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Andre Berger, MD
A visionary in the emerging field of holistic and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Andre Berger, is the driving force behind Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, a medical, cosmetic and therapeutic practice located in Beverly Hills, CA. With the strong belief that a balance of complementary therapy, traditional medicine and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the key to our emotional, physical and mental well-being, Dr. Berger is at the forefront of this emerging and innovative specialty.

Focusing on prevention rather than the just the cure, Dr. Berger’s philosophy incorporates a holistic approach to anti-aging therapies, with a special emphasis on customized patient care, education and lifestyle changes. The best of both eastern and western medicines, hormone replacement therapies and weight management programs combined with non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures such as Botox, Restylane, IPL, Mesotherapy, Thread Lift, are the foundation of Dr Berger’s comprehensive medical practice.

Drawing on over 26 years of experience in clinical and medical management, pharmacology, neutraceuticals and emergency medicine, Dr. Berger is leading the way with effective evidence-based holistic and anti-aging therapies.

Dr. Berger’s on-going quest to further promote a greater understanding of the rejuvenating and life-enhancing benefits of holistic and anti-aging therapies, make him a sought after speaker at national and international conferences. Popular speaking topics include, among others, “Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Practice of the 21st Century” “The Secrets of Youthful Aging”, and “What You Need to Know About Hormones and Anti-Aging”. He is also an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American College of Nutrition, and the American Academy of Endocrinologists.

Dr. Berger received his Medical Degree from University of Ottawa and completed his residency at McGill University in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Berger is also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Holistic Medicine is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The American College of Nutrition, and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, The American Society of Aesthetic Mesotherapy and the American Academy of Bio-energetic Medicine.

A prolific researcher and writer, Dr. Berger is the author of several publications including, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation from the Inside Out. His knowledge and experience in the anti-aging field have led to his appointment as contributing editor and medical advisor to Cosmedical Magazine and leading advisor at the Magazine and leading advisor at the Cosmetic Enhancement Expo. Dr. Beger’s work has been written about in several papers such as the Beverly Hills Courier, and the Westside Weekly. He is also president and CEO of Absolute Health Sciences, and a founding member of Productive Living LLC.

An avid reader, tennis player and world traveler, Dr. Berger lives and works in Beverly Hills with Tracy, his wife of 15 years, and their three children, Adam, Joshua and Gabrielle and their dog Bingo.

Dr Andre Berger, Medical Director, Rejuvalife Vitality Insititute, 9400 Brighton Way, Suite 405, Beverly Hills, California 90210. www.rejuvalife.md info@rejuvalife.md

Dr. Andre Berger brings a unique approach to wellness and anti-aging medicine by using an East meets West approach. Dr. Berger uses the most cutting edge technologies that Western Medicine has to offer to scientifically assess the needs of your body. He concentrates on the finding the root of any potential problems by gauging cellular functions and energy levels, and then uses a holistic approach to manage health and/or cosmetic concerns by addressing hormonal, nutritional, metabolic and psychological factors.

Understanding that health, beauty and wellness are inextricably connected, Dr. Berger created Rejuvalife Vitality Institute to bridge the gap between traditional medical practices and medi-spas. Dr. Berger specializes in new, exciting non-surgical procedures including the Thread Lift and Mesotherapy.

The “Face Up” Thread lift is a non-invasive alternative to a face lift that uses suture threads inserted into the subcutaneous fat layers to “lift up” sagging jowls, eyes and neck. One of the premier specialists of this procedure, Dr. Berger holds quarterly training sessions to educate other physicians on how to bring this exciting procedure to their own practices.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, using a series of tiny injections on various sections of the body to breakdown and remove fat deposits or cellulite.

In addition to the cosmetic enhancement services offered, Dr. Berger also employs a variety of holistic practices to return the body to optimal health and vitality. These services include: weight loss and fitness, hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, chelation therapy and heavy metal detoxification, homeopathy, stress management and disease specific therapies.

Top AntiAgeing Elixirs

Below is a list of the most important nutrients, antioxident supplements and hormones for achieving and maintaining optimum health from the inside. Many of them can also be applied topically in ant-ageing skincreams – see Creams & Potions for main brands containing them.

Anti-ageing medicine uses nutrition, dietary supplements and hormones, often in combination with drugs to assist patients in living a longer and healthier life. Improvements in diet and lifestyle have shown that even simple changes to these can delay or even prevent the apperance of serious diseases such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cataracts and diabetes.

The recommended doses by manufacturers of supplements do not take into account body weight, health and enviromental factors so you are advised to seek the advice of a qualified doctor who can determine more precisely your needs. A blood test should be part of this assessment – see AntiAgeing Tests in this section of the website.

By using the optimum combination of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals you give yourself the best chance of improving your health, from improved memory skills, to better muscle tone, increased libido and healthier skin, hair and nails.

The top 10 special supplements – as recommended by the Life Extension Foundation – are listed and described at the end of this section. LEF is a non-profit organization, whose long-range goal is the radical extension of the healthy human lifespan within the next decade. LEF’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up of pre-eminent scientists and doctors in the field of life-extension research and therapies. LEF products use the highest grade constituents (pharmaceutical grade) and regularly tests products using mass specttrophotometry/HPLC to verify their content and quality. LEF uses its profits to promote life extension research.



A major cause of ageing is the decline in the energy-producing capability of cells which results in reduced metabolic activity and eventually cell death. ALA is a highly potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and it is both water and fat soluable which means that it can penetrate all parts of a cell. This enzyme is found in the mitachondria helps cell metabolism, general vitality and production of collagen. It is usually taken in combination with acetyl-l-carnitine an amino acid that helps transport fat into the mitachondria of the cell.

As an antioxident it is also used topically in anti-ageing skin creams. It helps decrease pore size and lines.

This supplement not recommended during pregnancy or for diabetics who are glucose intolerant. It should not be taken after 5pm as it is a stimulant and could keep you from sleeping. It is also in the following foods – spinach, liver brewer’s yeast, beef and potatoes.


Found in carrots and other highly coloured vegetables and fruits. An antioxident that may help fight cancer.


A chemical found in fruits and vegetables. Found in the following foods: Apricots, plums, blackberries, strawberries, green tea, rosehips, green peppers, green beans, broccoli, red cabbage, grapes, cherries, rhubarb, red wine, lemons,oranges. Quercetin, the most active of the citrus bioflavonoids has anti-inflammatory properties and helps allergic reactions. Also beneficial in diabetes as it helps prevent damage to blood vessels by excess sugar in the body.

Grapes, particularly grapeseeds and red wine are a good source of the bioflavonoids proanthocyanidins. These prevent hardening
of the artery. Butcher’s Broom can reduce inflammation and swelling associated with leg problems as it strengthens the vein and helps blood flow and even mor effective when combined with horse chustnut seed (conker) extract, vitamin C and the flavonoid rutin. The plant, milk thistle contains the bioflavonoid silymarin which promotes cell regeneration and can help repair liver damage from alcohol. This helps the skin and promotes energy.

