Eurocanarias Oftalmológica (eye health), Las Palmas Gran Canaria


Eurocanarias Oftalmológica
Calle León y Castillo 211
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
T: + 34 928 49 10 90

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Eurocanarias Oftalmológica is a company devoted to eye surgery and ophthalmic treatments, and has been at the cutting edge of ophthalmology for almost 20 years. Facilities here are state-of-the-art.

Eurocanarias Oftalmológica provides a complete ophthalmology service that covers all of the areas of this speciality, thereby offering on Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a service that matches that of any other leading international ophthalmology centre.


The company offers a full range of eye procedures and treatments makes use of the latest technology and equipment to diagnose and treat eye problems as well the services of ten prominent ophthalmologists

Eurocanarias Oftalmológica is a company devoted to Eye Medicine and Surgery. This clinic has been on the cutting edge of national ophthalmology for almost 20 years.

Eurocanarias Oftalmológica provides a complete ophthalmology service that covers all of the areas of this speciality, thereby offering on Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a service that matches that of any other leading international ophthalmology centre. To do so, the company makes use of the latest technology to diagnose and treat eye problems as well as a provider directory that includes ten prominent ophthalmologists.

Treatments offered include a range of the latest medical interventions for eye health including laser surgery from Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and other surgical interventions for cataracts and glaucoma as well as contact lenses.

Tattoo removal the natural way – watch the video


London: Developed in Germany during 20 years of research and development and supported by Swiss precision technology, Tattoo Erase will restore the skin to virtually its pre-tattoo condition. It is a completely natural procedure, less painful than lasers, that is effective removing all colours including reds, greens and yellows.

Tattoo Erase is the natural alternative solution.Find out more at
Until now laser treatment or Dermabrasion, wearing away the skin with an abrasive tool, has been the only hope for tattoo removal. Both processes have their limitations. Some colours of ink will not absorb set laser wavelengths making the complete removal of varied colour tattoos impossible whilst the Dermabrasion method often requires a skin graft to level out the skin. Tattoo Erase is a natural process using natural products.

Tattoo Erase uses natural products to help your body reject the tattoo in the same way the body naturally expels a splinter. The Kataderm fluid used to encourage this process is a mixture of natural products, which are benign, are in the food chain and occur naturally in the human body. The Kataderm fluid is not mutagenic and there is no evidence that it is anything other than non-allergenic.

Watch the video to learn more:

Find out more at

Cap City Cosmetic, Cannon Street, London

Discount is three laser hair removal treatments for the price of two (cost – to be advised)
CAP City Cosmetic
123 Cannon Street
London EC4N 5AY
T: + 44 (0)20 7929 0123

A clinic that understanding the needs of the busy career professional. When you visit us at the clinic, you can be sure to find friendly, helpful and understanding staff who will discuss any concerns you may have prior to your treatment. They will be able to recommend the very best solution for superb results, and will talk you through the procedures, answering questions and offering professional advice throughout.

Cap City Cosmetic works in close partnership with its sister Clinic, Cap City Dental, where patients are treated to the highest levels of care, understanding and quality. Cap City Dental’s resident Cosmetic Dentist Dr. George Druttman achieves incredible results in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry and is on hand to offer honest, professional advice along with superior dental work.

Cap City Cosmetic is ideally situated at a stone’s throw from Cannon Street

Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, Harley Street, London


20% discount on all treatments
Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
98 Harley Street
T: + 44 (0)20 7935 0986

About the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
The Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, offers the best advice and treatments to protect, repair and cosmetically enhance the appearance and texture of your skin, all from our conveniently located clinic, in the heart of London. Dr Aamer Khan is one of the most experienced medical professionals in the UK in the field of injectables and beauty aesthetics, including fillers and body sculpting such as SmartLipo.

Renew Medica opens new clinic in Harrods London


Renew Medica, a leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures in London and the South East, has opened a new clinic at Harrods in London.

