Consumers more concerned about cellulite than diabetes, reveals new Datamonitor Research

A highly body-conscious culture is reflected in the fact that consumers are more concerned about looks and appearance than their general health. According to new research by Datamonitor Consumer, nearly a third of consumers who are actively trying to lose weight are concerned about cellulite. In contrast, only 15% are concerned about diabetes.

Tanvi Savara, Food & Drink Analyst at Datamonitor Consumer points out that this has important implications for functional food and drink products. “Products with added health benefits can attract a much larger consumer base by including functional ingredients that target weight loss. For example, a cholesterol lowering product that targets satiety would have a greater consumer appeal.”

While a majority of consumers surveyed in 2014 are trying to lose weight, there is a small segment of consumers that are trying to gain weight for aesthetic reasons. Just like their ‘weight warrior’ counterparts, health-related issues remain a secondary concern for weight gainers. Savara notes that “while only 18% of ‘weight gainers’ are concerned about high cholesterol levels, 38% are concerned about muscle tone highlighting the extent to which consumers value their own visual presentation.”

Datamonitor Consumer has created an infographic which offers a snapshot of some of its research findings on different behavioral traits of consumers trying to lose or gain weight.
Datamonitor Weight Management Trends

About Datamonitor Consumer:

Datamonitor Consumer provides comprehensive analytical coverage of global consumer markets through its Consumer Knowledge Center. Our research covers consumer and shopper behavioral analysis, product innovation and market sizing across all key FMCG sectors to help clients identify future innovation and market opportunities to ultimately drive growth.

About Datamonitor Consumer’s global survey 2014:

Datamonitor Consumer’s global survey 2014 explores consumer behavior and opinion across 25 countries. We’ve surveyed 25,000 consumers about their food, drink, personal care, household care and baby care product usage, level of spend, and purchasing behavior. The survey also analyses consumer concern across a wide range of dietary, health and beauty issues.

10 Best – for keeping those legs summer lovely


Sculpted Silhouette
Contains caffeine to increases blood circulation this great product helps rectify cellulite and fatty deposits by stimulating fat metabolism. It also re-models and shapes body contours, firms and tones the skin and stimulates lymph flow and reduces fluid retention
The super intensive anti-cellulite treatment blend contains caffeine-rich Guarana with Butcher’s Broom and Lemon Extract to stimulate the circulation and noticeably reduce cellulite. With added Horsetail and Ginseng to help tighten and tone the body contours. Use as an intensive course every morning and evening for at least 6 weeks. £34 Buy at
Dead Sea Magik
Naturally exfoliating salt scrub with pure Dead Sea salts, Coconut Oil and vitamin E – makes the skin on your legs and body wonderfully lustrous and smooth. Costs £12  for 500g. Buy from
Bio Elixir Body Shaper
A new formula,  BioElixia™ BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème is a revolutionary new anti-cellulite product from Australia containing unique Tricellite Active™ ingredients and a concentrated blend of antioxidants and moisturisers to assist in reducing the appearance of the bumps, dimples and bulges associated with cellulite in 28 days.
New BioElixia™ BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème is scientifically proven:A reduced appearance of the bumps, and ‘orange peel’ dimples associated with cellulite by an average of 38% in 28 days.An average of 57% reduction in the appearance of cellulite after 56 days.A significant increase in skin hydration and elasticity.87% of women in our study saw an visbile improvement to skin’s firmness and smoothness after 28 days. Costs £39 for 150ml.  Buy at Boots.

Ultimo Self-Tan Lotion
Contains a range of DHA’s that provide a deep rich colour intensity as it imparts greater uniformity of colour to help eliminate streaking and is completely odour free. Contains a blend of moisturizing rainforest extracts including buriti and pracaxi seeds and wild strawberry leaf extracts to minimize premature ageing and for re sculpting and re shaping – wild indigo flower that helps improve the appearance of skin for smoother contours. Comes in a range of shades including California Gold and Brazilian Bronze £25.50 We tried Marbella Gold – gold and glamorous tan Costs £28.50 for 200ml aerosol.  In stores and online at

