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With their effortless style, natural confidence and classic beauty, French women are renown for their attitude to grooming, clothing, nutrition and skincare.

Myy Little Party Box

Indulge your obsession for that ‘Parisian je ne sais quoi’ with My Little Box – a monthly subscription box that started in France. 

Just like the French edition, this carefully curated and beautifully designed mailbox-sized package is filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises.
My Little Box brand products

Expect fashion accessories designed exclusively for My Little Box, a selection of cosmetics and other exciting bits and pieces. The icing on le gateau? My Little World – a monthly magazine edited by the best bloggers from around the world. 

Each collectable My Little Box is given a different theme.
My Littel Box Bo ho

Elixir has one Little Box to give way – its the My Little Party Box worth about £20 and packed with goodies for the younger woman – a perfect Xmas present. It contains:
Silver style bracelet

– Must-have beauty products (including one from the own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) – body oil with gold sparkle 100ml
– Payot hand cream – 15ml
– boho eye shadow – cafe (brown)
– NYX eye/eyebrow pencil – Bronze Glitter
– Rock your hair pony tail accessory
– Silver style bracelet/arm bracelet
– My Little World magazine

With my My Little You can opt out of our monthly subscription anytime you want – no mess, no fuss.
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British actor Clive Owen is the male face of Lancôme


Paris: Cosmetics house Lancôme has signed Clive Owen as its newest spokesperson. At 42, this extremely talented and seductive British man is one of Hollywood’s most courted actors.

Clive Owen has been passionate about acting since age 12. A graduate of the highly prestigious London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he has long divided his time between theatre and television. His role in Robert Altman’s Gosford Park was the starting point of his now acclaimed movie career. He then went from success to success with leading roles in major films such as The Bourne Identity, King Arthur, Closer and Children of Men. His subtle acting which is both precise and profound ensures that each character he plays is unforgettable.

“Mysteriously hypnotic and resolutely masculine, Clive Owen was the perfect choice to embody Lancôme’s new fragrance for men, Hypnôse Homme, and the new anti-ageing skin care range, Lancôme Men,” says Lancôme.

“Clive Owen is an incredibly talented, intelligent and appealing man,” added Odile Roujol, General Manager of Lancôme International.

“The way he has built his career so far, privileging the quality of the director rather than the high profile nature of a role, makes us feel very confident in the fact that if he chose to accept this collaboration with Lancôme, then it truly means our partnership was meant to be.”

A man of few words, this A-list celebrity knows how to grasp life with both hands. Mysterious and powerful, Lancôme has found in Clive Owen the ideal incarnation of its male face.

The new range of Lancôme Men skincare will be available on counter in May and Hypnôse Homme will be available in June.

The world’s top cosmetic surgeons revealed

London:The world’s top surgeons are the experts who count celebrities, royalty and the rich among their clientele. These doctors carry out subtle surgery rather than radical procedures and is the reason they are most in demand.



Dr Carl Troilius, Director of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in Malmo has a celebrity following because of the privacy afforded in Sweden. He uses state-of-the-art, cohesive gel implants which are made to last and not leak. The operation is carried out through an incision high in the armpit, leaving a small 3cm scar. The operation costs from around £4,000.
Contact details:
Plastikkirurgicentrum, Regementsgatan 35, S-21753 Malmo. Tel: 00 46 40 263000.



Dr Leslie Stevens of Beverly Hills, California is known as the ‘King of Nip and Tuck’ and specialises in liposuction, treating all areas of the body – knees, chin, cheeks and neck, hips, thighs and buttocks. He uses a process known as ‘tumescent
technique’, in which a solution of saline and painkillers is injected into the area to loosen the fat, making removal both easier and less painful. Liposuction costs from £1,900 plus £1,000 for anaesthesia.

Contact details:
Lasky Clinic, 201 South Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90212. Tel: 001 (310) 556 1003.



Dr Nelly Gauthier is a Paris surgeon who works with fillers and injectibles including Botox. She believes that clients should not undertake extreme procedures and uses long-lasting formulas. A consultation costs about £70 with a Botox injection costing from £200.

Contact details:

9 Rue de Marignan, 75008 Paris. Tel: 00 33 1 53 75 04 60.



Dr Alan Matarasso of Manhattan is renowned for his subtle, face rejuvenating surgery. He performs short scar facelifts, which use less incisions that are usually carried out in this type of treatment. He also carries out a . He also uses a preand post-treatment regime using vitamins and homeopathic remedies to reduce inflammation and bruising. The cost of a face lift by Dr Matarass is from £6,500.

Contact details:

1009 Park Avenue, New York. Tel: 001 212 249-7500.


Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Javier de Benito. Barcelona who specialises in reconstructive surgery including reversing ageing and rebuilding the face as a result of disease or injury. In particular he has a reputation for designing implants to add volume to the face, putting fullness back into sunken cheeks and redefining the chin. He has recently developed a neck and face lift, using Gore-Tex (flexible stitches) to create a ‘supportive bra’, pulling slack muscles back into shape for a firmer, more defined profile. An face and neck lift cost about £4,050 and £6,080 respectively.

Contact details:

Instituto Dr Javier de Benito, Marquesa de Vilallonga, Barcelona. Tel: 00 34
932 530 282 or


Eyelid surgery

Dr Nick Metaxatos of Athens who was trainined in the UK offers up-to-the-minute
‘procedures’ at a fraction of the price charged by U.S. and British surgeons.
His main specialism is blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery to remove sagging skin) which extracts less fat that usual and gives a more flattering finish. He also offers healthcare packages including surgery, five-star accommodation and aftercare,
with lymph drainage massage to speed recovery. A blepharoplasty operation costs from £700.

Contact details:

5-7 Skoufa Street, 10673 Athens.


Bottom lift

Dr Ivo Pitanguy, known as the ‘The king of plastic surgery’ is based in Rio De Janeiro. He is credited with inventing the ‘bottom lift’, which he calls the Pitanguy
Lift. Since multiple procedures are ususally performed prices are available direct from the clinic.

Contact details:

Ivo Pitanguy Clinic, Rua Dona Mariana, 65, Botafogo, Rio de JaneiroTel: 0055 212266 9500, or

Udai vilas, Udaipur, Rajasthan


T:+91 294 243 3300;

The resort has two large swimming pools which are heated in winter, a gymnasium, boutique and a library with a selection of music and DVDs. Private excursions and cruises on the lake can be organised by the hotel. The spa, managed by Banyan Tree, offers holistic treatments and therapies to pamper and revitalise mind and body using holistic therapies and massages combining the best of East and West. Massages, facials and body beautification methods use ancient Ayurveda and aromatherapy as well as Thai and western techniques designed to relieve stress as well as create a sense of wellbeing. The spa has a private pool and individual therapy suites with views of Lake Pichola, the Aravali mountains and City Palace. Each of the eight suites has its own steam sauna and Victorian style bathtub. The gym and hair salon are located around a central domed foyer with a marble fountain.