Freeze those wrinkles – new creams to keep skin cool

London: A host of new products that effectively freeze wrinkles using the latest scientific advances to revitalise the skin. These are some of the latest wrinkle-freezers available on the UK market:

Freeze 24-7 products (available at Space NK, 020 8740 2085) is a US product that has an effect comparable with Botox. The range includes a moisturiser, an eye serum and a range of lip glosses, contain gamma amino butyric acid, a naturally occurring muscle relaxant that feels cold on application and gives an ‘instant freezing effect’ by relaxing the muscles that can cause lines and wrinkles.

Another new product that uses the chill factor is the Diamond Ice-Lift (£90, Harrods, 020 7730 1234) face mask, from Spanish skincare brand Natura Biss. This product forms a mask that cools the skin as water evaporates, a bit like a fridge and the gel then solidifies.

Ice-Source (£125, ) from France that was developed with the European Space Agency. It is contained in a self-cooling pot — pushing a button on the base of the pot causes the product to be chilled 75 times quicker than in a fridge, dropping its temperature from 22C to 2C in two minutes. The cooling effect shrinks the size of molecules in the cream making them more effective at penetrating the skin.

Chilled for Skin (£80, LK Distribution, 01737 700020), is from Japan and is a pure organic marine collagen treatment that you apply twice a day before your moisturiser. It is delivered to your home in a coolbagand needs to be stored in the fridge to ensure that it remains effective.

Kenzo Vital-Ice Cream (£37, Urban Retreat at Harrods, 020 7893 8333) has to be kept in the fridge to optimise its toning and regenerating properties.