On offer at Harrods and its other 14 clinics in the South East is a full-range of of on invasive skin treatments on offer including Laser Hair Removal, Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL), Skin Health Restoration, Micro-Dermabrasion, Botox, Wrinkle Treatment, Hyperhidrosis Control, Dermal Fillers and MesoGlow, to VISIA Complexion Analysis System, Remedial Electrolysis, (spelling) Micro-Pigmentation, Facial Chemical Peels and Sclerotherapy.

Clinical Director, Dr Sach Mohan, leads Renew Medica’s impeccable team of doctors, nurses and aestheticians.

He comments, ¬ďWith such a fantastic team of skin experts and specialists, I am proud to say that Renew Medica is leading the Industry in advanced skin treatments and laser hair removal, with the highest level of service and clinical results. To announce the opening of our new flagship site within the Urban Retreat, Harrods is another milestone for us, but we will continue to make Renew Medica more accessible and affordable to all, and we look forward to build on our current 14 clinics.¬Ē

Renew Medica¬ís Harrods Flagship Site will also conduct Body Contouring and Skin Tightening treatments ¬Ė The Accent System ¬Ė a painless dual mode radio frequency device used for the treatment of Cellulite, body and facial skin tightening and contouring to help eliminate stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise alone are unable to remove. The Accent system is already accruing a phenomenal response, and this safe, non invasive treatment requires fewer sessions than other popular systems with longer lasting results, and finally gives a genuine alternative to those not wishing to go under the knife.

The most popular chain in London for Laser Hair Removal, Renew Medica is the one of the few practices that offers a variety of Laser treatment systems, according to different skin types, contrary to most clinics, who only offer one treatment type for all. The three types of Laser treatment that Renew Medica offers are: YAG ¬Ė for ethnic skin types; Alex ¬Ė for extremely fair skin; and Diode ¬Ė for all other skin types. Renew Medica will also be launching the new Soprano XL System, the revolutionary painless laser hair removal system.

¬ďNot all Lasers are the same, and clinical results and efficacy vary, depending on the technology used and whether this is appropriate for your skin type.¬Ē

Renew Medica is also renowned for the unique Botox Wrinkle Treatment it offers to clients. Creating a natural look by perfecting the technique, avoiding the frozen look associated with American practitioners, the artistry adopted by the Renew Medica specialists revolves around appreciating each individual’s facial anatomy. As well as the obvious purpose of removing facial lines, the Botox treatment at Renew Medica is also effective in inducing and augmenting eyebrows, eliminating tension headaches and excessive sweating, especially popular amongst the hand shaking right palms of city executives.

With climate change and increased exposure to environmental pollution accelerating the rise in poor skin health, another popular service offered by Renew Medica is the superior quality skin analysis. Adopting the technologically advanced Visia skin mapping system, which allows for the identification and monitoring of common skin conditions such as the extent of sun damage to the skin, wrinkling, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation, Renew Medica has established itself as the leading provider of Skin Health Restoration treatments, and a full range of treatment options are provided, to improve the client’s skin.

Cosmedix, the cosmeceutical range of plant botanicals-based skin care products carried by Renew Medica offers a variety of retinol based creams.

Hailed as the Holy Grail in Anti-aging, retinol helps in increasing skin cell production, collagen synthesis and blood supply. Renew Medica skin experts also offer effective treatments for acne, sun damage, dark patches and open pores, that are available following a thorough skin analysis and consultation using the Visia or Woods Lamp.

For further information on Renew Medica please visit or call 0800 027 2029. Renew Medica clinics in London are located in Oxford Circus, Bayswater, Hampstead, City, Knightsbridge, New Kings Rd, Winchmore Hill, Weybridge, Croydon, Richmond, Muswell Hill, Barnet, Holloway Rd and Harrods.


