Little Book of Tea reveals big health benefits

A new ‘little book’ has reviewed recent research on tea and its contribution to health. Published by the Tea Advisory Panel  (TAP), the ‘Little Book of Tea’ draws together reviews of studies conducted by this expert panel. It also provides additional information about how tea is used in the UK, which is mainly black tea, and offers tips for health and wellness.



Commenting on the ‘Little Book of Tea’, Dr Carrie Ruxton from TAP notes: “An increasing number of studies have linked regular tea drinking – both black and green teas – with benefits for heart health, cancer prevention, oral health and cognitive function. Natural plant compounds, called flavonoids, explain the beneficial impact of tea on health.


“This ‘little book’ highlights key benefits of tea in hydration, heart health, cancer prevention, oral health and cognitive function. It is a common belief that caffeinated drinks, such as tea, may adversely affect body hydration levels and advice is sometimes given in magazines that caffeinated drink consumption should be limited. In the ‘little book’ we explode this myth with evidence from clinical trials showing that drinking up to 6 mugs of tea daily actually has similar hydrating properties to drinking plain water. So, people can reach for a cup of tea whenever they feel thirsty.”

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Caffeine, in amounts of 30-400mg a day, equating to one to eight servings of tea daily, also has benefits in terms of physical and mental performance. In these amounts, caffeine is not dehydrating and helps to reduce fatigue. Negative effects of caffeine have been observed in studies looking at high dose caffeine pills, not tea, the new book points out.


Turning to other health benefits, the ‘little book’ says that three or more servings of black tea each day have been shown in research studies to have a positive impact on health, particularly a reduced risk of heart disease. Intakes in the range of one to eight cups each day are linked with health benefits and no adverse events.  The publication also points to emerging evidence from a small number of studies linking tea drinking with reduced risk of colon cancer and improved bone health and mental performance.


Benefits of tea in potentially reducing the risk of diabetes are also highlighted with benefit seen in the range of one to four cups each day. Tea could also reduce the risk of stroke, but the number of studies is still small.


Dr Ruxton adds: “Health benefits from drinking tea can be explained by the presence of its major active substances, the flavonoids, plant compounds from the polyphenol family. A further misconception about tea drinking – that milk reduces the availability of the beneficial flavonoids – is also laid to rest in our ‘little book’.  Adding milk to tea does not appear to influence bioactivity in the human body in the majority of studies which examines this issue.”


“Green tea often hits the headlines for its benefits but not everyone knows that all teas are in fact derived from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their common origin, black and green teas offer similar health benefits.  In fact, both black and green tea have the potential to reduce the risk of dental caries, diabetes, heart disease and possibly cancer. “

In summery, the ‘little book’ demonstrates that drinking around four servings of black tea daily may help to protect against a range of conditions from heart disease to diabetes and dental caries while improving mental health. It also points out that tea is hydrating and intakes in the range of one to eight cups daily is linked with health benefits and no adverse events.


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Anyone for a cup of tea?

_MG_6396[1] [320x200].JPGThe menopause can be a very difficult time, but help may be at hand in the shape of a good cuppa.

Tava Tea Wellness Blend uses organically grown whole Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong and Puerh tea leaves of the best grade possible.

These tea leaves contain a vast array of powerful nutrients and have been used for health and healing in China for over 5000 years.

The tea has also become popular amongst women keen to reduce the physical effects of the menopause in addition to promoting general well-being and soothe aches and pains.

The tea’s ingredients increase the drinker’s metabolism and reduce food cravings, which become a problem during heightened hormonal activity associated with the menopause.

Case study 1 – Trudy Leigh, 50, from Loughton, Essex

Trudy gave Tava Tea a try after gaining weight during the early stages of the menopause
She said: ‘I’d always been a slim woman at just over eight stone, but after starting the menopause I gained weight almost overnight. It was a new and uncomfortable experience and no matter what I did, including almost starving myself, I couldn’t shift the extra pounds.’

Trudy has been sipping four cups a day and lost half a stone in three weeks.

Case study 2 – Nicola Chapman, 51, from Bristol

Nicola was having a bad time with hot flushes, she ‘felt uncomfortable, short of energy and embarrassed at turning red and having to fan myself in public. Since drinking the tea I’ve seen my hot flushes decrease to once or twice a day, it’s made a world of difference.’

Dr Tim Thurlings, who developed the tea’s unique blend, said he’s delighted to be able to help women during what can be a particularly difficult time.

He said: ‘The blends of tea we use are proven to have positive effects when it comes to losing weight and promoting feelings of well being  – something which can be particularly important for women going through a time of substantial physical and emotional change.’

‘Not only does the tea speed up the metabolism and help with hot flushes, it also helps reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of developing some forms of lung cancer.’

This means anyone can benefit from a cup of this particularly saintly brew…. So, who’s going to put the kettle on??


Fly to the sun in Gran Canaria and get 5* spa and aesthetic clinic discounts


Las Palmas: Top spas and clinics on the beautiful island of Gran Canary have joined Elixir’s Makeover Miles loyalty card scheme which offers exclusive discounts throughout the world on anti-ageing services , treatments and products.

These new members to Makeover Miles offer world class treatments in asethetics, eye health, anti-ageing programmes and spa therapies on an island that has the perfect sunshine climate all year round.