CoEnzyme Q10

CoEnzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance present in every cell of the body. It also occurs naturally in a number of foods, including organ meats, soy oil, sardines, mackerel and peanuts. It is a powerful antioxidant and acts as a coenzyme for several of the key steps in the production of energy within every cell. Low levels of CoQ10 have been linked to several deseases. Low levels are attributed to an insufficient dietary intake combined with an inability of the body to manufacture its own. A number of commonly prescribed medications can also affect levels including statins (used to treat high cholesterol), beta-blockers and tricyclic antidepressants.

CoQ10 has been particularly successful in the area of cardiac health. It is found in fairly high concentrations in healthy hearts. Conversely, low levels are associated with congestive heart failure. It is also thought that low levels may also be the main cause in heart failure. It has also helpful in reducing blood pressure and heart rate and associated conditions, as well as peridontal disease. There is also increasing evidence that the brain can also suffer.

Ageing humans have been found to have 57% less CoQ10 on average compared to that of young adults. Its effect on the mitochondria, the “energy powehouses” of our cells where it regulates the oxidation of fats and sugars into energy, makes it one of the most important nutrients for people over the age of 30.


EFAs are essential to the body and is able to manufacture them aside from two – linoleic acid (omega-6 family) and linolenic acid (omega3 family). Since they must come from the diet they are classified as EFAs.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in cold-water fish, perilla and flaxseed oils. They contain a substance known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These are usually lacking in the Western diet which has mainly omega-6 fats supplied in the diet from meat and vegetable oils.

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which is found in evening primrose oil, borage oil and blackcurrent oil is an important fatty acid that plays a beneficial role in prostaglandin formation

EFAs interfere with blood clotting so anyone contemplating surgery or suffering from a hemorrhagic disease should consult a doctor before taking them.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

The supplement DHEA, is a steroid hormone that can slow ageing, prevent disease and improve strength. Its medical uses include the treatment of depression and dementia It is used by some athletes to increase muscle mass and strength, but banned by sporting bodies including the International Olympic Committee and the National Football League. It is classed as a food supplement and has also become popular as an anti-ageing remedy.

Ageing men and woman are invariably DHEA deficient. DHEA is the most abundent circulating hormone in the youthful human body but peaks by the age of 25 and declines thereafter. By the age of 70 most people DHEA has declined by over 80%. DHEA should not be taken by those with existing prostate or breast cancer. Those with liver disease should take dissolve in the mouth tables rather than capsules.

DHEA levels decrease after 30 and it is thought that some symptoms of ageing could be associated with a DHEA deficiency.There has been considerable interest in using DHEA in Alzheimer’s disease. DHEA supplements in menapausal woman have also shown to increase estrogen levels and reduction in hot flushes.

A study by the Univesity of California, San Diego, said that 50mgs a day taken daily over six months increased lean body mass and muscle strength.

Known side effects: DHEA and pregnenolone may cause heart rhythm irregularities and irreversible hair loss.


DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol (chemical name deanol), is a compound found in high levels in oily fish such as anchovies, sardines and salmon. It is also produced in small amounts by the human brain. It is sold as a food supplement to boost brain function and is thought to be helpful in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Doctors are also looking at its role in treating poor memory and Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as some movement disorders.

The supplement was originally researched as a treatment for ADHD and early studies in the 1970s revealed that it was helpful for children with learning disabilities and behavior problems. This substance appears to increase production of chemicals in the brain essential for short-term memory, concentration, and learning capacity. It is also classed as an “cholinergic” because it is thought to increase levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, one of the chemicals in the brain that enhances mental powers. A decrease in the brain cells that produce acetylcholine is thought to be parlty responsible for Alezheimer’s. “Cholinergic” drugs, such as tacrine (Cognex), donepezil (Aricept), rivasatigmine (Exelon), and galantamine (Reminyl) are used to treat the dementia of Alzheimer’s disease.

Although there are no conclusive studies it is possible that DMAE has memory-boosting effects. Many nutritionally oriented physicians prescribe DMAE along with another memory enhancer, the dietary supplement phosphatidylcholine.

DMAE supplements won’t work for everybody and are not intended as a cure. But they are safe and may be helpful. They should be taken with meals.

There are no known drug or nutrient interactions associated with DMAE but more needs to be learned this supplement. You should consult a doctor, particularly if you have any illnesses such as epilepsy.

International anti-ageing skin doctor Nicholas Perricone describes DMAE as “the magic bullet” for skin. He prescribes supplements and a diet high in wild salmon – his research documents changes in the skin in only three days. He believes that DMAE is a building-block of the neuro-transmitter acetylcholine which declines with age and causes a deterioration in musle-tone as well as brain function. This diet also has a beneficial effect on weight.

Recommended books by Perricone: The Perricone Prescription and The Wrinkle Cure.


Glucosamine is a natural substance in the body known as an amino-sugar which is made in the body as a result of the synthesis of L-glutamine and glucose. Glucosamine stimulates glycosamino-glycans which are important in the formation of cartiliage and joint ligaments. As people age, they lose the ability to manufacture sufficient levels of glucosamine. Cartilage then loses its gel-like nature and ability to act as a shock absorber. Research in The Lancet medical journal which used X-rays to investigate the knee cartilage of volunteers, found those who took glucosamine pills for three years halted the progress of their osteoarthritis. In Spain, Portugal and Italy, glucosamine is the preferred treatment for arthritis. Glucasamine is sold as a supplement and there are also skin patches. It is often sold in supplements with Chondroitin sulfates which help the glucosamine into joints.


HGH is released by the pituitary gland during sleep and is the most important anti-ageing hormone of all. It is produced until around mid-20s to age 30, but continues to decrease as we age. Genuine HGH is synethically made by only two drugs companies mainly for use with children who suffer from growth hormone deficiency. In adults HGH injections are used to increase metabolism and other visible signs of ageing but these are only available on prescrption. Naturapathic HGH, which is widely available on the web, has been criticised as a “scam” by professional anti-ageing experts.

HGH restores muscle strength, stamina and other attributes of youth.
There are also natural ways to encourage HRH production, including exercise. The following are HGH boosters:magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and B vitamins found in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, plus unprocessed nuts and seeds, brown rice, low sugar cereals — especially oats, soya-based foods and raisins. A good night’s sleep and regular exercise help increase production of this hormone. People who sleep on average eight hours a night live longer than those who sleep for six hours or less. Also HGH boosters are the amino acids omithine, lysine, arginine and glutamine.

Growth hormone causes the liver to produce ICF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor), a substance which promotes cell growth and repair.

HGH is used by anti-ageing doctors to slow and sometimes reverse ageing.

Known side effects: HGHs hould not be used by those suffering from cancer. There are studies that suggest it may increase risk of cancer, triggers diabetes and joint pain -although supporters dispute this. Although it works to promote healing it has also shown a worsening of outcome when used first at a period of critical illness.


Millions of people already take the hormone melatonin, which is sold in pharmacies and health food stores in the United States, Thailand, Singapore and on the Internet. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced naturally in the pineal gland in the brain and is released during the night. It regulates sleep patterns and influences other hormones and is useful in relieving jet lag and has anti-cancer properties. In experiments it has been shown to increase the lifespan of animals.

Secretion of melatonin decreases with age. It has been found to increase the qualityof sleep in 60% of users. In small amounts it also causes skin cell growth but in large amounts the opposite occurs.

