Sleep matters – Sealy launches Posturepedic mattress collection

For those looking for the ultimate in comfort whilst they sleep, the bed experts at Dreams present The Sealy Posturepedic mattress collection. This revolutionary range is made with pocket springs which are vertically positioned and distributed evenly throughout the mattress, providing luxury cushioning sure to help with the perfect night’s rest. Available with a range of contemporary divan base:

Sealy Posturepedic Ortho – Madison

The classic Madison mattress features an advanced spring system, designed to help distribute weight more evenly. Coupled with its generous layers of upholstery, it allows for the optimum night’s rest. The mattress can also be purchased with a stylish one drawer divan base and the Chepstow headboard to complete this look.

Sealy Posturepedic Posturetech -Brookshire – costs from £679.99 (with or without legs)

Supported by a superb 630 spring system, this mattress is ideal for maintaining even weight distribution. Suitable for sensitive sleepers, this range is endorsed by Allergy UK for its elimination of dust mites, whilst its eco-friendly fibres ensure a cool and dry slumber. Also available in this range are the Columbus and the Pattison mattresses, each with added layers of foam and latex, ideal if extra support is required. Add the Brecon headboard for a stand-out finish.

Sealy Posturepedic Pocket – Rosebury – costs from £1,159.00 (with and without legs)

This luxurious latex mattress is made with an excellent 1400 zoned pocket spring system, helping with spinal alignment and to balance weight evenly. Endorsed by Allergy UK, it is the ideal mattress for the health conscious buyer looking for a sound night’s sleep. Also within this range are the Rushton and Sotheby mattresses, offering added levels of support. This mattress is available with a double divan base and can be paired with the Tenby headboard for an eye-catching look.

Buy and or for more information–sealy

Turn back the clock with a good night’s sleep


Sealy are the world’s biggest bed company (one of their beds is sold somewhere in the world every 3 seconds) so it’s fair to say they know more about sleep than most….

That’s why their latest Posturepedic bed range, is the most technologically advanced, ever, with seven zones along the length of the bed and each zone tailor made to react to each part of the body.

With research1 showing just over 50% of us only get a really good night’s sleep just once a week and the repercussions this undoubtedly has on our everyday health and wellbeing, we need to do as much as we can to help ourselves remedy this situation.

Scientists say the body needs to gently move 35 times a night in order to reoxygenate its muscles and keep the blood circulating smoothly. This movement, however, is not the same as tossing and turning which uses energy and leaves us feeling more tired when we wake up than when we went to bed!

Tossing and turning happens because some parts of our bodies are heavier than others, creating areas of concentrated weight and pressure. This pressure causes loss of circulation leading to numbness and pins and needles and the automatic reaction by the body is to move and turn over to lay in a different position…. But, the more supportive your mattress, the more pressure points are created, and the more pressure relief offered, the less support you get. To eliminate these pressure points, ideally you need both push-back support and maximum pressure relief. The problem is that there are all sorts of different types of bed available to choose from and each offers different options to help you sleep, but,

• Memory foam beds relieve pressure but give poor support and can also be very warm

• Pocket sprung beds provide comfort but poor pressure relief

• Traditional continuous coil beds provide good support but limited comfort

The solution to all this is a bed with a mattress that answers all the problems by dealing with them in the appropriate zones. Sealy undertook a pressure mapping exercise – the biggest ever undertaken around the world, in some 50 countries – to investigate height, weight and BMI, side sleeping positions and duration of positions and involving literally thousands of people of every size and shape imaginable to research how we all sleep.

This has now resulted in Sealy Posturepedic beds which are divided into 7 zones… individually designed to provide maximum pressure relief but with the push-back support that is equally important – and of course also providing maximum comfort and temperature and moisture control to stop you feeling too hot or too cold. These are the only beds that tick all the boxes to help you get a Sealy better night’s sleep….

Top tips on how to avoid gardening back pain


London: Eight out of ten people in the UK suffer from back pain* and more than half put their aches and pains down to gardening**, according to experts.

And those who suddenly take up gardening as a way of getting exercise*** are most at risk. So the specialist back advice website, is offering practical advice and tips on ways to garden your way to better health without letting your back take the strain.

Whether mowing the lawn, planting a flower border or painting the fence, gardening de-stresses the mind and provides a great workout for the whole body to boost all round wellbeing. Gardening can even rival jogging or aerobics as a full-body fitness booster. It works a number of different muscle groups, burns calories – up to 318kcals an hour**** – and incorporates other important elements of accepted exercise regimes, such as stretching, repetition and even resistance training.

