New fat buster from Vichy Laboratories reduces cellulite in one month


London: Lipo-metric by Vichy Laboratories is a new cellulite treatment that actually works – it has been tested and nine out of ten women had a result after one month use.

According to Vichy scientists cellulite lurks in both overweight and thin women. It occurs when fat storage cells known as adipocytes swell up and they can expand by 60 times their size. And there’s more – when they swell they produce mini versions of themselves called pre-adipocytes. This causes the skin to swell pressure which breaks down the fibres that keep skin firm resulting in the unpleasant dimpling effect typical of cellulite.

Lipo-metric contains two substances Adrenalyse-S and Aminokine-G which Vichy says combine to produce instant results. It also contains the other proven cellulite buster caffeine.

This product produces results after one month of use and the secret of success is massaging it in twice daily. It can be used on the legs, thighs, tummy and waist.

What causes cellulite
Provoking factors
• Hormonal level variations
• Puberty, pregnancy, menopause
• Erratic blood circulation
• Unbalanced diet
• Stress
• Lack of exercise

Proven results
Tested on 201 women
9 out of 10 achieved a success rate

Lipo-metric costs $39.50 (£19.99, €30) and is on sale internationally and at exclusive pharmacies.