Get a bikini body at Wimpole Aesthetics with Makeover Miles

London: The Wimpole Aesthetic Centre in offering 10% off Thermage – an amazing fat shrinking radio wave treatment that will get rid of double chins, bingo wings and floppy tummies.

It is also offering 15% off a course of five photo-rejuvenation treatments.

Now all you need is your Makeover Miles card to open a world of value-for-money any ageing treatments.

To see what this great clinic has on offer to go

Nagging health questions answered on new UK government site

London: Got a nagging question about your health? Are you planning a new fitness regime or are you interested in finding out more about a particular condition and relevant treatment options? If you are looking for reliable, personalised information about your health and lifestyle you can now find it at the new website, NHS Choices

Health advice is now the second most searched for subject online so it is no surprise that there is a lot of information of variable quality out there.
NHS Choices is a one-stop shop for all your health information that you can trust and that puts you in charge of decisions about your own health, lifestyle and even treatment options.

See how fit and healthy you are with a quick and easy personal health check and watch short movies from the experts and real people about their experiences of common conditions and treatments. Read honest accounts of how celebrities such as Steve Redgrave, Tricia Goddard, Rosemary Conley and Nik Powell, Richard Branson’s co-founder of Virgin Records have overcome their own health problems. You can even become an expert with access to information only previously available to the medical profession.

Get motivated and take inspiration for a healthy life from Live Well, a series of online magazines featuring up to date articles, short movies and celebrity contributions to appeal to different groups such as women, teenagers, men and families.

Get great ideas for healthy eating with recipes from Emma Bunton, Nadine Coyle, Dannii Minogue and Myleene Klass and watch celebrity chefs cook up simple, healthy meals for the whole family and romantic nights in.

Find inspiration for a fitness regime that works for your age and lifestyle. Get active and take the Chelsea FC challenge, try walking your way to fitness and a great pair of legs or read how Olympic sprinter, Linford Christie has managed to stay fit and lean post retirement and post forty.

Learn our how to stay happy and healthy at work and see what the experts have to say about a mid life crisis. Is your urge for a newer model – car or woman – due to brain or hormone changes or just bad behaviour.

Should you need to go to hospital NHS Choices gives you the information to make an informed decision about where and when you want to be treated. View ratings on hospital waiting times, cleanliness and readmission figures and for the first time what previous patients have to say about their treatment and experiences via immediate online feedback.

It is even possible for you to make your choice of hospital based upon personal preferences such as travelling times, MRSA incidences and availability of single sex wards.

1. The NHS Choices website draws on the combined experience and expertise of, NHS Direct, the National Electronic Library for Health, and the Healthcare Commission.

2. NHS Choices can be found at The site will continue to evolve and significant extensions are scheduled for later in 2007 and 2008.

3. The site will allow patients to access NHS approved information using a number of features under distinct headings:

Live Well
• Information that will help the well to stay fit and assist those who are unwell to manage their condition

• ‘Magazine’ content will reflect the interests and needs of different groups such as teenagers, families and those over 70

Health A-Z
• Access to a vast library of approved medical literature, previously only available to clinicians to enable a deeper understanding of conditions & treatment options
• Easy to understand multi-media guides on the most common procedures e.g. hip replacement
• Detailed guides to living with 20 long-term conditions such as diabetes to help patients manage their condition. Expert opinions from professionals and patients will provide advice and support

Choose Services
• Authoritative, comparative data on the standards and availability of services
• Searchable comprehensive directories e.g. on hospitals, GPs and care homes
• A quality scorecard that will help patients and GPs together to identify the most appropriate clinicians and locations for their treatment

Your Thoughts
• Patients will be able to directly comment and feedback on their hospital experience
• All comments will be pre-moderated and references to named individuals will be removed
• Hospitals will have the opportunity to respond to comments about their services.

Universal Contour launches new anti-flab body wrap


London: What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling flabby, time is short and she simply can’t get an appointment for a full professional body wrapping treatment at the salon?

If there’s just one area of bodily concern, then the new Universal Contour Wrap Mini Home Kit, from the UK’s leading salon body wrap company, could be just what’s needed to help you look fit and fabulous for an imminent special occasion or holiday.

Universal Contour Wrap has launched the new size kit to meet demands for a quick fix at the minimum cost for small areas. The mini kit contains an exfoliating hand mitt to remove dry skin flakes, a handy bath scrunchie for cleansing, four wide high quality wrapping bandages and one jar of SeaClay Body Masque: sufficient for 2-3 treatments on a localised area of your body.

Based on the popular figure-firming salon treatment, the home wrap kit uses the natural detoxifying effects of mineral–rich sea clay to boost circulation, smooth dry skin and firm up areas such as upper arms, thighs, tummy or bottom.

The new Universal Contour Wrap Mini Home Kit is priced just £25, or there’s the original kit for £49.95 which contains double the amount of sea clay and six bandages to give you optimum coverage of larger areas and everything you need for up to six treatments. Both kits come with easy to use step by step instructions.

Follow the seven easy steps in the instructions brochure, and within an hour and twenty minutes, your niggly flabby areas could be looking newly toned and ready to do justice to that new bikini or party dress.

To place an order visit: www.universalcontourwrap.comor call within the UK 0845 6000 203.

Galileo the vibrating dumb bell vanquishes arm flab


Bingo wings are the bane of many women’s lives, preventing ladies all over the country from wearing their favourite short sleeved tops and dresses. This, however, is set to change with the UK launch of the Galileo Up-X Dumbbell. Unlike ordinary dumbbells, the Galileo model vibrates.

The handheld device is specifically designed to improve muscle strength and tone in the upper body. It provides a highly intensive work out, yet requires fewer repetitions than traditional resistance equipment, and looks set to transform the way exercisers workout.

Galileo dumbbells are ideal for enhancing performance training in sports like tennis, hockey and basketball, as well as providing muscle tension relief in the trained body parts such as arms, shoulders, cervical and thoracic spine. The Up-X Dumbbell is defining a new revolution in training by mechanically stimulating the muscles at a specific frequency. Targeted muscles are given 25-30 impulses per second, causing them to contract and relax by the natural, involuntary, muscle stretch reflex. Compared to conventional exercise the equipment also causes little stress on joints, ligaments and tendons.

Sasha McCarthy, Financial Director at PipeDreems, the UK distributors of Galileo, comments: “The Up-X Dumbbell provides a really intensive workout on your upper body with minimum effort required. You can really feel multiple muscle movement within your arms as the dumbbell vibrates.

“We anticipate that the Up-X Dumbbell will be incredibly popular in the UK with both the general public and elite sports people alike. We have already received a large number of enquiries about the dumbbell simply from our website.”

With over 20 years of success in the global marketplace, Galileo enjoys a wealth of research to support the merits of its products. Developed in the Soviet Union to train Cosmonauts and improve the strength of Olympic athletes, this unique technology is widely used throughout mainland Europe and North America by hospitals, gyms and physiotherapy centres. The Galileo Up-X Dumbbell uses patented side-alternating (see-saw motion) vibration technology, offering the upper body the same training possibilities as the standing Galileo vibration equipment provides for the lower body and torso.

The cost of the single Up-X Dumbbell is £1,795 and the double is £3,395.

More information about the Up-X Dumbbell and other pieces in the Galileo range can be found at: