London: What happens when you can’t find an anti-ageing serum that works for you? The answer for Denise Bell-King was to make it herself!

Unable to find a high quality, simple anti-ageing serum for her own use, Denise decided to create her own, offering a product that gave excellent results at affordable prices. Her product, Age Defy Serum has worked for women throughout the UK, selling via her website

Denise, 49, came up with the idea of creating her own serum a few years ago after using a well-know brand of skincare that included aromatherapy oils.

“Aromatherapy oils had been fantastic to my skin for 10 years, but the problem is, if you haven’t used them and you hit your 40’s, they’re really not going to actively anti-age you if you haven’t done that much before. From the research that I’d done over the past ten years I knew that mineral oils were absolutely out, but that some ingredients were great and the simpler I kept the formula, the better!”

Denise created a formula that included Retinol-A, Jojoba and Palm Oil that she tried out on herself and that fulfilled everything she wanted to achieve. “The results were fantastic, and since its launch in 2007, hundreds of men and women have written to me saying how great the results have been for them too.”

Age Defy Serum boosts your skin’s defences from the inside out and dramatically reduces wrinkles furrows and frown lines. It will soothe, strengthen and age proof your skin on your face, neck and is perfect for smoothing away the tell-tale signs of ageing on the backs of hands too.

Packed with high quality ingredients including Palmitoyl Pentapetide-3, Pro-Retinol, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, Age Defy Serum has helped thousands of women to achieve younger looking skin.

Age Defy Serum is particularly effective on the following areas:

• Age sports and pigmentation
• Crepey Neck syndrome
• Nasal-labial lines
• Crows Feet, wrinkles and saggy eye lids
• Decolletage
• Jowls


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