A signature facial from QMS Medicosmetics that is one of the very best

At Elixir we get bombarded with offers of free skincare and treatments.  The majority of the time we are too busy to take up these kind offers but to be brutally frank many of these treatments do not have a uniqueness in terms of what they can do to help skin look better.

So it was a delight to get an invite from a new medi-skincare range – new that is to Liberty’s in London – QMS Medicosmetics – to try out the signature facial.

The science behind the range has been developed by the experience of trauma and cosmetic surgeon, Erich Schultz, who saw the future of skincare as being interlinked with the development of modern technologies used to transport the ingredients deep into the epidermal layer. His mantra is powerful, intelligent skincare formulations based on scientific logic not “alleged” miracles.

So I visit QMS Medicosmetics new treatment room at Liberty London where I meet the lovely Rowan Hall-Farrise, the Head Facialist at QMS  and  receive a thorough consultation.

The comprehensive offering features four signature facials unique to Liberty, or the opportunity to choose a completely bespoke treatment. For those looking to breathe new life into tired complexions, the O2 Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment, lasting 80 minutes, combines customized Oxygen Energy Application using 95% pure oxygen to channel the brand’s signature collagens into the skin for the ultimate skin boost.

The improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates the regenerative process for firmer, smoother and more radiant skin. Alternatively, bespoke treatments are available for those wanting a completely customised facial designed around their individual needs.

Following my skin assessment and my own particular concerns, Rowan recommends an 80 minute treatment to revitalise and rebalance my skin – the Collagen Rejuvenation Facial which costs £150.

I know, I know…its expensive…but all I can say is that when I left without a shred of makeup on my skin – to walk around the West End – I looked radiant! My skin had somehow blossomed and volumed. I also felt alive and radiant and not sleepy.

The products themselves are mainly serum based and are not scented but rely on the quality of the ingredients for their aroma.

QMS Medicosmetics 02 Collagen Rejuvenation Facial (£150 / 80 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics Urban Repair Facial (£110 / 50 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics 02 Boost and Recharge Facial (£80 / 45 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics Educational Facial (£60 / 30 minutes) QMS Medicosmetics Bespoke Facial (£120 / 50 minutes, £160 / 80 minutes)

QMS Medicosmetics facial treatments start at £60 for 30 minutes, with packages also available to optimise skin progress and value for money. Bookings can be made by emailing bookings@qmsmedicosmetics.com or calling 020 7734 1234 ext. 2796.

Following the assessment of my skin Rowan recommended the following products:

1. Active Exfoliant 7% Sensitive £73 for 30ml

2.Day Collagen Sensitive £73 for 30ml

3.Density Structure Night Serum £173 for 30ml

4. Night Collagen Sensitive £73 for 30ml

5.50+ Cellular Shield £69 for 30ml