The anti-oxident vitamins and minerals

Vitamins A, C and E; bioflavonoids and the minerals selenium, zinc and maganese all help to repair and renew cells.


Life Extension Mix

LEF says that this is the most complete multivitamin supplement in history and recommends it as the cornerstone of an overall health maintenance programme.

Its main constitutients are highly concentrated fruit and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals and amino acids at the optimum potencies. It is available as tablets (nine per day), capsules (14 per day) or powder (three scoops daily).

Life Extension Super Booster

This contains nutrients in a soft gel capsule (one per day) that can only be delivered in an oil-base including gamma tocopherol. sesame lignans extract, ginkgo extract, vitamin K, chlorophyllin, Vitamin C, Folic acid, lycopene and four types of selenium.

This supplement should not be taken by those taking a drug called Coumadin because of conflicts with Vitamin K. Also those with Wilson’s disease should not take chlorophyllin supplements. There is a booster formula without these two ingredients.

Although there are no known side-effects its energy boosting properties mean that it can increase the body’s production of free radicals and it is advised that it is taken with other potent antioxidents ( for example Life Extension Mix and/or Life Extension Booster or Gamma E Tocopherol with Sesame Lignans formula).

Mitochondrial Energy Optimise

All of the nutrients in the Mitochondrial Energy Optimiser help restore the integrity of the mitochrondria – our energy powerhouses and contains antioxidents to assist in slowing down the ageing process. These include acetyl-l-carnitine, carnosine, R-lipoic acid, luteolin and SODzyme (sprout concentrate). Four capsules are taken daily.


The active ingredients in Cognitex attack what scientists believe are the main causes of age-related brain decline. It contains pharmaceutical extracts of Nexrutine and 5-Loxin. As well as quercetin, Phosphatidylserine, Alph-glycerylphosphorylcholine and vinpocetine. It is available with or without pregnenolone, a hormone that may be beneficial to the brain. This hormone should not be taken by anyone with existing steroid hormone-sensitive cancers.

Super EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans

Omega-3 fatt acids, such as those found in cold-water fish, can help reduce deaths from heart disease. This is because fish oils lower triglycerides, a substance that adds to arterial blockage and also help protect healthy blood flow in the arteries. The addition of sesame supresses free radical production in the fish oil itself and helps boost other beneficial fatty acids. Four capsules are taken daily.

Enhanced Natural Prostate(for men)

LEF says this is one of their best sellers. It promotes prostate health with a combination of saw palmetto extract, pygeum and nettle root.Two capsules are taken daily – morning and evening.

Bone Restore (for women)

This contains a potent dose of elemental calcium along with boron and silicon to boost the body’s ability to maintain healthy bone density. Five tablets to be taken daily.

Restoring Youthful Balance Hormones

Youthful hormone balance is critical to maintaining health in all women and men over age 40. Ageing men and woman are invariably DHEA deficient. Many men over the age of 40 have too much estrogen and too little free testosterone. While ageing woman need to balance their progesterone and estergen.

DHEA is the most abundent circulating hormone in the youthful human body but peaks by the age of 25 and declines thereafter. By the age of 70 most people DHEA has declined by over 80%. DHEA should not be taken by those with existing prostate or breast cancer. Those with liver disease should take dissolve in the mouth tables rather than capsules.

Super MiraForte is a supplement for men that contains chrysin, bioperine, urtica dioica and muira puama. It works to help restore more youthful testosterone levels. Two capsules are taken twice daily. It should not be taken by men with prostate cancer or by women.

Natural Estrogen contains natural plant extracts including licorice, black cohosh, dong quai and vitex agnus-castus. Suggested dose is one table twice daily. This supplement should not be taken by anyone with estrogen-dependent cancer.

S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe)

SAMe a supplement which promotes good mood and bone and joint health should be taken with vitamin B12 and folic acid – both of which are in the Life Extension Mix and/or the Life Extension Booster.


Aspirin has been found to be beneficial in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes because it affects the blood platelets making them less likely to stick together improving blood flow. The HealthPrin brand is coated to minimize stomach irritation.

Find out more at www.thevitalityshopuk.com

Private Stem Cell Banks


Cells Limited
Temple House
221-225 Station Road
Harrow HA1 2TH

T:+44 (0)845 226 0844; email: info@babycells.com


Corcell Inc
1411 Walnut Street
Suite 300, Philadelphia PA19102


Alpha Cord, USA – Home Office
2200 Century Parkway #9
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
T: + 1 866-396-7283
F: +1 404-795-9126

Alpha Cord, Columbia
Rodolfo Martinez, MD
Carrera 21 No 90-59
Clinica del Chico
Bogota, DC.
Colombia, Suramerica
T: 01-571-531-02-71

Alpha Cord, France
Orhan Unlusoy
56, rue de Sèvres
92100 Boulogne France
T: 33-146-03-32-04

Alpha Cord, México
Colina del Yaqui #65
Fracc. Boulevares
C.P. 53140
Naucalpan, Edo. de México
T: 52-55-5236-7395

Alpha Cord Turkey
Istanbul Office:
Cengiz Bayirli
Husrev Gerede Cad No:86/2 Tesvikiye
Istanbul, Turkey
T: 0212-365-10-87
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Mobile: 0532-739-41-18 (24 hours)

Alpha Cord Greece
George Pitoulis
Narkissou 24
Athens, Greece 14563
T: 0030-694-483-1283
F: 0030-210-8014-984

Shanghai Stem Cells Technology Co Ltd



Anita Baxas, M.D.
Sam Baxas, M.D.
Baxamed Switzerland
Hauptstrasse 4
CH-4102 Binningen
T: 4161-422-1295
T: 4161-422-1292
F: 4161-421-5665
F: 4161-422-1289
305-361-9249 US


Reza Tavassoli, MD, PhD
Biotonus Clinique Bon Port
21, rue Bon-Port
1820 Montreux
T: 41-21-966-57-57
F: 41-21-966-57-58 fax
email: inof@biotonus.ch or sales@biotonus.ch
website: www.biotonus.ch

LaClinic (anti-ageing and cosmetics)
Avenue de Collonge 43
1820 Montreaux-Territet
T: 41 21 966 70 00
F: 41 21 966 70 10
email: info@laclinic.ch
website: www.laclinic.ch


Walter Blumer, MD
8754 Netstal
Glarus Bei Zurich
Netstal Glarus
T: 41 58-61-28-46

Klinik Professor Sailer (aesthetic surgery)
Toblerstresse 51
CH-8044 Zurich
T: 41 44 2519152
F: 41 44 2519153
email: sailer@sailerclinic.com



Fernando M. de Souza, MD
R. Fortaleza 201
Adrianopolis, Manaus


Oslim Malina, MD
Rua Casemiro de Abreu 32


Antonio C. Fernandes, MD
Rua Santa Tecla 470A
Pelotas, RS 96010


Moyses Hodara, MD
Rua Vigario Jose Inacio
368, Sala 102
Porto Alegre-RS

Carlos J.P. de Sa, MD
Marcilio Dias – 1056
Porto Alegre-RS 90060

Jose Valdai de Souza, MD
Av. Carlos Gomes, 328/501-514
90480-000 – RS – Brazil
Porto Alegre – RS
051-328 4928 or
051-328 9517
051-328 4928 fax
e-mail: jvaldai@terra.com.br