¬ē Appointments can be made by calling free-phone 0800 027 2029, or emailing

¬ē Renew Medica Clinics:

Oxford Circus 28 Maddox Street, Oxford Circus, London W1S 1PR
T: 020 7499 4904 E:

Bayswater 160 Queensway, London W2 6LY
T: 020 7221 2219 E:

Hampstead Oriel Court, 12 Heath Street, Hampstead, NW3 6TE
T: 020 7435 1199 E:

City 26 Widegate Street, London E1 7HP
T: 020 7247 0500 E:

Knightsbridge 26 Beauchamp Place, London SW6 4RE
T: 020 7584 6691 E:

New Kings Road 291 New Kings Road, London SW6 4RE
T: 020 7348 7111 E:

Winchmore Hill 948 Green Lanes, London N21 2AD
T: 020 8360 3108 E:

Weybridge 11-15 Baker Street, Weybridge, KT13 8AE
T: 01932 858 099 E:

Croydon 105 High Street, Croydon CRO 1QG
T: 020 8681 7318 E:

Richmond 157 St Margarets Road High, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 1RD
T: 020 8744 2427 E:

Muswell Hill 22-24 Muswell Hill, London N10 3RT

Barnet 152 High Street, Herts EN5 5QP
T: 020 8440 0443 E:

Holloway Rd 258 Holloway Road London N7 6NE
T: 020 7607 5212 E:

Harrods Urban Retreat, Fifth Floor, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7XL
T: 020 7893 8333 E:

Harmony Pixel – new generation skin rejuvenation laser


London: A new skin rejuvenation laser that peppers the skin with little holes, stimulating new collagen, has been launched in the UK.

The Harmony Pixel is a new generation skin resurfacing laser that means long recovery times following treatment are a thing of the past. This exciting new fractional laser provides the dramatic effects of ablative skin resurfacing without the pain. Harmony Pixel offers safe and effective skin resurfacing for face, neck, chest, arms and hands with no side effects, no down time and no pain.

Harmony Pixel reduces fine lines and pigmentation in a non-aggressive way that targets about 20% of the skin surface at one session making it possible to re surface sensitive areas such as around the eyes, the neck and hands. Redness lasts 2-3 days rather than 1-2 weeks with traditional laser resurfacing.

The Pixel¬ģ Erbium laser is a pre-programmed laser beam that passes through the pixel micro optic lens, splitting the beam into tiny dots which penetrate into the skin. It creates an ablative effect at the pixel area – a micro injury – without disturbing any surrounding tissue. The micro injured areas then start the process of healing as collagen remodels, skin tightens and the skin texture improves.

The Pixel¬ģ used at the Court House Clinics has also proven effective in reducing acne scars and treating younger skin for superficial sun damage. The treatment itself is not painful and no local anaesthetic will be required. Following treatment you can expect to experience a mild ‘sunburn’ type sensation for 3 – 4 hours, then virtually no discomfort at all.

No pain medication is required and you can return to work within 1 – 2 days.
2-3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart may be required, but with less downtime and discomfort Pixel is a real break through for smoother, softer and tighter skin.

Prices: £1,200 per full face treatment, I hr per treatment.£500 per area. Time: 45 minutes for first treatment and 30 minutes for subsequent treatments.

Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing available from Court House Clinics, London 0870- 850 3456

Clinic trials low-level lasers to curb appetite


Los Angeles: Trials are taking place to determine the effectiveness of low-level lasers in suppressing appetite and speeding up the metabolism.

The research into this therapy is taking place at Freedom Laser Therapy in Los Angeles, where the lasers are used on the body’s acupuncture points.

Participants also get the expertise of international fitness expert Peter Nielsen, who creates a bespoke lifestyle changing weight loss program for clients.

During the low-level laser therapy session the client watches Peter’s 15-minute weight loss instructional video about his own principles of healthy living. The client receives guidance on nutrition and fitness to promote new healthy lifestyle habits. Inclusive in the program is a weight loss support kit, which consists of nutritional supplements, diet plans, exercise tips, and additional items that will assist the client with their weight loss goals.

For over a decade, Nielsen has worked toward motivating people to get moving and get fit by adopting the philosophy of keeping fitness simple and fun. Nielsen grew up in Brooklyn, New York. At age 15, Peter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and dropped down to a mere 86 pounds.

