Get younger eyes with Swiss o Par – reader offer


Get rid of the grey and emphasis your beautiful brows and eyelashes with Swiss o Par…

This is the only totally peroxide free eyelash and and brow tinting product approved for home use.

Guaranteed waterproof, non-smudge and semi-permanent – it lasts several weeks, and grows out with your natural lashes/brows growth cycle.

A pack for £8.95 does around 10-12 applications which means it lasts for a whole year. You can’t get better value than that.

Well you can with Elixir – take advantage of the special Elixir offer of £6.95

Very very easy to use – it only takes about a minute to do the brows and all the lashes of both eyes. Just two actions and its done

All the details are on or call + 44 (0)117 968 1414 and quote ‘elixir’