The Tibetan Lamas practice five exercises for rejuvenation. The philosophy is the simulation of seven chakras in the body to help hormones regain youth and vitality. This DVD outlines the basics to get you started towards total rejuvenation.

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Computing Made Easy for the Over 50s – free WHICH? guide for 10 readers


London: Computing Made Easy For The Over 50s, is a new Which? book, perfect for those who have never got to grips with computers.

Written by the experts at Which?, the book assumes no prior knowledge, and provides step-by-step tutorials and annotated screenshots will ensure that the basics are mastered quickly, from creating documents in Word to searching the internet and sending emails.

Top tips from Which? Computing experts feature throughout the book as well as jargon busters to explain any technical language. Troubleshooting advice based on Which? Computing members’ most common PC problems is also included and, if you still can’t find the answer you need, this book includes exclusive access to the Which? Computing helpdesk.

We have 10 copies of the new book, in paperback, which was published on 17 September worth £10.99, to give away. The first 10 readers to email us at with Which in the header and their name and address will receive a FREE copy.

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Pure Sleep is music for the mind, body and spirit. This unique hour of music has been created especially to help your mind and body prepare for peaceful, replenishing sleep. Tracks include: Pure Sleep, Distant Dreams, Dance with The Angels, Childhood Memories, Special Star, Moonlight Dreaming, A New Awakening and The Rising Sun.

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London: Find out the secrets of healthy ageing that even your family doctor doesn’t know. Discover how you can live longer, healthier and happier- from the world’s top medical experts at Anti-Ageing Conference London 2009.

You will discover the latest science on how to halt ageing on the inside as well as the outside. Whether its the latest science on hormone replacement, the diseases of ageing such as cancer or how stem cells can rejuvenate the face, body and mind – you will find an expert at Anti-Ageing Conference London 2009.

ELIXIR has joined with the UK’s foremost conference on anti-ageing to offer you a discount on the full £450 fee for this unique event – you pay only £300. All you have to do is flag up the discount in your registration application at

The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre is situated in Stewarts Grove, London, SW3

WHO: The names and subjects of the speakers are shown below but you will find more detailed information on them at the conference web site

Dr Olivier Dan Amar
Breast Surgery, Results and new trends in Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Dr Roger Elie Amar
Cell therapy for facial rejuvenation (F.A.M.I.) Fat autograft muscle injection

Mr Geoff Bond – pictured
Ageing – Reverse the ageing process by learning the vital secrets of longevity which lie in our genes

Dr Tatyana Bosh MD
Presomatic syndrome and psychosomatic body work

Ing. Luigi Alfonso Cuozzo
Is the market ‘mature’ enough for entrepreneurs to move into the scientific world of AA Medicine?

Dr Christophe de Jaeger
How to measure brain ageing

Dr Wendy Denning
Bio identical hormones – what are they, do they work are they natural and safer than conventional HRT

Dr Nyjon Eccles
The forgotten cure for heart disease

Dr Richard Fuller
Activated Cancer Therapy Using Light and Ultrasound – A Case Series of Sonodynamic Photodynamic Therapy in 115 Patients over a 4 Year Period

Professor Syed E A Haq
Anti Ageing medicine and molecular signalling

Dr Masud Haq
Clinical effects of testosterone deficiency in older men

Mr Greg Hayman
The creation of a biological age measurement tool

Dr Thierry Hertoghe MD
Oxytocin’s potent effects on orgasm and warmheartedness

Dr. Patrick Kingsley MD
Clinical approach to Multiple Sclerosis

Mr William M A Kuteesa
Ageing and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. A View of Treatment: Past, Present, and Future.

Diana MacLellan
Ageing and The Alexander Technique – how to get the spring back into your step with the Alexander Technique

Professor Francesco Marotta
There is no Prevention without Prediction: How to implement your Practice through Innovative Genomic and Cellular Biopotential Monitoring Tools in Nutrition-Driven Medical Strategies

Dr Giovanni Dicran Megighian
The power of Isometrics: Expression lines disappear in 30 days by training facial muscles 30 minutes a day

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Bio-Scalar Technology: Regeneration and Optimization of the Body-Mind Homeostasis

Dr Jean-Pierre Naim
Vitamin D : A wonder Vitamin with new Indications and novel Therapies

Lorraine Perretta
From tongue to tail: the role of digestion in anti-ageing

Dr Andy Pickett
Myths and Realities: The Science of Toxins

Dr Ascanio Polimeni
What to learn from centenarian secrets to promote a healthier and longer life?Syncrinology and Hormonal harmony:from Italian centenarian studies a new endocrine approach to improve the health and the length of our life.

