A skin condition in which the face becomes flushed/red and pores are enlarged.

Photo ageing

The ageing of the skin caused by the environment, particularly the sun and pollution.


A dangerous form of skin cancer which can be deadly


A non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure in which a top layer of the skin is removed.

Chemical Peel

A solution, applied to the skin, that causes the top layers to peel off. These can be made of fruit acids and can be very strong or mild, depending on the individual requirement.

Salicylic Acid

Also known as Beta hydroxy acid this is a mild exfoliant that helps peel off dead layers of the skin. Beware if you have an aspirin allergy as it may cause a serious swelling reaction.

Sex & the City – get the look with an Elixir discount


London: Top London hair salon Stuart Phillips is hosting ‘Style in the Salon’, a week where you can pop into the salon in London’s Covent Garden and get the Sex in the City look of your favourite character.

Choose the look you want:

1. The Curly Carrie
2. The Seductive Samantha
3. The Slick Miranda
4. The Sophisticated Charlotte

The package includes:

– A cosmopolitan
– full consultation
– A shiatsu and acupressure head and scalp massage on the one of the famous Japanese shampoo beds (15 mins)
– A 15% discount

T:+ 44 (0)20 7379 5304 or visit

Stuart Phillips Salon, 25 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9DD.

20% discount on new cream for eyelid eczema


Cardiospermum Dry Skin Eye Gel is the first treatment developed specifically for eczema effecting skin around the eye.

This kind of eczema, known as blepharitis, is common in people who suffer from eczema or atopic dermatitis elswehere on their skin, which accounts for approximately 20% of all children, of which 60% continue to suffer symptoms into adulthood – although recent estimates show a rise in the incidence of adult-onset eczema and dermatitis due to harsh chemicals used in many personal care products as well as environmental pollution in inner city areas.

Cosmetics have also been identified by dermatologists as a contributing factor to the rise in particular of eye eczema, due to skin irritants present in many eyeshadows and eyeliners worn daily by millions of women.

Not only is eye eczema irritating and uncomfortable, it is laso very ageing as the skin around the eye looks more wrinkled and creased due to the excessive dryness.

Typical treatment for eczema and atopic dermatitis are corticosteroids creams. However due to the damaging side effects of corticosteroids creams to the skin, use of them on the face is largely discouraged. In particular use of corticosteroids around the eyes can cause other health problems including a high risk of Glaucoma, a serious eye disease as well as discolouration, thinning and spider veins in the delicate skin tissue around the eye, which is why it is mostly recommened not to use corticosteroids on skin near the eyes.

But a new treatment called Cardiospermum Dry Skin Eye Gel is a light natural gel that contains a plant extract of Cardiospermum, which comes from a vine grown mostly in South American regions and both it’s seeds and leaves have been used in traditional medicine for use on eczema and dermatitis. More recently two UK trials and more than 12 published research trials have been carried out on cardiospermum due to its medicinal effects on inflammatory conditions of the skin including eczema and dermatitis. In one recent double blind study carried out in Germany Cardiospermum was found to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect without any side effects.

Dry Skin Eye Gel has been tested on actual eczema sufferers and developed to be an extremely gentle and light formulation suitable for very sensitive, itchy dry skin around the eye. The new treatment delivers the anti-inflammtory anti-itching benefits of the cardiospermum extract without damaging or irritating the delicate skin around the eye and is the first treatment of it’s kind specifically for eczema, dermatitis and dry skin around the eye.

Skin Shop’s Dry Skin Eye Gel containing Cardiospermum is a natural, no-greasy, non-irritating light gel formulation that can be applied daily to dry, itchy inflammed skin around the eye. Dry Skin Eye Gel costs £8.99 for 30ml and is available from or call: 0871 871 9975. To obtain your 20% discount quote ELX04. This offer ends 31 July 2008


Expert advice on rosacea in live webchat


Skincare expert Alison Bowser and Dermatologist Ed Seaton discuss the symptoms and treatments of Rosacea.

Chat date: Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Chat time: 6:30pm (UK time)

Do you suffer from patchy or blotchy skin? Is your poor complexion affecting your confidence or self-esteem? If so why not tune into our webchat where we’ll be holding a skin clinic about a little-known condition called rosacea (pronounced roh-ZAH-sha). Rosacea is a skin condition that causes flushing and redness in the central part of the face so needless to say these physical symptoms can cause a lot of emotional distress and embarrassment.

The condition affects several million people in the UK with 1 in 10 adults likely to develop rosacea. It mostly affects fair skinned people aged between 30 and 50 but teenagers and people in their early 20’s can also experience symptoms.

To help you identify whether or not you may be affected by rosacea and to show you how to live with and treat the condition, we’ve got skincare expert Alison Bowser and Dermatologist Ed Seaton joining us live in the studio. They will be providing useful skincare tips and as well as answering all your questions. So if you want to boost your confidence and regain control of your skin, why not log on and submit a query to our special guests.

