Britain’s first snoring bootcamp opens


London: The hunt is on to find the worst snorers in the UK, with the culprits being offered the chance to take part in an exclusive Snoring Boot Camp, which will kick-off in June.

Nominations are invited from browned-off loved-ones, families and friends even snorers themselves as part of the search launched by Helps Stop Snoring, makers of the first clinically proven remedy for the problem.

The most deserving cases from across the UK will then be selected to be amongst the first cadets to take their place at the army style boot ‘s very own Sergeant Major.

There they will undergo a rigorous three-day grunt-busting course which will include advice from a leading Ear, Nose and Throat specialist along with a crack team of dieticians, fitness experts and lifestyle gurus.

Graham Carr-Smith of Helps Stop Snoring said: “We already know that the UK is a hotbed of snoring activity, so we are expecting interest and competition for places to be extremely high.”

As part of any agreement to take part in the camp, our Sergeant Major will inspect each guest’s bags for contraband items such as alcohol and cigarettes, both of which can exacerbate snoring.

The aim is to provide as much advice and information as possible to the selected snorers and their families, helping them to reduce or stop the problem altogether. It’s going to be tough, but the results should be worth it.

If you know someone who disrupts your sleep with unhealthy night time noises, or you want to give your anti-social nocturnal noise the boot, the country’s first Snoring Boot Camp will open its doors on 20th June. This is your chance to cure the culprit, or at least banish them for a while.

Snoring can also be a sign of other underlying medical conditions which is why its important to get it investigated.

To apply, please visit”> and follow the online application procedure. Alternatively, contact the Helps Stop Snoring Boot Camp Hotline on 0845 270 1660.

As part of the boot camp cadets will receive two-nights all expenses paid accommodation at the mystery location, along with a year’s supply of Helps Stop Snoring products to take away.

About Helps Stop Snoring products

Helps Stop Snoring new Oral Strips contain a blend of essential oils, which tone the tissues of the soft palette when the strip is dissolved into the throat. This reduces the ability of these areas to reverberate and create the noise we recognise as snoring.

Helps Stop Snoring is available as either an easy to use throat spray or oral strips and is available in the UK at Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores. The handy-sized 9ml throat spray offers three weeks of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep for only £6.99. Oral strips are also available in packets of 16 strips for £4.79.

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