Botox, a prescription drug, is one of the most popular treatments for worry lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes, and also the neck which can be softened by a local micro-injection of the substance, which paralyses the muscles responsible for the lines.

The effect is temporary and will need to be repeated every three months or so. Anyone thinking of having this treatment should go to a proper doctor so that they can be tested for allergies and also in the event of any allergic reacton that may occur after treatment.

Tiny amounts of this purified toxin are injected into facial muscles to paralyse them temporarily; skin stretches out, and wrinkles soften or disappear. Target areas include frown lines between brows, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s-feet. Not recommended for the lower face, as it can prevent you from smiling. A treatment takes about 30 minutes. The paralysis isn’t permanent and muscles need to be retreated every three to six months. The injection may make the area red and there may also be some bruising. It costs around $400 per site (a pair of crow’s-feet constitutes one site, worry lines another). The results last for three to six months.