20% discount on new cream for eyelid eczema


Cardiospermum Dry Skin Eye Gel is the first treatment developed specifically for eczema effecting skin around the eye.

This kind of eczema, known as blepharitis, is common in people who suffer from eczema or atopic dermatitis elswehere on their skin, which accounts for approximately 20% of all children, of which 60% continue to suffer symptoms into adulthood – although recent estimates show a rise in the incidence of adult-onset eczema and dermatitis due to harsh chemicals used in many personal care products as well as environmental pollution in inner city areas.

Cosmetics have also been identified by dermatologists as a contributing factor to the rise in particular of eye eczema, due to skin irritants present in many eyeshadows and eyeliners worn daily by millions of women.

Not only is eye eczema irritating and uncomfortable, it is laso very ageing as the skin around the eye looks more wrinkled and creased due to the excessive dryness.

Typical treatment for eczema and atopic dermatitis are corticosteroids creams. However due to the damaging side effects of corticosteroids creams to the skin, use of them on the face is largely discouraged. In particular use of corticosteroids around the eyes can cause other health problems including a high risk of Glaucoma, a serious eye disease as well as discolouration, thinning and spider veins in the delicate skin tissue around the eye, which is why it is mostly recommened not to use corticosteroids on skin near the eyes.

But a new treatment called Cardiospermum Dry Skin Eye Gel is a light natural gel that contains a plant extract of Cardiospermum, which comes from a vine grown mostly in South American regions and both it’s seeds and leaves have been used in traditional medicine for use on eczema and dermatitis. More recently two UK trials and more than 12 published research trials have been carried out on cardiospermum due to its medicinal effects on inflammatory conditions of the skin including eczema and dermatitis. In one recent double blind study carried out in Germany Cardiospermum was found to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect without any side effects.

Dry Skin Eye Gel has been tested on actual eczema sufferers and developed to be an extremely gentle and light formulation suitable for very sensitive, itchy dry skin around the eye. The new treatment delivers the anti-inflammtory anti-itching benefits of the cardiospermum extract without damaging or irritating the delicate skin around the eye and is the first treatment of it’s kind specifically for eczema, dermatitis and dry skin around the eye.

Skin Shop’s Dry Skin Eye Gel containing Cardiospermum is a natural, no-greasy, non-irritating light gel formulation that can be applied daily to dry, itchy inflammed skin around the eye. Dry Skin Eye Gel costs £8.99 for 30ml and is available from www.skinshop.co.uk or call: 0871 871 9975. To obtain your 20% discount quote ELX04. This offer ends 31 July 2008