New cellulite buster launched by Vichy

London: A new cellulite buster that claims to reduce cellulite in only 14 days has been launched by Vichy Laboratories. The produce also claims to be inspired by Lipostabil, a lecithin-based fat dissolver.

The new product contains Manganese and Adrenalyse┬Ö and uses what it describes as “dermo-smoothing technology” to reduce the appearance of unsightly orange peel skin in just 14 days. In the UK it costs ┬ú19.99 in pharmacies.

Vichy┬ĺs Lipocure is an anti-dimpling resurfacing serum, and is the first massage-free shock treatment for cellulite. It provides a complete liposculpture, treating the symptoms of lipid disorders of the skin, thereby boosting the
bodily beauty of every woman at every stage of her life.

The female body naturally tends to form fat reserves in certain areas, particularly the thighs, buttocks and hips. The fat cells themselves are arranged in clusters, enveloped by collagen and anchored to the skin by fibrous bonds. Fat storage causes the cells to swell up and push upwards to the skin surface, but the fibrous anchors stiffen and pull downwards. These opposing forces are the basis for the characteristic dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Lipocure was inspired from surgical techniques, used previously to reduce acne scarring or deep wrinkles. These scars have a similar formation process to cellulite, but may be treated surgically using a fine needle penetrating under the skin to cut the anchoring bonds. The result is an immediate visibly smoother skin.

Vichy says that Lipocure mimics this effect non-surgically using the active ingredients Manganese and Adrenalyse™, which are effective on application without requiring massage.

Manganese works to soften the fibrous mesh by mimicking surgical
techniques, releasing dimples upwards. Adrenalyse™ is a cellular stimulant that encourages the evacuation of fat cells to deflate bumps and reduces stubborn volume. Combining these ingredients, Lipocure targets slackened skin and saggy curves by reducing the swollen appearance of dimpled areas by 20% in 14 days . Application: Instant massage-free application with rapid drying and absorption. To find your nearest Vichy skin expert visit Stockist Number: 0800 169 6193

Clinical Trials: Extensive testing has been carried out by Vichy scientists on LIPOCURE: Concept use test: Self-evaluation for 80 women using LIPOCURE for 1 month % of respondents reporting improvement after using LIPOCURE Reduction in orange-peel skin: ┬Ĺappearance of orange-peel skin faded┬ĺ 47% Smoothing, toning effect: smoother skin 92% firmer skin 80% tauter skin 75%

Clinical scoring of orange-peel skin: Medical supervision of 50 women using LIPOCURE for 4 weeks. Results clinically assessed by medical professionals. Measurement of average improvement in number of skin dimples. (treated vs control) Top of thigh visual- After 1 week -7.37%/After 4 weeks -18.3% pinching- After 1 week- -11.38%/ After 4 weeks-25% * Mid thigh visual- after 1 week -6.4%/ after 4 weeks -19.55% Pinching- after 1 week -8.33% / after 4 weeks -18.6%