Harley Street Medical Group launches bespoke non-surgical treatments

London: Ongoing scientific innovations, advancements and developments in the multi million pound non surgical treatments and procedures market means that women and men are offered an ever expanding range of ways to improve their appearance – without the need for cosmetic surgery.

Research conducted by The Harley Medical Group, responsible for introducing a significant number of FDA-approved procedures and treatments into the UK market since 1983, has shown that patients are increasingly confused about what the latest treatments do, which treatments combine well together to provide the best overall results and what results they can expect to see following treatment.

After 12 months of consultation amongst its medical and specialist non surgical solutions team of dermatologists, doctors and nurses, The Harley Medical Group is launching computerized photo-imaging skin analysis and personal treatment plans with treatments carried out by trained medical staff.

Using the most up to date computerised photo imaging skin analysis technology, the surface and subsurface of the skin is analysed as the face is photographed and then microscopically examined – a photographic report is then printed out with a reading of the skin’s characteristics such as pore size, age spotting, pigmentation, skin unevenness and lines & wrinkles. Taking into account the patient’s age and lifestyle, it gives a score for each of the key factors relating to the skin’s condition using a grading relative to the 3,500 women and 1,500 men whose details are stored in the system.

The Non Surgical Solutions Nurse Therapist will then conduct a careful assessment, where necessary in consultation with The Harley Medical Group’s team of dermatologists, to determine which of the extensive range of treatments will best suit the patient’s needs, providing a Personal Treatment Prescription Plan with a prescription of treatment recommendations. This will take into account the patient’s medical history, what they want to achieve and their preferences for treatment.

The Personal Treatment Prescription Plan may include, amongst other things:

◊ Wrinkle relaxing injections and or dermal fillers
◊ Medical microdermabrasion
◊ Glycolic and/or other Peels
◊ Aesthera PPx Laser (see news release enclosed)
◊ Laser Hair Removal
◊ Thread Vein Removal
◊ Hyperhydrosis
◊ Acne treatment

The Harley Medical Group’s Non Surgical Solutions Nurse Therapist will thoroughly explain each stage of the procedure to the patient from the preparation for the treatment through to what to expect at the treatment itself and detailed post-treatment care – she may also put the patient in touch with other patients who have undergone the same treatment procedure.

Prior to treatment, photographs will be taken so that they can be used as a future reference point and when planning future treatment programmes – patients often want copies of these for show and tell and share sessions with girlfriends over lunch!

Once the Personal Treatment Prescription Plan has been completed, the patient may want to book for a Non Surgical Solutions Skin Maintenance Programme, to provide an ongoing prescriptive treatment plan that’s both rejuvenating and preventive in the ageing process – keeping their skin looking the way they want it to.

All of The Harley Medical Group’s Non Surgical Solutions nurses, doctors and dermatologists are specially selected and trained experts in skin maintenance and improvement in the field of non surgical treatment application and have been specially trained to administer Non Surgical Treatments.

To book an appointment for Non Surgical Solutions – Computerised Photo-Imaging Skin Analysis or Personal Prescription Treatment Plan at any of The Harley Medical Group’s 12 clinics in the UK & Ireland, call 0800 0859 085. All clinics are centres of clinical excellence and each clinic being registered with the Healthcare Commission.

The Harley Medical Groupwhich has been established for 23 years and has 12 clinics across the country, is one of the most highly-regarded cosmetic surgery groups operating in the UK. Last year, The Harley Medical Group became one of the only commercial providers to work with the government to help oversee the regulation of the entire cosmetic surgery sector and Chairman Mel Braham was appointed to the Department of Health’s Steering Committee.

The Harley Medical Group is renowned for introducing pioneering new techniques to the UK market, such as Laser Hair Removal, Cool Touch Laser, Silk Touch Laser, Collagen for lines and wrinkles, Laser for snoring, Tumescent Liposuction, LPG for cellulite treatment.

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