New services are being offered by the Clínica San Roque, (aesthetics, anti-ageing programmes, diet and nutrition and much more); the EuroCanarias Oftalmologica Clinic (eye health); and the spa sat the Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa, the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort, the thalassotherapy centres at the Gloria Palace Amadores and the Gloria Palace San Agustin, the Corrallium Spa and the Costa Meloneras Resort Spa & Casino.

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Reverse Ageing now – win a sample of Solgar DNA repair


London: Welllness experts Solgar are offering 20 fullsize samples of their latest anti-ageing product AC-11 to readers of ELIXIR.

Solgar AC-11 is a proprietary extract from the rainforest botanical plant, Uncaria tomentosa. It is perhaps the single most proactive means of promoting the body’s own natural DNA care mechanisms and in clinical studies has been shown to increase the body’s ability to repair DNA.

A two month’s supply of AC-11 costs £28.99 (€35.90) but you can win a free sample. Email us at with your name and address, putting SOLGAR in the email header and you will be entered into a draw to win a free sample. This offer closes on 31 May 2008. Please note that no cash equivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

More about Solgar AC-11

Uncaria tomentosa, a vine that grows among the teeming, exotic plethora of botanical species found in the Amazon. More commonly known to the locals as “Uña de Gato” or “Cat’s Claw,” its outer bark contains a powerful, natural activator of DNA repair, critical to cellular health and vital to longevity.

The benefits of Uncaria tomentosa almost make it sound like a cure all. It helps keep the immune system working properly. It helps prevent cellular damage, and damage to DNA. While much of the action of Uncaria tomentosa takes place deep inside the cells of the body, it also works to positively affect the outward, visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and sun spots – conditions linked to the ageing process in which the body produces imperfect DNA.

What is the connection between DNA and ageing?

Put simply, DNA is our genetic code or the “blueprint” that we inherit from our parents. When we are born, our genetic code, or DNA, is virtually pristine. Every cell in our body is formed based on our DNA, and each cell becomes a holder of our entire genetic blueprint. As we grow and age, our bodies and our DNA are constantly bombarded by things in the environment that can damage our DNA. A good example is the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun ultimately damages our skin cells (and their DNA) and results in wrinkles or worse. In fact, any damage to our DNA ultimately becomes the cause of the negative effects we associate with aging. This damage can also manifest itself as the cause of various ailments we encounter throughout our lifetimes.

If the body can’t produce clean copies of our DNA, our health and longevity will be directly affected. The key to optimal health, therefore, is to keep our DNA clean and healthy and producing “clean” copies. We do this by helping our bodies neutralize excess free radicals, and at the same time, strengthen and nourish our cells and their DNA.

Solgar’s AC-11 can best be thought of as the catalyst that sets DNA repair in motion. It then continues its favorable age management action by helping to protect your DNA from future damage.

What will Solgar AC-11 do for me?

The major attribute of AC-11 relates to its effect on DNA repair, so it will be useful in many of the same situations as antioxidants. It is also anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing, so possible uses include:

• Anti-ageing/rejuvenation

• Supports cellular skin health, and regeneration

• Recovery from injury and enhancing healing

• Immune system support (e.g. frequent colds/infections)

• Inflammatory conditions

• Auto-immune conditions, which often involve the immune system and have an inflammatory element, such as arthritis

• Family history of age related disease

Find out more about Solgar’s AC-11 – receive your sample & exclusive book – REVERSE AGING, by internationally acclaimed author and consultant Marcia Zimmerman C.N

Solgar AC-11 vegetarian capsules RRP: £28.69 (€35.90) for two months supply is available from independent health foods stores and selected pharmacies nationwide. You can also buy online at

International Kurotel Longevity Centre & Spa – Brazil


Kurotel Centro de Longevidade e Spa
Rua Nações Unidas, 533
CEP: 95670-000
Gramado – RS – Brasil
T: + 55 54 3295 9393
+ 55 54 3421 9393

The Kurotel specialises in a number of treatments including anti-ageing, weightloss, stress and quitting smoking.

For example: Kur Method was specially designed to improve the quality of life – which means having the correct weight for your height, emotional balance, managing your stress, enjoying yourself; therefore finding balance and getting closer to the person you want to be. Kur Method focuses on self-awareness, predictive medicine and on the development of a life style with healthy habits, so as you feel you are having the best time of your life.

Udai vilas, Udaipur, Rajasthan


T:+91 294 243 3300;

The resort has two large swimming pools which are heated in winter, a gymnasium, boutique and a library with a selection of music and DVDs. Private excursions and cruises on the lake can be organised by the hotel. The spa, managed by Banyan Tree, offers holistic treatments and therapies to pamper and revitalise mind and body using holistic therapies and massages combining the best of East and West. Massages, facials and body beautification methods use ancient Ayurveda and aromatherapy as well as Thai and western techniques designed to relieve stress as well as create a sense of wellbeing. The spa has a private pool and individual therapy suites with views of Lake Pichola, the Aravali mountains and City Palace. Each of the eight suites has its own steam sauna and Victorian style bathtub. The gym and hair salon are located around a central domed foyer with a marble fountain.