Dr Bobby Prasad
IBS: Am I irritable or is it just my bowels?

Professor Giovanni Scapagnini
Bio-markers of ageing:longevity predictions

Dr Damir A Shakambet
Bio-facelift (non surgical natural facelift)

Try Blink Intensive Tears FREE


London: If you have tired, irritated dry eyes – then try Blink Intensive Tears. Blink is offering 10 readers the chance to try their advanced formula free – all you have to do is answer the competition question below.

Some irritating eye facts – 47% of 16-64 year olds suffer from dry, irritated and uncomfortable feeling eyes

19% say this occurs frequently and leaves them feeling less able to cope with their busy lives.[1]

If this sounds familiar, you don’t have to suffer this summer, help is at hand. blink® intensive tears protective eye drops is an advanced lubricating drop, which provides long lasting relief from persistent feelings of dry, irritated eyes. Helping to combat the drying effects of everyday living, blink® intensive tears protective eye drops have an advanced viscosity-enhanced formulation that can hold moisture in the eye for over sixty minutes, providing long-lasting protection throughout the hot summer months.

blink® intensive tears protective eye drops are available in multi-dose bottles and preservative-free single dose vials. Available from selected supermarkets, opticians and pharmacy stores. For further details visit

[1] Independent consumer survey of 1,000 people. AMO data.

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Dr Tuhin Dev’s Cleansing Balm is a lovely mild rinse off cleansing balm, that will leave your skin feeling younger and healthier – a favourite of many celebrity beauties.

Cleansing Balm is a concentrated yet mild, rinse-off cleansing balm that cleans and purifies the skin to leave the face and neck soft and refreshed. The gentle action of the Sugar derived cleansing agents lift the impurities from the skin so that they can be rinsed away. Glycerin and Sweet Almond oil help to maintain hydration and retain the natural lipid balance. Lightly fragranced with Neroli essential oil- refreshing and uplifting.

In the past many years, Dr. Tuhin Dev – an international skincare specialist, has channelled his intellect and energy into the research and development of a sophisticated and luxurious range of anti aging skincare formulations. His objective was always clear – to create an age defence skincare range that would enter the market as the definitive standard-bearer and give clients what they really want – products that visibly reduce wrinkles – products that work….

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London: What happens when you can’t find an anti-ageing serum that works for you? The answer for Denise Bell-King was to make it herself!

Unable to find a high quality, simple anti-ageing serum for her own use, Denise decided to create her own, offering a product that gave excellent results at affordable prices. Her product, Age Defy Serum has worked for women throughout the UK, selling via her website

Denise, 49, came up with the idea of creating her own serum a few years ago after using a well-know brand of skincare that included aromatherapy oils.

“Aromatherapy oils had been fantastic to my skin for 10 years, but the problem is, if you haven’t used them and you hit your 40’s, they’re really not going to actively anti-age you if you haven’t done that much before. From the research that I’d done over the past ten years I knew that mineral oils were absolutely out, but that some ingredients were great and the simpler I kept the formula, the better!”

Denise created a formula that included Retinol-A, Jojoba and Palm Oil that she tried out on herself and that fulfilled everything she wanted to achieve. “The results were fantastic, and since its launch in 2007, hundreds of men and women have written to me saying how great the results have been for them too.”

Age Defy Serum boosts your skin’s defences from the inside out and dramatically reduces wrinkles furrows and frown lines. It will soothe, strengthen and age proof your skin on your face, neck and is perfect for smoothing away the tell-tale signs of ageing on the backs of hands too.

Packed with high quality ingredients including Palmitoyl Pentapetide-3, Pro-Retinol, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, Age Defy Serum has helped thousands of women to achieve younger looking skin.