Helion Povoa Filho, MD
Rua Martins Ferreira, 75
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP: 22 271 – 010
21-539-0906 fax
e-mail: helionp@liveinrio.iis.com.br

Jose G. Furtado, MD
Rua Jardim Botanico
295 – Terreo
Rio de Janeiro


Jose DeFelippe, Jr., MD
R. Conde De Porto Alegre, 1985
CEP04608 São Paulo
533-9959 fax

Fernando Luiz Flaquer, MD
Professor Artur Ramos, 183 cjs
Jd. Europa
São Paulo-SP
55-11-3814-3455 fax
e-mail: genesysflaquer@uol.com.br

Baxamed Medical Center, Switzerland

Baxamed Medical Center
Anita Baxas, M.D.
Sam Baxas, M.D.
Baxamed Switzerland
Hauptstrasse 4
CH-4102 Binningen, Switzerland
(011) 4161 422 1295
(011) 4161 422 1292
(011) 4161 422-1289
(305) 361-9249

Drs Anita and Sam Baxas offer recombinant human growth hormone therapy, live cell therapy, thymus and RNA injections, plaquex and chelation infusions to avoid bypass and amputation surgery, and other European antiaging therapies.

The Baxamed Medical Center has a “Youth Restoration Programme” in which a blood analysis determines the level of hormones such as HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, all of which decline with age. The clinic’s therapy replaces the missing hormones in the correct dosage. The clinic also offers fetal cell therapy injected intramuscularly. The patient then continues the treatment at home.

The philosophy of the Baxamed Medical Center:

“The goal of conventional medicine is to keep patients alive. Just “being alive” though doesn’t mean there is any quality to life. Frequently “being alive” means being incarcerated in an ageing body, dependent on the help of others for even the simplest activities. It means loss of strength and vigor, loss of mental capacity and loss of many body functions. It means loss of independence and dignity.

Alternative medicine and specifically the Youth Restoration Program not only keeps the patient alive, it makes the patient strong with full physical and mental capacity to live a rich and independent life. The patient doesn’t become a burden on society, he remains a contributing member of it.

It is our belief that ageing is a disease, primarily caused by the waning secretion of hormones and by the degradation of cells in every organ. Many scientific papers have been written about how the production of hormones, such as HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, decline massively with age. It is also well documented that the decline in hormones typically causes many changes in body function and structure for the ageing patient.

It is thus logical that if we replace the missing hormones and cellular building blocks to repair damaged cells of organs, we can come close to bringing back a normal, youthful structure and physiology.”

Baxamed’s Youth Restoration Program consists of a full laboratory and physical analysis of the status quo. Then all necessary hormones are replaced in the correct dosage to reach the levels of 25 to 30 year old healthy people. The organs are revitalized by 29 different fetal cell preparations that are injected intramuscularly. In addition, we recommend a hair mineral analysis to determine the nutritional status of the cells and the load of heavy metal toxins.

The treatment is initiated at the medical center and continued by the patient in the comfort of his home.


Located near the banks of the Rhine river in Basel, Switzerland, the clinic is reputed to be the first in the world to implement the use of Human Growth Hormone. Baxamed Medical Center specialises in anti-ageing medicine applying various treatments such as cell-therapy, thymus shots, ozone treatments and chelation infusions. As the role of hormones in the ageing process became a matter of intensive study, hormone replacement therapy with DHEA, Melatonin, Testosterone, Estrogen has been added to the already successful treatments.

The first study on the youthful effected of HGH were published in 1990 by Dr. Rudmann and subsequently the doctors at Baxamed Medical Center studied the literature on this hormone intensively and started treating healthy older patients with this newly discovered hormone.

The results were and still are incredible. Patients report feeling energetic, loosing fat and gaining muscle strength. Some have improved hearing and disposed of their hearing aids. Others report less gray hair. HGH was able to dramatically push anti-ageing medicine into a new era of study and application. Most clinics using HGH now days apply the principle of blood result evaluation and HGH dosaging developed by the physicians at Baxamed. For more than 10 years these physicians were able to gather ample experience in the replacement of HGH and other hormones.

To start anti-ageing treatment, the patient travels to Basel, and stays in accommodation in one of the city’s hotels. At the clinic the patients’ personal health history and problems are discussed and a comprehensive blood test is performed to determine the hormone status and dosage requirements. Prior to the patients’ visit he or she will receive a kit to have a hair mineral analysis done. The results will determine if certain minerals should be taken and if there is a presence of heavy metals and should be removed. Not only the hormone replacement, but also the optimal combination of cell therapy preparations depends on a thorough examination of the patient. Once all the results are available, a personalized treatment plan is made including cell-therapy, thymus therapy and hormone replacement.

The cell combination depends on the age of the patient, the general condition and particular health considerations, and which organs require treatment to improve their function.

For patients with time constraints it is more efficient to bring all necessary laboratory results from their home town as required by Baxamed. In this case prior to the visit to the clinic lab results are taken and the questionnaire answered and faxed to Baxamed. Then the treatment can then be pre-planned and arranged before the patient visits the clinic. The discussion of the treatment and all instructions can be taken care of in one day. The patient then receives all materials, medications and instructions to take home. However, a resting phase of a few days after the cell therapy is suggested to give the body the time and freedom of stress to absorb and utilize the injected cells. We try to make this stay as “unclinical” as possible which is why we advise our patients to stay in hotels nearby.

To heighthen the success of the anti-ageing treatment, diet and exercise as well as nutritional supplementation are discussed.

Patients with vascular disease (heart attack, angina, peripheral clogging of the blood vessels) are successfully treated with Chelation and Plaquex Infusions. This treatment takes several weeks and the infusions are applied 3-4 times weekly. Chelation infusions remove heavy metals and free radicals and Plaquex infusions remove the fat from soft plaque. Both also have extensive anti-aging properties. Baxamed has just added new treatment rooms to its office offering a relaxing and comfortable surrounding during the 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours the infusions take.
Clilnic staff are fluent in German, English and French as well as speaking some Spanish and Italian.

Between the treatments there is plenty of free time to explore the city of Basel and its surroundings. Basel, situated on a sweeping curve of the Rhine, is not only the golden gateway to Switzerland but is also one of the oldest University cities in Europe. Today it is still world-famous for its highly developed medical and pharmaceutical technology and the watch and jewellry fair each spring. Basel lies where the three countries, Switzerland, France and Germany, meet – on the border of romantic Alsace and only a stone’s throw from the legendary wine country of South Baden- and this has contributed to its growth into an international metropolis.

There are a number of interesting excursions and walks in the surrounding countryside as well as cultural activities and art which Basel has to offer: the nearby hills with their ancient ruins and castles, the theaters and concert halls with their international programs, the museums and the galleries, with their ever-changing shows and exhibitions.

Vitamins & Minerals


General advice

Vitamins are either water or fat soluable. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluable and stored in the liver by the body. Since they are used slowly overdosing on them can be more toxic. The B vitamins and vitamin C are water soluable and excess amounts are flushed out of the body.