Skincare expert Alison Bowser and Dermatologist Ed Seaton joins us live online at on Tuesday 22nd April at 6:30pm to discuss coping with Rosacea

For more information visit (coming soon)

Get ready for summer with skin treats from Renew Medica


London: Renew Medica – the market leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Laser Hair Removal and Advanced Skin Treatment in London and the South East – is offering three special deals this Spring all aimed at pampering your face in time to greet the first summer rays.

The exclusive Spring offers at Renew Medica include a FREE Skin Analysis using the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, 3 zones for the price of 2 Botox Wrinkle Treatments, or 2 for 1 treatments for Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL) and Micro-Dermabrasion. All of the treatments at Renew Medica, which is Healthcare Commission-registered, are non-invasive and individually tailored to each client’s need. The impeccable expertise of Renew Medica’s practitioners ensures that these procedures are carried out with the highest level of service, information and care.

Know the state of your skin with a FREE VISIA Complexion Analysis System

Let’s face it. Climate change and pollution are not just environmental hazards. These factors, along with intense tanning during the summer months, combine to adversely affect the health of your skin. Through the adoption of technological advancements, Renew Medica conducts state-of-the-art skin analyses with a UV scanner or the VISIA Complexion Analysis System. The results of the analysis will reveal common skin conditions, such sun damage, wrinkling, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation, and help you plan for a summer of healthy-looking skin.

Ban those wrinkles with 3 zones of Botox treatment for the price of 2!

Good news! Renew Medica’s approach to Botox is unique in that it strives to create a natural look by tailoring its Wrinkle Treatment to each client’s facial anatomy. Nobody wants to trade fine lines for a frozen face so commonly seen in American Botox practices. Renew Medica’s unique treatment is effective for reducing facial lines and also serves as a remedy for inducing and augmenting eyebrows, eliminating tension headaches and excessive sweating.

Rejuvenate, correct and heal the skin with 2 signature treatments for the price of 1!

Now there is a way to look ten years younger without going under the knife. Renew Medica’s breakthrough Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology can correct a variety of skin conditions, such as facial imperfections, the signs of ageing and unsightly small veins. This treatment, also known as Photo-Rejuvenation, can drastically improve skin texture and other blemishes. Celebrate Spring by treating yourself to Renew Medica’s 2 for 1 offer on IPL or Micro-Dermabrasion, which resurfaces the skin to remove dead skin cells, eliminating those unsightly blackheads and unblocking congested skin.

Employing a team of 115 industry experts, Renew Medica encompasses 14 prime locations in London and is entering a stage of further expansion. The institute recently launched its flagship spa in Urban Retreat, Harrods, featuring new arrivals in its unparalleled portfolio, including the Soprano XL System, a revolutionary, painless laser hair removal system and Alma Accent, an advanced laser system for the treatment of cellulite, skin tightening and body contouring. Additional treatments available across all Renew Medica clinics include Hyperhidrosis Control, Dermal Fillers, Remedial Electrolysis, Micro-Pigmentation and Sclerotherapy. Renew Medica also carries Cosmedix, the cosmeceutical range of plant botanicals-based skin care products, which contain retinol, the Holy Grail in Anti-aging.

For further information on Renew Medica and for full list of clinics please visit Posted in Facial Elixirs, News | Tagged , , , , ,

Anne Robinson reveals how her skin cancer scare made her sun savvy


London: New statistics show that skin cancer is now the fastest growing cancer in the UK, and as early detection is crucial in its treatment, the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of mole checking through its ABCD-Easy guide to mole checks.

Malignant melanoma kills around two thousand people a year, and the Association is keen to promote the use of its easy to use mole check guidelines. TV favourite Anne Robinson is supporting the campaign and turning her no-nonsense approach to the nation’s skin.

She said: “I doubt I would be here today if a dermatologist hadn’t spotted that the mole in the middle of my back looked dangerous. It wasn’t visible to me. It took two operations to clear my melanoma; the result of years of sunbathing when I was young without bothering too much about protection -or realizing the risk to someone as fair skinned as I am. I’m lucky to be alive.”

Anne’s case highlights the importance of checking you skin for signs of cancer, and the Association’s ABCD-Easy guide to mole checks focuses on the changes that may indicate a “melanoma” – the deadliest form of skin cancer:

Asymmetry – the two halves of the area may differ in shape

Border – the edges of the area may be irregular or blurred, and sometimes show notches

Colour – this may be uneven. Different shades of black, brown and pink may be seen

Diameter – most melanomas are at least 6mm in diameter. Report any change in size or shape to your doctor

Expert – if in doubt, check it out! If your GP is concerned about your skin, make sure you see a Consultant Dermatologist, the most expert person to diagnose a skin cancer. Your GP can refer you via the National Health Service.

