Cosmetic surgery gift for Xmas criticised as cynical by top surgeons.

London: The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons expresses their concern regarding plastic surgery being offered as a holiday “gift”.

Douglas McGeorge, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President-elect, describes plastic surgery gift vouchers it as a cynical sales ploy by commercial clinics.

“It`s everything that goes against normal, ethical principles in medicine.”

“The idea for surgery should come from the person who intends to have the procedure, not from a well-meaning spouse, friend or relative.”

“The procedures should be done for the patient`s benefit, not the clinic`s. Benefits, limitations and complications of all procedures should be taken aboard fully before a commitment is made.”

According to Patrick Mallucci, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS member;

“We`re worried by the implications of this because it portrays surgery as a commodity, the same as a book, perfume bottle or a handbag,”

The Association is also concerned that trivialising cosmetic surgery could lead to complacency in patient care.

According to Adrian Richards, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS member;

“A patient first needs to be evaluated by a qualified surgeon to determine whether he/she is a good candidate, and decisions about plastic surgery should never be made without a thorough understanding of the risks involved.”

“These incentives go against best practice guidelines for surgeons.”

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