Very little was known about Crohn’s Disease in 1977 and even doctors were at a loss to tell his family how to fend off the crippling attacks of abdominal pain and bleeding, not to mention malnutrition and all of the other ailments caused by poor nutrient absorption. Nielsen was physically weakened by surgery and mentally discouraged by the disease’s prognosis. The writing on the wall seemed to say that Nielsen’s life was going to be a limited one. Yet, Peter astonished his family, friends and doctors. A pivotal period of soul searching revealed truths to Peter that transformed his attitude toward his health, his body and especially his life. This is the foundation of Nielsen’s message of health and fitness.

For 25 years, Nielsen has lived a lifestyle of total fitness. In conjunction with his doctors, Nielsen created a new lifestyle that focused on health, nutrition and fitness. Peter Nielsen has earned 72 titles ¬ďMr. International Universe,¬Ē ¬ďMr. World Trainer of the Year,¬Ē ¬ďAmerica¬ís Top Personal Trainer¬Ē and ¬ďBest Training Club in the Country.¬Ē

Peter Nielsen is providing exercise, nutritional, motivational and educational materials to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Peter Nielsen is not directly affiliated with the laser therapy clinical research trials.

For more information:

Rejuvenation treats for hands and feet

Veiny feet and wrinkly hands have always been the ultimate giveaway of a person’s age. Hands in particular are more vulnerable to ageing and sun damage than other parts of the body because they are almost always exposed and have little subcutaneous fat.

The cumulative effects of aging, sun and exposure to other pollutants are brown spots, uneven pigmentation, skin cancers, thinning skin, and prominent veins.

The best way to keep hands and feet healthy and beautiful is to protect them from environmental damage in the first place. But if your hands are already showing signs of ageing or looking a bit worse for wear after some DIY, then there are several new treatments which can restore them to an earlier time.

There is a huge range of preventative and curative products and treatments on the market, containing the latest anti-ageing ingredients including cell-protecting anti-oxidants such as Co Enzyme Q10, vitamins A, C and E and essential oils.

One of the most effective anti-ageing treatments, which can be used for hands and feet, and has no harmful side effects is Restylane Vital from Swedish company Q Med. This treatment uses hyaluronic acid, a natural substance which is a precursor to natural collagen and is used to bulk out the hand or foot making it plumper and younger looking. It is delivered in a multi-injection and makes a difference from the very first treatment. The downside is that it is expensive at £400 and top up treatments will be as it is slowly reabsorbed by the body. (Fiona & Marie Aesthetics, 30 Devonshire Street, W1. T 020 7908 3773)

Dr Georges Roman (Devonshire Medical Chambers, W1 020 7323 2123), is London¬ís leading expert on the mesolift which is a vitamin- based injection popular with French women and normally used to rejuvenate the face. He has adapted his technique for use on the hands, with a special ¬ďgun¬Ē that delivers 200 tiny injections at a time. The combination of vitamins improves the quality of new skin and plumps it out . Although an improvement is noticed after the first treatment, best results are obtained after two to four (at ¬£350 each)treatments.

Sun damage such as age spots are best treated with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) lasers which ¬ďvaporise¬Ē the thin layer of dark coloured skin by breaking down the melanin. Removal is permanent, although new spots may appear. Again hands can also be plumped out with IPL which gives a kick-start to collagen growth. Prices vary but start from ¬£100 (Xfolio Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, Unit 1 Horizon Building, Hertsmere Road, E1. T: 020 7538 1001 and 52 Lambs Conduit Street, WC1 T 020 7242 5749 email

Structural fat grafting is another option. This is best carried out by a cosmetic surgeon since it involves the removal of fat from the leg or abdomen. The fat cells are treated and reinjected into the hand or other part of the body that needs plumping up.(BUPA Hospitals. T 0800 6644 434. Prices on application).