Nina Goa d of the British Association of Dermatologists said: “Early detection of skin cancer can make all the difference to successful treatment and by promoting how easy skin checking can be, literally as easy as ABC, we want to encourage more people to make it part of their health routine.”

Dermatologists are the experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancer, and BAD recommends reporting any unusual changes in your skin (not only those in its ABCDE guide) to your doctor so that a referral can be made.

The vast majority of skin cancers are caused by excess exposure to the sun. In fact, more than four out of five cases of skin cancer are thought to be preventable. Simply being more aware of the general health of your skin and checking moles regularly – at least four times a year – could make all the difference.

SkinGenesis – Chester, Leeds & Manchester


Various discounts on treatments and treatment packages – see below for details

About SkinGenesis

SkinGenesis is a new breed of skin clinic combining experience with the latest advances in the science. We give you the results you want using only natural, safe and non invasive treatments at a price everyone can afford.

Perfect care for your skin needs

All SkinGenesis treatments are non surgical, non invasive and ‘walk-in’ ‘walk-out’. Also, with our initial consultation being completely free of charge with no obligation, there is no cost to you until you decide to go ahead with a treatment. There are no catches and no hidden charges. Come in to see us for a consultation and give way to younger looking skin.

Only SkinGenesis expertise and our highly effective treatments stimulate a lasting and gradual improvement to realise your natural skin and body potential.
Our unique satisfaction guarantee “get the results you want or continue at half price” ensures you will be happy with the result you get!

Clinics are staffed by qualified nurses and therapists

We tell you the truth – if we can’t help you, we will not make you pay for unnecessary treatments

You will get the best possible result with no pain or down-time at a price you can afford

Consultations are completely free with no obligation

Treatments are performed by our team of highly qualified professionals and we are Healthcare Commission registered, giving you greater peace of mind.

Treatments take as little as 15 minutes and with late opening times, we can fit in with your day.

SkinGenesis is offering ELIXIR MAKEOVER MILES cardholders the following:

10% off treatments (but excluding: Wrinkle relaxation:Botulinum Toxin Type A and injectible Dermal Fillers)

Special offers and packages e.g. £275 Laser Teeth Whitening, £25 Trials, – see for current offers

Christmas packages:

Christmas Packages from £100 – Limited Offer – Save £££s
You’ll love the savings offered by these Christmas packages. But plan ahead and book early to get the greatest benefits. Seasons Greetings!

• Mistletoe – ‘How to look gorgeous for the Christmas party.’
• Donner & Blitzen – ‘Get your skin in tip top condition and be hair free, care free for the festive season.’
• Bling Bling – ‘Yule look wonderful with this complete Christmas makeover’
Mistletoe – £100, save £55
• Consultation and photo analysis.
• Microdermabrasion or Lunchtime Peel.
• Peptide and hydrating mask
• DermaQuest Lip Plumper

Donner & Blitzen – £350, save £120
• Consultation and photo analysis.
• 1 hair removal treatment (U/arms or bikini)
• Pumpkin peel
• Peptide peel
• Microdermabrasion or additional Peel.
• Peptide and hydrating mask
• DermaQuest skin balancing kit
• DermaQuest Lip Plumper

Bling Bling – £650, save £220
• Consultation and photo analysis.
• Teeth Whitening
• 1 hair removal treatment (U/arms and bikini)
• Pumpkin peel
• Peptide peel
• Microdermabrasion or additional Peel.
• Peptide and hydrating mask
• DermaQuest skin balancing kit
• DermaQuest Lip Plumper

SkinGenesis clinics:


Chester Road,
Bridge Trafford,
T: + 44(0)1244 303464

SkinGenesis Leeds
2nd Floor Duncan House
14 – 16 Duncan St.
T: +44 (0)113 244 8999

SkinGenesis Manchester
Celebration Village
149 Great Ducie St.
M3 1FB
T: + 44(0)161 831 7007

Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, Harley Street, London


20% discount on all treatments
Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
98 Harley Street
T: + 44 (0)20 7935 0986

About the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic
The Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, offers the best advice and treatments to protect, repair and cosmetically enhance the appearance and texture of your skin, all from our conveniently located clinic, in the heart of London. Dr Aamer Khan is one of the most experienced medical professionals in the UK in the field of injectables and beauty aesthetics, including fillers and body sculpting such as SmartLipo.