Hempz Touch of Summer
Touch of Summer Daily Moisturiser. Gradually creates a golden glow just by moisturizing.  Enriched with pure natural hemp seed oil and subtle color enhancers. Hempz Touch of Summer in medium £16.99 for 235ml bottle
Add a Touch of Summer for that perfect golden glow all year long, just by moisturising. Designed specifically for fair or medium skin tones, this Daily Moisturiser enriched with Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil, gradually delivers the perfect amount of subtle self-tanners to even out skin tone while gradually deepening skin’s natural colour for the glow of summer. You will begin to see gradual colour development within several days and maximum colour after one week. Continue use to maintain glow. 235ml Buy at Ergoline Plus on 020 8498 7283

Leg Work Silky Leg Lotion
Silky dark tanning lotion for legs with cocoa butter and macademia oil.  150ml aerosol Legwork by Devoted Creations £18.99 for 150ml bottle
This is a product specifically designed for the legs. It is a silicone blend, formulated with skin-firming and anti-ageing benefits, as well as a hair re growth inhibitor. Shea butter and macadamia oils will hydrate the skin leaving it silky soft to the touch. A pleasant alluring nights fragrance tops this fabulous product off. Buy at Ergoline Plus on 020 8498 7283

Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan
A moisturizing formula containing sweet almond oil and shea butter that oozes quality ingredients and gives a really natural looking tan and smells heavenly.  The colour intensifies over a three hour period. Costs £35.75 for 130ml.   Buy at

Pupa Shaping
A best-selling range of treatments from Italy containing CYM2 Complex which strengthens the skin to give a much tighter effect. Costs £42 for 150ml. Call + 44(0)20 8398 9744 for stockists. Also buy at


A high-tech treatment which uses three different fat-busting technologies – infra-red light, bi-polar radio frequency and vacuum/mechanical massage to blast fat cells and promote inch-loss. Costs from £100 per treatment. For more information and clinics. More information at 

Motif Hair Removal
Motif is the choice of the GB Synchronised Swimming team, pictured. Motif laser hair removal is a pain-free laser hair removal system which uses a combination of laser and Radio Frequency to treat all skin types and colours, resulting in unwanted hair removal in little as 4 treatments!
Motif’s Deep Dermal Penetration means longer lasting results and all hair types and colours including fine facial hair, can be treated! It also uses a fast acting, Contact Cooling Devise making the treatment all but pain free!  For Motif clinics nationwide go to Motif is Priced from: £95 for bikini line and £150 for half leg.
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Deposits of dimpled fat just beneath the skin that usually only affects females. Cellulite can be reduced by diet and exercise.

Universal Contour launches new anti-flab body wrap


London: What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling flabby, time is short and she simply can’t get an appointment for a full professional body wrapping treatment at the salon?

If there’s just one area of bodily concern, then the new Universal Contour Wrap Mini Home Kit, from the UK’s leading salon body wrap company, could be just what’s needed to help you look fit and fabulous for an imminent special occasion or holiday.

Universal Contour Wrap has launched the new size kit to meet demands for a quick fix at the minimum cost for small areas. The mini kit contains an exfoliating hand mitt to remove dry skin flakes, a handy bath scrunchie for cleansing, four wide high quality wrapping bandages and one jar of SeaClay Body Masque: sufficient for 2-3 treatments on a localised area of your body.

Based on the popular figure-firming salon treatment, the home wrap kit uses the natural detoxifying effects of mineral–rich sea clay to boost circulation, smooth dry skin and firm up areas such as upper arms, thighs, tummy or bottom.

The new Universal Contour Wrap Mini Home Kit is priced just £25, or there’s the original kit for £49.95 which contains double the amount of sea clay and six bandages to give you optimum coverage of larger areas and everything you need for up to six treatments. Both kits come with easy to use step by step instructions.

Follow the seven easy steps in the instructions brochure, and within an hour and twenty minutes, your niggly flabby areas could be looking newly toned and ready to do justice to that new bikini or party dress.

To place an order visit: www.universalcontourwrap.comor call within the UK 0845 6000 203.

New fat buster from Vichy Laboratories reduces cellulite in one month


London: Lipo-metric by Vichy Laboratories is a new cellulite treatment that actually works – it has been tested and nine out of ten women had a result after one month use.

