Snoring treatment – animation and Qs & As



Q What is snoring?

A The noise of snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft tissues in the upper airway. During sleep the muscles of the upper airway relax resulting in the formation of bottlenecks or even complete obstruction of the airways. The body reacts by increasing the velocity of the air which in turn causes vibration of the soft tissues which generates the noise of snoring.

Q Who is likely to snore?

A Research has shown that approximately 40% of the adult population snore. As a person gets older the chances of snoring increases. (i.e. in men aged 60 this increases to 60%.) The chances of snoring are also increased if a person is overweight or drinks alcohol.

Q What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?

A This is a medical condition. People suffering from it are heard to gasp for breath while they are asleep. Additional symptoms are daytime drowsiness or the feeling of not having a full nights sleep. Where Sleep Apnoea is suspected an anti-snoring device may still be prescribed but it is essential that you consult your medical practitioner and if he confirms that Sleep Apnoea is suspected, that you are referred to the sleep clinic of a hospital for further investigation.

Not everyone that snores suffers from Sleep Apnoea – but nearly everyone who suffers from Sleep Apnoea will snore.

Q What help is available?

A Your dentist could make you an oral appliance which is worn at night to prevent snoring.

This will consists of two thin plastic formings which fit over the upper and lower teeth. They are joined together by two connectors that gently hold the lower jaw in a forward position. Any opening of the mouth pulls the lower jaw further forward.

Q Can anyone use this appliance?

A The appliance can not be made if you have no natural teeth or only a few natural teeth. Your dentist will be able to advise you as to your own situation.

Q What happens next?

A Your dentist will ask you to complete a questionnaire (if possible with your partner) and then take moulds of your upper and lower tooth arches. Your appliance will be custom made to the moulds of your mouth and your dentist will fit it. (Allow about two weeks for your appliance to be manufactured.) You will be asked to wear it initially each night for a week to ensure that the noise of snoring has been eliminated. If after wearing it for a week the noise of snoring has not been completely eliminated your appliance should be returned to your dentist for adjustment.

Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee that the appliance will work on everyone. Statistics demonstrate that in 62% of people that snore it will totally eliminate the noise of snoring. In the remaining cases the noise of snoring may be reduced or it will not work at all.

Q Does the appliance require maintenance?

A The appliance does require regular maintenance but the intervals between maintenance periods are difficult to predict because they depend on the individuals case. If you grind your teeth at night the life of your appliance will be reduced.

Q Does the appliance come with a warranty?

A Some appliances have an initial 6 months repair and servicing warranty from the date of manufacture of the appliance. You will need to discuss this with your dentist.

Britain’s first snoring bootcamp opens


London: The hunt is on to find the worst snorers in the UK, with the culprits being offered the chance to take part in an exclusive Snoring Boot Camp, which will kick-off in June.

Nominations are invited from browned-off loved-ones, families and friends even snorers themselves as part of the search launched by Helps Stop Snoring, makers of the first clinically proven remedy for the problem.

The most deserving cases from across the UK will then be selected to be amongst the first cadets to take their place at the army style boot ‘s very own Sergeant Major.

There they will undergo a rigorous three-day grunt-busting course which will include advice from a leading Ear, Nose and Throat specialist along with a crack team of dieticians, fitness experts and lifestyle gurus.

Graham Carr-Smith of Helps Stop Snoring said: “We already know that the UK is a hotbed of snoring activity, so we are expecting interest and competition for places to be extremely high.”

As part of any agreement to take part in the camp, our Sergeant Major will inspect each guest’s bags for contraband items such as alcohol and cigarettes, both of which can exacerbate snoring.

The aim is to provide as much advice and information as possible to the selected snorers and their families, helping them to reduce or stop the problem altogether. It’s going to be tough, but the results should be worth it.

If you know someone who disrupts your sleep with unhealthy night time noises, or you want to give your anti-social nocturnal noise the boot, the country’s first Snoring Boot Camp will open its doors on 20th June. This is your chance to cure the culprit, or at least banish them for a while.

Snoring can also be a sign of other underlying medical conditions which is why its important to get it investigated.

To apply, please visit”> and follow the online application procedure. Alternatively, contact the Helps Stop Snoring Boot Camp Hotline on 0845 270 1660.

As part of the boot camp cadets will receive two-nights all expenses paid accommodation at the mystery location, along with a year’s supply of Helps Stop Snoring products to take away.