Dr Denese of New York

DR DENESE OF NEW YORK cosmeceuticals – 25% discount (UK & Europe delivery only)

Manhatten doctor Adrienne Denese MD PhD is a specialist in anti-ageing medicine and is a much sought after media commentator on this subject. Her anti-ageing skincare line Dr Denese uses the latest breakthroughs and discoveries than science has to offer and are packed with antioxidant ingredients at the optimum level to deliver real results for ageing skin

Order on line at A promotional code is required. To obtain your code email:

Renew Medica opens new clinic in Harrods London


Renew Medica, a leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures in London and the South East, has opened a new clinic at Harrods in London.

On offer at Harrods and its other 14 clinics in the South East is a full-range of of on invasive skin treatments on offer including Laser Hair Removal, Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL), Skin Health Restoration, Micro-Dermabrasion, Botox, Wrinkle Treatment, Hyperhidrosis Control, Dermal Fillers and MesoGlow, to VISIA Complexion Analysis System, Remedial Electrolysis, (spelling) Micro-Pigmentation, Facial Chemical Peels and Sclerotherapy.

Clinical Director, Dr Sach Mohan, leads Renew Medica’s impeccable team of doctors, nurses and aestheticians.

He comments, “With such a fantastic team of skin experts and specialists, I am proud to say that Renew Medica is leading the Industry in advanced skin treatments and laser hair removal, with the highest level of service and clinical results. To announce the opening of our new flagship site within the Urban Retreat, Harrods is another milestone for us, but we will continue to make Renew Medica more accessible and affordable to all, and we look forward to build on our current 14 clinics.”

Renew Medica’s Harrods Flagship Site will also conduct Body Contouring and Skin Tightening treatments – The Accent System – a painless dual mode radio frequency device used for the treatment of Cellulite, body and facial skin tightening and contouring to help eliminate stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise alone are unable to remove. The Accent system is already accruing a phenomenal response, and this safe, non invasive treatment requires fewer sessions than other popular systems with longer lasting results, and finally gives a genuine alternative to those not wishing to go under the knife.

The most popular chain in London for Laser Hair Removal, Renew Medica is the one of the few practices that offers a variety of Laser treatment systems, according to different skin types, contrary to most clinics, who only offer one treatment type for all. The three types of Laser treatment that Renew Medica offers are: YAG – for ethnic skin types; Alex – for extremely fair skin; and Diode – for all other skin types. Renew Medica will also be launching the new Soprano XL System, the revolutionary painless laser hair removal system.

“Not all Lasers are the same, and clinical results and efficacy vary, depending on the technology used and whether this is appropriate for your skin type.”

Renew Medica is also renowned for the unique Botox Wrinkle Treatment it offers to clients. Creating a natural look by perfecting the technique, avoiding the frozen look associated with American practitioners, the artistry adopted by the Renew Medica specialists revolves around appreciating each individual’s facial anatomy. As well as the obvious purpose of removing facial lines, the Botox treatment at Renew Medica is also effective in inducing and augmenting eyebrows, eliminating tension headaches and excessive sweating, especially popular amongst the hand shaking right palms of city executives.

With climate change and increased exposure to environmental pollution accelerating the rise in poor skin health, another popular service offered by Renew Medica is the superior quality skin analysis. Adopting the technologically advanced Visia skin mapping system, which allows for the identification and monitoring of common skin conditions such as the extent of sun damage to the skin, wrinkling, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation, Renew Medica has established itself as the leading provider of Skin Health Restoration treatments, and a full range of treatment options are provided, to improve the client’s skin.

Cosmedix, the cosmeceutical range of plant botanicals-based skin care products carried by Renew Medica offers a variety of retinol based creams.

Hailed as the Holy Grail in Anti-aging, retinol helps in increasing skin cell production, collagen synthesis and blood supply. Renew Medica skin experts also offer effective treatments for acne, sun damage, dark patches and open pores, that are available following a thorough skin analysis and consultation using the Visia or Woods Lamp.

For further information on Renew Medica please visit or call 0800 027 2029. Renew Medica clinics in London are located in Oxford Circus, Bayswater, Hampstead, City, Knightsbridge, New Kings Rd, Winchmore Hill, Weybridge, Croydon, Richmond, Muswell Hill, Barnet, Holloway Rd and Harrods.


• Appointments can be made by calling free-phone 0800 027 2029, or emailing

• Renew Medica Clinics:

Oxford Circus 28 Maddox Street, Oxford Circus, London W1S 1PR
T: 020 7499 4904 E:

Bayswater 160 Queensway, London W2 6LY
T: 020 7221 2219 E:

Hampstead Oriel Court, 12 Heath Street, Hampstead, NW3 6TE
T: 020 7435 1199 E:

City 26 Widegate Street, London E1 7HP
T: 020 7247 0500 E:

Knightsbridge 26 Beauchamp Place, London SW6 4RE
T: 020 7584 6691 E:

New Kings Road 291 New Kings Road, London SW6 4RE
T: 020 7348 7111 E:

