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London: Eczema is a common skin complaint in the U.K, affecting one in five children and one in twelve adults. The National Eczema Society runs National Eczema Week from 15th – 23rd September, aiming to raise awareness of skin condition, highlight the support available and raise funds for the organisation.

To mark National Eczema Week, one of the UK’s leading dermatologists will be offering sufferers an opportunity for a one-to-one consultation. This is a rare opportunity to discuss what can be a painful and embarrassing situation with an expert on skin conditions without a lengthy wait for an NHS Consultant or the expense of seeing a private consultant.

Dr. M. Schiele (pictured right) is a Biomedical Research Scientist who will be available throughout the week to talk about the symptoms of eczema and the various treatments available. Sufferers will be able to ‘book’ a slot online and the doctor will call them back to discuss their condition, possible causes and remedies.

Dr Schiele comments, “We get calls from many sufferers that are at their wits end; not everybody achieves satisfactory results from the most commonly prescribed medications. Additionally, many people are concerned about the long term implications of using steroid based creams, such as hydrocortisone, which is known to thin the skin over time and can damage the dermis permanently.

Following years of research and development, Salcura has launched the ‘Professional Skin Care Management’ range of natural skin therapy products. National Eczema Week is a great way of raising awareness of the symptoms and treatment of eczema which affects many people in the UK. The Salcura professional skin care management range offers effective natural alternatives for people who want rapid relief without the use of steroids. We are happy to discuss the various lifestyle changes and treatments available to those suffering with a skin complaint during Eczema week.’

People with eczema or similar skin complaints such as psoriasis can book a telephone appointment with Dr Schiele at < ahref="">

About Dr Schiele
Dr. Martin Schiele, a Biomedical Research Scientist, and his team have many years experience in immunology and dermatology. All the skills, expertise and experience gained have given a thorough foundation and know-how to develop and formulate products consisting only of natural substances for the treatment of major skin disorders.

Dr. Schiele was also involved in research and consultancy work for medical high schools, universities and international corporations as well as health ministries. As a result, many publications have appeared in peer review magazines and papers, such as the Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry, Oxford University Press, Laboratory News, Advances in Medicine, Clinical Laboratory International, Management Journal for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Today’s Therapist, Health Director, National Association of Primary Care “Review Book”, Whole Health Journal and the Alternative Magazine.

Furthermore, at international medical congresses, Dr. Schiele and his team were invited to give presentations on their completed research work as it represented major advances in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of major health and skin problems.

Dr. Schiele was invited to the IPI (Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation) at the Royal Society and the House of Lords to show case his capabilities and latest developments. Although Dr. Schiele is not developing pharmaceutical products, the event also focused on natural biotechnology and bioscience and was of high importance.

Dr. Schiele was also invited to the Medica Exhibition and Congress, Germany, to demonstrate newly developed therapeutic products to a worldwide audience. MEDICA is the worlds largest congress for medicine and is the key event for the health care technologies sector to showcase and pick up on the latest developments in out and in-patient healthcare.