (80 per cent) say that they would not consider having cosmetic surgery, botox or laser treatments. A further seventy per cent would not have microdermabrasion. Fifty per cent have had professional facials, however. Twenty per cent had tried dermatological anti-ageing treatments or creams.

Where did you use it?
Base 20
On arms/legs 85%
On face 65%
On hands 65%
On neck 55%
On knees or elbows 40%
On feet 40%
On body 35%


A considerable majority (85 per cent) found Astral:

• effective in soothing and hydrating the skin in general
• effective at preventing dry skin
• effective in maintaining moisture balance of skin

In addition, 80 per cent noted that Astral was adept at treating patches of very dry skin.

Sixty per cent of the trial participants said that immediately after using Astral, their skin felt soft; 40 per cent said that it was smooth and more than one in three (35 per cent) said that it felt hydrated. After using Astral regularly throughout the 3-week trial, 60 per cent of women said their skin felt softer, half described their skin as smoother and 40 per cent referred to their skin as hydrated.

Overall, respondents felt that Astral is good for mature skin and a tried and tested product.

Finally, the study looked at whether the women would continue to use Astral and 70 per cent said a categorical ‘yes’.


Appearance is important to women whatever the age. Most of us want to look the best we can. Beautiful skin is a vital part of that because it is always on show.

As we get older, it can be more difficult to keep our skin looking good because its needs change and we do not always adapt our skincare regime to reflect the changes in our skin’s requirements. Optimum hydration and nutrition of our skin from both the inside and the outside is the key. Finding an effective moisturiser, which is easy-to-use and gentle on the pocket is not always easy to achieve, but this trial shows that Astral is proven to offer exactly that.

About Astral

Astral was first launched in 1950. Millions of women have been using this all-over moisturiser over the last 50-plus years and generations of ladies have experienced smooth, soft skin thanks to Astral’s, rich, intense formulation.
The cream is the same today as it was when it launched. Why change a perfect recipe? We don’t change the formula, as the loyal Astral consumers wouldn’t stand for it.

Astral is full of delicately balanced and nourishing ingredients which make it a perfect all-over moisturiser. It can be used every day to keep skin soft, hydrated and supple. It can even tackle the driest skin on elbows and feet. Versatile Astral can also be used as an after-sun
lotion and make-up remover.

Skincare expert and GP, Dr Trisha MacNair, says “Your skin is your largest organ. It covers your entire body and has a surface area of around two square metres. In total, your skin accounts for around 16 per cent of your body weight. Because our skin is such an important organ, taking care of it is vital and that means starting with a cream that you can trust and can really help keep your skin well nourished and moisturised.”

Elixir editor, Avril O’Connor notes: “Astral you can really rely on. It is a great, all-over body moisturiser, suitable for all skin types and needs. As a cream it is clever. It actually locks in the skin’s natural moisture, while still allowing it to breathe. As a result, because the cream can actually lock in moisture, it can ‘feed’ the skin well; keeping it really well hydrated, which is vital to our skin health needs. This working action also means that Astral leaves your skin fresh and soft.”

She continues, “The other great news about Astral is its versatility. Not only is it extremely effective on ‘traditional’ dry areas of the skin, such as elbows, knees, heels of the feet, skin around the hand nail area, but it is also a cream that is multi-functional in other ways. For instance, it can be used as an after-sun lotion; make-up remover and cleanser to name a few of the ‘jobs’. How many creams do you know that can be trusted to do all those skincare needs well? None as far as I am concerned.”

Astral is available in Boots, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and all good chemists. It comes in three pot sizes: 50ml – the ‘the handbag pot’, which is perfect for on-the-go indulgence (£1.49); 200ml – with all the different uses of Astral, many women get a few 200ml pots and keep one by the bed, one in the bathroom, one by the kitchen sink or any place where Astral might come in handy (£4.19); 500ml – Astral prides itself on being a premium quality product with a great value price (£7.99). With the 500ml pot women get even more for their money.

Common questions about Astral

Q. Has Astral been dermatologically tested?
A. Yes
Q. Is Astral suitable for use by Muslims?
A. Yes, Lanolin and Lanolin alcohol are extracted from sheep’s wool. However, Lanolin Alcohol is produced by a chemical reaction with lanolin, i.e. it is man-made rather than the type of alcohol that you drink.
Q. Is Astral tested on animals?
A. No.
Q. Does Astral contain any animal products?
A. Astral contains Glycerin, which is purely synthetic, Lanolin, which is extracted from sheep’s wool and Lanolin, which is produced by a chemical reaction with Lanolin.
Q. Where can I buy Astral from?
A. Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s, Safeway, Asda, Morrisons, Lloyds and all good chemists.
Q. What sizes does Astral come in?
A. A 50ml pot, 200ml pot and 500ml pot.
Q. The new pots of Astral have a different ingredients list, has the formula changed?
A. No, the formula is identical, but new EU regulations mean that all toiletries and cosmetics need to list more ingredients on the label.
Q. Does Astral contain perfume?
A. Yes, the perfume in Astral is unique to the brand and has remained unchanged over the years.