Winchmore Hill 948 Green Lanes, London N21 2AD
T: 020 8360 3108 E:

Weybridge 11-15 Baker Street, Weybridge, KT13 8AE
T: 01932 858 099 E:

Croydon 105 High Street, Croydon CRO 1QG
T: 020 8681 7318 E:

Richmond 157 St Margarets Road High, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 1RD
T: 020 8744 2427 E:

Muswell Hill 22-24 Muswell Hill, London N10 3RT

Barnet 152 High Street, Herts EN5 5QP
T: 020 8440 0443 E:

Holloway Rd 258 Holloway Road London N7 6NE
T: 020 7607 5212 E:

Harrods Urban Retreat, Fifth Floor, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7XL
T: 020 7893 8333 E:

Free sample of Pure-Col skin supplement for 10 readers


Imagine if you were able to take a magical pill every day that would boost your looks, reverse the signs of ageing and reduce cellulite…. Pure-Col, a 100% pure collagen formula in tablet form, does exactly this, from reducing lines and wrinkles to boosting the complexion, achieving lustrous hair, strengthening nails and firming cellulite-prone skin.

With extensive documented research and clinical trials by doctors and specialists across the world to prove the efficacy of collagen and its beauty benefits, Pure-Col is the ideal supplement to take to achieve top-to-toe perfection!

So how does it work?

Collagen is the body’s natural protein and, as the essential structural component of all connective tissue, is regularly described as the building blocks of skin. It therefore has a key role to play in creating and maintaining healthy skin all over the body. It has, however, been scientifically shown that it diminishes at a rate of approximately 1.5% per annum from the age of 25 years onwards. This is why it is essential to supplement this reduction to ensure long-lasting smooth, firm and supple skin.

The benefits of Pure-Col include:

• Plumps up skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
• Replaces lost elasticity and suppleness
• Radiant complexion
• Firmer, more even toned skin on the face and body
• Strengthens nails
• Improves condition of the hair
• Reduces cellulite and encourages inch loss
• Improves body’s joint mobility
• 100% natural with no known side-effects
So what is the difference between Pure-Col and other collagen supplements?

With over 20 years of research and development, Pure-Col goes through a special and complicated production process to ensure maximum absorption. Unlike other collagen supplements which the body finds difficult to absorb effectively, this patented formula ensures that the objectives of optimum bioactivity and as close to 100% absorption by the body are achieved.

Pure-Col is priced $60, £29.95, €44 ) for one months’ supply. For stockist details or to order T: 44(0)191 291 3385 or visit

To win one months’ supply please send an email to stating “Pure-Col offer” with your contact details by 31 October 2007. Your name will be put into a draw. Please note that the Editor’s decision is final and no cash equivalent is being offered.

UK smoking ban promotes healthier skin


Leeds: The recent smoking ban will have a major impact on our health, saving an estimated 500,000 lives a year, but a specialist non-surgical cosmetic clinic has noticed another drastic impact of the ban. Over the past two months, SkinGenesis have noticed a startling difference in the skin of both smokers and non-smokers.

SkinGenesis’s expert therapists have noticed that a large number of people are exhibiting fresher and more youthful looking skin, something which is often cited as a benefit of giving up smoking. Amongst those who spent a lot of time in a smoky environment but chose not to smoke themselves, the effect is almost as significant as amongst those who have recently given up cigarettes.

SkinGenesis’s observations are backed up by research conducted by Clinique Laboratories to suggest that passive smoke could have far more of an impact on the skin than previously imagined. Exhaled smoke, which has always been linked to cancer and other smoking-associated diseases, is now also thought to be to blame for grey, aged skin amongst both smokers and non-smokers.

William Haseldine, Director of SkinGenesis said “Smoking diminishes the blood supply to the skin, making it grey and dull. And it doesn’t just affect smokers – breathing in just a small amount of smoke will set off millions of free radicals which triggers an inflammatory response in the skin. The amount of oxygen going to the skin plummets immediately, leaving the skin looking dry and lifeless.”

“We’ve noticed an immediate difference in the skin of many of our clients. Although they may not have realised it, spending evenings in the pub or even being friends with smokers can ruin your complexion.”

“The ageing effects of smoking have been well documented, with smoking increasing wrinkles by up to 75%. However, the effects of “hangover” skin from spending a night in a smoky environment have often been overlooked. With non-smokers now being able to avoid smoky places, they are really reaping the benefits of avoiding nicotine.”

About SkinGenesis

SkinGenesis is a non-surgical cosmetic clinic established in 2003 with branches in city centre locations in Leeds and Manchester, and a new branch at the 10 BRIDGE Health and Wellbeing Clinic just outside Chester. SkinGenesis was set up by Peter Beard, Emma Parrish and William Haseldine with 200 clients undergoing treatment at each clinic at any one time.