Age Defy Serum is particularly effective on the following areas:

• Age sports and pigmentation
• Crepey Neck syndrome
• Nasal-labial lines
• Crows Feet, wrinkles and saggy eye lids
• Decolletage
• Jowls


Elixir News has teamed up with Age Defy Serum to bring you an amazing offer of buy 1, get 3 FREE! “Now you can get six months of our 200 ml size serum for an amazing price of just £39.95, which makes it incredible value. At these prices, you can buy 1, keep one, give 2 away to friends and still get great skin yourself!” Said Denise.

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FREE Natural supplement for menopause relief


Women can spend up to fifteen years overwhelmed by menopausal symptoms which can affect work, sleep and quality of life. But help is now at hand in the form of a new slow-release isoflavone nutritional food supplement, which can offer natural 24-hour support to women at the time of the menopause.

New Menovone is a ground-breaking nutritional food supplement, which utilises an effective and unique slow-release function to deliver isoflavones from soya beans around the clock.

Menopausal symptoms most commonly start between the ages of 47 and 52, which means they often strike at an extremely busy period of a woman’s life.

While 75% of Western women experience hot flushes, menopausal symptoms in Asian countries are virtually unknown and this has been attributed to the fact that Japanese diets include a high level of isoflavones from foods such as tofu and miso soup. Remarkably, there is no term for ‘hot flush’ in Japan,

Isoflavones are plant compounds, which occur naturally in foods such as soya, tofu and nuts. They have a similar chemical structure to oestrogen and therefore have similar (although weaker) physiological effects. Throughout the menopause, natural hormone levels of oestrogen gradually decline and research has shown that increased isoflavone consumption can be of benefit to women at this time.

Unfortunately in the UK, our diets are very low in isoflavones, with surveys showing that the average UK diet provides less than 3mg per day. In comparison, consumption in Asian cultures can be as high as 100mg per day.

Utilising this important nutrient, Wassen – makers of the popular nutritional food supplements Selenium-ACE and Magnesium-OK –has launched Menovone which provides 60mg of slow release isoflavones in each one-a-day tablet, helping women manage the menopause naturally.

The unique nutritional food supplement also contains the essential vitamins and minerals folic acid, vitamins D, E and B vitamins, to help maintain a woman’s well-being before, during and after the menopause. These nutrients can also enhance bone and heart health. Menovone does not contain any drugs or HRT, and is therefore a natural option which can help support women at the time of the menopause.

Priced at around £9.95 for one month’s supply, Menovone is available from Tesco, Waitrose, independent pharmacies, health food. For your nearest stockist call 01372 379828.

Manufacturer Wassen is giving away a one-month supply to 20 ELIXIR readers. If you would like to receive a free pack of Menovone please email us at with Menovone Offer in the email header. Please note that this offer closes on 21 January 2009, no money equivlant is being offerd and the Editor’s decision is final.

Menovone has also got together with respected media doctor Dr Dawn Harper to create ‘I’m Not Mad, I’m Menopausal’ – an easy-to-follow leaflet full of natural and effective ways to help reduce and manage menopausal symptoms. For FREE copies of ‘I’m Not Mad, I’m Menopausal please contact Wassen on: + 44 (0) 1372 379828, download from or email:

Luxury Travel Fair – win free tickets


London: WIN Tickets to the Condé Nast Traveller Luxury Travel Fair with British Airways Olympia, London from 6th to 9th November 2008

Whether you dream of relaxing in a luxury cabana on the Bahia coastline of Brazil, your own designer villa in Puglia or taking a horseback safari in the Okavango Delta – this is the UK’s most stylish event for the discerning traveller. At The Luxury Travel Fair you will find short breaks to once in a lifetime holidays; providing quality, choice and inspiration from celebrity guest entertainment.

For those looking for the ultimate Spa break, this is the opportunity to discover the most luxurious spa experiences in the world both near and far; From Leading Spas of the World, Premium Spa Resorts and Atoll Paradise the worlds finest resorts and retreats including Soneva Gili, Soneva Fushi, Island Hideaway, to the Eastern coast of the beautiful island of Rhodes home to The Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas and wellbeing holidays with Wellness Spain, there is something for everyone.

There are also fantastic spa launches at new destinations; such as the Anantara Spa at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar on the mystical shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan with traditional Moroccan Hammam, ice cave, and natural Dead Sea mineral pools. Or you could be taking a trip on Star Clippers tall ship ‘mega-yacht’ and enjoy the luxuries on-board such as the Captain Nemo Underwater Spa and Lounge.

Meet celebrity chef Antonio Carluccio who is celebrating fifty years in gourmet cookery and Sanjeev Bhaskar set to bring India alive – amongst those appearing in Meet the Expert Theatre. And choose from a range of culinary delights at The Fair; step into New York at the Manhattan Bar or try out the Alpine Bar – a relaxing setting in which to refresh the taste buds and contemplate travel decisions. Be inspired, research and book holidays within a luxurious boutique environment, laced with entertainment from travel personalities and global cultural experiences.

Take advantage of complimentary entry to the adjacent Spirit of Christmas Fair, one of the UK’s most exclusive shopping events for gifts, gourmet food and wine.

Tickets are available for £15 each when booking in advance (£17 each on the door) Call 0871 230 1091 or visit Calls charged at national rate. Booking fee applies.

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London: A delicious summer wine cellar and a Sony NWZ-A818 MP3 player up for grabs in our new competition.

Summer is fantastic for entertaining, whether you’re having a romantic alfresco dinner or a full on bbq party there’s nothing quite like enjoying the summer evenings with those nearest and dearest to you. Of course an essential ingredient of any enjoyable and relaxing evening is a fine wine that all your guests can enjoy.

Elixir has teamed up with award winning winemaker Kendermanns to offer you the chance to win a delicious summer wine cellar, which includes six bottles of each of their full flavoured Pinot Grigio, refreshing Dry Riesling and smooth red Dornfelder. And, as for the wine, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can save over a pound by picking up a bottle for Kendermanns Pinot Grigio at UK store Sainsburys for less than £4.00 until 20 May. A consistent international competition medal winner- this is a superb opportunity to stock up for summer with this easy drinking and versatile wine at an unbeatable price.

Kendermanns wants you have a summer you’ll never forget, so they are offering you a state of the art Sony NWZ-A818 MP3 player, Windows media compatible 8GB Walkman as well as a fantastic case of wine. That way you can test out your summer party play lists on the move.

This prize is a case of Kendermann’s summer wine containing six bottles of each of Pinot Grigio, Kendermanns Dry Riesling and Kendermanns Dornfelder and one state of the art Sony NWZ-A818 MP3 player, which is a Windows media compatible 8GB Walkman, which can easily drag and drop most popular music formats, video downloads and photos, and worth more than £130.00 each.

If you would like to take part please email us at putting wine offer in the email header, plus your name and address. Please alaos answer the following question: Has Kendermanns Pinot Grigio won international awards?

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Win free tickets to the London Mind Body Spirit Festival


London:Give your body the holiday it deserves at the London Mind Body Spirit Festival. We’ve got 15 pairs of entry tickets to give away to this annual celebration of everything healthy and holistic.

Take a workshop with renowned facial exercising expert Eva Fraser, master the art of meditation, try out tai chi, tune into Tantra or delve into the array of exciting therapies, products and workouts all under one roof. The Festival runs from 21-26 May in central London

To win your fee pair of tickets email us at putting London MBS Festival in the header with your name and address by 10 May 2008. Your name will be put into a draw. Please note that no cash equivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

Now in its 32nd year, the annual London Mind Body Spirit Festival is the longest running event of its kind worldwide. Bringing together a compelling blend of international presenters, performers and exhibitors, all focused on new ways of living in harmony with themselves, those around them and the world they live in, some 20,000 visitors flock to this inspirational spiritual and holistic delicatessen seeking physical, mental and spiritual enlightenment.

Win tickets to London’s Vitality Show


London: The Vitality Show which takes place at London’s Olympia in March is offering five pairs of free tickets to the show.

