Laser experiment paves way for cellulite treatment

New York: Scientists have successfully used lasers to “melt” fat from skin without harming it. Although this experiment has only been used on pig fat they say lasers could be used to treat cellulite, acne and heart disease in humans.

Doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, used the Free-Electron Laser at specific wavelengths (selective photothermolysis) to heat up fat, which is then excreted by the body – without harming the skin.

Prof. Rox Anderson, told the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery annual meeting said that the main cause of acne is the lipid rich sebaceous gland and lasers could be used to target these. This technique could also be used to eliminate cellulite and body fat, say the researchers. Fat build up in the arteries (plaques), which causes heart attacks, could also be treated.

Prof. Anderson said his team were still a few years away from testing this technique on human beings.