Clinics are staffed by trained nurses and practitioners and are registered with the Healthcare Commission.

SkinGenesis offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Microdermabrasion (Mda), Mesotherapy, Ultrasound Skin Toning, Laser Teeth Whitening, and the latest range of medical and resurfacing peels and de-pigmentation technologies which are safe, proven and non-surgical.

SkinGenesis offers a unique Satisfaction Guarantee on most of its treatments

SkinGenesis is an accredited Investor in People

For more information visit

Beauty spend continues to grow

London: UK women will spend nearly £40million this year on ‘beauty pills’ to enhance their appearance – twice as much as five years ago.

They are splashing out on a range of ‘magic’ potions, which claim to make hair glossier, nails stronger and even reverse the signs of ageing.

But experts claim few of the products actually work and women would stand a better chance of improving their looks by eating better, keeping out of the sun and not smoking.

Exotic ingredients in pills – such as extract of bark or protein from sea creatures – are used as little more than a marketing tool to encourage shoppers to buy, they added.

A study by market researchers Mintel revealed that spending on beauty pills is expected to top £37million this year – up 130 per cent since 2002 – and rise to £ 63million by 2012.

Almost a third of Britons, mostly women and young girls, said they use beauty supplements or would consider using them to help safeguard their looks.

Top- selling pills include supermodel Naomi Campbell’s favourite brand Imedeen, which claims to improve skin, and retails at £81.50 for three months’ supply of 180 tablets.

Perfectil Platinum, which costs £39.49 for 60 tablets, contains bark extract, blackcurrant seed oil and marine collagen and is marketed as renewing skin cells.

Other products examined contained vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which are said to keep skin clear and hair glossy.

But scientists have been quick to pour scorn on the claims. Dr Richard Weller, a dermatologist at Edinburgh University, said: ‘I’ve not heard of any evidence that supplements such as bark extract will improve your hair or your skin.

‘These pills are very lucrative for the companies that make them, but they should be coming up with proof.

‘It shows people just want a quick fix, and they like spending money on themselves. Instead, they should be thinking about prevention.

‘The things that cause ageing are excessive sunlight and smoking – and avoiding them is free and known to be effective.’

British company grows living skin

London: A British company claims it has grown the “first artificial living skin graft”.

The firm, Intercytex, says the development is a ‘clinical breakthrough in regenerative medicine’ following early-stage trial results, which were published yesterday.

The technology, known as ICX-SKN could offer new hope for burns and wound victims and could be one of the first cell-based therapies to be approved under a new European regulation.

Currently the only solution for serious burns is to take skin grafts taken from the patient’s own body, however, it is a painful and traumatic process that creates an additional wound.Various synthetic forms of skin have been developed, with variable success in long-term healing.

ICX-SKN is made up of human dermal fibroblasts (a skin cell precursor) in a matrix of collagen, produced by the cells themselves.

To create the matrix, Intercytex takes a product made by Baxter called Tisseel, which is a combination of fibrinogen and thrombin (extracted from human blood) and mixes it with living human fibroblasts taken from neonatal skin – discarded foreskins in fact.

This liquid formulation is then poured into a dish, where the thrombin reacts with the fibrinogen to make fibrin, and after 15 minutes forms a gel.

This gel is then left to incubate for six weeks and the living fibroblasts that are trapped within the gel slowly break down the fibrin. At the same time they systhesise the collagenous matrix.

“It is a physical structure, but it is changing slowly,” Dr Paul Kemp, Intercytex’ founder and chief scientific officer told

At the end of the incubation period, the resulting matrix sheet (which is about 1mm thick) is removed from the dish, packaged and stored ready for use.

Intercytex’ scientists said they believe that the combination of living human fibroblasts in a human fibroblast-produced matrix “underpins the integration and acceptance of ICX-SKN by the host skin.”

In the Phase I trial, conducted in London by a third party organisation, a full-thickness skin sample (1.5cm x 1cm) was excised from the upper arm of six volunteers and replaced with ICX-SKN. After 28 days both visual and histological analysis showed that in all volunteers the grafts were rapidly vascularised and overgrown with the hosts’ own cells, resulting in a fully integrated skin graft that had closed and healed the wound site, the firm said.

Results of the trial were published yesterday in the July issue of Regenerative Medicine.

Phase II efficacy trials in larger wounds with a view to generating data that would enable progress to pivotal trials are now planned for the end of the year. The results of these tests will obviously give a better indication as to whether this new therapy is actually better than other synthetic products on the market, because it is more difficult to heal real burns and wounds in patients than it is to heal small, surgically-created wound in healthy volunteers.

Kemp said he was unsure whether they will be carried out in Europe or the US – the company is looking to eventually commercialise the product in both markets. The picture is hazy on the issue of its regulatory pathway though.