According to Vichy scientists cellulite lurks in both overweight and thin women. It occurs when fat storage cells known as adipocytes swell up and they can expand by 60 times their size. And there’s more – when they swell they produce mini versions of themselves called pre-adipocytes. This causes the skin to swell pressure which breaks down the fibres that keep skin firm resulting in the unpleasant dimpling effect typical of cellulite.

Lipo-metric contains two substances Adrenalyse-S and Aminokine-G which Vichy says combine to produce instant results. It also contains the other proven cellulite buster caffeine.

This product produces results after one month of use and the secret of success is massaging it in twice daily. It can be used on the legs, thighs, tummy and waist.

What causes cellulite
Provoking factors
• Hormonal level variations
• Puberty, pregnancy, menopause
• Erratic blood circulation
• Unbalanced diet
• Stress
• Lack of exercise

Proven results
Tested on 201 women
9 out of 10 achieved a success rate

Lipo-metric costs $39.50 (£19.99, €30) and is on sale internationally and at exclusive pharmacies.

New body fat buster alternative to surgery

London: Women who do not wish to go under the knife to remove stubborn areas from their body and endure a long recovery period can now use a brand new non-surgical treatment called SmartLipo.

Not only is it minimally invasive, but it is safer and far less extreme than traditional methods of getting rid of excess body fat, particularly in stubbon areas.

SmartLipo is ground breaking concept in laser-assisted liposculpture and does not involve any major procedures. A fine canula (1mm. diameter) is used to deliver a safe, power laser to heat fat cells, causing them to break down. The fat deposits are absorbed by the liver and disposed of naturally. At the same time, the laser seals-off minor blood vessels and stimulates collagen production to give a smooth, sculptured finish.

The treatment is perfect for eliminating the common ‘problem areas’ such as tummy, knees, under-arms (bingo wings), buttocks, back and chin etc. The overall results depend on the severity of the area to be treated but dramatic improvements are usually seen within six weeks after treatment – with final results in four months. Although new to the UK, SmartLipo has been in use in Italy for over two years with an impressive track record.

The Smartlipo treatment can take as little as 20 minutes, depending on how many areas of the body are treated. One, two or three areas can be treated in the same session.

London doctor Mike Comins has many years experience in non-surgical cosmetic procedures and is one of the first UK practitioners to be trained in SmartLipo and undertakes the procedure at his own practice in Hans Place, central London.

Although the procedure does not hurt, a local anaesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. Minor bruising or discomfort may occur following the treatment and antibiotics are given to help prevent post-treatment infection.

The cost of the treatment starts from $3,877 (£2,000,€2,982) and is available at The Hans Place Practice. To arrange a consultation, call +44 02(0) 7584 1642 or log onto the website for further details.

Accoustic waves – the latest cellulite buster

Los Angeles:West LA Medical & Skincare, Los Angeles, one of the pioneers in non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation, has introduced Acoustic Wave Therapy, a new FDA approved treatment for the effective reduction of cellulite.

There are two major causes of cellulite; the hardening of the connective tissue that is the support system for fat; and the protrusion of fat cells into the lower part of the skin. This protrusion results in the dimpling effect of cellulite. Cellulite treatments need to address both major causes in order to produce effective results. Until now, there have been few to address one or the other effectively, and none that address both.

West LA Medical & Skincare is one of the first practices in the United States to have access to a new treatment that addresses both issues with minimal pain and side effects. This treatment is known as Acoustic Wave Therapy. (AWT)

Acoustic Wave Therapy utilizes pressure waves that impact both of the major causes of cellulite: fibrous septae and protrusion of fat into the lower dermis. The AWT produces a pressure wave that passes through skin and fat to impact the fibrous septae. The pressure breaks up the collagen of the septae and releases the skin, allowing a smoother surface.