Since many processed foods are deficient in essential vitamins they can be taken by way of supplements. New research has shown that Vitamin B3 in the diet can help prevent Alzheimer’s, and Vitamins D and C are being investigated for their potential role in the prevention of cancer.

Antioxidants are the elixir vitamins and supplements that help the body defend itself against free radical attack – these are unstable molecular structures that damage cells and which scientists believe are responsible for mutations that cause cancer and other diseases and illnesses. Although we identify several vitamins, minerals and supplements that have particular antioxident properties, they deliver the optimum benefits when taken with other essential nutrients and a balanced diet.

The most important antioxidents are alpha lipoic acid, acetyl L-carnitine, DMAE, vitamin A and betacarotene, vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, followed by vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and the minerals, copper, manganese and zinc. Other important antioxidents are co-enzyme Q10, carotenoids such as lutein and lycopene, alpha lipoic acid, green tea and grapeseed extracts.

Care should be taken not to exceed guidelines and a qualified medical doctor should be consulted for accurate information that takes into account your age, weight, health and any medical conditions for which you are taking drugs that might cause contra-indications.

VITAMIN A (and beta-carotene)

Found in Liver, cheese, eggs, oily fish, also cod, halibut, milk., brocolli, cantaloupe melon, kale, red bell peppers, watercress and spinach. Essential for growth, bones, vision, skin, growth, immune system and reproduction. It also helps protect against a range of cancers, helps acen, colds and infections Deficiencies cause mouth ulcers, poor night vision, acne, frequent colds, flaky skin and dandruff. A lack of this vitamin is common in those with Crohn’s Disease. High doses can increase the risk of bone fracture and damage unborn babies – but you’d need to take more than 5g a day.

Since it is fat-soluable it is best taken with some dietary fat and the mineral zinc. As far as the skin is concerned it penetrates into cells protecting them from free radicals and oxidative stress. Acne and ageing skin are often treated with topical Retin-A (tretinoin), an acid form of vitamin A.


These vitamins work together to aid a large number of biological processes that affect the skin, brain and nerves. Thy aid the health of hair, skin and nails, strengthen bones and muscles, fight fatigue, aid liver health, brain function and skin disorders. A deficiency can cause a range of problems ranging from skin problems to insomnia and depression.

VITAMIN B1 (thiamin)

It is found in pork, vegetables, milk, cheese, peas and beans, dried fruit and nuts, salmon and soyabeans. . Contains Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is essential for energy production, brain function and digestion. A lack of leads to tender and weak muscles, irritability, poor concentration, poor memory, depression and tingling hands.

VITAMIN B2 (riboflavin)

Found in cereals, meat, kidneys, mushrooms, eggs, milk, watercress, cauliflower, almonds, walnuts, low-fat cottage cheese and plain yogurt. This vitamin helps turn fat, sugar and protein into energy. It is essentialfor healthy skin, hair and nails and to regulate body acidity. Deficiencies can cause sore tongue, sensitivity to bright lights, cataracts, dull hair and skin problems. In levels found in supplements, there’s no evidence this can cause harm. Vitamin B2 is useful in treating migraine and helps reduce dependence on painkillers used to treat them.

VITAMIN B3 (niacin)

Found in oily fish, liver, poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, wholegrains, vegetables. It is essential for energy production, brain function, hormones and healthy skin. Helps balance blood sugar. A lack can result in appetite loss, dementia, diarrhea, lack of energy, headaches, anxiety, skin problems. High doses can cause skin flushing so high amounts should not be taken without medical supervision.

The Institute For Healthy Ageing in Chicago recently discovered that people who eat a diet low in Vitamin B3 (12mg or less per day) are 80 per cent more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s. Wheras those to take the vitamin were mentally fitter in general. Other studies have found that vitamin B3 is beneficial in preventing cataracts. In cases of mild depression, the vitamin is given with the amino acid tryptophan which together help to stimulate serotonin, the body’s feel good chemical.

VITAMIN B5 (pantothenic acid)

Found in almost all meat and veg. Red meat, mushrooms, rye bread, kidney, eggs, broccoli, almonds, chickpeas and lentils. Assists in the body’s energy production and endurance, controls fat metabolism and is essential for the brain and nerves. Lack causes muscle tremors or cramps, apathy, anxiety or tension and tiredness.

VITAMIN B6 (pyridoxine)

Found in liver, pork, chicken, salmon, whole cereals, oats, wheatgerm, eggs, avocado, bananas, lentils and vegetables. It is necessary for protein utilisation and brain function. A natural antidepressant. A lack of can cause depression, irritability, muscle tremors, lack of energy and skin problems. Taking high levels such as 1,000mg/day have been associated with nerve damage. Carpal tunnel syndrome which causes pain and numbness in the fingers and associated with arthritis is reduced with by increasing intake of vitamin B6.

VITAMIN B8 (Biotin)

Found in kidney, liver, eggs, dried fruit, almonds, wheatbran, and oats. Helps the body use essential fats, promoting healthy skin, hair and nerves. Assists in metabolising food and utilising other B vitamins. Promotes healthy hair. A deficiency can result in anorexia, nausea, vomiting, depression, hair loss, dry skin, eczema.

VITAMIN B9 (flate, folacin, folic acid)

Found in green vegetables, asparagas, beetroot, peas, chickpeas, sprouts, almonds, brown rice and avocados, chicken, kale, melon, oranges, parsnips and spinach.. Needed for cell division and growth. Critical in the womb for brain development and nerves. Insufficient can led to anaemia, eczema, anxiety, poor memory, stomach pains, sore tongues and mouths and diarrhea.

VITAMIN B12 (cyanocobalamin)

Found in all meat products, seafood, seaweed, eggs, halibut, salmon and yogurt. Helps blood carry oxygen, so is essential for energy. Needed to make DNA, for cell division and nerve function. A lack of causes poor hair condition, irritability, lack of energy, weakness, anemia, constipation, flatulence and weight loss. Helps to lower hormocysteine levels (used with folic acid and B6). There are no known risks

VITAMIN C (Absorbic Acid)

Found in broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, watercress, cauliflower, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, berries. There are two types of vitamin C, both of which are important antioxidents. The usual form is known as L-ascorbic acid, which is water soluable and protects the water element of skin cells. The other vitamin c, known as C ester, which is fat soluable and protects the fatty part of the cell. This is made of absorbic acid with an added fatty acid from palm oil and is retained by the skin far better than L-ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, makes collagen and keeps bones, skin and joints healthy and strong. Detoxifies pollutants and protects against cancer. A lack can lead to infections, bleeding gums, easy bruising, slow wound healing, wrinkles and the disease scurvy. It is also thought to be a contributor to Parkinson’s Disease. High doses can cause diarrhea.

Vitamin C is best taken with bioflavinoids, the antioxident compounds found in vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C combined with Vitamin E helps slow the progress of the age-related eye disease, macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the over-65s, caused by a deterioration in the retina. It is thought that Vitamin C helps in the absorption of lutein and lypocene, bioflavinoids found in fruit and vegetables that are needed to maintain the health of the retina.

