Exclusive discount on tickets to Anti-Ageing Conference London


London: Find out the secrets of healthy ageing that even your family doctor doesn’t know. Discover how you can live longer, healthier and happier- from the world’s top medical experts at Anti-Ageing Conference London 2009.

You will discover the latest science on how to halt ageing on the inside as well as the outside. Whether its the latest science on hormone replacement, the diseases of ageing such as cancer or how stem cells can rejuvenate the face, body and mind – you will find an expert at Anti-Ageing Conference London 2009.

ELIXIR has joined with the UK’s foremost conference on anti-ageing to offer you a discount on the full £450 fee for this unique event – you pay only £300. All you have to do is flag up the discount in your registration application at www.antiageingconference.com

The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre is situated in Stewarts Grove, London, SW3

WHO: The names and subjects of the speakers are shown below but you will find more detailed information on them at the conference web site www.antiageingconference.com

Dr Olivier Dan Amar
Breast Surgery, Results and new trends in Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Dr Roger Elie Amar
Cell therapy for facial rejuvenation (F.A.M.I.) Fat autograft muscle injection

Mr Geoff Bond – pictured
Ageing – Reverse the ageing process by learning the vital secrets of longevity which lie in our genes

Dr Tatyana Bosh MD
Presomatic syndrome and psychosomatic body work

Ing. Luigi Alfonso Cuozzo
Is the market ‘mature’ enough for entrepreneurs to move into the scientific world of AA Medicine?

Dr Christophe de Jaeger
How to measure brain ageing

Dr Wendy Denning
Bio identical hormones – what are they, do they work are they natural and safer than conventional HRT

Dr Nyjon Eccles
The forgotten cure for heart disease

Dr Richard Fuller
Activated Cancer Therapy Using Light and Ultrasound – A Case Series of Sonodynamic Photodynamic Therapy in 115 Patients over a 4 Year Period

Professor Syed E A Haq
Anti Ageing medicine and molecular signalling

Dr Masud Haq
Clinical effects of testosterone deficiency in older men

Mr Greg Hayman
The creation of a biological age measurement tool

Dr Thierry Hertoghe MD
Oxytocin’s potent effects on orgasm and warmheartedness

Dr. Patrick Kingsley MD
Clinical approach to Multiple Sclerosis

Mr William M A Kuteesa
Ageing and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. A View of Treatment: Past, Present, and Future.

Diana MacLellan
Ageing and The Alexander Technique – how to get the spring back into your step with the Alexander Technique

Professor Francesco Marotta
There is no Prevention without Prediction: How to implement your Practice through Innovative Genomic and Cellular Biopotential Monitoring Tools in Nutrition-Driven Medical Strategies

Dr Giovanni Dicran Megighian
The power of Isometrics: Expression lines disappear in 30 days by training facial muscles 30 minutes a day

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Bio-Scalar Technology: Regeneration and Optimization of the Body-Mind Homeostasis

Dr Jean-Pierre Naim
Vitamin D : A wonder Vitamin with new Indications and novel Therapies

Lorraine Perretta
From tongue to tail: the role of digestion in anti-ageing

Dr Andy Pickett
Myths and Realities: The Science of Toxins

Dr Ascanio Polimeni
What to learn from centenarian secrets to promote a healthier and longer life?Syncrinology and Hormonal harmony:from Italian centenarian studies a new endocrine approach to improve the health and the length of our life.

Dr Bobby Prasad
IBS: Am I irritable or is it just my bowels?

Professor Giovanni Scapagnini
Bio-markers of ageing:longevity predictions

Dr Damir A Shakambet
Bio-facelift (non surgical natural facelift)