Clinic trials low-level lasers to curb appetite


Los Angeles: Trials are taking place to determine the effectiveness of low-level lasers in suppressing appetite and speeding up the metabolism.

The research into this therapy is taking place at Freedom Laser Therapy in Los Angeles, where the lasers are used on the body’s acupuncture points.

Participants also get the expertise of international fitness expert Peter Nielsen, who creates a bespoke lifestyle changing weight loss program for clients.

During the low-level laser therapy session the client watches Peter’s 15-minute weight loss instructional video about his own principles of healthy living. The client receives guidance on nutrition and fitness to promote new healthy lifestyle habits. Inclusive in the program is a weight loss support kit, which consists of nutritional supplements, diet plans, exercise tips, and additional items that will assist the client with their weight loss goals.

For over a decade, Nielsen has worked toward motivating people to get moving and get fit by adopting the philosophy of keeping fitness simple and fun. Nielsen grew up in Brooklyn, New York. At age 15, Peter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and dropped down to a mere 86 pounds.

Very little was known about Crohn’s Disease in 1977 and even doctors were at a loss to tell his family how to fend off the crippling attacks of abdominal pain and bleeding, not to mention malnutrition and all of the other ailments caused by poor nutrient absorption. Nielsen was physically weakened by surgery and mentally discouraged by the disease’s prognosis. The writing on the wall seemed to say that Nielsen’s life was going to be a limited one. Yet, Peter astonished his family, friends and doctors. A pivotal period of soul searching revealed truths to Peter that transformed his attitude toward his health, his body and especially his life. This is the foundation of Nielsen’s message of health and fitness.

For 25 years, Nielsen has lived a lifestyle of total fitness. In conjunction with his doctors, Nielsen created a new lifestyle that focused on health, nutrition and fitness. Peter Nielsen has earned 72 titles “Mr. International Universe,” “Mr. World Trainer of the Year,” “America’s Top Personal Trainer” and “Best Training Club in the Country.”

Peter Nielsen is providing exercise, nutritional, motivational and educational materials to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Peter Nielsen is not directly affiliated with the laser therapy clinical research trials.

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