Since Vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen — the basis of healthy cartilage, ligaments and tendons, it also stimulates the bone-building cells and boosts calcium absorption. Research has found that people who suffered back pain because of damaged discs found this reduced (and, in some cases, the need for surgery was overcome) after taking Vitamin C daily.

Low levels of Vitamin C are associated with rheumatoid arthritis, which leads to swelling and stiffness in the joints of the knees, wrists and ankles. Studies at Manchester and Cambridge Universities found that people who ate plenty of dietary sources of Vitamin C, such as fruit and vegetables, substantially reduced their risk of developing the disease.

Vitamin C can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to recent studies. It can also help overcome fertility problems associated with a low sperm count. Studies have found that 500mg of Vitamin C twice a day can boost sperm count by a third while also reducing the numbers of abnormal sperm — which can’t fertilise an egg — by the same amount.

VITAMIN D (Calciferol)

Found in oily fish, liver, eggs and fortified cereals. Formed in the skin on exposure to the sun. Regulates calcium levels, helps maintain heart action and the nervous system. A lack of can cause joint pain or stiffness, backache, tooth decay and muscle cramps. High doses over long periods can weaken bones. Doses of 1,250mcg are potentially toxic.

Vitamin D may reduce the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes, the most serious form of the disorder, which can be controlled only with insulin injections. Finnish studies found that babies given Vitamin D supplements have an 80 per cent reduced risk of developing the condition in later life, although as yet scientists are not sure why.

Vitamin D helps those with the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, as it plays a key part in the absorption of calcium, which is vital for bone strength. Studies have found that a Vitamin D supplement, taken with calcium, can help reduce the rate of fractures (a common side effect of the condition) by 45 per cent. Most people get enough Vitamin D through diet and exposure to the sun, but elderly people may benefit from a supplement.

American studies have found that low levels of Vitamin D increase the amount of wear and tear in the joints of the hip and knee, which can lead to osteoarthritis — a bone condition that affects half of those over the age of 60. The Arthritis Research Campaign is funding further research to see if Vitamin D could be used to combat osteoarthritis of the knee in future.

VITAMIN E (Tochopherol)

Found in unrefined plant oils, tuna, soya, olive oil, nuts and seeds, spinach. Necessary to protect fats in cell membranes from damage. May protect against cancer. Helps the body use oxygen. Improves wound healing and fertility. A lack of leads to easy bruising, slow wound healing, loss of muscle tone and infertility. No toxic effects of found at less than 2,000mg per day.

Studies have found that people with sufficient Vitamin E in their diet have a reduced risk of heart attacks. It can also reduce the risk of further attacks in people who have already suffered one. Vitamin E reduces cholesterol and inflammation, and so helps prevent blood vessels becoming furred or inflamed. However, the studies found that the benefits are gained only from dietary sources of Vitamin E, not supplements.

Vitamin E may also help a number of menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, and mood swings caused by hormonal imbalances.

Researchers at St Thomas’s Hospital in London found that pregnant women could reduce the risk of pre-Eclampsia — which causes a huge surge in blood pressure and kidney damage, and can prove fatal to mother and baby — by taking Vitamins E and C. The study found that taking 400mg of Vitamin E and 1,000mg of Vitamin C reduced the risk by almost ten per cent. It is thought the two vitamins help ‘mop up’ the toxins released into the body through the kidney damage.

VITAMIN K (Phylloquinone)

Found in green, leafy vegetables, broccoli, vegetable oils, potatoes, milk. Vitamin K is essential for the normal coagulation of blood. A lack of causes easy bleeding. Supplements aren’t needed. Our diet provides around half of our needs, and bacteria in the intestine produce the rest.



Found in milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, soya milk, nuts and eggs. Promotes healthy heart and nerves, clots blood, improves skin, bone and teeth, contracts muscles. Insufficient can lead to muscle cramps, insomnia, joint pain or arthritis, osteoporosis, bleeding gums, high blood pressure and even rickets.. Too much can cause diarrhoea. Found in broccoli, low fat yogurt, nuts and seeds, sardines and salmon, sea vegetables, tofu.


Found in Brewer’s yeast, calves liver, wholemeal bread, rye bread, oysters, potatoes, chicken and apples. Needed for heart function . Assists in regulating blood sugar levels, regulates insulin, lowers cholesterol and is also attributed with assisting weight loss. A deficiency may cause glucose tolerance and impaired growth, dizziness and cravings for frequent meals and sweets. It should be taken with vitamin C for maximum absorbtion levels andto reduce cravings. Although the FSA recommends no more than 10mg, many pre-diabetic people take this amount to improve blood- sugar control. The FSA have issued a caution on a form of chromium called chromium picolinate, which may increase cancer risk.


Found in leafy vegetables, nuts, yeast, red pepper, wholemeal bread, avocado, oatmeal, tofu. Necessary to strengthen bones and teeth, promotes healthy muscles by helping them relax; important for the nervous system and energy production. A lack can cause muscle tremors, insomnia, high blood pressure, depression, kidney stones.


Found in black pudding, liver, red meat, beans, nuts, dried fruit, wholegrains, green, leafy vegetables. Necessary for blood to carry oxygen to tissues. It’s also needed in enzymes vital for energy production. Deficiency can led to anaemia, pale skin, fatigue, nausea and sensitivity to cold. Too much can cause diarrhoea – though anaemics may take more than 17mg under medical supervision.


Found in tuna, oysters, wholegrains, mushrooms, cottage cheese, courgettes, chicken. Antioxidant which helps fight infection, promotes a healthy heart, reduces inflammation, helps fight cancer. A deficiency of this mineral causes premature aging, high blood pressure, frequent infections. No signs of toxicity have been found below 0.7mg.


Found in celery and processed foods. Sodium chloride, or salt, maintains body’s water balance, prevents dehydration. Needed for nerve and muscle function. Moves nutrients into cells. Insufficient can cause dizziness, rapid pulse, apathy, muscle cramps, headache. Excess salt may contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease.


Found in brazil nuts, chicken, halibut, oatmeal, salmon, sunflower seeds and turkey. Zinc is responsible for helping wounds to heal, collagen prod uction, cell division. A deficiency causes a worsening of skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Dentists & Cosmetic Dentists

Harley Street Dental Studio, London, W1

Renowned cosmetic dental surgeon, Dr Mark Hughes has recently launched the new Harley Street Dental Studio in London.

The studio has state of the art equipment and the latest techniques are performed in a stylish and fashionably holistic spa environment.

The range of treatments available at the Harley Street Dental Studio is vast and covers all aspects of reconstructive and cosmetic dental work. Mark and his team use the latest practices to give you the smile you want.

As one of the only dental surgeons in the UK using Di Vinci Veneers, Mark and his experienced team can ensure teeth are corrected and aligned to give the most beautiful smile. These ultra-thin shells of ceramic material are bonded to the front of teeth with little or no anaesthetic to mask discolorations, brighten teeth, and to improve your smile.

When fitting veneers, the Studio offers a bespoke service; patients can choose the shade and size of teeth that suits them and their face the best.
Mark personally works with a patient to ensure that they get the most attractive and natural smile.

