Turn back the clock with a good night’s sleep


Sealy are the world’s biggest bed company (one of their beds is sold somewhere in the world every 3 seconds) so it’s fair to say they know more about sleep than most….

That’s why their latest Posturepedic bed range, is the most technologically advanced, ever, with seven zones along the length of the bed and each zone tailor made to react to each part of the body.

With research1 showing just over 50% of us only get a really good night’s sleep just once a week and the repercussions this undoubtedly has on our everyday health and wellbeing, we need to do as much as we can to help ourselves remedy this situation.

Scientists say the body needs to gently move 35 times a night in order to reoxygenate its muscles and keep the blood circulating smoothly. This movement, however, is not the same as tossing and turning which uses energy and leaves us feeling more tired when we wake up than when we went to bed!

Tossing and turning happens because some parts of our bodies are heavier than others, creating areas of concentrated weight and pressure. This pressure causes loss of circulation leading to numbness and pins and needles and the automatic reaction by the body is to move and turn over to lay in a different position…. But, the more supportive your mattress, the more pressure points are created, and the more pressure relief offered, the less support you get. To eliminate these pressure points, ideally you need both push-back support and maximum pressure relief. The problem is that there are all sorts of different types of bed available to choose from and each offers different options to help you sleep, but,

• Memory foam beds relieve pressure but give poor support and can also be very warm

• Pocket sprung beds provide comfort but poor pressure relief

• Traditional continuous coil beds provide good support but limited comfort

The solution to all this is a bed with a mattress that answers all the problems by dealing with them in the appropriate zones. Sealy undertook a pressure mapping exercise – the biggest ever undertaken around the world, in some 50 countries – to investigate height, weight and BMI, side sleeping positions and duration of positions and involving literally thousands of people of every size and shape imaginable to research how we all sleep.

This has now resulted in Sealy Posturepedic beds which are divided into 7 zones… individually designed to provide maximum pressure relief but with the push-back support that is equally important – and of course also providing maximum comfort and temperature and moisture control to stop you feeling too hot or too cold. These are the only beds that tick all the boxes to help you get a Sealy better night’s sleep….