One independent web site has received 23 reviews of Astral and it found that 96 per cent of women recommended it.

Average Ratings
Value for Money 9.3/10
Reviewer Rating 9.7/10
Overall Rating 9.4/10

Dermalogica launches powerful new anti-ageing skincare


Dermalogica has launched a new range of anti-ageing skincare with a powerful mix of ingredients to fight the biochemical causes of skin ageing.

AGE Smart™ which flew off the shelves after its recent US launch contains innovative technology and ingredients. Two of the star products the Antioxidant Hydramist which zaps the skin with antioxidants and the MAP-15 Regenerator in which a revolutionary powder that turns into a wrinkle-fighting cream on contact with the skin.

AGE Smart™ which has gone on sale in the US and UK via salon and selected online outlets works by impacting the main biochemical reactions which result in the signs of ageing. These are chemical reactions which occur within the skin and include: Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) – also known as free radicals; the generation of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) and the development of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs)

ROS include oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides and are generally very small molecules which are highly reactive due to the presence of unpaired electrons. During times of environmental stress, ROS levels can increase dramatically, causing considerable damage to cell structures. Studies have shown that UV-induced damage to the skin is in part caused by ROS.

Lipid peroxidation also results from ROS damage to cell membranes, leading to premature ageing, skin cancer and cell death. AGE Smart™ uses a combination of antioxidants (including white tea and vitamins C and E) to scavenge free radicals; glucosamine, lactic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate to treat hyperpigmentation and bioflavonoids (white tea and liquorice) to treat broken capillaries.

MMPs are enzymes which, when activated, control tissue degradation in the dermis. MMPs include collagenase which specifically decomposes particular collagens or other proteins in the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

Collagenase is really a group of enzymes which are responsible for breaking down the different types of collagen and elastin. The formation of MMPs may be stimulated by internal growth factors and inflammatory modulators, as well as exposure to UV radiation. Within hours of UV exposure, the MMP genes are activated, resulting in the biosynthesis of collagenase and other MMPs. As skin ages, its ability to replenish collagen and elastin naturally slows and skin loses strength and tone. Dehydration also occurs as the ability to replenish hyaluronic acid also diminishes. AGE Smart™ slows the formation of MMPs and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid with the inclusion of soy, peptides, polyphenols (from white tea), vitamin C and yeast extract.

AGEs occur as a result of sugar molecules in the body reacting with proteins such as collagen. AGEs cause collagen to cross-link leading to stiff proteins with a loss of elasticity. As the body is incapable of destroying AGEs, this cross-linking causes dramatic skin ageing. During the forming of AGEs, additional ROS (free radicals) are created which contributes to the ageing process. AGE Smart™ uses a unique and specific peptide (LYS/ARG polypeptide) combined with glucosamine and soy isoflavonoids to trap excess sugar molecules, preventing the formation of AGEs. In the process, the generation of ROS associated with AGE formation is also subdued.

The AGE Smart™ range includes five new products for home use and five existing products with updated formulations, complete the set. The new products are:

• Skin Resurfacing Cleanser (£27.20) – a dual-action cleanser which thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates skin in one easy step. Retexturises skin by accelerating cell turnover whilst fortifying skin’s natural moisture barrier. Contains AHA lactic acid to exfoliate surface cells, leaving a smoother, polished surface receptive to subsequent active ingredients whilst helping hydrate and brighten. Soothing rose flower oil calms skin and vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) conditions and enhances skin softness

• Antioxidant Hydramist (£27.20) – a refreshing antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties. Supplements skin’s protective barrier by creating an active antioxidant shield to fight damaging ROS. Arginine/Lysine polypeptide helps prevent the signs of ageing caused by AGEs whilst magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP) provides critical antioxidant protection and inhibits MMP enzymes contributing to collagen breakdown. White tea, liquorice and vitamin E shield against free radicals whilst aloe and sodium lactate provide moisture for the skin

• MAP-15 Regenerator™ (£60.00) – a revolutionary powder-to-emulsion treatment which delivers a high concentration of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP) directly into the skin, dramatically improving skin firmness and clarity. Hyaluronic acid provides intense skin hydration whilst yeast extract helps stimulate wound healing, collagen formation and increases oxygen utilisation in skin

• Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 (£47.00) – a medium-weight, emollient daily moisturisers enabling absolute hydration and defense against the contributing causes of skin ageing. Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 over-rides the inhibitory effects of MMPs on collagen synthesis whilst activating tissue growth factor (TGF), a peptide which is required in its active state for collagen production to occur. Oenothera biennis (evening primrose oil), a source of gamma linoleic acid, helps prevent skin sensitisation by reinforcing skin’s natural barrier lipid layer and helps retain hydration levels. Also contains colloidal oatmeal and chrysanthemum parthenium extract to calm irritated skin

• Renewal Lip Complex (£19.40) – a daily treatment which restores delicate tissue, minimises contour lines and helps prevent the signs of ageing. Superior conditioning lasts hours beyond application and is ideal for wearing alone or as a smoothing primer before lipstick application. Contains palmitoyl oligopeptides to condition skin and stimulate collagen formation, minimising fine lines. Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, persea gratissima (avocado) oil, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil and butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) are emollient and vitamin-rich plant lipids which smooth and condition lip tissue whilst helping to prevent dehydration

The remainder of the range includes existing Dermalogica hero products which help with premature ageing:

• MultiVitamin Power Concentrate – formulation of pure, concentrated vitamins A,C and E which enhances the skin’s natural repair process

• MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque – a powerful calming masque of concentrated vitamins and botanicals to calm stressed skin, helping to reduce redness and restore suppleness

• MultiVitamin Power Firm For Eye & Lip Area – a powerful firming complex of skin-rebuilding antioxidant vitamins, protective organic silicones and seaweed extract to combat visible lines around the eye and lip areas

• Super Rich Repair – a super-concentrated, heavy-weight cream which combats chronically dry, dehydrated and prematurely-ageing skin conditions whilst it repairs and protects

• Power Rich™ – a potent moisturising treatment which stimulates collagen production, helping to increase firmness and elasticity

All Dermalogica products take into account an understanding of modern skin stress and active, busy lifestyles. The professionally recommended products do not involve complicated and outdated rituals. What distinguishes Dermalogica from other skin care ranges is the recognition that your skin is as individual as you are. Dermalogica products use highly active ingredients, are not animal tested – and they work.

For stockist details, please call 0800 591818 (UK number)


Cosmetic Solutions, Harley Street, London

20% off non-surgical aesthetics
Cosmetic Solutions/Angelica Kovouni
129 Harley Street
London W1
T: + 44 (0)20 7486 9040

Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS Plastic Surgeon is the director of a medical practice specialising in anti-ageing care and cosmetic plastic surgery.

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Avon growth falls – 1 August 2006

Avon Products has announced a significant drop in its profits as restructuring charges hit the bottom line and the company’s performance in most markets, including the US, came in below expectations.

The company said that during its second quarter, net income dropped 54 per cent to reach $150.9m on the back $2.1bn in sales, up 5 per cent on the same period last year.

The company said that it incurred a $49m charge, as part of its massive restructuring programme, introduced in the last quarter of 2005. These costs included organisational realignments and a reduction in the workforce, particularly in its middle management.

Avon CEO Andrea Jung said that the company has now eliminated more than 25 per cent of its management positions and lowered the number of management tiers from 15 to eight. This means that to date the company has eliminated 10 per cent of its 43,000 workforce worldwide.

Analysts had expected the drop in profits, but the performance was not as good as average forecasts had expected.

Morgan Stanley said that there could be a limited amount of negative reaction on the stock markets in response to weak top line growth in all markets except China.

The North American market remains flat, although that reverses the steady decline in sales experienced last year. The company said that sales volume were down by 5 per cent, in conjunction with a 7 per cent decline in sales representatives that the company said was exacerbated by rising fuel costs.

Although sales were up by 2 per cent in Europe as a whole, many of the established markets have proved to be tough in the face of stiff competition. The exception has been Turkey, which had proved to be a strong performer on the back of good retail conditions.

In the Central and Eastern European region sales were up 4 per cent, representing a decrease in volumes. The company said that this was due to a fall in colour cosmetic sales throughout the Central European market.

This performance was boosted by stronger results in Russia, which helped to offset a poorer performance in Poland.

Outside of Europe, Asia was particularly disappointing, with sales down 10 per cent, mainly caused by a down-turn in the Japanese market.

In Asia the one shining light proved to be the China market, where sales grew by 8 per cent, in line with expectations. The company said that this figure came about from the resumption of direct sales at the beginning of this year.

In Latin America sales were up 17 per cent, boosted by last year’s acquisition in the Colombia market and the continued growth of the Brazilian market. However, the company said that the Mexico market had proved to be ‘soft’ contributing to lower underlying growth.

Avon’s restructuring scheme aims to save the company around $100m a year, but will have to be fed by top line growth that, judging by the last quarter’s result, is not happening.

In the longer-term results will almost certainly be cushioned by significant savings, but top line growth will have to resume if the company is to sustain the estimated $500m total restructuring costs.