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Allergies to hair dye increase among young people

London: There has been a huge increase in allergic reactions to hair dyes among younger people, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

And blame for the allergies is being blamed on a chemical dye called para-phenylenediamine (PPD) which is in two thirds of all hair dyes being sold. Although still on sale in some countries it has been banned in Germany, France and Sweden due to the problems.

A patch test survey recently showed an increase in contact dermatitis as a result of a hair dye allergy, rose by 7.1 per cent over a six-year period.

Allergic reactions in young people have ranged from severe outbreaks of dermatitis to patients being admitted to hospital due with significant facial swelling. But despite this there is currently no alternative or satisfactory agent on the market to replace it.

Despite current European legislation only allowing PPD to make up six per cent of constituents in hair dyes, there is still a significant increase in teenagers and adults reporting a reaction to the agent.

However, it is noticeable that the younger generation is becoming more affected by the agent as they continue to dye their hair despite the risks.