But it’s important to remember that gardening can be just as challenging as any other exercise and unless steps are taken to protect the body, different muscles and joints can be put under strain. To help Britons protect their backs, has some new handy health commandments that everyone should consider before reaching for the rake:

o Prepare the body – just as you would with any exercise, put a little time aside before and after each gardening session to warm up and cool down. Decide on a regime and make it a habit every time you garden. Lay on your back on the floor with your legs crossed and pull the knees towards the chest with the arms to give the lower back a good stretch

o Keep pace – while the satisfaction of seeing the garden looking pristine may motivate you to spend entire days digging and planting, it’s important not to overdo it. Divide work into manageable loads and spread this over a few days, and remember to take regular breaks – use the time to re-hydrate with sips of water as this too can help stave off back pain!

o Variety is the spice of life – each time you garden, consider rotating tasks so you work the whole body without putting too much strain on one set of muscles. Try five minutes of mowing and then five minutes of weeding

o Ease the strain – change your position regularly to take the pressure off your back. Prolonged activities where your back is bent can weaken the muscles and leave them susceptible to injury – use a mixture of positions such as sitting, crouching, kneeling and standing

o Recovery time – a nice hot bath at the end of the day, can be incredibly relaxing for the muscles (particularly if your back has been exposed to the cold)

A good night’s sleep on a mattress offering full support for the back is also a must. TEMPUR Mattresses offer the body full support, keeping the spine aligned in the anatomically correct position and relieving pressure off of tired muscles and joints

o Heave ho – ensuring you lift correctly – and only as much as you can handle – is key to protecting your back in the garden. If you are lifting something heavy, keep your back straight, bend from your knees and use your legs (never your back!)

Bending from the knees is also an important tip when digging – remember to work the legs more than the back and bending forward from the hips not the waist to keep the back straight is home to a host of practical advice to help individuals manage back pain on a day-to-day basis, whether at home, work or play. The site offers a wealth of information on the causes of back pain, as well as conventional and alternative treatments, preventative measures and exercises to help ease the pain. Osteopath Geoffrey Montague-Smith is available to provide professional guidance and answer any tricky questions you have about your own back pain.

Visit the site at . For more information about TEMPUR products, visit


Notes to editors:
1. ‘Back on Track’ Guide
o A free consumer advice, ‘Back on Track’, to help those with back pain to combat the symptoms is available by calling: 08000 111081 or emailing:

2. About TEMPUR

o TEMPUR Products conform to and support the individual user by evenly distributing body weight

o The basis for the TEMPUR pressure relieving material was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts against G Forces during lift off and re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere. Today TEMPUR is the only producer of mattresses and pillows worldwide to be endorsed by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation

o TEMPUR has more than 70,000 medical customers including hospitals, physiotherapists, and medical practitioners

o A trial at the Institution for Clinical & Physiological Research at the Lillhagen Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden tested 23,000 patients over an eight year period of home and clinical use of the TEMPUR Mattress and Pillow. Patients suffered less pain, experienced enhanced deep sleep, and an 83% reduction in tossing and turning when using TEMPUR Products

o A whole host of celebrities are now claiming they have found the perfect sleeping partner – their TEMPUR Mattress including George Michael, Jane Seymour, Paris Hilton, The England Rugby Team, Paul McCartney, David Blaine, The Ozbournes, Kyran Bracken, Claire Sweeney, Charlie Dimmock, Susan Hampshire and Noel Gallagher

o TEMPUR Mattress prices start from £675, and TEMPUR Pillows are priced from £74.95. For more information about TEMPUR Products, call 08000 111081 or visit

Six sets of Eco green pillows to be won!


With one in five Brits making their New Year’s resolution to go green in 2008*, an amazing new eco sleep range manufactured purely from environmentally friendly materials is about to make their pledge that little bit easier.

The ECO pillow (RRP £22.00), ECO quilt (RRP 30.80) and ECO mattress cover (RRP – £25.40), are fantastic new green products from Comfy Quilts.

Incorporating natural and recycled materials, ECO creates bedding that is as gentle to the body as it is to the environment. Ideal for those wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, ECO is essential to green living and will ensure sweet ethical dreams.

With a third of people concerned that ethical living will leave them out of pocket and a further 24% worried that going green would be too time consuming to commit to*, the ECO range combines an essential product with value for money to create easy green living.

The bedding provides maximum comfort and performance, with minimal environmental impact. The outer covers are ultra soft pure cotton fabric. The hollowfibre filling is made with 100% recycled polyester fibrefill made largely from recycled drinks bottles. Not only are ECO’s products fashioned out of eco-friendly materials but they are also soft, hypo-allergenic and washable at a convenient 30 degrees C. Even the packaging is ethical, made again from pure cotton fabric and designed to be reusable as a means of storage or transportation.

Jamie Moryoussef, Director of Comfy Quilts, comments: “Green living is becoming an essential part of our modern lifestyle and is something we will see increase more and more over time. It’s a misconception that going green is difficult or even costly, millions of small changes can make a big difference in the larger picture”

“The ECO range can help people obtain their goal of green living through the simplicity of sleep and encourage the UK to review their lifestyles, making adjustments along the way to combat environmental dangers.”

Comfy Quilts are offering six sets of pillows to Elixir readers. If you would like to win a set of pillows please email us with your name and address at by October 30. Please put Pillow in the email header. Please note that no cash equivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

For more information about the product or stockists visit or call 08708 031325.

Pure Cotton

The covers are 100% pure cotton, grown naturally and then manufactured without the use of harmful dyes, chemicals and bleaches. All fabric is washed before manufacture.

Regenerated Fibres

100% recycled polyester fiberfill is made largely from recycled drinks bottles made from poly ethylene terephthalate, or simply PET. This is done by remelting the bottles after use and extruding it as a fiber. This not only saves valuable petroleum raw materials but also reduces energy consumption, and eliminates solid waste sent to landfills. The resulting fibre is soft, clean and springy, providing excellent levels of comfort, support and insulation.