If you would like to win a pair of tickets please email us at with your name and address and Vitality Show in the subject of the email. The five winners will be selected in a draw. The competition closes on 15 March 2008. The Editor’s decision is final and no cash equivalant is being offered.

Athe the Vitalty Show you will be able to experience the latest in health, beauty & well-being innovations all under one roof! It takes place at Olympia from March 27-30 2008.

The Vitality Show with Muller is the ultimate girls’ day out. Jam-packed with lots of great brands, experiential show features and experts all under one roof, The Vitality Show is the ‘must go’ event for women in the UK.

Brands such as Dermalogica, Benefit Cosmetics and Aveda will be showcasing the very latest innovations, products and ideas enabling women to get a sneak preview of what’s hot and what’s not for 2008. Not only a great shopping event, with loads of great brands all together the show’s new experiential features include: The Happiness Theatre where visitors can attend happiness and friendship workshops; The Fitness Arena complete with trampolines for visitors to try out, free hair consultations and styling courtesy of the award winning Hobs Salon and the Luxury Beauty Hall; as well as the ever popular fabulous Fashion Catwalk.

World class experts will also be on hand to offer advice and insights across the world of health, beauty and well-being ensuring visitors to the show can pick up hot tips to take home and share with their friends.

The Vitality Show with Muller®, is Europe’s largest health, beauty and well-being show is back bigger and better than ever.

For a day packed with the latest and best in beauty, health and well-being, as well as inspirational advice, secrets, hints and tips from the experts, make The Vitality Show 2008 top of yours and your best friend’s diary!

Tickets to the show cost £17 on the door or £14 in advance. For further information visit the website or book your tickets by calling 0844 415 4416 (within the UK).

Win Kim Wilde’s new book for first-time gardners


For those who are eager to tackle the gardening this year but don’t know where to begin, First-Time Gardener is the answer. Packed full of practical tips and detailed step-by-step instructions, this book is the beginner’s guide to gardening. Kim Wilde turned to gardening as a form of therapy to escape from her hectic show biz schedule. Now she is a recognised expert in the field.

Beautifully illustrated throughout this one-stop guide will teach you the very basics of what gardening is about.

• Why gardening can be so rewarding
• Why it’s important not to expect too much too soon
• Why planning is the key

Details of each essential garden technique:
• Main soil types and the benefits/drawbacks of each
• Fundamental tools
• Guide to plant terms – demystifying words such as perennial, biennial, bulbs, rhizomes and many more

This book assumes no prior knowledge and takes the reader through the basics of planning a garden, choosing plants and turning ideas into reality – including how to make the most of climbers, containers and hanging baskets. But it will also help you assess what you’ve already got in your garden. Not all gardens should be created from scratch, as per the TV makeovers. In fact, if you can wait a while to see what happens in your new garden, then you may find you’ve inherited some weird and wonderful plants.

Kim Wilde studied horticulture and planting design at Capel Manor before becoming a resident designer on BBC’s ‘Garden Invaders’. She has since presented daytime coverage of ‘The Chelsea Flower Show’ and ‘The Great Garden Guide’ as well as gardening slots for GMTV and ‘This Morning’. Kim has written regular gardening columns for The Guardian and for Prima and Bella magazines. Kim also continues to enjoy a busy pop career, her family and her garden.

Publisher Harper Collins is giving away six copies of this beautiful and very useful gardening book worth £12.99 – simply email us at with your name and address, stating Kim Wilde Book in the email header. This promotion closes 24 February 2008. No cash equivalent is being offered. The Editor’s decision is final.

Boost your fitness regime with the new Salter Body Analyser


Christmas parties, Christmas lunch, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, mince pies and mulled wine, edible and drinkable Christmas presents… the list goes on and on and results in many of us bearing a closer resemblance to the traditionally rotund Old Saint Nick than we might like. And the result; come 12pm NYE we pledge that in the New Year we will be healthier, fitter or slimmer, but that is easier said than done.

Luckily Salter is at hand to aid on this journey with the convenient and innovative #9106 Glass Body Analyser Scale. Beneath the sleek exterior the scale features five smart analyser functions which measure weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass and bone mass. There is also an athlete mode and a ten user memory which will help all members of the household to understand what they are made of, as well as keeping track of weight or slimming goals whilst simultaneously giving a helpful health update.