Microdermabrasion is another option which helps improve appearance by removing fine lines and also texture by removing dead skin cells.(Xfolia, Unit 1 Horizon Building, Hertsmere Road, E1 T: 020 7538 1001 and 52 Lambs Conduit Street, WC1 T: 020 7242 5749 email

As with hands, feet need regularly attention to keep them looking good so you should exfoliate, moisturise and protect. And a good manicure or pedicure gives an instant feel good factor.

These are some of the latest products to try at home and salon treatments

Proto-Col’s Beauty In An Instant

A range of spa-inspired scrubs for body, hands and feet that work in just 60 seconds. The
Instant Manicure costs£24.95 for 250g and is a revitalising blend of eight essential oils plus dead sea salts. Jojoba softens, rosemary invigorates, orange oil is uplifting and grapeseed essential oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, perfect as hands can show signs of ageing more than other parts of the body. The Instant Pedicure £24.95 for 250g is an exfoliating and soothing Swiss lavender and energising, stimulating capsicum, easing aches and revitalising tired feet. Tea tree oil helps keep feet fresh, whilst lemongrass works as a natural antiperspirant. Available along with the complete range from Urban Retreat at Harrods, from at selected salons nationwide. For other stockist info call 0870 770 3860

Marks & Spencer’s new Spa Retreat at home

This is a lovely range of products for use at home that don’t cost the earth but smell and feel wonderful. Walking on Air is a buttery balm for exhausted feet to be used at night. It contains tamanu oil , sweet almond, cooling peppermint, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin B5.Costs £4.00 The Spa Midnight Moisture for thirsty hands is designed to work while you sleep. Made of cocoa butter and palm oil it is slighter richer than a daytime formulation and also contains keratin. Costs £4.50 The range also contains some sachet treats including the foot soak and the hands exfoliating scrub. Cost £1.00 each. From Marks & Spencers stores nationwide.

Airplus ¬Ė high-heel hell prevention

The foot cushion favourite of the Hollywood A-list, these non-visible insoles take the pressure and pain out of the sexiest of stilettos and skimpiest of sandals. They are made from medical grade silicone, which has a silky-smooth surface, is cool and breathable and won’t loose its shape. They are available in a variety of different shapes. £5.99 for a pack of two at

Scholl Luxury feet and nail range

Rough Skin Remover, £3.55; Dual Action Foot File,£4.69; Deep Moisturising Cream £4.25; Intensive Night Treatment with Socks£8.99; Cracked Heel Cream, £2.99 for 25ml or £7.99 for 100ml; Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions £4.99 and Busy Feet Insers £8.99. Available at Boots and other pharmacies. For more information phone the Consumer Care Line tel: 0800 074 2040

Supersalve Therapeutic Skin-care balm

New to the UK market this product from South Africa contains a nourishing blend of honey and essential oils and is so versatile is can be used to moisturise the face and body, hands and feet and can be applied to sunburn, insect bites, stings, minor allergies and irritations as well as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It also a very green product as it does not contain parabens, petrochemicals, solium lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrances and lanolin. A 175ml tube costs £14.95. A complementary product is the Recovery-Rub, developed for arthritis and rheumatism and helpful for aching joints and muscles costs £13.95 for a 150ml tube. Online purchase at or at selected health-food stores. Contact 0845 095 6505 for stockists.

Tisserand Essential Oil Rich Hand & Nail Cream

One of Tisserand’s hero products and celebrity favourite; this classic Essential Oil Rich Hand & Nail Cream moisturises and conditions hands and nails, leaving them delicately fragranced with the aroma of pure essential oils. It contains lavender, rose, geranium and sandalwood essential oils in a base of jojoba and kukui with chamomile extract to soften, protect and add fragrance. The Hand & Nail Cream costs £4.50 and is available from shops, by mail order 01273 325666 and online at

Lamisil Once

A new product from the specialists in treating that nasty fungal infection athletes feet. Lamisil Once is a gel-like solution that is a breakthrough in that sufficient active ingredient is delivered in a single application. Costs £9.99 from Boots and other pharmacies.


