Europe hit by snoring epidemic


Paris: Snoreeze has commissioned new Ipsos MORI research in France which confirms that millions across Europe could be suffering from the effects of snoring yet they are failing to do anything about it. Snoreeze has long understood the negative effects which snoring can have on daily life – half of all relationships in the UK are affected by snoring. Yet despite the consequences and the range of solutions available, tolerance rather than action seems to be the norm.

More is understood about the negative effects of a poor night’s sleep than ever before, but the study shows that nearly 50% of snorers believe their problem is merely a habit which partners must learn to cope with. With research estimating that there are 15 million snorers in the UK alone as many people again may be being forced to endure disrupted sleep.

It is a partner and others in the household who suffer the far-reaching negative effects of snoring on daily life, and the new research confirms this. Of those questioned one in three had experienced poor performance at work due to snoring, and 61% believe that snoring has resulted in a more irritable household. The news in the UK is similarly negative, with research indicating that snoring affects half of all relationships and that one in four couples has even resorted to sleeping in a separate room.

Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, said:

“Britain seems to have fallen out of love with sleep. A good night’s sleep is very beneficial for our physical, mental and emotional health. No-one can fail to notice the difference a good night’s sleep can have on their daily life, yet people may be letting a snoring partner take this away from them. Couples need to start opening up the communication channels about sleep.”

Further insight from the Ipsos MORI research, carried out with snorers and those in their household, shows:

· The majority of snorers are male (64%) yet snoring is by no means an exclusively masculine problem.

· However, 91% believe that anyone can snore, regardless of age or gender.

· 88% stated that the negative effects of snoring can be wide-reaching, effecting everyone in the household.

· 41% believe that snoring can result in a lack of energy.

· A third actively sought advice from a pharmacist about snoring relief, no longer able to cope with the negative effects of snoring on their own.

Serial snorer Graham Newman and his wife have experienced first hand the impact that his snoring has had on their daily life. He said:

“I’ve always been oblivious to my snoring, probably like most men who snore and although I tend to get a good night’s sleep, my wife hasn’t been so fortunate over the years. At my worst, she would often wake up feeling tired and I’d feel a bit guilty that she was missing out on the sleep I was enjoying.”

Passion for Life Healthcare believes this tolerance need not be the case. The company manufactures and distributes Europe’s number one snoring relief brand Snoreeze, which for couples such as Graham and his wife is the practical solution towards a better night’s sleep and an improved life.

Graham’s wife found Snoreeze and encouraged him to try it after he had tried every other method he could think of, including going to the extremes of electric shock treatment. Speaking of the significant transformation which Snoreeze has had on his daily life, he said:

“My wife has found relief because of my using Snoreeze – it’s the only thing that I have tried that absolutely works for me. In fact, she makes sure I never run out of it and now we can both enjoy a good night’s sleep, the benefits of which we really appreciate.”

The Snoreeze range of products can provide immediate and long-lasting relief, with different formats for different individual preferences. For example, the Snoreeze Nasal Spray is recommended for snorers who suffer from a blocked nose, whereas the Throat Spray and Oral Strips are ideal for those who snore more when lying on their back.

For couples that suffer from the negative effects of snoring, relief through Snoreeze is at hand so they can both enjoy the beneficial sleep that they need.

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