About Helps Stop Snoring products

Helps Stop Snoring new Oral Strips contain a blend of essential oils, which tone the tissues of the soft palette when the strip is dissolved into the throat. This reduces the ability of these areas to reverberate and create the noise we recognise as snoring.

Helps Stop Snoring is available as either an easy to use throat spray or oral strips and is available in the UK at Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores. The handy-sized 9ml throat spray offers three weeks of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep for only £6.99. Oral strips are also available in packets of 16 strips for £4.79.

More information can be found at

Europe hit by snoring epidemic


Paris: Snoreeze has commissioned new Ipsos MORI research in France which confirms that millions across Europe could be suffering from the effects of snoring yet they are failing to do anything about it. Snoreeze has long understood the negative effects which snoring can have on daily life – half of all relationships in the UK are affected by snoring. Yet despite the consequences and the range of solutions available, tolerance rather than action seems to be the norm.

More is understood about the negative effects of a poor night’s sleep than ever before, but the study shows that nearly 50% of snorers believe their problem is merely a habit which partners must learn to cope with. With research estimating that there are 15 million snorers in the UK alone as many people again may be being forced to endure disrupted sleep.

It is a partner and others in the household who suffer the far-reaching negative effects of snoring on daily life, and the new research confirms this. Of those questioned one in three had experienced poor performance at work due to snoring, and 61% believe that snoring has resulted in a more irritable household. The news in the UK is similarly negative, with research indicating that snoring affects half of all relationships and that one in four couples has even resorted to sleeping in a separate room.

Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, said:

“Britain seems to have fallen out of love with sleep. A good night’s sleep is very beneficial for our physical, mental and emotional health. No-one can fail to notice the difference a good night’s sleep can have on their daily life, yet people may be letting a snoring partner take this away from them. Couples need to start opening up the communication channels about sleep.”

Further insight from the Ipsos MORI research, carried out with snorers and those in their household, shows:

· The majority of snorers are male (64%) yet snoring is by no means an exclusively masculine problem.

· However, 91% believe that anyone can snore, regardless of age or gender.

· 88% stated that the negative effects of snoring can be wide-reaching, effecting everyone in the household.

· 41% believe that snoring can result in a lack of energy.

· A third actively sought advice from a pharmacist about snoring relief, no longer able to cope with the negative effects of snoring on their own.

Serial snorer Graham Newman and his wife have experienced first hand the impact that his snoring has had on their daily life. He said:

“I’ve always been oblivious to my snoring, probably like most men who snore and although I tend to get a good night’s sleep, my wife hasn’t been so fortunate over the years. At my worst, she would often wake up feeling tired and I’d feel a bit guilty that she was missing out on the sleep I was enjoying.”

Passion for Life Healthcare believes this tolerance need not be the case. The company manufactures and distributes Europe’s number one snoring relief brand Snoreeze, which for couples such as Graham and his wife is the practical solution towards a better night’s sleep and an improved life.

Graham’s wife found Snoreeze and encouraged him to try it after he had tried every other method he could think of, including going to the extremes of electric shock treatment. Speaking of the significant transformation which Snoreeze has had on his daily life, he said:

“My wife has found relief because of my using Snoreeze – it’s the only thing that I have tried that absolutely works for me. In fact, she makes sure I never run out of it and now we can both enjoy a good night’s sleep, the benefits of which we really appreciate.”

The Snoreeze range of products can provide immediate and long-lasting relief, with different formats for different individual preferences. For example, the Snoreeze Nasal Spray is recommended for snorers who suffer from a blocked nose, whereas the Throat Spray and Oral Strips are ideal for those who snore more when lying on their back.

For couples that suffer from the negative effects of snoring, relief through Snoreeze is at hand so they can both enjoy the beneficial sleep that they need.

More about Snoreeze
o Snoreeze is the market leader in snoring relief products, including Snoreeze Throat Spray, Snoreeze Nasal Spray and Snoreeze Oral Strips. It has a patented and innovative spherulite® formulation that works continuously through the night to provide up to eight hours of snoring relief.

Snoreeze Oral Strips cost £4.99 and contain 14 strips. Snoreeze Nasal Spray is £9.95 for 25 nights’ doses. Snoreeze Throat Spray is £12.95 for 50 nights’ doses.

o Snoreeze Oral Strips have won best Snore Relief Product in the Boots Vitamins Award 2008 as voted for by 23,000 consumers

Snoreeze products are available from Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds, Alliance and all good pharmacies, or can be purchased from or by calling 0800 096 1121 (in UK).

More information about Snoreeze and stockists is available at

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