Alternatives to cosmetic surgery


Non Surgical Procedures – the alternative to surgery for the face and body

Warning: As with cosmetic surgery you should only have treatment by a professionally qualified doctor or an operative who has undergone training, has recognised professional qualifications and a successful track record in the area of expertise you require. The descriptions of services detailed here are aimed at informing you of options and choices and should not necessarily be considered as an endorsement or recommendation of individuals, organisations and treatments unless specified.

In the UK laser and intense pulse light hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments can only be carried out by practitioners/clinics regulated by the Health Commission – always ask to see their certificate.

However Botox treatments need only be carried out under the “supervision” of a qualified doctor – in practical terms this means that the doctor may have written the prescription but the actual treatment might be carried out by a nurse or beautician.

The best advice is to seek out practitioners who have been recommended and who have an excellent track record on results.

The UK’s Department of Health has some useful online information, including questions you should ask your surgeon and a guide to procedures for anyone considering surgery. Here are links to their guides:
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Qualifications and What They Mean

There is also more useful information about procedures on the Which? magazine web site:

For the Face

The top five nonsurgical procedures are Botox, chemical peels, facial fillers such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and polymers; microdermabrasion and laser rejuvenation.