Tattoo removal the natural way – watch the video


London: Developed in Germany during 20 years of research and development and supported by Swiss precision technology, Tattoo Erase will restore the skin to virtually its pre-tattoo condition. It is a completely natural procedure, less painful than lasers, that is effective removing all colours including reds, greens and yellows.

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Until now laser treatment or Dermabrasion, wearing away the skin with an abrasive tool, has been the only hope for tattoo removal. Both processes have their limitations. Some colours of ink will not absorb set laser wavelengths making the complete removal of varied colour tattoos impossible whilst the Dermabrasion method often requires a skin graft to level out the skin. Tattoo Erase is a natural process using natural products.

Tattoo Erase uses natural products to help your body reject the tattoo in the same way the body naturally expels a splinter. The Kataderm fluid used to encourage this process is a mixture of natural products, which are benign, are in the food chain and occur naturally in the human body. The Kataderm fluid is not mutagenic and there is no evidence that it is anything other than non-allergenic.

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