Facial rejuvenation is also offered at the Studio and is the dental equivalent of a facelift. The procedure replaces worn or missing teeth, improving bone structure and having a dramatic anti-ageing effect on facial appearance.

In addition to using the latest dental techniques, the Studio also offers the ultimate lifestyle experience: a plasma screen showing a DVD of your choice, complete with Bang and Olufsen surround sound, ensures your time in the Studio is as comfortable and soothing as possible. For those who areshort of time, or simply want the ultimate pampering experience, a manicure or pedicure can be carried out whilst you have your teeth whitened – all within your lunch hour. The Harley Street Dental Studio uses Zoom 2 whitening products from California, which achieve results in just 40 minutes.

Dr Hughes is dedicated to clinical excellence and has built a reputation as one of the finest aesthetic dentists in London. He is well known in the industry for his impeccable standards and for working closely with patients to provide outstanding quality in dental and aesthetic treatments to create the most natural looking teeth and the best results.

Escaping the busy street and stepping into a Zen-like zone with crisp, sleek interiors and exotic flowers gracing every table, the Harley Street Dental Studio removes any fears you may have about visiting a dentist. All of the finer details have been carefully thought out – from the carefully positioned Buddha’s that provide serenity, to the many bowls of crisp green apples that remind you of where you are.

About Harley Street Dental Studio:

London Centre For Cosmetic Dentistry T: +44(0)20 7722 1235.
Consultations for cosmetic surgery are free of charge.

The London Breath Centre
93 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 4RL
T: +44(0)20 7722 1235 or +44(0)20 7586 7237

Other useful commercial websites:


These are professional bodies who can give you unbiased advice about practitioners:


British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Suite 152
84 Marylebone High Street
London W1M 3DE

British Dental Association
64 Wimpole Street
London W1M 8AL UK
T: 44 (0)20 7935 396

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

American Dental Association


European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

Arm toning

The Marine Spa Firming Treatment starts with an exfoliating treatment, then oils are applied before the arm is covered with a marine gel which contains algae and vitamins. The arms are wrapped so that the nutrients can penetrate the skin. Good for slack skin.


Botox, a prescription drug, is one of the most popular treatments for worry lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes, and also the neck which can be softened by a local micro-injection of the substance, which paralyses the muscles responsible for the lines.

The effect is temporary and will need to be repeated every three months or so. Anyone thinking of having this treatment should go to a proper doctor so that they can be tested for allergies and also in the event of any allergic reacton that may occur after treatment.

Tiny amounts of this purified toxin are injected into facial muscles to paralyse them temporarily; skin stretches out, and wrinkles soften or disappear. Target areas include frown lines between brows, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s-feet. Not recommended for the lower face, as it can prevent you from smiling. A treatment takes about 30 minutes. The paralysis isn’t permanent and muscles need to be retreated every three to six months. The injection may make the area red and there may also be some bruising. It costs around $400 per site (a pair of crow’s-feet constitutes one site, worry lines another). The results last for three to six months.



Remember the condition of your teeth and mouth may be an indication of problems with your general health and you should see a doctor and/or dentist if symptoms persist.

Watch animations and read helpful information about dental treatments below. The animations which bring dental treatments alive to patients are by Medivision, the leading worldwide provider of aesthetic and dental animation to the medical profession – for more information visit the Company website at www.medivision.co.uk

Top Tips

* Consult your dentist/hygenist every three to six months
* Floss teeth each night
* Change toothbrush monthly
* Brush carefully
* Purchase an electric brush – they have a superior action on teeth and gums
* Invest in a Water-Pick to flush teeth clean
* Use a natural antiseptic mouth wash
* Give up smoking – not only does it contribute to bad breath and stained teeth and tongue but it also affects healing
* Drink plenty of water
* Ensure diet includes teeth-protecting nutrients

Gum Disease

Gum disease can shorten life expectancy: Nine out of 10 adults have some degree of gum disease, according to recent dental surveys. Inflamed gums are a powerful predictor of your odds of dying prematurely from heart disease and stroke.

German researchers recently discovered new evidence that middle-aged men with severe gum disease are four times more likely to have a stroke than their peers with healthier gums. American researchers have identified a similar link with heart disease – people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to develop narrowing of the coronary arteries supplying the heart.

The reason for the link remains unclear but it’s thought that inflammation in the mouth accelerates the formation of fatty deposits within arteries.

Doctors also believe that gum disease can increase the odds of developing diabetes and even bringing on premature labour. Pregnant women with severe gum disease are four times more likely to go into labour early.

Mild gum disease is often painless. Early tell-tale signs are redness at the gum margin (where the gums meet the teeth), and bleeding after brushing. More severe cases can cause obvious swelling of the gums, bad breath and loose teeth – one in seven of the population loose all their teeth before the age of 50 because of
gum disease.

The key to preventing gum disease is good dental hygene. You should:

Gently brush your teeth and gums twice daily, preferably with an electric toothbrush. Women are better at this: 80 per cent of women brush their teeth twice a day, compared with just 60 per cent of men.

Floss – generally only a fifth of Europeans do.

See the dentist regular. Go for regular check-ups. See the dentist annually, and the hygienist every six months.

Give up smoking. Smokers are four times more likely to have severe gum disease than non-smokers, a problem compounded by the fact that nicotine can mask the early signs of trouble (it constricts blood vessels, making bleeding less likely).

For more information, visit www.dentalhealth.org.uk

About Elixir


Avril O’Connor is the Editor of Elixir News and Elixir magazine. It has been developed from a passion which began in 2002 when there was a proliferation of web sites selling anti-ageing products and services….but few with an independent voice.

In April 2005 Elixir News was born. It is editorially independent enabling consumers to better make informed choices about their health and anti-ageing products and services.

We do not accept payment to write endorsements of products and services or for the inclusion of experts and services in our directories. This enables Elixir News to be a credible and independent news source, as well as including all the services and professional experts that we consider relevant to our readership. Nevertheless inclusion is not an endorsement by us and should it come to our attention that any business mentioned on our site is being conducted in an illegal or unethical manner we will remove it from our directories.

Visitors to our site should also bear in mind that many claims are made for anti-ageing products and services that are not necessarily substantiated by scientific evidence and should always take the expert advice of a qualified medical doctor.

It is the intention of Elixir News to fairly report and investigate the facts. If we consider that any claims for products/services are bogus or unsubstantiated we will say so. If you have had negative experiences with businesses in this sector please let us know and we will take up the challenge. We also report on our positive experiences with products and services. Advertising or sponsorship is clearly labelled as such.

We hope that you will find our web site useful in arming you with knowledge that can help you live a longer and happier life. But once again we do advise anyone with persistent health problems to consult a qualified medical practitioner/doctor. Anyone embarking on a intensive anti-ageing programme should, in particular, seek the advice of a qualified specialist about the supplements they plan to take and in what quantities, as they may conflict with drug therapy and certain medical conditions. The doctor may advise certain blood and other tests to determine your individual needs.