AWT also helps to thicken the dermis and decrease fat protrusion. Ultrasound pictures have confirmed this dermal thickening after treatments. The thickening of the dermis, in turn, helps to reduce the protrusion of fat into the dermis, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Dr. David P Melamed, M.D., M.Sc., at West LA Medical & Skincare states “I’ve been working with cellulite and treatment studies for many years. Never before have I seen results as dramatic as Acoustic Wave Therapy can offer.” “I am especially excited to combine this new therapy with the other body contouring treatments we currently provide in order to produce even greater results for our patients”

Many different treatments for cellulite have been introduced over the years, most with poor results. Now, Acoustic Wave Therapy represents an important breakthrough in the effective reduction of visible cellulite.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Dr. David P. Melamed at West LA Medical & Skincare is a leader in anti-aging health and an expert in reversing the signs of aging — Skin — Hair — Body; helping to create a focus on “non-invasive youth maintenance”. Dr. Melamed is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine.

For more information, call ++ 1 310/473-1734 or visit < a href="">

New cellulite buster launched by Vichy

London: A new cellulite buster that claims to reduce cellulite in only 14 days has been launched by Vichy Laboratories. The produce also claims to be inspired by Lipostabil, a lecithin-based fat dissolver.

The new product contains Manganese and Adrenalyse™ and uses what it describes as “dermo-smoothing technology” to reduce the appearance of unsightly orange peel skin in just 14 days. In the UK it costs £19.99 in pharmacies.

Vichy’s Lipocure is an anti-dimpling resurfacing serum, and is the first massage-free shock treatment for cellulite. It provides a complete liposculpture, treating the symptoms of lipid disorders of the skin, thereby boosting the
bodily beauty of every woman at every stage of her life.

The female body naturally tends to form fat reserves in certain areas, particularly the thighs, buttocks and hips. The fat cells themselves are arranged in clusters, enveloped by collagen and anchored to the skin by fibrous bonds. Fat storage causes the cells to swell up and push upwards to the skin surface, but the fibrous anchors stiffen and pull downwards. These opposing forces are the basis for the characteristic dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Lipocure was inspired from surgical techniques, used previously to reduce acne scarring or deep wrinkles. These scars have a similar formation process to cellulite, but may be treated surgically using a fine needle penetrating under the skin to cut the anchoring bonds. The result is an immediate visibly smoother skin.

Vichy says that Lipocure mimics this effect non-surgically using the active ingredients Manganese and Adrenalyse™, which are effective on application without requiring massage.

Manganese works to soften the fibrous mesh by mimicking surgical
techniques, releasing dimples upwards. Adrenalyse™ is a cellular stimulant that encourages the evacuation of fat cells to deflate bumps and reduces stubborn volume. Combining these ingredients, Lipocure targets slackened skin and saggy curves by reducing the swollen appearance of dimpled areas by 20% in 14 days . Application: Instant massage-free application with rapid drying and absorption. To find your nearest Vichy skin expert visit Stockist Number: 0800 169 6193

Clinical Trials: Extensive testing has been carried out by Vichy scientists on LIPOCURE: Concept use test: Self-evaluation for 80 women using LIPOCURE for 1 month % of respondents reporting improvement after using LIPOCURE Reduction in orange-peel skin: ‘appearance of orange-peel skin faded’ 47% Smoothing, toning effect: smoother skin 92% firmer skin 80% tauter skin 75%

Clinical scoring of orange-peel skin: Medical supervision of 50 women using LIPOCURE for 4 weeks. Results clinically assessed by medical professionals. Measurement of average improvement in number of skin dimples. (treated vs control) Top of thigh visual- After 1 week -7.37%/After 4 weeks -18.3% pinching- After 1 week- -11.38%/ After 4 weeks-25% * Mid thigh visual- after 1 week -6.4%/ after 4 weeks -19.55% Pinching- after 1 week -8.33% / after 4 weeks -18.6%

Laser experiment paves way for cellulite treatment

New York: Scientists have successfully used lasers to “melt” fat from skin without harming it. Although this experiment has only been used on pig fat they say lasers could be used to treat cellulite, acne and heart disease in humans.

Doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, used the Free-Electron Laser at specific wavelengths (selective photothermolysis) to heat up fat, which is then excreted by the body – without harming the skin.

Prof. Rox Anderson, told the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery annual meeting said that the main cause of acne is the lipid rich sebaceous gland and lasers could be used to target these. This technique could also be used to eliminate cellulite and body fat, say the researchers. Fat build up in the arteries (plaques), which causes heart attacks, could also be treated.

Prof. Anderson said his team were still a few years away from testing this technique on human beings.