As well as being easy to use, the Salter 9106 Body Analyser Scale is certainly easy on the eye; it’s contemporary stylish design and functional easy to read 40mm LCD display with illuminated icons makes the Salter 9106 Body Analyser Scale the perfect addition to any bathroom.

The Body Analyser Scale retails at around £50 and is available in the UK online and in store from Argos and John Lewis.

Salter is offering six 9106 Body Analyser Scales to ElixirNews readers. The six lucky readers will be selected in a draw. To take part in the draw please email us at by January 15, stating Salter in the email headline, and giving us your name and address. Please note that no money eqivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decison is final.

Perfect C – bust enhancer – win three months’ supply


If you’ve always wanted a more voluptuous bust to but wouldn’t consider invasive surgery, Perfect C is the ideal solution. A completely natural herbal supplement, Perfect C is specially formulated to enhance the size and shape of your breasts by up to three cup sizes safely and quickly without the pain and health risks of surgical implant. Among celebrity users is UK celebrity Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who has publicly reported its great results. Coming in capsule form, Perfect C is completely safe with no negative side effects.

How does it work? A woman’s breast contains oestrogen receptor sites that stimulate the development of the mammary gland. Perfect C combines an exotic mix of rare botanicals that naturally contain oestrogenic properties. When consumed, these properties stimulate the oestrogen receptor sites which in turn encourage the growth of new breast tissue while firming and tightening the entire breast. The product contains no synthetic compounds, artificial additives or fillers.

It is important to mention that the Perfect C capsules do not themselves contain oestrogens or hormones but promote the natural activity of hormonal production. Because they replace excess oestrogen in the system, they also calm hormonal swings and dramatically reduce monthly pre-menstrual discomfort – another huge benefit of this product. In addition, many women report accelerated hair and nail growth as well as increased libido.

Long lasting results – The greatest thing about Perfect C is that the new tissue will not diminish even when you have stopped taking the capsules, meaning the results will last! The benefits of Perfect C include:
• An increase of up to three cup sizes without invasive surgery
• Healthy, permanent results
• No negative side effects
• Increased self-confidence

Perfect C costs $397 (£199, €293) for three months’ supply. For stockist details or to order T+44(0)191 291 3385 or visit

To win three months’ supply please send an email to stating “Pure C offer” with your contact details by 31 September 2007. Your name will be put into a draw. Please note that the Editor’s decision is final and no cash equivalent is being offered.

Free gym and treadclimber trial

London: Nautilus are offering free trials to all those who visit the website giving the opportunity to try before you buy.

Nautilus have teamed up with a number of health clubs around the country to offer the free trial which lasts a whole day, meaning you can experience all the facilities the health club has to offer, and get the most out of your free day trial.

Nautilus has not only developed the TreadClimber, they have also developed the Selectech dumbbells which are used by celebrities including (?) and numerous top quality treadmills, cross trainers and other fantastic fitness equipment.

The Nautilus TreadClimber is a truly outstanding piece of equipment; it burns calories twice as fast as a treadmill working at the same speed and has minimum impact and stress on the body’s joints.

Combining the actions of a treadmill and a stair climber, the TreadClimber is able to produce an extremely intense workout with a smooth, low-impact motion that adapts to your natural stride instead of forcing your feet into an awkward pattern. Expert Dr Beim has worked with the TreadClimber and has discovered that it is so effective at burning calories and working the core muscles that anyone can get an incredible workout in just 30 minutes simply by walking.

All you have to do to take up this fantastic offer is go to and search for a health club near you, using the club finder facility on the website, and then click on the link to fill out your details. Your FREE DAY voucher will then be posted out to you in the post.

Free phone consultation with top dermatologist


London: Eczema is a common skin complaint in the U.K, affecting one in five children and one in twelve adults. The National Eczema Society runs National Eczema Week from 15th – 23rd September, aiming to raise awareness of skin condition, highlight the support available and raise funds for the organisation.