Please do let us know about your experiences and feedback on the information within this site. Email us at info@elixirnews.com

Dr Karlis Ullis MD – Santa Monica


Dr Karlis Ullis MD
The Sports Medicine & Anti-Aging Medical Group
1807 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica
California 90403
T: 310 829 1990
F: 310 829 5134
Dr Karlis Ullis MD is an internally recognised authority on anti-ageing medicine and sports medicine. He is the author of “Age Right” (Simon & Schuster, 1999), a ground-breaking book on practical, easy to use anti-ageing inventions for the consumer. He first began developing his theories on anti-ageing medicine while at UCLA where he worked with some of the world’s greatest athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalist Gail Deevers, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Mike Powell and “Flo Jo” Joyner and NBA star Reggie Miller. When he began applying these anti-ageing techniques to patients in his private practice the results were startling: middle-aged men and women who had accepted decline in their health as a fact of life were revitalised.

Dr Ullis is also the author of “Super T” (Fireside/Simon&Schuster 1999) which explains how testosterone is the fuel for energy and sex and “The Hormone Revolution Diet” (Avery Press, 2003).

His clinic, The Sports and Anti-Aging Medical Group utilises the latest in scientific evaluation tools. Customised programmes are developed for each patient. Tests include blood and urine oxidative DNA damage ageing tests, early cancer detection panels, vitamins, antioxidents and trace minerals are measured. Total body scans to detect early atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and early cancer detection.

Dr Ullis also acts as a consultant to Sly Stallone’s nutrient company – www.instonenutrition.com

Aloha Medical Center – Hawaii

Aloha Medical Center, 460 Ena Road, Suite 603, Waikiki
Aloha Medical Center
460 Ena Road, Suite 603
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

(808) 732-0888

Aloha Medical Center is a physician-directed center, which offers growth hormone replacement, hyperbaric oxygen, intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy, and many other anti-aging therapies.

HGH Technology

Somatotropin, the medical name for Human Growth Hormone, is produced in the laboratory using technology that copies the natural growth hormone molecule. It produces a 100% physically, chemically, and biologically identical molecule to the HGH produced by the pituitary gland. This technology is known as recombinant DNA technology.

HGH is a FDA-Approved Drug

In August, 1996, the FDA approved Human Growth Hormone for use in adult patients for the first time. Before this approval, it was only authorized for use to promote growth in shortstatured children with HGH deficiencies. Now HGH can be prescribed for hormone-deficient adults as well as to delay the aging process. Restoring the body with youthful hormone levels is an important key to living a stronger, healthier, and happier life.

Injectable HGH versus Oral HGH

As HGH is a large and complex protein, it is not absorbed intact and must be taken by injection. If HGH were taken by mouth it would be digested in the stomach and become inactivated. Injection of the Human Growth Hormone bypasses the digestive system completely. This injectable HGH requires a prescription.

Signs of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

The psychological and emotional symptoms of HGH deficiency include a reduced sense of well being, low energy, low vitality, decreased capacity for work, and emotional lability, which encompasses mood swings, anxiety, depression, and increased social isolation. Important physical signs include increased body fat, especially around the waist (apple-shaped rather than pear shaped), decrease in muscle mass, and thin, wrinkled, or prematurely aged skin. Other symptoms may consist of the following: reduced cardiac performance, poor sleep, decreased muscle mass and strength, and little to no sex drive.

Aging Process

Aging takes place at a more rapid pace when your hormone levels start to decrease. Once the hormone levels begin dropping, your body starts to change. You tend to gain weight easier, you’re not as athletic, you tend to be more uptight about things, and you’re depressed more frequently. These are all signs that your hormone levels are getting lower. Natural hormones are protective of normal bodily functions, and aging is related to the loss of these hormones. Replacing the hormone level to youthful levels delays the aging process. HGH is said to be the “Fountain of Youth.”


Q. How do I get started?
A. Follow the directions on www.HGHPharm.com

Q. How long will it take before I start to see some results?
A. You can start to see and feel results as early as one week. Sometimes a little longer. The longer you are on this type of therapy the better your chances of seeing and feeling more benefits.

Q. How do I know if this therapy is right for you?
A. We are networked with certain diagnostic laboratories in Hawaii and the mainland. These laboratories handle and perform all of the required blood tests to determine where your hormone levels are and where they should be.

Q. How do I get my prescription?
A. Once we receive your laboratory test results, one of our physicians will review that information along with the information collected from the initial history and physical evaluation. If appropriate, a course of HGH can then be prescribed and initiated.

Q. How long does this process take?
A. It will take about a week and a half: this will allow time to have the blood tests performed and have the test results sent back to us.

Q. Where do I get my HGH?
A. Follow the directions on www.HGHPharm.com

NOTE: Human Growth Hormone is available only by prescription and regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Association. In order for our physicians to prescribe HGH to you they must establish a doctor-patient relationship with you. This is to make sure the therapy chosen is right for you.



The medical procedure is called “Lipo-Lyte”. A special mixture of purified lecithin, vitamins and nutrients is injected into the fatty areas, like the saddle bags, love handles and arm flab. These injections work by triggering fat dissolving enzymes responsible for breaking down and dissolving fat, as well as for slimming and smoothing the skin.

The Lipo-Lyte Injection system, available in Europe and the mainland for years, is now available in Hawaii.

How it works: Phosphatidyl choline (lecithin) and a special mixture of other natural vitamins and nutrients are injected into the fatty areas, like the buttocks, thighs or “love handles” and work by triggering enzymes responsible for breaking down and dissolving fat, as well as for slimming and smoothing the skin.

What areas can be treated ?

Lipo-Lite is not a replacement for liposuction because, so far, it has only been used on small amounts of fat. It is perfect for the person who wants to lose that last 5 pounds on the thighs, “love handles”, sagging stomach, the underarm flab, or those fat pads under the eyes.

General Advice


Warning: Certain supplements and hormones may pose health risks for some individuals. You should also be aware that many claims for health and anti-ageing products are not always substantiated by medical evidence and/or long-term studies. Always take the advice of a qualified medical practitioner/doctor, particularly if you have persistent systoms.

Care should be taken not to take high doses of some vitamins and supplements, particularly Vitamins A and D which are stored by the body and can be toxic in large amounts. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA ) or Reference Daily Intake (RDI) varies (although the US/UK recommendations are similar ) but does not take into account, gender, age, current state of health or environmental factors. For this reason Elixir News does not state these doses. It is therefore wise to consult a doctor or nutrionist rather than rely on RDA or manufacturers guidelines.

Taking more than 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day, for example, could cause diarrhoea, while high intakes of calcium (above 1,500 mg a day) and iron (above 17mg a day) may result in similar symptoms in some people. Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) may cause facial flushing if taken at high doses, while excess zinc can reduce copper absorption, leading to anaemia. While many women take doses of around 100mg of vitamin B6 to ease PMT symptoms, high levels could cause nerve damage. Such damage has only been noticed at 1,000mg, but the US’s FDA recommends people take no more than 10mg a day. Similarly with minerals care should be taken not to exceed recommended doeses. There are also concerns over the mineral chromium picolinate as it has been linked to cancer.

Where we know about concerns over a supplement or where it has been banned outright we will post these details on our banned/redlight section. You should also reassure youself that the supplements you buy are of the highest quality.

The advice of a specialist doctor should be sought for guidance on the right supplements for you. A doctor may advise various blood tests to determine these -see AntiAgeing Tests.