At the moment, the product is being treated in Europe as a regular medicine, although the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) is due to release a new guideline covering the regulation of cell- or gene-based therapies (advanced therapeutic medicinal products: ATMP) by the end of the year. After this point, the product will follow the new regulatory pathway.

“We don’t know yet exactly what this new regulation will involve, however, I think it will be pretty similar to the process for regular medicines with a few slight changes,” said Kemp.

This is because cell- or gene-based therapies have specific nuances, such as they can’t be terminally sterilised because they contain living cells, he said.

In the US, Kemp said he was unsure whether it would be classed as a biologic or a device because the firm has not yet asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and there is no pathway that deals specifically with cell- or gene-based therapies.

The market for such products is fairly new, and although it has so far been limited by an inability to create tissues in the laboratory that are recognised as natural and can be fully integrated into the body, it is beginning to show promise.

A recent US Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) report states that the worldwide market for regenerative medicine is conservatively estimated to be $500bn (€371bn) by 2010.

Wrinkles see the light – and disappear – new light rejuvenation from Ellipse


London:Wrinkles see the light and disappear with Ellipse’s new rejuvenation treatment

A new wrinkle busting treatment using light rejuvenation to increase collagen making skin look young and supple has been launched by the experts at Ellipse.

This new intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment has been shown to improve lines and wrinkles in less than a month. It is a non-invasive two step procedure that consists of applying a spray which contains an advanced liposome, which converts the active ingredient into a pigment called (protoporphyrin IX 2) helping to absorb the light and aiding deeper penetration. This triggers a chemical reaction that is in effect a miniature explosion that damages the skin cell, triggering a cellular repair response. This process improves the skins elasticity resulting in a noticeable 300% collagen production.

Michael Dodd, Managing Director at Ellipse explains: “What is exciting about this new extension of the product in to anti-aging is that it will add another exciting chapter to Ellipse’s comprehensive menu of treatments with the likes of ‘Skin texture’ and Photo Rejuvnenation already under its belt. With Wrinkle Reduction we can now provide customers with a one-stop-shop, non-invasive solution to better skin management.”

With the Ellipse IPL Wrinkle Reduction application, people will see lasting results for up to 12 months depending on the individual. In clinical studies it has been found that collagen production peaks at three months. A course of three treatments with three week intervals is recommended by the scientists behind the Ellipse technology but visible results can be seen after just one treatment.

Wrinkle Reduction gradually takes place from one up to twelve months when collagen stimulation is triggered offering the building blocks to smoother, youthful skin. Clinically proven by leading dermatologists Ellipse’s Wrinkle Reduction treatment will offer people either a non-invasive preventative measure or a solution to anti-ageing. Dubbed as the new “lunchtime beauty-fix” it shows significant improvement in wrinkles minus the pain or visible redness associated with comparable alternatives. Find our more at

Dr Ross Perry – Cosmetic Dermatology London


Dr Ross Perry is a leading cosmetic doctor specialising in advanced non surgical treatments including botox, restylane and skin peels. He also has a large dermatology surgical practice for mole screening and mole removal. He founded Cosmedics UK in 2002 which now has 5 clinics throughout London and the South east. He is a member of General Medical Council as well as the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. < ahref="">

Dermatology and Aesthetics – Dr Tamara Griffiths MD


Dr Tamara Griffiths MD trained in dermatology at the University of Michigan in the US and the University of Manchester in the UK. She is an American Board Certified dermatologist and is on the UK Specialist Register.

She is also a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the British Association of Dermatologists. Currently she is a consultant dermatologist in the UK, where she has a successful private practice.

She is a founder member and Treasurer of the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group and a spokesperson on aesthetic issues for the research charity, The British Skin Foundation. Email Dr Griffiths you skin concerns at Dr Tamara Griffiths

Brewer’s yeast acne cure


London: Brewer’s yeast, which is used to make beer, is the active ingredient in a new spot buster that works on acne.

The skin benefits of beer sediment (brewer’s yeast) were discovered in ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago. But more recently two studies have confirmed that brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cereviseae) can help maintain a balanced pH level in the skin, help ease sebum blockages and combat bacteria that causes acne.

Acne is caused by an over-production of sebum, which is often the result hormonal disruptions such as puberty, monthly menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, even stress can marginally alter hormonal balances in the body and lead to increased sebum production.

Acne is generally caused when the sebum reaches the surface of the skin and thickens as it comes into contact with oxygen, leading to pore blockages which, if left unblocked, can lead to bacterial infection and inflammation (spots).

Brewer’s yeast is made up of unicellular micro-organisms which are a type of fungus that cultivate on the skin’s surface, warding off bacteria and keeping a healthy pH balance. These tiny organisms multiply quickly, meaning when applied to the skin they soon ‘populate’ the skin’s surface leaving no opportunity bad bacteria to take hold.

