UK smoking ban promotes healthier skin


Leeds: The recent smoking ban will have a major impact on our health, saving an estimated 500,000 lives a year, but a specialist non-surgical cosmetic clinic has noticed another drastic impact of the ban. Over the past two months, SkinGenesis have noticed a startling difference in the skin of both smokers and non-smokers.

SkinGenesis’s expert therapists have noticed that a large number of people are exhibiting fresher and more youthful looking skin, something which is often cited as a benefit of giving up smoking. Amongst those who spent a lot of time in a smoky environment but chose not to smoke themselves, the effect is almost as significant as amongst those who have recently given up cigarettes.

SkinGenesis’s observations are backed up by research conducted by Clinique Laboratories to suggest that passive smoke could have far more of an impact on the skin than previously imagined. Exhaled smoke, which has always been linked to cancer and other smoking-associated diseases, is now also thought to be to blame for grey, aged skin amongst both smokers and non-smokers.

William Haseldine, Director of SkinGenesis said “Smoking diminishes the blood supply to the skin, making it grey and dull. And it doesn’t just affect smokers – breathing in just a small amount of smoke will set off millions of free radicals which triggers an inflammatory response in the skin. The amount of oxygen going to the skin plummets immediately, leaving the skin looking dry and lifeless.”

“We’ve noticed an immediate difference in the skin of many of our clients. Although they may not have realised it, spending evenings in the pub or even being friends with smokers can ruin your complexion.”

“The ageing effects of smoking have been well documented, with smoking increasing wrinkles by up to 75%. However, the effects of “hangover” skin from spending a night in a smoky environment have often been overlooked. With non-smokers now being able to avoid smoky places, they are really reaping the benefits of avoiding nicotine.”

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