To mark National Eczema Week, one of the UK’s leading dermatologists will be offering sufferers an opportunity for a one-to-one consultation. This is a rare opportunity to discuss what can be a painful and embarrassing situation with an expert on skin conditions without a lengthy wait for an NHS Consultant or the expense of seeing a private consultant.

Dr. M. Schiele (pictured right) is a Biomedical Research Scientist who will be available throughout the week to talk about the symptoms of eczema and the various treatments available. Sufferers will be able to ‘book’ a slot online and the doctor will call them back to discuss their condition, possible causes and remedies.

Dr Schiele comments, “We get calls from many sufferers that are at their wits end; not everybody achieves satisfactory results from the most commonly prescribed medications. Additionally, many people are concerned about the long term implications of using steroid based creams, such as hydrocortisone, which is known to thin the skin over time and can damage the dermis permanently.

Following years of research and development, Salcura has launched the ‘Professional Skin Care Management’ range of natural skin therapy products. National Eczema Week is a great way of raising awareness of the symptoms and treatment of eczema which affects many people in the UK. The Salcura professional skin care management range offers effective natural alternatives for people who want rapid relief without the use of steroids. We are happy to discuss the various lifestyle changes and treatments available to those suffering with a skin complaint during Eczema week.’

People with eczema or similar skin complaints such as psoriasis can book a telephone appointment with Dr Schiele at < ahref="">

About Dr Schiele
Dr. Martin Schiele, a Biomedical Research Scientist, and his team have many years experience in immunology and dermatology. All the skills, expertise and experience gained have given a thorough foundation and know-how to develop and formulate products consisting only of natural substances for the treatment of major skin disorders.

Dr. Schiele was also involved in research and consultancy work for medical high schools, universities and international corporations as well as health ministries. As a result, many publications have appeared in peer review magazines and papers, such as the Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry, Oxford University Press, Laboratory News, Advances in Medicine, Clinical Laboratory International, Management Journal for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Today’s Therapist, Health Director, National Association of Primary Care “Review Book”, Whole Health Journal and the Alternative Magazine.

Furthermore, at international medical congresses, Dr. Schiele and his team were invited to give presentations on their completed research work as it represented major advances in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of major health and skin problems.

Dr. Schiele was invited to the IPI (Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation) at the Royal Society and the House of Lords to show case his capabilities and latest developments. Although Dr. Schiele is not developing pharmaceutical products, the event also focused on natural biotechnology and bioscience and was of high importance.

Dr. Schiele was also invited to the Medica Exhibition and Congress, Germany, to demonstrate newly developed therapeutic products to a worldwide audience. MEDICA is the worlds largest congress for medicine and is the key event for the health care technologies sector to showcase and pick up on the latest developments in out and in-patient healthcare.

UK government offers obese free dance classes

London: The UK Government’s Department of Health is to offer dancing lessons in a bid to cut obesity levels.

Adults will be prescribed lessons in the waltz and tango, while teenagers will be tutored in the latest street dance. Also on the exercise list will be trampolining and country walks.

The authorities are hoping that increased exercise levels will cut the UK’s obesity problem – the worst in Europe with a quarter of adults classed as obese.

British children spend almost nine and a half hours a week in front of a TV or playing computer games – and less than an hour a day exercising.

If the trend continues it is thought a third of adults and a fifth of children will be obese by

The Government says will try to motivate the obese by paying for them to take part in a range of activities.

Anti-ageing tea better than water

Drinking tea is more beneficial than drinking water, according to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Tea not only rehydrates you as well as water does, but it can also offer protection against heart disease and cancer because it contains protective antioxidants known as flavanoids.

The researchers say their findings could benefit older members of the population, many of whom do not drink much water and so run the risk of dehydration.

Previous studies have shown that drinking just three a day can cut the risk of having a heart attack by 11 per cent.

It has also been shown to stave off some forms of cancer, including colorectal cancer.

Other health benefits include reducing tooth decay and possibly improving bone strength.

Some studies have suggested the caffeine in tea can also help concentration and improve your mood.

The key component is a group of antioxidants called flavonoids – a major component of tea – which help prevent cell damage.

Like fruit and vegetables, tea is a good natural source of flavonoids – three cups actually contain eight times the antioxidant capacity of an apple.