Padabhyanga Foot Massage and Karabhyanga Hand Massage at the Shymala Ayurveda Spa, Holland Park

A soothing foot massage with organic ayurbedic oils, combined with a full pedicure for the ultimate pampering experience. The hand treatment uses herbs and treats the whole forearm. Green tea and a selection of dried fruits, dates, apricots and ginger to accompany these treatments which are both 40 minutes and costs £70 and with a pedicure/manicure £100. Shymala Ayurbeda Spa, 152 Holland Park Avenue, W11. T 020 7348 0018

Clarins Manicures and Pedicures at Beauty Essence Bow Lane EC4

Perfect for a foot or hand makeover at lunchtime or after work. Beauty Essence offers a 45 minute full manicure for £25 or the luxury 1 hour treatment for £37. A 45-minute full pedicure costs £40 and the luxury version £48. All use luxury Clarins products.Beauty Essence, 7 Well Court, Bow Lane, EC4. T: 020 7248 0127

Crème de la Mer Ultimate Hand Treatment at Harrods

This ultimate luxury treatment uses sea quartz and diamond dust to buff and exfoliate and the luxury range of creams to hydrate. This costs £50 for 60 minutes and takes place in a room with flowing water. Available at the Urban Retreat, Harrods, SW1. T: 020 7893 8333

UK government cracks down on cowboy cosmetic clinics

London: The UK government’s watchdog, The Health Commission is to target unregulated cosmetic surgery clinics.

Unregistered clinics may face prosecution or closure because of the danger they pose to the public. The commission receives around 50 complaints each year from patients whose treatments have gone wrong. These include bothed treatments using lasers to remove hair, blemishes and tatooes.

The clinics are to be targeted by undercover inspectors, posing as clients. All clinics and operators offering aesthetics must be registered by the Health Commission and patients are advised to ask to see their registration certificate before embarking or paying for treatment.

Hands are real givaway of age, says new study

New York: Hands reveal a person’s real age, says a study in the June issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Roxanne Guy, MD, President elect of ASPS says: “A primary motivation to have plastic surgery is to look and feel better, often by seeking a younger looking appearance. However, looking younger after your facelift or eyelid surgery can conflict with aged hands that simply do not match the face.

“After the face, hands are the second most visible, tell-tale sign of one’s age. If your goal is to look more youthful or you are bothered by the appearance of your hands, you may seriously want to consider hand rejuvenation.”

In the study, people examined photographs of female hands and were asked to estimate the women’s ages. In the majority of cases, participants were able to accurately estimate the age of each woman in the photographs.

Participants were also asked to compare digitally altered photographs of female hands – blemishes and hand veins were removed or jewelery and nail polish were added – to unaltered photographs to assess which hands looked younger. The majority of participants felt that the altered photos of women’s hands appeared younger. However, alterations to photos of very elderly hands – characterized by thin skin, age spots, wrinkles, deformity, veins and prominent joints – did not change the participants’ ability to distinguish the person’s age.

Overall, the physical characteristic which most commonly gave away age was prominent hand veins.

In altered images where hand veins were removed, participants significantly felt hands looked younger. Fullness and a lack of wrinkles and veins characterized the youngest looking hands. Nail polish and jewelry were also found to make hands appear younger looking.

“The good news is, although your hands may reveal more about your age than you desire, there are remedies out there,” said Dr. Guy. “A good medical skincare regimen that focuses on the hands can be highly effective in maintaining skin thickness and fullness. Non-surgical procedures like laser treatments and chemical peels can reduce age spots. Fat injections can be used to plump up hands and reduce the visibility of veins and laser ablation of unwanted hand veins can reduce veins.”

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Biolite Skin Clinic – Harrow, Middlesex, UK


Biolite Skin Clinic
Harrow Exchange,
2 Gayton Road
Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2XU
T: +44(0)20 8901 4088 0870 351 7164
Qualified technicians offering the latest skin treatments at non-Harley Street prices. Only 20 minutes from central London by underground.