Skin Shop’s new Anti-Acne Yeast Masque contains active young brewer’s yeast cells, which multiply even faster than normal yeast cells, so the masque begins cultivating quickly on your skin as soon as it is applied.

Two German studies have found that topically applied young brewer’s yeast cells can help improve the appearance of acne.

The first, carried out in 1989 by Weber G, Adamczyk and A, Freytag S and published on PubMed was a randomized, controlled double-blind study involving 139 patients with various forms of acne. The effectiveness and tolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) was studied in comparison with a placebo over a maximum period of five months. The results of therapy were assessed by the physician as very good/good in 74.3% of the patients receiving the preparation, as compared with 21.7% in the placebo group. In more than 80% of the former patients, the condition was considered to be healed or considerably improved, while the corresponding figure for the placebo group was only 26%.

The second study, carried out in May 2006 at Munich University as part of a trial on a commercial skin preparation containing young brewer’s yeast cells, found that after three weeks of applying a yeast-based cream to acne sufferer’s skin, that their skin improved significantly.

The Anti-Acne Yeast Masque should be applied to the skin once a day (preferably before bed) and left on for approximately 15 minutes, then washed off with clean warm water. For maximum effects no other skin care products should be applied for 6-8 hours use.

Skin Shop’s Anti-Acne Face Masque is made from all naturally active ingredients and free from SLS and parabens.

Skin Shop’s Anti-< ahref="> call (from the UK) : 0871 871 9975

Face Antiageing System – micro-injection rejuvenation

London: The skin says it all. As we age our oestrogen levels drop and our skin starts to droop! Simildiet FACE ANTIAGING System is a technique of micro injections that has been used in France for over 30 years resulting in a firming, rejuvenating lift and it is now available in the UK.

As we age our skin suffers from decreased nutrition and hydration causing our collagen making fibroblasts to get lazy. Simildiet FACE ANTIAGING System delivers vitamins, minerals and hydrating agents through the skin with a series of pricks that polka dot rather than break the skin. This micro-trauma wakes up the fibroblasts, stimulates collagen and releases a cascade of healing factors to the skin reversing the signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

For even better results a treatment begins with a gentle Glycolic Peel mask to exfoliate the skin, clear away surface debris and improve receptiveness of the skin. This exfoliation allows the tiny droplets of FACE ANTIAGING solution to penetrate the skin more effectively. The treatment is boosted at home by the application of FACE ANTIAGING Cream that continues to feed, nourish and protect the skin.

FACE ANTIAGING is the essential twenty minute skin prick me up! The treatment is painless and relaxing and leaves no tell tale marks or bruises. Used on the face, hands or décolleté it will rejuvenate and restore the skin to its optimum condition.

For beautiful, luminous skin, 8-10 treatments per year are recommended.
Prices from $157(£80,€120) per treatment.

For stockists: Contact Medical Aesthetic Supplies on 02380 676733 or go

Harmony Pixel – new generation skin rejuvenation laser


London: A new skin rejuvenation laser that peppers the skin with little holes, stimulating new collagen, has been launched in the UK.

The Harmony Pixel is a new generation skin resurfacing laser that means long recovery times following treatment are a thing of the past. This exciting new fractional laser provides the dramatic effects of ablative skin resurfacing without the pain. Harmony Pixel offers safe and effective skin resurfacing for face, neck, chest, arms and hands with no side effects, no down time and no pain.

Harmony Pixel reduces fine lines and pigmentation in a non-aggressive way that targets about 20% of the skin surface at one session making it possible to re surface sensitive areas such as around the eyes, the neck and hands. Redness lasts 2-3 days rather than 1-2 weeks with traditional laser resurfacing.

The Pixel® Erbium laser is a pre-programmed laser beam that passes through the pixel micro optic lens, splitting the beam into tiny dots which penetrate into the skin. It creates an ablative effect at the pixel area – a micro injury – without disturbing any surrounding tissue. The micro injured areas then start the process of healing as collagen remodels, skin tightens and the skin texture improves.

The Pixel® used at the Court House Clinics has also proven effective in reducing acne scars and treating younger skin for superficial sun damage. The treatment itself is not painful and no local anaesthetic will be required. Following treatment you can expect to experience a mild ‘sunburn’ type sensation for 3 – 4 hours, then virtually no discomfort at all.

No pain medication is required and you can return to work within 1 – 2 days.
2-3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart may be required, but with less downtime and discomfort Pixel is a real break through for smoother, softer and tighter skin.

Prices: £1,200 per full face treatment, I hr per treatment.£500 per area. Time: 45 minutes for first treatment and 30 minutes for subsequent treatments.

Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing available from Court House Clinics, London 0870- 850 3456