British actor Clive Owen is the male face of LancĂ´me


Paris: Cosmetics house LancĂ´me has signed Clive Owen as its newest spokesperson. At 42, this extremely talented and seductive British man is one of HollywoodÂ’s most courted actors.

Clive Owen has been passionate about acting since age 12. A graduate of the highly prestigious London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he has long divided his time between theatre and television. His role in Robert AltmanÂ’s Gosford Park was the starting point of his now acclaimed movie career. He then went from success to success with leading roles in major films such as The Bourne Identity, King Arthur, Closer and Children of Men. His subtle acting which is both precise and profound ensures that each character he plays is unforgettable.

“Mysteriously hypnotic and resolutely masculine, Clive Owen was the perfect choice to embody LancĂ´meÂ’s new fragrance for men, HypnĂ´se Homme, and the new anti-ageing skin care range, LancĂ´me Men,” says LancĂ´me.

“Clive Owen is an incredibly talented, intelligent and appealing man,” added Odile Roujol, General Manager of Lancôme International.

“The way he has built his career so far, privileging the quality of the director rather than the high profile nature of a role, makes us feel very confident in the fact that if he chose to accept this collaboration with Lancôme, then it truly means our partnership was meant to be.”

A man of few words, this A-list celebrity knows how to grasp life with both hands. Mysterious and powerful, LancĂ´me has found in Clive Owen the ideal incarnation of its male face.

The new range of LancĂ´me Men skincare will be available on counter in May and HypnĂ´se Homme will be available in June.